Done Waiting Pt. 02

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When you think with your dick, your IQ drops about 100 points. If you’re lucky. I have a long history of sexual stupidity behind me. There was the flower child who sold me her worn-out F-150 because she wasn’t wearing a bra that day. Or panties either, as it turned out. There was the Mexican maid at the McAllen motel who brought me extra towels, then offered to scrub my back. The divorcee who asked me to install her new dishwasher, then asked for my opinions about some new lingerie she’d just purchased, which ended up in shreds.

And now, my office cleaning lady had sucked my dick, and all I could think about was letting her do it again, and again. Not all I could think about, actually. I wanted to bend her over my mahogany desk and fuck her brains out, too.

But unlike those other brain-dead fucks, I had to admit that Rachel was different. I’d grown to care about her. We’d connected, as the kids say. Crazy, really. I’m almost old enough to be her father. But there was something there. Sometimes, you meet a woman and you just click. Everything seems right. Everything seems easy. It was like that with her. We’d talked for hours; in fact, I think we’d spent more time talking and swapping stories than she’d spent cleaning my office, which was fine by me. I looked forward to those Tuesday encounters, those long and easy-going conversations. So did she, apparently.

But she was married. Married with 2 kids. Married with 2 kids and a jerk, jealous, controlling husband. In this part of the country, such men tended to be armed and dangerous. It was a risk I had been willing to take because, well, Rachel was the brass ring.

Still, second thoughts. Moments of clarity in the middle of a fog of lust. She had too much to lose, I figured. I needed to stop the insanity before things spiraled out of control.

I told her on Tuesday.

“I shouldn’t have done that, Rachel. I was wrong. You’re married. You have kids to think about. You’re my employee; I’m your boss. ‘Me, Too,’ and all that. I should never have let it come to this. We need to stop. It’ll only end badly for you, especially if Todd finds out.”

“Me, Too? Seriously, Mark? Look, I’m a contract employee. You haven’t taken advantage of me. We don’t have that kind of relationship. Sure, technically you’re my boss, but what could you hold over me? Fuck me or you’ll never vacuum in this town again? If I didn’t want this, I could just walk away. You know that’s true.”

I didn’t want to agree with her out loud, but she was making sense.

“Mark… There’s something here that we both need and want. You’ve been nothing but a complete gentleman, and that makes you sexy as hell. I haven’t been treated with respect by a man in a long time. You can’t imagine how nice it is to be with a man who thinks I have a brain. I haven’t had an adult conversation with a man in more years than I can count. My marriage sucks. You made me realize that I can do better. I don’t know about the future, but I know that what we have right now is something we both need. Or, am I wrong? Maybe this is your way of saying that you’re really not that interested?”

“No, that’s not it. No way. I haven’t been able to sleep for thinking about you and wanting to see you again. I almost called you the other day. I wanted to hear your voice again. I guess that sounds pathetic. An old work horse baying after a young mare.”

“From where I was kneeling last week, you looked like a young stud to me.”

That made me smile.

“You need to get your eyes examined. Or maybe your head. Look. You’re a special lady. We mesh. We think alike. But you’ve got a lot to lose if we get caught. I’m afraid of what might happen if Todd finds out.”

She grinned and raised her eyebrows.

“Then, we better make damned sure Todd doesn’t catch us, because unless you fire me, I don’t intend to back off. I want more of you, Mark, not less.”

Well, damn. Hot damn. I could feel my IQ dropping like the stock market in 1929. And I didn’t care a bit.

I shook my head and gave in.

“Go clean my office before I have to fire your ass.”

“Yes, sir!” She snapped off a smiling salute and got to work.

I tried to work. Got a little done. Took some phone calls. But every time she danced into view, my imagination took off, despite the loose-fitting coveralls she was wearing. I was filling out a policy update when she came over to the desk with the vacuum and some rags.

“I need to clean under your desk.”

“Oh, okay.”

I rolled my chair back and she started vacuuming beneath the knee well and under the drawers. It was a heavy old mahogany boat of a desk I’d found at a resale shop. Lots of room on top for stacks of papers.

She parked the vacuum, got down on hands and knees, crawled into the knee space and started polishing the wood with a cloth soaked in something that smelled like lemons.

“What are you doing, Rachel?”

“Just being thorough. When was the last time someone cleaned down here? Good grief, look at this mess.”

