Donnie Dates His Family Pt. 02

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The Twins Come Home

Because Roxy and her son, Donnie, had been up all night fucking (as had the neighbors who had to listen to them). She totally slept through the sound of her twin 19-year old daughters coming home only a few hours after she and Donnie collapsed in each other’s arms, physically exhausted from their practically non-stop sex. Roxy didn’t hear as Amber and Nikki came in through the front door, or as they talked loudly downstairs with each other, and something in her brain almost registered when two sets of feet came up the stairs together, but the musky smell of her son just lulled her back to sleep before she could even be fully awake.

Donnie was sleeping like the dead so there was no chance he was going to wake up even if a parade went by.

Out in the hall/Donnie’s room Nikki and Amber came up the stairs. They were identical twins and both looked much like their mother and Aunt (also identical twins) with their dark brunette hair, large breasts and tan skin, outside of they were obviously almost 20 years their younger. They were also both on the swim team at the local community college they attended. They took all their classes together, had the same friends, loved the same music, wore the same clothes. In fact, the only real way to tell the difference between Donnie’s sisters most of the time was just wait for one of them to speak.

“So slut,” Amber said to her sister, “I’m gonna take a shower first. I called dibs.”

“Hey I need one too!” Nikki said.

“Too bad!”Amber shouted and ran into the bathroom and shut the door. She wished there was a lock so she could dramatically lock her sister out but they were such an open family they didn’t have locks on any interior doors in their house.

The major difference between Amber and Nikki was that Amber was cool, calculating, and most people who knew her might describe her as “kind of a bitch.” But Nikki was the exact opposite, she was nicer, for sure, but also more naive and many people might call her “a bit ditzy.”

Nikki pouted in the hall as she watched as her sister slammed the bathroom door behind her. Nikki then glanced around the hallway, she noticed that Donnie wasn’t in his bed and wondered for a moment if he had fallen asleep in their Aunt’s room again. Something he often did when she went out of town. Nikki didn’t care though, if she was going to be locked out of a shower for half-an-hour (or longer, knowing Amber), she wanted to bug her mom about what happened with the dating lesson with Donnie yesterday. Amber turned into her mom’s room and opened the door.

Inside, she gasped in shock. Nikki came face to face with two things right away. The first was the intense smell of sex, it literally smelled like there was an orgy in there the night before, and the second was the sight of her nude mother, lying against Donnie, Roxy’s son and Nikki’s brother, they were both lying on top of the covers so Nikki could see their attractive bodies in all their glory. Donnie was just as naked as Mom but also had the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life, and he was soft!

Nikki questioned the scene before her. Everything about it said to her that her mother and her brother had sex the night before, she could even see what looked like partially-dried cum on Roxy’s face and tits. Had Roxy walked in on any other two other people in the same situation, she’d assume they fucked, but this being two of the people closest to her, Nikki decided she was thinking wrong. She often felt that way anyway.

Nikki walked over to the side of her mom’s bed, now that she was closer she saw the white gooey liquid that seemed to cover her mother’s face and tits more clearly. Nikki’s brain could only think of one thing, and just to confirm, she wiped up a large dollop of the stuff from her mother’s face, and stuck it in her mouth without thinking. She moaned instintively as she tasted the salty substance. It was definitely semen, she’d gone down on enough guys in the past to know that, but it was a much more intense flavor than any she’d tasted before. It was somehow robust and savory, and she immediately just wanted more.

She swiped a bit more off her mom’s face and immediately ate it, Nikki’s pussy was starting to get very wet as she savored the flavor. Whoever made this cum was obviously potent, Nikki thought, as she swiped more cum off of her mother’s tits this time and shoved it into her mouth. Despite all evidence before her, Nikki couldn’t accept that this spunk all came from her brother’s beautiful cock and had already decided that Mom had somehow gotten a midnight visitor, like an old boyfriend, not that her mother had ever done anything like that before.

As Nikki swiped for another taste, Roxy suddenly woke up from the movement across her gigantic tits. Nikki jumped back as she saw her mother’s eyes suddenly open looking up at her.

“What are you doing?” Roxy asked her daughter.

