Dominating a Neighbor

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The best part of working from home is being able to cruise sites or actually hook up during the workday. I have my “office” set up in a corner that gives me a full view of my street. One day while I was taking a break and cruising recon, searching in my town, I look at this nice chest. “Beta needing Alpha.” Definitely the right track. Good, fit body, sexy scattering of hair over the pecs and down some decent abs with some definition. No face. I’m not upset by posts without a face. I don’t see the sense in getting all worked up about a guy not putting his face out where anyone can see it and cause problems. Why would I insist on risking a sub’s livelihood over a face pic when leaving it could be so much better for me. Insisting on public face pictures could make a sub unable to provide service and gifts and make them worthless. A sub with a good job, able to take me on a pricey vacation, is much better than one that’s lost his job for the very things that put him in my control.

What really drew me to the picture wasn’t the chest, well that was the first thing that caught my attention, but what did make me stop was the background. It was familiar, very familiar. It wasn’t the typical bathroom where the guy is taking a selfie in front of the mirror. It looked out through a window onto a street. The street was the one I saw out my windows. A different angle, but my street. Considering it a bit, it was from the next building down. This must be the guy who had moved in a few weeks ago. I had seen him going in and out to work. The frame certainly fit. There was a bit of open space between our buildings (both about 3 stories, with apartments. It’s a nice neighborhood). I could see into his windows a bit. It’s normal and you don’t see anything but normal activities, watching TV, making dinner, that sort of stuff. I had seen him walk around shirtless a few times, either in shorts or sweats.

I read the text. “I’m in good shape, and I need to have someone take me in hand and keep me in line. I’m told I’m a good cocksucker, and I really like getting fucked. I need a real man to put me in place. Mold me into the sub you want me to be.” I could certainly work with that. I sent a message off, a bit more conversational than my usual, and waited.

He came home in the afternoon, and some time later I got a notification. He had responded


Thank you for contacting me. I would be very interested in discussing more with you. Can we arrange a time to do a chat? Sometime that would be easy for you? I would like to get to know you better.

sub kyle

Not wanting to appear like I was waiting I delayed until almost midnight before responding. I suggested 10 PM the next evening. The next day I had a polite message agreeing.

I saw him leave for work the next day, smiling to myself. Did his walk have a bit of extra bounce in it? I’m sure that was just me. I could see into his apartment, he could see into mine. Somewhere before 9 I hit the sofa and turned on the TV. If he noticed anything, it would be just a typical evening. A few minutes after 10 that night I got onto the chat function. He was waiting.

Subkyle: Good Evening, Sir.

Me: Ah, you’re here. I wondered if you would show up.

Subkyle: Yes Sir, thank you for chatting with me.

Me: No problem. A lot of guys offer to chat and either don’t show up or ghost out.

Subkyle: That must be frustrating for You, Sir. I’m sorry it happens to You.

Me: It is. I don’t like to waste my time. But we’re here to get to know each other a bit. Have you been doing this long?

Subkyle: No Sir. I’m very new at this. I had a boyfriend and we did some light bondage, that really got me going. But more from being controlled than tied up. He didn’t want to go further, and I did. That, and some other stuff broke us up.

Me: I bet you’ve had a lot of people cruise you, your picture is quite nice.

Subkyle: Thank you Sir. Yeah, a lot. Most just aren’t my type, and so many just tell me that they want me to crawl around, take a whipping and a fucking. It all seems so… rushed. Do you know what I mean?

Me: I do. You’ll get the ones who just want to treat you like shit and not put in any time, the ones who just want a quick fuck. And so many who are just hoping to get lucky.

Subkyle: Yes Sir. Your message was much more thoughtful, personal. I appreciated the care you took for it.

That was it. He was nervous, tired of being hit on by a bunch of guys just out for his body. I won’t keep up the transcript. It was pretty tame. We got into what he was interested in. He wanted a man who would not only give him some good sex, but would have him do chores, guide his physical work-outs, basically be a daddy. I could tell he wanted to be cared for. Not a toy, but a partner, just a partner who obeyed. He shyly revealed that he wanted a spanking. His “light-bondage” boyfriend had spanked him a little when he was tied face down on the bed, and he had gotten really boned mecidiyeköy escort by that.