Just Tekirdağ Escort then the door opened and Fred, the UPS driver came in with a package. And I don’t know why, but for some reason I rolled my chair back to the desk, trapping Rachel between my knees.

“Mark, how’s it hanging!”

“Hey, Fred. Whatcha got for me?”

“Looks like Amazon. Those people are going to pay for my kids’ college education. Half of everything I deliver comes from Amazon. Why didn’t I buy stock in that company when it was cheap?”

“Well, for one thing…” I jumped, and Fred gave me a look. Rachel was massaging my cock with her fingertips.

“Just caught a draft. Anyway, Amazon started out selling books, and who would’ve believed that anything could have come from that?”

My voice was strained. My cock was growing down my leg. Her hand was squeezing and stroking me, and I thought I might bust a seam in my pants.

“Did you hear that the high school got a promising new transfer who plays quarterback? They say he’s got real talent. Could be our year, Mark.”

“Oh, God!”

She had unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my chinos, and was pulling the zipper down slowly. It wasn’t going to do her any good. My cock was fully trapped down my left leg, and no amount of force short of a wrecker truck was going to wrench it out of there.

“I mean, God I hope so, Fred. Hope he’s got a good pair of hands. Nothing like good hands, right?”

Damn, she somehow got her hand wedged down the front of my pants and had my dick firmly in her fist. She was squeezing me in time to my heartbeat, which by now was picking up steam.

“You know who’s got great hands? Roethlisberger. Huge hands. Strong. He can put the ball anywhere he wants.”

“True enough. But sometimes, it’s not the size of your hands but what you can do with them, Fred.”

She switched to stroking me. I shifted my weight around just a bit and gave her a little more room.

“You feeling okay, Mark? You look a little flushed.”

You bet I’m flushed, I thought. Might have a heart attack right here any minute now.

“Never better. I was just outside before you got here. I think I’m not used to the sun.”

“You spend too much time chained to that desk, is what it is. If you had my job, you’d be soaking up that vitamin D all day long. Hey, I shouldn’t be keeping you. Need to get on down the street. Great chatting with you, buddy.”

“Same here, Fred. Be careful out there. The roads are full of crazies.”

“You got that right.”

As soon as the door closed and Fred had disappeared down the sidewalk, I pushed back and removed her hand from my cock.

“You are a bad influence on me, young lady.”

She smiled.

“I hope so.”

I jacked my pants up, went to the door and hung the “Out to lunch” sign. Then I locked it, closed the blinds, and walked back over to my desk. By this time she was back on her feet again.

I took her in my arms and kissed her hard. Attacked her mouth, wrestled her tongue into submission, then I pulled down the straps of her overalls and shoved them to her feet.

“My turn, missy.”

I slipped my hand between her legs and pressed my fingers against her warm pussy. Even through that thin layer of lycra in her bike shorts, I could feel her heat. She purred like a kitten. Nice gap in her thighs. All those cycling miles.

Our hands went everywhere for awhile, but then I wanted to touch skin, not fabric. I spun her around and shoved my hand down the front of her shorts, through a nicely-trimmed bush, parted her lips with my fingers and let them soak up the hot wetness of her garden. Oh, man. No turning back now.

I raised my left hand to her right breast, nibbled on her neck, found her nipple and started to bother it while I discovered her clit and stroked it awake. She gasped and twitched, and now it was my turn to smile.

Pussies are way more interesting than cocks. Well, you’d expect me to say that, I guess. I’m a healthy, heterosexual male. But there’s a whole lot of fascinating territory to explore in your average pussy, and I loved the exploration and conquest. Really, I just love making a woman come.

I pressed one finger up into her vagina while I stroked her clit with my thumb. Slathered her juices all over her swollen lips, lubed up her clitoris, rubbed and stroked and pressed and massaged, and all the while I was rolling her stiff little nipple between my fingers through her t-shirt. She was pressed up against the desk, partly bent over, and I was pressed up into her sweet ass. She wasn’t saying much, but she was breathing very hard and making appreciative noises. It was all new for me, her vocabulary of sexual desire, and as much as I was feeling her body respond to my hands, I was listening to the passions building up in her throat.