“There’s jizz all over you Mom,” Nikki told her mom without sarıyer escort even thinking about it, “it’s yummy.” She said as she at her brother’s cum off her palm. “Why are you sleeping with Donnie naked with sperm all over you?” Nikki asked after she swallowed down her tasty snack.

“Wai-wha-” Roxy started to say, only to first see her naked son lying on his back right beside her on the bed, there was a pool of his cum on his chest where she had snuggled into him, his soft cock lying between his legs and she remembered all the pleasure it caused her the night before. She remembered how many times her son fucked his naughty mother, how many orgasms she had, she didn’t know, but her sexual side, something she’d hidden away since her husband died over 15 years ago, had been fully reawakened by Donnie, her son, and she could already feel her pussy pulsate with need again despite being fully satisfied the night before. The memory of her grinding on her son’s dick, him filling her cunt like no man could do before him, both of them too tired to do more than the slow pace of her grinding lazily against her son’s abdomen, full of his cock until he announced he was cumming again. Roxy wanted it so bad on her face she begged him for it. And they used the last of their strength so Donnie could get on his knees on the bed and hosed his mother down once again. Roxy had wanted to eat his spunk but they both had to pass out, and she didn’t, and now she was still quite a mess.

She couldn’t help but be filled with a flood of guilt and regret. She was Donnie’s mother! She couldn’t have a sexual relationship with him! But still, something said inside of her, it was the most sexually satisfied she’d ever felt in her life… NO! She told herself, and quickly got out of the bed, she grabbed clothes without even looking from her dresser, and ran out of the room and into the bathroom. She thanked God that the person to find her with her son was Nikki and not Amber, she was sure she didn’t suspect anything, no matter how much it would have been obvious to anyone else.

Roxy’s Dilemma

Back in Roxy’s room, Nikki stood there looking at her brother’s nude, muscular body in front of her. But especially his cock, it looked like it was at least 9 inches and it wasn’t even hard yet. She wondered if she could… No, that would be ridiculous, she realized, she was his sister after all. Though she still kept thinking about what it would look like at full length.

She noticed there was a small pool of cum on his chest though and wondered if maybe she could eat it up before he woke up, and for some reason, maybe it was just realizing that her brother was hung like a moose, Nikki leaned over and started licking her brother’s cum, though she still didn’t realize that’s what it was, right off his chest.

“Hmm,” Donnie moaned, “that feels good Mom.”

Nikki stood back up and looked at him funny, Donnie opened his eyes and looked up at his sister. He smiled at her with like a cat who had just eaten a canary. Donnie himself had absolutely no regrets about fucking his mom last night and would like very much to start fucking her again as soon as possible.

“Hi Nikki,” he said to his sister, he noticed she was wearing the shortest set of cutoffs he’d ever seen to show off her sexy legs and a t-shirt, the sleeves cut off and ripped almost just below her tits, Nikki and Amber liked dressing like sluts when they went out but usually conservatively at home. Donnie guess, correctly, that it was because he tended to ogle them nonstop when they dressed in ways that showed off their bodies as such, “You look really sexy Nikki.” Donnie said.

Nikki didn’t know why, but she blushed, “Wow Donnie, you definitely seem a lot more confident all of a sudden, did something happen last night?”

Donnie rolled his eyes, of course Nikki would literally catch him naked in his mother’s bed and still not be able to put two and two together, “Nothing at all Nikki, why don’t you get out of here, I’m naked after all.”

“Yeah, why is that bro?” Nikki said, at the word “naked” her eyes went back to her brother’s cock, and stayed there. Donnie noticed this and his cock started to get hard again. He wondered for a moment if his mother wasn’t around maybe Nikki would… but realized that was ridiculous, his Mom loved him just like a mother should her one and only son, with all her heart. But his sisters weren’t really close to him, there’s no way he could convince them to do that… could he?

“Um, just hot last night, so I took my clothes off?” Donnie said without a lot of conviction.

Nikki shrugged, “K. Whatever.” She turned and bounced out of the room, Donnie staring as her glorious ass in her tight cut-offs. He began thinking about all he’d learned the night before about dating women. He wondered if he could practice learning more somehow? Maybe he should ask his mom when she was out of the shower?

