Dream Cum True

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“Fucking sik, hey!?” I snapped my head around to see who had bought me back to reality. I saw my friend Tamika, she was pointing to the new band playing on stage. Bleeding Dagger they were called and just the name was enough to set me off.

“Yeah, for sure” I replied taking the beer she was offering me. They were a sik band and the whole reason I was lost in my own world was that I was dreaming about the drummer, David. The guy was gorgeous I couldn’t stop imagining that he would one day come up to me and say….”Hey Candy you are seriously the hottest chick here! You want to come home with me and I will show you pleasures you have never known?” A fantasy I’ve had since the day I met him. Ohh just thinking about it makes me weak at the knees!

Metal Mayhem was the name of our club and its reputation too. I have had my fair share of chaotic nights here with live metal bands constantly playing, cheap drinks a plenty and a swarm of hot people to look at. It’s the best venue I’ve ever been to. Candles are scattered around the walls giving a dim and sinister glow. Dark Paintings of morbid and twisted creatures, vampires and mounted swords add to the overall evil vibe of the club which has always been a turn on for me. The dark metal/goth scene here was awesome. One of its best features is the black and blue velvet couches that line the outskirts of the club. I love the silky smooth feel of velvet embracing my body. I often thought about grabbing David off the stage and throwing him down on those couches, handcuffing him to the leg of the chair and having my dirty way with him.

Sighing, I go and sit on one of those very comfy couches with my friend to watch the band, (ok maybe just David) and drift off into another x rated fantasy with him, I just can’t help it! He has long blue dreadlocks, piercings everywhere and intricate tattoos all over his bulging drummer arms. He’s eyes just reach out to you with such warmth and his smile is enough to make you melt. From the minimal chats I have had with him I can tell he is a kind and generous person, all the sweet qualities that make me love him even more. “Candy, Candy…. CANDY!” once again Tamika snapped me out of my dreaming state. “He has a girlfriend you know!” she shouts over the heavy thrashing sounds of the band. My heart breaks in two. Tamika seeing my anguish pours me another beer from the jug and giving me one of those plenty more guys in the sea type looks. Just typical the hottest guy here and his taken!

I decide to let it go (for now) and walk around the room scanning for my next unsuspecting victim. I stop when I see the most stunning girl I have ever seen. I don’t always go for girls but she absolutely takes my breath away. With long blonde ringlets that frame her pale face. Her dark eyes are captivating and the bright red lipstick she wears enhances her sensual lips. I can’t stop staring at her, she looks exactly like a vampire and I find myself longing to let her bite my neck.

A short black PVC skirt and corset hug her shapely curves, while her cleavage peeps over the deep red velvet material. Big metal clad boots reach up her long attractive legs and I long to see what is under the rest of her clothes. She had cute dimple piercings and a sparkly barbell near her eyes! With my weakness for body modification I stared captivated at this mysterious beauty, for the moment at least David was out of mind. I wonder who this girl is and why I had never seen her before. I decided there and then that one day I would find out what else she had pierced under those clothes. I pushed the sexy stranger from my mind as David once more invaded my thoughts. I think about how I could seduce him and make him mine. The fact he has a girlfriend fleetingly crosses my mind for a moment but I figure what is the harm in trying? If they were in any sort of a serious relationship she would be here supporting him and his band. I’ve never seen him with a girl here, and I am generally watching him all night!

I walked up to the back of the mosh pit and watched some more of Dagger. I had been following their music since they started coming to MM about a month ago, their crazy disco style metal was catchy. I wanted to be in the surging crowd enjoying the frenzy so I skulled the rest of my beer and jumped in. The mosh pit, along with the alcohol and my fantasies of David were getting me extremely hot. Mmmmm all those half naked sweaty body’s sliding all over each other, the sly but intentional ass or boob grab from the boys and girls. Just the overall excitement of the fans going nuts to their favourite band was just the combination I needed to really put me in the mood.

I realise this is starting to get serious as I crave for some sexual relief, BAD. Moistness starts accumulating between my thighs, as I jumped around with the crowd imagining what it would be like to have David behind me, pressing his hard cock against me. Feeling his warm breath on my neck as he slowly reaches up underneath my dress expertly sliding Yalova Escort his fingers into my wet pussy. I imagine how dirty and exciting it would be to move in time with the music while David is playing with me bringing me to orgasm while the rest of the crowd was unaware of our raunchy exploits.

