Donor Uncle in Apartment Pt. 09

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It had already been two days since their returning from Digha. On their arrival at Kolkata, Pawan Kumar was feeling exhausted and tired because of continuous fucking with two girls.

He called the girls, and said, “Hey girls, listen to me. I am exhausted by fucking both of you at Digha. Now, I want to take rest for few days so that I could rejuvenate myself. So, let us stop fucking for a few days.”

Debashree smiled mischievously and said, “Now, we three are the sole occupants of these flats. Our mothers are not there nor our maidservants. This is the opportunity which may not come in the future for us, of course, we both will let you take rest for some days but then you have to fuck us every day till our mothers return.”

Tapasi joined with her friend, and said, “Uncle, there is a suggestion. You can fuck us every day. There is no need for your ejaculation inside our pussies every time you fuck us. Once we cum, I mean we reach our orgasms, you can withdraw your cock without ejaculation. While fucking us, you have to control yourself for not ejaculating, so that you can conserve your sperm for the future. Whenever you will be in the mood to ejaculate, you can ejaculate in either of the pussies of us. By doing this, we both could get fucked every day, and you will not feel exhausted by ejaculating your semen every day.”

“Wonderful idea! “exclaimed Pawan Kumar, “Tapasi, you are an intelligent girl.”

Since they three were alone, the two girls shifted themselves from their flats to Pawan Kumar’s flat. Their holidays were still not over. The whole day, they would watch TV in the living room, use the computer in the study room of the flat of Pawan Kumar. At night, after dinner, everybody will sleep in the bed room of Pawan Kumar. Pawan Kumar would sleep in the middle of the king-size bed and Debashree and Tapasi would sleep in his two sides, clinging to one another tightly.

After two days, in the afternoon, both Debashree and Tapasi were watching TV in the living room.

Debashree turned towards Tapasi, and said, “Tapasi, we have given enough time to Uncle for taking rest. I think it is time to fuck.”

“Yes, “replied Tapasi.

Tapasi further said, “Debashree, do you know what are the qualities or things in a female attract a male more?”

Debashree replied, “The beautiful face with her body structure.”

“You are partially true. The male is not attracted only to a beautiful face, boobs, and pussy but also to another factor of ‘caring’. Every man wants to be cared for as well as the importance to be given to him by his woman. Fucking is a secondary matter,” Tapasi said.

“OK, but explain to me in detail under which pretext you are telling this, “she asked.

“You see, if we want to get fucked by Uncle every day, we have to attract him romantically. Whenever he returns from his Bank in the evening after a day’s tiresome work, we both have to act like his devoted wives and taking proper care of him.”

“How? “asked Debashree.

Then Tapasi briefed her on the details of their action.

After some time, both the girls went out of the Apartment and reached the Beauty parlor cum Spa. The parlor girls made their long hair in step cut, then dyed the hair by applying Henna. After drying for sometimes, they washed their hair in shampoo. Then they had their hair straightened. After that, they had their facial massage along with foundation brushed on their faces with eyebrow treatments. After that, they had pedicure and manicure treatments. After finishing, both Debashree and Tapasi were surprised to see their faces in the mirror, most probably they were the most beautiful and fashionable girls in this world. They had the mixed hair of natural black combined with red copper colors amidst the luxurious black hair, and their step haircut was giving a bounce to their hair and looks very fashionable. When they came outside of the Spa, the passers-by in the street looked at them with strange glances under the misconception of movie actresses.

Pawan Kumar remained very busy the whole day in Bank. It was a tiresome day for him. He glanced at the wall clock in his cabin, it was 5.00 PM. His officers and staff had already closed the counter. It was time to close the Bank. He looked through the glass partition of his cabin and found that almost all his employees had left the Bank, and the remaining were ready to leave. Then he saw Savita was making her finishing touch of sweeping and cleaning the toilets.

Pawan Kumar also started to close the drawers and Almirahs inside his cabin. In the meantime, Savita entered into his cabin. Pawan Kumar looked at her.

“Yes, Savita?” he asked.

“Sahib, I have to discuss something important with you, “she said.

“OK, let us meet outside the Bank, wait for me there, “he replied.

Savita left his cabin.