We got into some general conversation, which I’m sure put him at ease. We signed off after 11:30. I stayed up for a while. The next few evenings we had chats. He had opened up quite a bit, and actually so had I. I finally asked him if he was ready for some video. He admitted he was nervous, and I agreed to leave it to chests and crotches. I did make him go first.

The chest from the post came on the screen, breathing. His hand brushed down from his pecs to his dick, still below the screen. I turned mine on. I was back in a chair in my bedroom, so he wouldn’t put 2 and 2 together. I ordered him to pan down, and I got my first look at his cock and balls. Decent size, nice full balls and a moderately thick bush, even if it had been trimmed down. I ordered him to pull on it some, but I could see he was already starting to plump out. Good, this excited him. He was about 7 inches when fully hard. I let him work it a bit before I widened my angle to include my hard dick, which at over 8 made him fly to the keyboard with a compliment. I ordered him to keep stroking, but not to cum while I enjoyed myself. A private show, and I lazily felt up my junk.

After about 15 minutes I could tell he was deep in. I told him to take his hands off his stuff. I asked if he had a dildo. He did (of course) and so I sent him for it and lube. When he was back, he lubed up and stuck it in. He had to work around a bit so I could see his equipment and the dildo going in and out at the same time, but I was patient. I let him go for a while, then had him turn on the sound. He was moaning and I typed encouragement to continue. “Oh Sir, I wish this was you in me. It would be so much better.” He was liking this. Exactly on plan. He got himself off, shooting up his chest. He admitted once he caught his breath it was one of the best orgasms he had ever had. I didn’t cum for him, leaving him to wonder. We set up another video for the next night.

That night I had him put the dildo on the chair and bounce on it. I made him do this with his dick flopping around for a while before I let him plunge down and shoot off. A couple more nights of this and he was mine, I could tell. He told me he wasn’t responding to other requests, but I had him leave his profile up. We had moved on from him at a desk so he was usually on his bed with a full shot of his body, face included. I wasn’t showing mine and my mic was still off. I could tell he liked the set up.

Friday came around, and when our session started I asked if he was ready to do some work before he could cum. “Yes, Master.” he said. His sound was on from the start, I was still muted. I asked what type of neighborhood he was in. He responded. Apartments. He was on the first floor. I already knew that, but wasn’t telling him. So he was to put on some jeans, but remain shirtless. Go out of the building and turn left, start at the first apartment on the next building and ask for a cup of sugar.

“Master, what? A cup of sugar? What would I need that for?”

I responded that it was an old sitcom trope. No one would know it was an order from his Master but the two of us. It was warm, so no problem with him being shirtless. He could just say he was making something. “Yes Master.”

I was lounging on the sofa with the TV on when the doorbell rang. I dropped a book on the coffee table and got up, opening the door with a puzzled expression on my face.

My boy looked nervous. He had a cup in his hands and gave me an awkward smile. “Sorry to bother you, but can I borrow a cup of sugar?” He lifted the cup a bit and added a hopeful grin. I looked at him a quick moment, like I was deciding.

“Yeah, sure. Come on in, I’ll get it.” I pushed the door open and let him in. I held my hand out and he gave me the cup. I turned and headed for my kitchen. He just stood there, putting his hands in his pockets, checking my place out.

I filled the cup and returned. The boy seemed tense, but not like he was overwhelmed. His jeans hung low on his hips revealing his toned body. I was in slacks and a shirt opened up to my navel, revealing my bulkier body and the fact I had significantly more hair than he did. “Here you go.” I handed him the cup.

“Thanks man. I’m.. I’m making something and ran out.”

“No problem.” I replied, noticing his pits were really sweating. Nerves. He was obeying his Master in public for the first time.

“I appreciate it. Thanks. Thanks.” He almost bolted, but kept control. I smiled as I let him go.

Back online he held up the cup. “I did it, Master. Here it is.” His voice was filled with expectation that he had done well.

“Did you really go out, boy? You didn’t just go off screen and fill it yourself did you?”

“No, Master, the first place had a guy. I’m sure he thought I was a nutcase. Real hot though.” He was pulling his pants off and stroking his cock, the cup of sugar still istanbul escort held in one hand.

I had him put the sugar to the side and let him beat off while he still felt the heat of public display and obedience. When he finished, he was gasping for breath. I asked him if it felt good. “Master, it’s incredible! I can’t believe what I did for you.”

