Don’t Turn Around

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Don’t turn around…

I’m right behind you.

The office is quiet, your cubicle a haven against low midday sounds. Silently, I reach out both my hands and lay them on your shoulders. You start slightly, but my grasp reassures you: I know what I’m doing. My palms gently massage your muscles. My hands slide outward to follow the curve of your shoulders, down along your arms, then back up again.

My hands glide move down the front of your chest, fingers spread wide, feeling the shape of you through your shirt. Down to your belly. Softly, my face nuzzles the back of your neck, drifts around to one side with nipping, sucking kisses. My head nudges yours to the side, and my lips trail wet kisses up and down the side of your neck and along your jaw. I lift one hand and sweep it over your eyes softly, closing them.

I am kissing your cheek. Nipping at the line of your jaw, curling a finger under your chin and turning your face toward me. Brushing my lips softly over yours. A whisper of a touch. Darting my tongue at the corner of your mouth, then brushing back over your lips oh so softly, and darting my tongue at the other corner. Moist, warm breath. Sliding my hand along your jaw, and leaning closer as I tilt my head. Nudging your lips open with mine. Running my tongue along your lips, and inside to tease yours. Coaxing your tongue into my mouth, and sucking on it gently. My hand, trembling, slides down your throat.

Our lips in caress, my fingers brush down over your collar, sliding around the curve of your chest following my arm, as I move around the side of you. I check to make sure your eyes are still closed. My breast brushes across your arm as I slide into your lap. My lips do not leave yours. My hands find your nipples and flick them through the fabric of your shirt, then smooth palms flat to your sides.

I brush your arms away when they try to come around me.

Straightening slightly I swing my leg around to straddle you. My skirt bunches up around my thighs. I nestle against your groin. My hands reach up and frame your face while I suck more hungrily on your tongue, tilting my head for better angle. This time, when your arms come around me, I let them. Pushing my hips in closer, I grind myself against the hard ridge under your pants. My breasts rub against your chest. Sliding my fingers back through your hair to cup your head, hungrily devouring your mouth and tongue.

My hands roam down your shoulders, down your arms, to your hands. Pulling one of your hands from around me, I guide it to my knee, pulling it up along my dear edward izle thigh and pulling my skirt with it, until it bunches around my hip. Sliding your hand around the inside of my thigh, and inward. I feel your fingers just graze the bare hair of my mound, and I shudder.

I smile at the sound of your groan. Inhaling it as it leaves your lips. Sliding my hands back up your chest, to slowly unbutton your collar. Looking up and with my fingers softly stroking over your eyes, reminding you to keep them closed.

When your grip tightens around me, I gently take your arms and put them down by your sides. When you reach for me again, I guide your arms back to stay at your sides. Returning to your buttons, I begin to slowly unbutton your shirt — my lips following close behind my fingers with wet nibbling kisses. I stop at your waistband, and pulling the tails of your shirt from your pants, slide my hands up your bare chest underneath the shirt. Grasping your shoulders, I pull you toward me and reach behind to gather the shirt and pass it over the back of your chair. I open the shirt and slide it down your arms to leave it bunched at your wrists. The shirt stretches around the back of your chair, binding you. I laugh softly.

Once again, I remind you with fingertips on your eye lids — no peeking. I stand, and take a step back. My hands coax your knees to open, and I kneel between your legs. Leaning forward I run my tongue from the middle of your chest downward, lazily enjoying the taste of you. My hands are at your waistband, unbuckling your belt and unfastening your pants. Slowly pulling down the zipper and sliding around the inside of the waistband. Pulling at your hips until you raise yourself just a bit. Sliding your pants and underwear just down over your hips, then slowly my hands inch back in.

My lips against your belly my fingers, feather light, start to stroke the length of your cock. My breath is hot, my tongue tasting the very tip of you. Then my fingers encircle the base of your shaft. My hand lifts your heavy cock to my hungry lips.

Licking my lips, I kiss the very tip of your cock. I slowly slide my lips around it and suck on just the head. I softly stroke the shaft with my fingers. I swirl my tongue around you inside my mouth. I feel myself get wet at the salty taste of you, my nostrils filling with your scent. Lifting my gaze, your cock’s head trapped between my lips, I make sure your eyes are still closed.