The security guard was waiting for him. The Bank was almost empty. He checked and inspected the treasury chest along with other chests. After being satisfied, he came out to the middle hall of the Bank where the security guard was waiting Yozgat Escort for him. He put the bunch of keys in his pocket. The security guard closed the main entrance of the Bank. When he came out from the Bank to the main road, he watched Savita waiting for him on his left side of the main road. He signaled her to follow him some distance away from Bank then he stood beside a crowded place of shops. Savita reached near him.

“What is it? “he whispered.

“Sahib, the husband of Basanti died in hospital yesterday evening, “Savita informed him.

Pawan Kumar remembered her husband had met with a road accident and was hospitalized before their Digha trip.

“Ohh my God! So sad. May his soul rest in peace,” he said.

“Both Basanti and Sumati are waiting for you, “Savita said.

“Where? “he asked.

“Sahib, follow me, “Savita said and started walking ahead of him.

After passing 100 meters away, Savita turned to the left. It was a crowded Tea cum snacks stall. It was a big stall, Pawan Kumar noticed Basanti and Sumati sitting on a bench waiting for him. Pawan Kumar and Savita sat beside them. Pawan Kumar ordered snacks and tea for all of them. He glanced towards Basanti. She was in white saree and there was no vermillion on her forehead and parting of the hairline which was the getup for a widow. She had a sad face with swollen eyes. Pawan Kumar felt sorry for the woman who had lost her husband. Then he glanced towards Sumati, the young girl who was also very sad and remorse due to the demise of her elder brother. Now nobody was in

I feel very sorry to hear the news of the sad demise of your husband. As you see, nothing is in their family except two of them.

“Basanti, our hand, everything is the wish of Almighty. We human beings are only puppets,” he said.

In the meantime, tea and snacks were served, and all of them started sipping the tea.

Then both Basanti and Sumati burst into tears and started sobbing in low voices.

“Sahib, what would happen to us? Who would take care of us? “said Basanti in tearful eyes.

“Don’t worry dear! As long as I am here, I am going to take care of you. Now, first, you both try to finish the rituals and rites of your dead husband. Then you stay in your slum and wait for me till I retire which is a few months away. I will take both of you along with me to Himachal Pradesh where you both will be staying with me in my new house forever as my wives, “he pacified them.

“Thank you, Sahib,” both of them said in one voice with tears of joy in their eyes.

Then Pawan Kumar noticed both of their wombs were slightly swollen.

“What happened to both of you? “he indicated their swollen wombs.

Both of them dropped their eyes and remained silent.

Savita smiled and said, “Sahib, both of them are pregnant with your babies.”

“Waaaoooo, I am going to be a father. No problem, “he exclaimed.

Then he handed over some money to them with further saying that he would be sending more money to them through Savita next day. He stood at once and left the stall. The evening was just approaching.

It was evening, and both Debashree and Tapasi were waiting eagerly for the arrival of Pawan Kumar. Then they heard the calling bell, and both of them rushed towards the entrance grill. When they came nearer, Pawan Kumar was surprised to see two fashionable damsels, just like two models, heroines of a movie appeared before him. There was a complete transformation of the girls, their hair, faces, and hands looked to be very smooth and were glazing in the electric light. Both the girls were looking extremely beautiful and seductive. He just stared at them. His Testosterone Hormones suddenly increased inside his body and he felt his cock getting arising.

“Uncle, good evening. Why are you staring at us and standing there? Why are you not entering inside? “asked Debashree with a smile.

“Ohhh…yes. Good evening, “he stammered and entered inside. Then suddenly, both the girls kissed him on his two sides of the cheek. He could smell the henna fragrance from their silky hair, and a sweet smell was emanating from their bodies. He was feeling intoxicated. In reciprocation, he also kissed their cheeks. Oh my God, his lips slipped away in their cheeks as their cheeks were so smooth and polished like marble.

Then Tapasi on his right side wrapped her left arm around his waist and Debashree on his left side wrapped her right arm under his right armpit ushered him inside the flat to his bedroom. They made him sit on the bed. Pawan Kumar was very much surprised by their new getups and strange behaviors, but he preferred to be silent and waited for their next action.

Debashree bent down and started to remove his shoes and socks. In the meantime, Tapasi started unbuttoning his shirt and removed it from his body. Then Debashree unfastened his belt from the waist and unhooked his pants. While she unzipped the chain of his pants in his crotch area, Debashree’s fingers touched his cock above the boxer, and she could feel it in Yozgat Escort Bayan semi hardness. She removed the pants completely.