After telling him he had been a good boy, I had him stay on and fondle himself for my amusement. Then I had him tell me about the guy who gave him the sugar.

“Master, he’s a few inches taller than me. Dark hair and a close-cropped beard. Really built, with broad shoulders, and his shirt was open. He had a good bit of chest hair. Master, that is so sexy. I was too nervous to check out his package, but come on, he had to be packing, right? His ass was tight I can tell you. I watched him as he walked away from me to get the sugar. Deep voice. So confident. I wish I could be confident like that.”

I asked if he’d seen the guy around before, since he was a neighbor.

“Yeah, I think he works from home. I hadn’t really looked at him before, except to notice he was hot. This was my first real look at him. He’s fucking fine.”

I smiled. He had no idea he had just met his Master. I asked him if he’d like to mess around with that neighbor.

“I don’t know, Master. He is a neighbor.”

So I asked if he was at a bar and the guy tried to pick him up, would he go with him?

“Wouldn’t I need your permission, Master?” My sub was certainly doing the right thing. So I told him yes he would, but we’d consider that I’d given him permission to score with anyone he wanted. His cock was growing again.

“Then yes, Master, I would.”

I told him to really work on his cock and tell me about going back to the neighbor’s place.

“OK, Master. Once inside, he’d push me against the wall and kiss me, feeling up my chest. He’d open my shirt while still in the kiss, pulling it off. He’d grab my ass and knead it like he owned it.” His cock was fully hard again. “I’d be at his mercy, feeling up his back, his ass. He’d bring his hands up to my face and hold them there a minute as he pulled back, looking into my eyes. Then he’d press my shoulders so I’d kneel. While I felt his legs, he’d open his pants, and fish out his cock. He’d rub the tip across my lips. I’d get pre-cum and lick just a bit.”

Kyle was going at his cock as he described the fantasy date with the neighbor he didn’t know already owned him. “He’d start to push just a little and I’d open up and take him in, swallowing as much as I could, sucking him, making him feel good. I’d have to grab his ass as he leaned over me, forcing more of his cock into me. I’d hear him groan for me. He’d shove in and out, in and out. I would choke some, but keep going. Once he’d had me suck him up good, he’d pull me up and tell me to get naked while he did as well. He’d kiss me, and move me to the couch. Pushing me onto my back, he’d lift up one of my legs and run his dick up and down my crack. I know I’d moan like a cheap whore. Maybe he’d give me a few strokes, knowing I’m totally into it. He’d line up and start to get me on his rod. He’d go further and further in, until he was at the hilt. I’d have to breath deep since my ass would be filled. He’d stay there while he would grab my cock and squeeze it tight, moving his fist up and down. I’d be beside myself. Then he’d let go and start to pump into me, grinding his hips when he was in. I’d feel up his chest, running my fingers through his chest hair. I’d be leaking precum like it was going out of style.”

Kyle was really leaking precum. I was sure I’d get him to shoot again. “He’d pound me hard, but I can take it. He’d really let go, fucking me deep with every thrust. He’d have a great rhythm, and I’d be there taking it for him. He’d lean back and power into me really going fast. Then, just as I think he’s going to shoot, he’d slam into me and hold it, just grinding. He’d pull me up, moving us so he’s on the bottom, sitting on the couch, and I’m over him on his lap and with his dick up my ass. He’d make me go up and down on his pole, his hands on my hips controlling my actions as he used me. My dick would be jumping around and slapping onto his abs. He’d make me go faster, and this time he really would cum, holding me down and shooting into my guts. I’d come off at the same time. Then he’d take us to the shower and we’d rinse off. He’d insist I stay the night, and I’d spend all night wrapped in his strong arms…Fuck me!!” He came. I noticed he came as he described being held for the night, not as part of the fucking.

I had long figured that it was the tender master after a session that Kyle was really attracted to, and this just proved my point. He did want to be controlled, and he did want sex, but he wanted the man who did that to him to care for him and treat him well afterwards. Fine by me. I didn’t want a snivelling slave who needed constant punishment, I wanted a sub who would şişli escort obey with devotion.

“Master, I can’t believe I came again.” Kyle sounded incredulous. I told him he was a good boy, and I was very pleased.