My saliva pools inside my lips. I slowly descend over your shaft until I feel you death in the dorms izle stopped at the back of my throat, pause, then rise until you nearly slide from my mouth. Just before my lips meet the underside of your head, I suck your cock back into my mouth, hungrily feasting on you. My hunger starts to grow. I bob my head up and down as I massage your cock with my lips and tongue. I start sucking hard, digging my fingers into your hips.

My pussy begins to get very wet. I see in the corners of my eyes, your arms struggling against your shirt. I smile around your cock at the shaky movements of your hips. I follow your movements, accommodating your thrusts, as I slide one hand under, cupping your balls. Squeezing gently, I roll them between my fingers, as I feel my pussy getting yet more damp. I press my shaking thighs together tightly to contain the wetness.

Lifting my head, I let your cock slide from my mouth. I watch and smile as your hips hump at the air . I stand, and lifting at your hips, grab the waist of your pants and underwear, pull them the rest of the way down your legs to pool at your ankles. Stepping around the outside of your legs, I push your knees together using mine and step forward closer to you, bunching up my skirt with my free hand.

My pussy hovers dripping over your cock. I slowly lower myself, guiding your cock with my hand. I feel the head push up against my pussy, and rock my hips back and forth. Rubbing my pussy over the head of your cock, I let it slide just inside my lips, wetting it with my juices. Sliding it forward to my clit, then back to my hole. God, I am already so wet for you. Slowly lowering myself onto you, I feel your body struggle against the bounds at your wrists. Your cock opens me . It stretches and fills my pussy.

I slowly lower myself until I’m sitting fully on your thighs. Your cock is buried deep inside me. I hold there for just a moment, squeezing my inner muscles around you. I giggle when I feel your cock jump inside me in response. I brace my hands on your shoulders, and using my hips, slowly move back, letting your cock slide nearly out of me — then slam forward, ramming your cock back up into my pussy. A moan rises suddenly and escapes my lips. My bottom brushes the tops of your thighs, as I slide back and forth on your cock, grinding my clit against your pubic hair each time I get to the base.

My pussy pulses hot around your cock. As the heat in my belly grows, I feel my movements becoming more frantic. I dig my fingers into your shoulders diary of a gigolo izle and slam down onto you hard. Pulling myself against your chest, I use my hips to drive short quick hard thrusts, mashing my clit against your pubic hair. The pressure build in my clit and spreads through my pussy. My pussy tightens around you in pulses and spasms. I feel your cock thicken in me, and know that your balls are tightening. Need you to cum. Need to cum. Fucking you like an animal. Bucking and grinding against you. Moaning, grunting with each thrust. My clit feels like its going to explode as it rubs into you at the base of your cock. My body becomes uncontrolled as instinct takes over. I stiffen and slam again onto your cock. So deep in me. Shudders begin in my hips, radiating upward to my stomach and down my legs. Digging my feet into the floor and grinding against your cock, shudders turn into spasms.

My body shakes. A low groaning begins in my chest and rises through my throat. Dimly, I feel your cock jerk, then erupt inside me. My pussy squeezes it tightly. My groaning becomes a panted laugh. My pussy pulses around your cock, milking it, sucking your cum into me. Crying out with each wave, I hear your own groans mixed with mine as your hot cum shoots deep into me. Your cock pulses spurt after spurt, until finally the shudders start to pass.

Frozen. Your cock still buried deep inside me. Waves beginning to slowly subside as trembles shoot through my body and I come down from my orgasm. Panting with hard breath, regaining my composure, I consciously relax my fingers, dug into your shoulders. Falling forward, I rest my head against your neck and listening to your rasping breath.

Slowly I lift my head and nuzzle your neck. As my breathing begins to calm, I kiss my way up your jaw. Your head lifts from where it fell back, and I find your lips and kiss you with soft warm cooing kisses. Your lips warm and sweet against mine. Your body limp under me. My body limply draped over you.

Still kissing you I stand slightly, letting your cock slip from between my legs. I pull at your hips, softly motioning for you to lift them, and reach down to grab the waist of your underwear. Sliding them up your legs and over your hips, followed by your pants, I still softly suck on your tongue. I reach down behind you to find your shirt, and pull it up over the back of the chair, and then smooth it down your back. Settling it over your shoulders. With shaky fingers I button your shirt, trying to tuck the tails into your pants before I fasten them and rebuckle your belt.

My kisses soften to feather brushes, as I step around the side of your legs. Fingers lightly brushing at your throat, I move around behind you. Your lips follow mine, turning your head. I brush my lips softly over your cheek, then backing up slowly and quietly — I am gone before you remember to open your eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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