I spun her around again and kissed her deeply and pushed her back on my desk, so her bottom was resting on the edge, legs dangling in the air. Her feet were still tangled Tekirdağ Escort Bayan in her overalls. Trapped. I put my hands under the elastic of her shorts and pulled them down, all the way to her ankles. Then I pushed her knees apart and gazed for a moment at the most beautiful little blonde bush God had ever created. Her hairs were already glistening with her moisture. Her labia were spread slightly open. She looked up at me with hope in her eyes.

“Time for lunch,” I smiled.

I kissed her inner thigh, then trailed my tongue along from her knees right to the point where her pussy tickled my cheek. Then I shifted to the other side and licked and kissed my way up again. Chewed on her firm, muscled thighs before putting my mouth over her pussy and pressing my lips down into her lips. Munched her lunch a bit, then took a big, flat-tongued lick from bottom to top and savored her nectar. God, how I missed that flavor.

She moaned softly. Her hips twitched a bit. She raised her head. Our eyes met. Then I pressed a finger inside of her and she moaned again and laid her head back on the desk again.

I surrounded her clit with my lips and began the lightest possible dance of my tongue over her wet little nubbin.

That made her jump good. Started up a long and slow rhythm with my lips and tongue, while I found her G-spot up inside her vagina and began massaging and stroking the nerve bundle with my index finger.

She squealed with delight, and then she started breathing heavily, in quiet little gasps that seemed to match the tempo my tongue was tapping out on her clitoris.

I needed more skin. Pressed my left hand up under her t-shirt and found her small breasts. Her nipples were firm, but I firmed them up some more by alternately rolling them between my thumb and finger. Then I decided to synchronize everything with the music I was playing on her clit. I started fucking her with two fingers deep in that delicious wet tunnel. I could tell she was climbing that mountain.

“Cum for me, baby. Let it go.”

She grabbed the back of my head, pulled me tight against her pussy, and let out a high-pitched kitten-like whine while her hips rose and jolted and rocked like a wooden roller-coaster. I kept flicking her clitoris and stroking her vagina and squeezing her nipple to the point where it might have been painful, if she hadn’t already been so lost in the heights of pleasure. The more I licked, the more she bounced and shook, until she pushed my head away and cried out to stop.

I pushed back, but then I dipped back in, pressed my lips to her pussy, and licked up the juices that had flooded out of her. I didn’t want a drop of that sweet juice to go to waste. Every so often I gave her clit the lightest little flick of my tongue, which made her hips jerk all over again. I dearly wanted to take her right back up for another orgasm but decided that I was enjoying watching her come down from the peak too much. Her face was relaxed. Eyes closed. Mouth open. Chest heaving as she caught her breath. She was squeezing my head with those strong thigh muscles, trapping me in the middle of heaven.

When she relaxed a bit, I rose up, laid down next to her on the desk and covered her warm pussy with my hand while I kissed her neck, her ear, her throat, chin, cheeks. Her skin glistened, and gave off the scent of passion.

She finally opened her eyes, put her hand behind my head, and pulled me in for a very aggressive kiss of her own. Then she pulled back, swirled her tongue over her lips, smiled, and pulled me back in. We kissed like that for several minutes, and as we did I gently stroked my fingers through her beautiful, fragrant bush.

She dropped her head back in exhaustion and just gazed at me with the most peaceful, contented look on her face.

“Boss, that was a hell of a lunch. That was a five-course banquet. You’ve completely wrecked me, Matt. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stand up.”

“Oh, good. Let me show you the dessert menu, then.”

I kissed her chest, her tummy, started heading back down south, but she grabbed me and pulled me back.

“Not yet. I want to remember that orgasm in as much detail as I can. I want it to burn into my mind first, before you go bringing me off again. And I’m completely confident that you could. You’re amazing. That was an orgasm for the ages.”

I came back up and nuzzled into her neck.

“Todd has never gone down on me, not once. ‘Real men don’t eat cunt,’ he’d say. God, I hate that word. Such an ugly word.”

“I’m partial to pussy myself.”

“I can see that. You can eat my pussy anytime, day or night. Dial toll-free. Operators are standing by. Good grief, you’ve made me giddy. Giddy with joy. Giddy with delight. Thank you, sweet man. And what was that you were doing inside of me that was driving me so crazy?”


“I didn’t know I had a G-spot. I thought I might explode once you started touching me there. Greatest orgasm in the history of orgasms. They Escort Tekirdağ should award you the Congressional Medal of O.”

We both laughed.