I was having the time of my life with my fantasies and enjoying the frantic atmosphere when sadly the band finished. The crowd dispersed and I put my thoughts on hold while I contemplated talking to David. He looked too busy packing up his drums. I decided that I wasn’t quite drunk enough to throw myself at him yet and my increasing desire to get off was too distracting. I went to the toilet to have a bit of a play, when I’m in the mood I can’t concentrate on anything until I cum! I stumble in and turn the corner to the cubicles when I see her…the stunning sexy stranger in the PVC. I smile as I thinking the sight of her breathtaking beauty is just the thing I need to help me cum. She turned and caught me staring and returned my smile. Embarrassed I go into a cubicle to fantasise about her, David and me. The blend of all our naked bodies touching, kissing and biting each other turns me on even more.

I flip the lid of the toilet down to get comfy. Sitting down I reach under my skirt and notice just how extremely wet I am. Gently touching my clit ring I pull and push on it. The sensation causes me to quietly moan as I insert my other fingers into my soft opening. Continuing with my self pleasure I initially don’t hear the knock on the door. Someone knocks again and I freeze, a soft purring voice asks. “Do you need a hand in there?” I giggle at the cliché and open the door. I am face to face to the Vampress whose intense eyes are making me burn with desire. “I’m sorry to intrude but I heard some noises and was concerned so I looked over the toilet door and saw you. I couldn’t help but watch for a while; I love seeing girls playing with themselves. But it was getting too much for me and all I could think about was joining you.”

I grab her fiercely and kiss her passionately. Her probing tongue explores mine and I can fell her tongue stud flicking my lips. I can’t believe she is here with me and wanting to have some fun. Her sensual lips feel like silk covering my own she gently bites my lip as she pulls away. I start to bite her neck and she pulls my hair back, which makes me bite harder in retaliation. She moans and instantly I forgot we are in a public toilet. I was lost in the moment and wanted to caress her whole body with my tongue and taste every part of her.

Turning her around I continue to bite and suck the back of her neck while undoing her corset. The dark ribbon slips undone and I let her corset drop to the ground. I lick her nipples and nibble at them making them harden. She digs her nails into my back scratching quickly like a cat. I groan with pleasure, the rush of adrenalin courses through my body. The pain awakens my senses and I wonder how this chick knows all the things that I love? Her nails make their way over my shoulders slowly she reaches my cleavage and once again she attacks my skin leaving a red welts. Fuck, this girl is turning me on in a way I had never felt before.

She pushes me to the ground, and takes off my lace singlet I offer her my neck and she bites it like a true vampire while taking off my bra. Her blood red painted nails gently circle my breasts than drag down to my stomach, then to the inside of my thighs. I mentally urge her to feel how wet I am. Instead she teases me by nibbling all around my pussy. Finally when I can’t take any more suspense she spreads my lips and finds my clit with her tongue and lays it flat against it. She starts to lick my clit gently but firmly, inserting two fingers into my wet mound I tighten my muscles around them while she keeps licking, gently I thrust myself into her feeling my body tremble with excitement. Gently playing with my clit and fucking me with her fingers I feel my orgasm growing and my legs start to shake. Suddenly I am overcome by euphoria as I cum HARD and I start groaning loudly with pleasure. Shuddering I regain my breath.

We stand and I kiss her tasting my own juices on her lips. As I start to reach for her soaking pussy there’s a loud Bang bang bang at the entrance to the bathroom. “Get out we are closing!” Giggling we dress quickly.

“One day I will return the favour!” I promise breathlessly. She kisses me sweetly and I ask for her name.

“Lucy,” I faintly hear as she dashes out the door.

I quickly fixed myself up, removed the excess red lipstick she had left and ran out hoping to catch her but the whole club was empty. I met my friends outside and Tamika gives me one of those “Where the fuck have you been?” looks but said nothing. Looking around I hope to see her outside Metal Mayhem to get her number but she had disappeared.

“I’m over it, wanna go home Candy?” Tamika asks.

“Yeah I’ve had enough fun for Yalova Escort Bayan one night.” I agree grinning.