Tapasi said, “Uncle, raise your two hands so that I could remove your Ganji (Ganji is an inner layering piece wearing under a shirt).”

Like an obedient child, Pawan Kumar raised his two hands above, and Tapasi removed his Ganji. Then Tapasi sniffed his Ganji which absorbed his whole day’s sweat.

Tapasi sniffed with a deep breath and exclaimed, “Waaaoooo, such a good smell! Hey, Debashree, sniff it, you can get pleasure.”

She handed over the Ganji to Debashree who sniffed it with a long breath.

Pawan Kumar was observing silently the activities of these two young girls.

Then Debashree started to pull his boxer downwards to remove.

Pawan Kumar hesitated and objected, “Debashree, what are you doing to me? You are making me completely naked. What’s your intention?”

Tapasi replied, “Don’t worry Uncle! We are not going to fuck you.”

Pawan Kumar was speechless in her reply and remained silent. Now, he was completely naked before these two girls, and he was feeling very shy.

Debashree carefully observed the inner side of his boxer and found a pubic hair sticking there.

“Tapasi, see this, I found a pubic hair of Uncle, “said Debashree and removed the hair.

Then Debashree started sniffing the inner area of his boxer.

On seeing her sniffing, Tapasi came forward, and said, “Debashree, share Uncle’s boxer with me, I also want to sniff.”

Both the girls sniffed and enjoyed the aroma of the sweaty smell of his cock which emitted sweat throughout the day inside the boxer.

Both the girls carefully and neatly folded his shirt and pants in an organized way in hangers and kept those in the closet.

“From today, we will wash your undergarments, “said Tapasi and put the undergarments in a trash bag so that they could wash those next day.

“Now, Uncle, come inside the bathroom. We both will get you a bath in cold water so that your body will feel refreshed after a day’s tiredness,” said Debashree.

Both the girls wrapped their arms in his body from two sides and ushered him into the bathroom. They made him sit on the bathing stool facing them.

“Debashree, you take care of his upper portion, and I will take care of his lower portion, “said Tapasi.

“Yes, we will brush Uncle’s entire body with our hands with soap only, “replied Debashree.

“But before that, let us clean some parts of Uncle’s body with our tongues, “said Tapasi.

“Uncle, raise your two hands,” Tapasi commanded and Pawan Kumar like a child raised his two hands.

Both the girls came nearer to him, each in his two sides. They started sniffing his dense hair under his armpits which were sweated the whole day. Then Pawan Kumar felt a tickling sensation under his armpits and glanced downwards. He found the girls licking his armpits hair deeply.

“It is salty but very tasty, “exclaimed Debashree.

Then both the girls bent lower and focussed their attention on his crotch area. His cock was 50% hard and dangling above the big two tennis balls. Tapasi pulled back the foreskin of his big penis to expose his rounded big pink knob. In the pink head, she found some thin white cheese-like substances which she cleaned in her tongue. Then she started licking the entire pubic area of his, Pawan Kumar could feel her tongue running through his dense pubic hair. She finished her job.

Now, it was the turn of Debashree, she came and squatted before him.

“Uncle, raise your two legs above slightly, “she commanded.

Then Pawan Kumar felt her hot tiny tongue over his two balls. Her tongue was running from the root of his cock downwards over the partition of his balls. She licked the entire area of his two balls. After some time, her tongue reached near the circular muscles of his sphincter. Ohhh…God, he thought he would go mad, he had never felt such type of strange sensation throughout his body ever in his life.

His sphincter muscles started constriction and his natural passage of arse hole was opened, and in that very moment, Debashree’s tongue probed deep in his arse hole. Her tongue was in and out of his arse hole for a minute.

He moaned, “Ohhhh Godddddd!”

Then Debashree withdrew her tongue.

“Now, it is time to bath,’ announced Tapasi.

Both the girls applied soap in his entire body and started brushing with their hands in every part of his body. After that, they ran the shower. Then they dried his hair and body with towels. They escorted him back to the bedroom. Debashree opened the closet and picked up a tracksuit and a T-shirt.

“Uncle, put on these dresses, and come to the living area, “said Tapasi.

Both the girls left his bedroom. Pawan Kumar put on the dresses. He was now feeling very soothing and relaxed. He was wondering how these two girls came to know the technique of tempering an iron and also making it cool.

He sat on the sofa in the living room. After some Escort Yozgat time, both the girls entered, Tapasi with a cup of hot coffee steam coming from the cup and Debashree with a plate full of snacks.