“Would you come inside of me? I want to feel that cock stretching my little pussy.”

She reached down and touched my still-hard rod.

“Not today. Not on my desk. I want our first time to be someplace beautiful, someplace luxurious. You deserve much better than a quick fuck on the boss’ desk. You deserve a long and passionate afternoon of old-fashioned love-making.”

“Ooooooo. That sounds very nice. This is a pretty hard desk, I’ll grant you. I’m going to hold you to it. I want a lot more of that dick of yours. And a lot more of that mouth of yours. I want to get naked with you and spend the day in wild, sexual abandonment.”

“It’s a date.”

I lifted her up carefully and steadied her, then pulled her shorts back up, followed by her coveralls. Then I sat in my chair, sat her in my lap, and held her tight. She nestled under my chin and cuddled against my chest and almost purred.

A little later I drove her home. It was getting late and she was in no condition to ride her bike. She said she couldn’t see straight. She thought I might have blinded her. I told her that great orgasms were powerful things, not to be trifled with. I told her my tongue was a deadly weapon licensed in only a few states, this being one of them. She made me promise to let my weapon loose on her pussy again very soon.

It was a promise I fully intended to keep.

She perked up as we neared her house.

“Pull into the carport,” she said.

I’d no sooner put the truck in park when she was on me like a puma, fortunately without the claws. She kissed me hard and after a moment’s hesitation, I pulled her in tight and let our tongues do the talking.

She came up for air.

“School bus will be down the street in 15 minutes. Think I can get you off that fast?”

She already had my belt undone and was working on the rest. To say I was hard was an understatement, and I must have grown another inch when I felt her cool fingers deftly wrap themselves around my cock and pull me out into the open.


She started stroking me.

“The guy next door works late. Across the street Betsy might be watching from her living room, but she won’t see anything from there. Unless she gets it in mind to come borrow a cup of flour. Let’s hope for the best.”

I definitely was. She plunged her moist lips down over my cock head and pushed me deep into her mouth, then pulled up and circled the head playfully with her tongue. She alternately stroked me with her hand and fucked me with her mouth, but would pause to look for the most sensitive spots with her tongue, which flicked and circled over my rigid pole in the most delightful of ways.

Then after several minutes of sucking my dick, she slipped me out of her mouth started to sing:

“The school bus is coming, the school bus is coming. Soon Mark will be coming, too. The school bus is coming, the school bus is coming, all the children might see something new!”

She giggled. I groaned. She went back to work. I decided this was no time to relax and dream away the minutes. I grabbed a fist full of her blonde ponytail and started pushing her up and down on me. The feeling of my cock head going in and out of her lips, the frantic movements of her tongue, and thoughts of Betsy showing up at the driver’s side window with a measuring cup was all it took to speed me on my way.

I hadn’t had a blowjob in the front seat of a car since Sarah Phelps and the junior prom. How many other semen-stained tuxes were returned to the rental shops the next day, I wondered?

“Ohhhh, sweet Rachel, darling. Just like that! Damn, girl. Oh damn. I’m cuming, baby!”

“Ungh! Ungh! Ummmmm!”

She swallowed and half-gagged as I blew my load into her happy little mouth. Her lips were locked around my shaft as she tried hard not to let a drop escape. I might have seen stars and planets exploding, or maybe I was having a stroke. Whatever it was, it was damned good. Damned good.

My cock kept pumping, she kept swallowing, and I floated somewhere on the edge of consciousness. Then it was over. Spent. Drained.

She licked me clean. She’d swallowed the whole load. Now she looked up at me and grinned like a fox chewing yellow jackets.

“You missed a drop.” I scraped a little cum from the corner of her mouth. She took my hand and gleefully sucked my fingertip clean. Damn, she was so good. I knew right then that I was going to fuck this sweet woman until she begged me to stop, Todd be damned.

“Thanks,” was all she said.

“I should thank you.”

“Maybe you should. But I’ll tell you the truth, Mark. I feel whole again. I feel desirable again. I feel alive again. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed this. Not just the sex. I’ve missed this kind of connection with a man. So thank you, Mark.”

Didn’t know what to say, but she was right. Whatever this was, it had restored something inside that had been broken for way too long.

She zipped me up. We kissed. We hugged. Then we climbed out of the truck, both of us half-wrecked. I parked her bike inside the house for her, then drove off just as the school bus turned down the street.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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