After Roxy ran sefaköy escort into the bathroom, trying her best not to notice how much her bedroom smelled like sex or her whole body smelled like her son’s cum. She needed this shower and she needed to get away from her son, at least long enough that she could think about what she should do next.

Roxy walked up to the shower where her other daughter was now showering, and pushed the black curtain open and got in.

Amber gasped, “Mom, you know the rules!” She shouted, the rule was anyone could use the bathroom while someone else was in the shower, but don’t open the curtain, which was black so no one could see in. The bathroom-privacy rule was one of the few rules of the house that everyone did their best to follow.

“It’s an emergency,” Roxy said as she got in, “Someone called off sick and I need to go to work a lot earlier than before.” She told her daughter Amber as she got in the shower with her “I need to shower now, I’m sorry we have to share.”

“Wait, you have to go in 6 hours early?” Amber asked suspiciously, “You’ve never worked a 14 hour shift before…”

Roxy wasn’t listening, she was already starting to feel a lot cleaner just standing under the shower then. She was feeling a lot better because of it, like it was washing away all her guilt and she could pretend that nothing was the matter for at least a little while. “Like I said it’s an emergency.”

“K,” Amber said as she watched her mother soak her giant tits. Amber was always kind of jealous of her mother’s large boobs, wishing her own were at least as big. But standing this close to them, part of her wanted to soap her mother’s luscious chest for her. She shook her head, not sure where such a thought just came from, and went back to washing herself. They showered together in silence, both lost in their own thoughts.

While his mother and sister showered and Nikki went back to her room, Donnie grabbed his clothes off the floor which were still very much stained and smelling of his and his mother’s cum, and tossed in under his bed. He then got under his blanket and fell asleep again, totally naked.

Amber came out first, dressed in a conservative outfit of tight black jeans and a long sleeved blue t-shirt. When she came out in the hall, she noticed something smelled very much like sex. She saw Donnie lying in the bed and laughed a little knowing it couldn’t be him. But her mother’s door was open. She stuck her head in and had to take it back out again, just by how surprisingly strong the scent was. “Wow,” Amber said to herself, “Mom must have gotten lucky!” She chuckled softly as she walked over to her and her sister’s room and went inside, thinking how Mom was teaching Donnie how to date yesterday, but Roxy was the one getting lucky. Donnie was such a lameass, she thought.

When she went in her shared room she was surprised at what greeted her. Nikki was sitting on her bed, completely naked, and openly masterbating with both hands, one furiously rubbing her clit while her other hand she used to pump three fingers in and out of her cunt with frantic abandon.

“Jesus, slut,” Amber said as she came in, “calm down, what if Donnie came in right now?”

“Uh-huh,” Nikki replied nodding frantically and not even listening to her sister as she was getting ready to cum, not saying that she was kind of hoping her brother would be the one to walk in and not Amber. “FUUUUUUCCCKKK!” She cried out as she saw Donnie’s head of black hair outside on the bed and came thinking about his thick cock. She wished she had played with his dick some in Mom’s bed if only so she could see it when it was hard. Nikki had a lot of sex, the reason Amber called her “slut” all the time was because she knew that she was one. She didn’t care though, she loved sex, especially with a big cock. And she’d never seen a cock as big as her brother’s. She was coming down from her orgasm now, but she couldn’t shake the feeling she was going to need to see Donnie’s cock again before the day was out.

Amber rolled her eyes at her sister, amused. Nikki was always such a horny girl, but it would have to be something major to make her so horny to jill off so openly in her room like that. She shut her door and admired her sister’s body for a second as she breathed heavily on the bed, pushing her large tits out and Amber could see that Nikki was still quite wet and horny, “What’s gotten into you? I haven’t seen you like this since you found out Brad on the football team was hung like a horse.”

“I found an even bigger dick,” Nikki said without thinking about it. She knew she probably shouldn’t tell Amber that the owner of said dick was their dorky brother.

“What? While I was in the shower?” Amber wondered if her sister had seen one of the neighbor’s cocks, or was just watching porn on her phone again, “Well, whatever. You can get your shower in, I think Mom is about done now.”