They placed those on the table in front of him and sat on his two sides on the sofa.

“I am very pleased with both of you. May I know this sudden change of behavior of you? “asked Pawan Kumar.

Both the girls exchanged their meaningful glances.

Then Tapasi said, “Uncle, we both have decided to be your devoted wives till our mothers return. We will serve you everything, we will take care of you always as a devoted wife takes care of her husband. From today, we both are your devoted wives, we both will take care of your all personal things. We will take care of your bathing, washing your clothes even we will feed you your food. Simply you have to go to your Bank in the morning and return in the evening. We will take care of other things. Now you are a baby to us whom both of us will nourish.”

For a moment, Pawan Kumar was struck dumb and couldn’t believe what was happening around him. Then he realized these two girls were not acting but they loved him from the inner cores of their hearts. It was a true devotion and love to him. He had never received such type of true love ever in his life, the women in his life only needed his big cock. Pawan Kumar got carried away with heavy emotions, his eyes were filled with tears.

The two girls could sense the turmoil of emotions going inside him and suddenly they noticed drops of tears rolling down from his two eyes. The two girls were so much moved by this emotional moment that they started sobbing and clinging to him. All three started sobbing with tears in their eyes, embracing and kissing frantically one another.

After 5 minutes, the atmosphere became cool and calm. Everybody was silent.

Pawan Kumar said, “Let us promise that we three will never part with one another. We will love and live together until our death.”

All three joined their hands together and promised. The time was 7.30 PM, evening.

“Uncle, get ready, now we three will go to the park for brisk walking, “said Tapasi.

“There is another sad news. The husband of Basanti who was hospitalized due to road accident died last evening, “informed Pawan Kumar.

“So sad!” exclaimed both the girls.

“So, our two maids may not turn up in future,” said Pawan Kumar.

“We can have our foods from Restaurant till our mothers return,” suggested Debashree.

“Yes,” supported Tapasi.

“OK, that is the alternative way for us now,” Pawan Kumar agreed.

They reached the park.

They made two rounds of the park. The atmosphere was very much pleasant. A cool and soothing breeze was flowing.

“Let us go to our old place,’ suggested Debashree.

They all moved towards their old dark place, that same old bench near the tree from where they could watch the others but nobody could see them unless somebody would come very closer to them. Today, Pawan Kumar was feeling very romantic since evening, and now with two beautiful young girls, he felt that he was the luckiest man in this world.

He sat in the middle of the bench with Debashree on his left side and Tapasi on his right side.

“You know romance cannot happen in four walls of the house as ultimately it leads to fucking and fucking is not a romance. Romance in outside, particularly in the park where the public has access is more thrilling and excited, “said Pawan Kumar.

“You are right, Uncle,” both said and nodded their heads.

“Hey Girls, please move a bit towards me, closer to my body. Nobody is going to watch us. If anybody would watch also, he cannot see anything in the darkness. It would be better if you both place your thigh on my left and right thighs, “suggested Pawan Kumar.

Both the girls wore skirts, and they placed their fleshy thighs above the thighs of Pawan Kumar. Pawan Kumar wrapped his left arm around the neck of Debashree whereas his right arm wrapped around the neck of Tapasi. Both the girls started kissing on his cheeks from two sides, and his two arms extended below to grope their boobs above their tops. He turned his head towards the left side, and probed his tongue deep inside the mouth of Debashree, exploring the inside of her mouth through his tongue and sucked her tongue. Debashree also did the same to his mouth. Both their mouths were full of saliva due to the heavy exchange of saliva between the mouths. His hands were continuously cupping the boobs of both. Then he turned his head towards the right side to the mouth of Tapasi. Tapasi’s mouth was opened, eagerly waiting for his tongue. In the meantime, Debashree unzipped his tracksuit and started to massage his cock as he had no underwear. Pawan Kumar and Tapasi made a heavy exchange of saliva while sucking each other’s tongues.

Then Pawan Kumar said, “Both of you unbutton your tops so that I could directly touch your boobs even suck your nipples.”

Both the girls unbuttoned their tops and pulled the cups of their bras a little upwards, their 32 boobs popped out. Pawan Kumar could see the white flash in the darkness. With his two hands, he started molding the soft flesh of two girls. Then Pawan Kumar felt two warm palms of the girls on his cock moving up and down.

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