Tamika and I gather the rest of our flatmates, jump in a taxi and head home. On the drive home I replay the night’s events while everyone else drunkenly chats about the bands that played. I stay in my own fantasies till we reach our house. We all separate and go to our bedrooms. I fall onto my four poster bed, and start to imagine having a threesome with David and this chick. This starts to get me in the mood again; I reach down and start playing with my clit ring. It’s my favourite piercing and helps bring me to intense climax’s. As I Pull and push gently on the ring it sensually rubs against my clit and I moan softly to myself. My fingers start to glisten as my juices gather. I imagine feeling David stick his rock hard cock into my shaven pussy from behind while I lick Lucy’s sweet clit.

With one hand is busy with my own clit I insert the fingers of my other deep inside, just like Lucy had done to me earlier. Just remembering the night makes my breath quicken with desire as I plunge further inside. Finding my g-spot I roll on to my stomach using the extra pressure to push even deeper. Still dreaming I imagine burying my face deep in-between Lucy’s thighs, licking her sweet folds while David’s cock is thrusting slowly into my dripping pussy. He grabs my waist pulling me closer to him and we start rocking together in a steady rhythm. The images run through my mind as I start to grind myself into my fingers, my orgasm builds quickly then finally erupts in an explosion of ecstasy. I lay groaning into my pillow hoping not wake the others. Regaining my breath I roll onto my back and fall into a deep sleep forgetting about David, Lucy and my desires to make them mine.

The following week was uneventful. I Worked at ‘Punktured’ all week. An alternative clothes store that also does piercings. I love my job, even if I have to put up with the few posers and emo’s that come in. I get to talk to some of the hottest and coolest guys and girls around wishing to enhance their natural beauty with metal in their body or clothes that are far from the mainstream fashion that dictates our society. It’s mainly metal, punk and gothic clothes but they also have heaps of band merchandise. I secretly wish to see Lucy come in or David but sadly I never see them.

Friday finally came and I try to pay attention but I find myself longing for night to come so that I can find out who David’s girlfriend is and sabotage their relationship. I think about how much of a bonus it would be if Lucy is there, but tonight I need to focus my energies on David. For a moment I berate my cruel intention to want to seduce a guy who’s taken, but then consol myself in the knowledge that I’ve seen David at Metal Mayhem for weeks now but never seen him with a girl. So as far as I am concerned she can’t be a very good girlfriend. If it were me I would be there by his side every night.

Finally the cloak of the night sky falls and I excitedly rush home to get ready to go to MM. While getting ready I mentally slagg David’s girlfriend and convince myself that he deserves to be with me! I feel I am ready to throw myself at him tonight! I choose my shortest black skirt with the tulle underneath. It has buckles and easy access zips all over it. Next is my corset that is equally hot in a dark blue with glitter everywhere. It reminds me of the night sky, dark and mysterious with a scatter of twinkling stars. The boning in my top pulls me in at all the rite places while my cleavage is pushed up and together so that they are sitting high on my chest. My ample breasts should be enough to make any man stare and blubber like a fool, but hopefully it will work on the right one too. I complete my outfit with black and red fishnet stockings and my favourite boots that come up to my knees. They have jewelled diamantes and spikes all over them. I look at myself in the mirror, “Fuck I’m sexy!” I exclaim to myself.

Tamika and I throw a few drinks down and leave to go to Metal Mayhem. In the taxi she says “I don’t think Bleeding Dagger are playing tonight but should be a good night anyway.” I wonder why she is always bringing me down! “I’m sorry Candy I know that you have your eye on David but maybe you should let it go. He has a girlfriend and you could do a lot better.” I know she is trying to make me feel good but at the moment I could stab her in the eye with my boots!

“I know I should leave it Tamika but I just want to have him even if it’s just for one night. I have never met a guy like him; he is sweet and kind, thoughtful and FUCKING HOT! He makes my blood boil!” I yell and throw my hands in the air feeling defeated. Tamika puts a comforting arm around my shoulders. Tamika and I have been friends for years. We both love the same music have the same outgoing nature and a similar taste in everything even guys. Which has been trouble in the past; she also has a heart Escort Yalova of gold and would never seduce another girl’s boyfriend, unlike me. I decide to forget about David just for tonight and turn to Tamika saying proudly. “I am looking sexy as tonight and any man I choose will be damn lucky to be chosen.”