“But it wasn’t you Master. I want to be with you.” I told him it was OK, he was doing fine by me. I really enjoyed getting to hear what he wanted and how it made him hot. I ordered him to taste his own cum, the two cums he had mingled. He happily obeyed. “I wish half of this was yours Master.” Such a good boy. I stayed on with him for a bit, but he was really wiped now, so I let him log off and get some sleep. I looked over at his apartment, I saw him wearily walk through the place turning off lights wearing only some shorts. He went to bed.

The next night I told him he needed to repay the neighbor. “What do you mean, Master?” He sounded apprehensive. I told him nothing much, just that he needed to return the sugar. I heard him sigh in relief. This time, he’d just be in running shorts. “Yes, Master, if that is what you want.” Still obedient, good.

I took a bit longer to answer the door this time. I had remained in the bedroom. This time, I was in old, thin sweatpants and a ripped t-shirt. When I opened the door, I could almost hear the gulp I saw him take. I cocked one eyebrow.

He had a false start before he got out. “I really appreciate the sugar, I’m here to return it.” He froze for a second. “I ran out, I don’t want to make you do that.” Pause. “Sir.” I hadn’t told him to call me “Sir” but I liked it. I let him squirm just a second before reaching out for the cup in his hand. “Sure, want to step in while I put this up?”

“Thanks.” He ducked in. I headed to return the sugar that was just an instrument of his obedience.

“Whatever you were making work out?” I asked, being all neighborly.

“What? Oh, yeah, it did. Thanks.” He shifted feet. “I ran out and stocked up today. I shouldn’t… well, nothing.” I smiled to myself. He was going to tell me he wouldn’t be bothering me again, then part of the way through the sentence realized his Master might just do that.

“No problem. Happy to help.” I’d leave that possibility open from this side as well. I ran a bit of water to rinse out the cup before heading back to return it to my boy. On my way to him, I couldn’t help but notice that he was excited in his shorts. This whole scene was turning him on. Not enough to make him embarrassed, but I knew what to look for and was expecting it.

“I work from home, I sometimes forget what it’s like to run out of something as soon as you get back from being gone all day.” I gave him a smile.

“Yeah, that’s it. Last thing you want is to do after getting home is turn around and go back out.” He seemed relieved I had given him a perfect cover. He gave a nervous laugh.

“You run?” I asked as he seemed to vacillate slightly on heading out.

“I do. Usually early morning, before work.” Kyle replied. I knew that, of course.

“Maybe I’ll see you out there some. I do as well.” I put my hand out to shake his.

“That would be great. See you.” He shook my hand and headed back to his place. I grinned with satisfaction at the closed door. He was putty in my hand.

Back on the video call, Kyle was telling me about the entire encounter. “He was so fucking nice!” Kyle’s dick was hard and he was stroking it fast. “Master, you don’t know how close I came to just falling on my knees and sucking him off right there. If I had to stay one more minute, I know he’d have seen me tenting my shorts.” As I told him the neighbor would probably have liked that, he came.

By this time, Kyle was used to me ordering him to fondle his cock and balls after he shot off. It was as close as we could get to me holding him after a climax at this point. He played with himself as I enjoyed watching him and the control I had over him. I had decided it was time for us to meet in person, when he knew it as well.

I kept up what had become our familiar routine through the week, until Friday. This consisted of getting him to perform for me on cam while I watched and gave him instructions. He’d sucked off dildos and fucked himself. He had a vibrating dildo, and that was fun to watch him stuff his ass with as well. Friday started with him naked on the bed, already hard when the video started. I had him play with himself a little and tell me about his day. This always got him into the right mood. The pressures of his day melted away, and he visibly got more comfortable. When he was ready I typed my question “So, have you decided you trust me?”

“Yes, Master. I’m very happy you have taken me over. I’d actually like to do more for you.” Honesty sounded through his voice.

“Really?” I typed to him. “What would you like? Work out schedules? New diet plan?”

“That’s just like a trainer at the gym. I’d like to suck you off, Master. I’ve… I’ve been a good boy.” He sounded so innocent, so earnest.

“You have been a good boy. And you trust that everything I’ve made you do is for your own good?”

“I sure do Master. I’m working to be the best sub you can imagine.”

“So you think you’re worthy to suck my cock?” I couldn’t help teasing the poor boy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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