Roxy was done and came şerifali escort out of the shower, dressed in the outfit she grabbed, one of the many tight exercise outfits she had. When she got out in the hall, she got a whiff of the smell of her and her son’s lovemaking, she saw that her son had moved out to the hall, and she could already feel her pussy moisten as she looked at her strong sleeping son in his bed. She glanced up at the door to her daughter’s room, saw it was shut for the moment, and wondered if she could have a quickie with Donnie before either of her girls came out of their room, only to suddenly be mortified at herself for even having such thoughts. She was his mother! Even if Donnie had sexually satisfied her, something no man had ever done before him, she couldn’t turn into his sex-starved slut, she just couldn’t!

Roxy practically ran down the hall and down the stairs. She continued her quick pace until she was in her car, and she drove down the road with no destination in mind at all. She just knew she had to get away from her son before she did something she would really regret.

About a mile or so down the road, the street had a dead end. Roxy parked there and sat in her car with the motor running so she could at least have air conditioning while she sat and thought. She knew that once she saw her son again, she was going to have to tell him that they couldn’t continue their little affair. It just wouldn’t be right. But then she thought about how much she loved sucking her son’s giant cock while she ground her pussy on his face and he made love to her with his tongue. Or how much pleasure it brought her when he stuck his dick up her sopping wet cunt for the first time and filled her up completely. How much her pussy longed for her to be filled up again…

Roxy was so conflicted now that she began to cry. Weeping long hard sighs wondering how the hell she was going to be able to face her son Donnie ever again.

Once her tears dried she decided she needed to call her sister. She wished she hadn’t gone on vacation that week with their mother. But how was Roxy to know she’d be in the middle of such a crisis right then.

Roxy’s sister, Candi, picked up on the second ring, “Hey sis,” Candi’s voice coming through the phone, “me and mom are working on our tans on the beach, there’s a lot of hot guys.”

Roxy sighed, Candi had the same sex-drive that she did, “That’s fine Candi, but I need to talk to you.”

Candi could tell that something was wrong, “What is it, sis?”

Roxy opened her mouth but no sound came out, she suddenly realized this wasn’t the best idea. What was she supposed to say, “The problem is that I just had a full night of the best sex I’ve ever had in my life, but the problem is it was with my own son, your nephew!” No, there was no way she could admit to that. Not even to her sister, at least not over the phone.

After another moment or two of silence, Candi asked, “Are you still there Rox?”

Roxy sighed, “I just don’t know how to tell you.” she admitted to her twin.

“Hmm,” Candi mumbled while she thought, “Do you need me to come home?”

Roxy sighed again, distractedly, “I don’t know what I want.” She admitted, not really talking about her sister in that moment.

“Hmm,” Candi thought, “Well, mom’s taking a nap on her towel right now but when she’s awake again I’ll ask her what she thinks about leaving a few days early. Okay, Rox?”

Roxy almost started crying again she was so grateful, “Thanks Candi, let me know what she says.” Roxy sighed a third time, with relief, “You’re the best, sis.”

“No you are,” Candi said, as cheerful as she always seemed to be. Roxy didn’t know how she did it, “Love you!” Candi said.

“Love you too,” Roxy replied as she ended the call.

Roxy sat in her miserable thoughts for half an hour before she got a text from her sister saying that their mom wanted to stay one more day to get more sun, but they’d come back early tomorrow. Roxy was glad Candi would be there by the next day but she was hoping she could avoid her son until then.

Roxy Confronted

After Nikki had her shower her and Amber watched TV together into the afternoon.

Donnie woke up feeling immensely horny. His hard cock greeted him from under the blanket as he tilted his head up. He didn’t know it yet but he really did inherit his mother’s sex drive and nearly boundless stamina, and after having a taste of sex, he didn’t want anything to stand in his way of it anymore.

He got out of bed naked and went into his mother’s room, his cock leading the way. He was immensely disappointed to discover that she wasn’t in there though. He came back to the hall and put on clothes from his dresser. Then he grabbed his phone and texted his mom, “Where r u?”

Roxy was working out when she heard her phone beep in her bag on the floor behind her. She stopped doing yoga so that she could see who it was, but almost dropped the phone when she saw it was a message from her son. For some reason she thought Donnie would have the same reaction to the night before as she did and feel just as guilty and disgusted with himself. Then she thought that maybe he wanted to talk like adults so things could get back to normal. Yeah, Roxy decided, that must be it.

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