“Fuck yes!” she replies. We pay for the taxi and ignore the standard strange looks from the driver as we jump out right in front of Metal Mayhem. A lot of people are gathered outside in the usual sea of corsets, long hair, piercings, boots, black lace, pale skin and other goth/metal attire. We chat to a few friends outside than I make a bee line straight to the bar and order the biggest Long Island Iced Tea they got. James from behind the bar smiles at me and shouts,

“My you’re looking pleased with yourself,”

I just barely hear him over the heavy metal riffs in the background so I give him my cutest smile and a wink replying.

“Tonight’s going to be awesome and it started with seeing your sexy face!”

I know it’s a lame one liner but Jason and I have known each other since the club opened and have continuously flirted with each other ever since. He was indeed another boy I had on my ‘to do’ list. He was the dark and mysterious bar tender. A hot goth boy who always dressed in black pants and long sleeved black shirts. He had long black dreadlocks and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. Two Lip rings and a few eyebrow rings was all the body modification I could see. His naturally pointy teeth made him look like a vampire. The mere thought of him holding me in a firm grasp while nibbling on my neck sends shivers of excitement down my spine.

“Candy? You are dreaming about me naked again aren’t you?” Jason was looking at me with my change in his hand. I shook myself from my dreams and looked deep into his mesmerising eyes and replied,

“One day it won’t be a dream, so watch out!” we giggled as I took my change and walked off not even giving him the chance to reply.

I found Tamika and we sat down drinking chatting to friends. Metal Mayhem was the kind of place where everyone knew everyone. It was made up of three levels one of those being the Dungeon where they often held fetish nights or for regular nights offered a quiet place to chat. I looked around at the chains covering the walls, cages, shackles and the candelabras hanging from the roof. It was a dark room that you could easily be hidden in. I had spent past nights fucking boys in the shadows getting off on the dungeon theme and the possibility of some watching us.

After a while I had enough of catching up so left to go see what band were playing upstairs. I was just in time to see a new band that was cutting sik on stage. So impressed with their tunes I found myself jumping into the moshpit and going off with the rest of the chaotic crowd. I remembered the last time I was here and how I was jumping around to Bleeding Dagger, staring at David. A stab of anger and sadness overcomes me as I realise he isn’t playing tonight. While jumping furiously with the pit I concentrate on what I am going to do with David when I get my hands on him and I instantly feel better. I imagine slowly running my hands all over his body, stopping him if he tried to touch me. I would tie his hands to the bed so that I could tease him every way possible! While massaging his tattooed torso I would start to softly bite him. Then start scratching instead. Slash his torso quickly so a red mark is left stretched across his chest trailing it with ice to cool the burn than follow that with my tongue. All the way down to his legs, reaching his inner thighs and biting them. Next I would give his balls feather light kisses to begin with than start flicking my tongue around them. Taking them all in my mouth I would continue to gently lick and suck. With my fingers I would caress his nuts, while my tongue moves up the shaft of his growing erection till he is completely hard.

Playing gently with his balls in my hand I would suck his hard cock up and down using my tongue to flick the head. Grabbing the base with my other hand I would pull in time with my tongue to create a tight vacuum. Maintaining this motion I would bring him to close climax stopping before he blows. Repeating over and over the teasing of bringing him to the brink of orgasm and stopping would drive him nuts. I would persist until he couldn’t take it any longer. Giving in I would jump on his hard cock letting it slide into my wet pussy, resting my hands on his chest riding him till he came, all the while his hands still bound to prevent him from moving.

Woah just thinking about that mixed with all the drinks I had consumed made me feel a little dizzy. I move out of the pit and head out the back door for some fresh air. I trip on something on the way out and just before I fall to the ground I am caught by a strong arm helping me regain my composure. I find myself looking into the sexiest eyes of the man who makes my knees weak! I start to laugh in attempts to mask my humiliation as David looks down at me concerned. I look away and try to think of that perfect one liner to convince him I am the girl of his dreams. Being so wrapped up in my thoughts I only just realise he is talking to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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