Dinner For Two, Dessert For Three

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Our e-mails flew across the miles in rapid succession. The closer we got to his arrival date, the hotter the messages became, stoking the fires that burned silently.

“What are you most looking forward to?” I wrote.

“That’s easy. Our date. Sitting across a table from you, sharing a bottle of wine, and looking in each others eyes.” He responded.

And so here it was “date night” and I dressed in one room while he dressed in the other room. We were to meet for cocktails on the lanai and watch sunset. As I was drying my hair a light tap on the door signaled that he was there, “Would you like an appetizer?” he asked through the closed door.

“Yes, please!”

“Hurry!” He whispered.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, sliding the sheer stockings along my leg, and reveling in the feel of the fabric against my skin. A delicate lace black garterbelt was to hold them in place. I slid my feet into my new three-inch black sandal-toed shoes and stood to appraise the image in the mirror. I had to laugh to myself at the daringness of my decision to wear only the garterbelt and stockings beneath my dress. I wanted to whisper it in his ear and watch for his response. The dress was simplistic, black, subtly sexy, and hung just to the top of my ankles with a hemline that provided a slight provocative swish when I walked. Make up and hair inspected, an extra twirl in the mirror for final self-evaluation and I was ready!

He turned and took me into him with his eyes. A smile crept across his face as he walked towards me with two wine glasses in hand. Gently he bent to kiss my lips and smiled again. No words were needed. We understood each other. He reached his glass out to mine and the clink sound of salute was exchanged.

He loves seafood! So, the criterion for my choice of restaurant was ambiance, romance, a good wine list, good food, and easy proximity to our condo. One such restaurant fit all required elements. The host seated us in a very quiet corner overlooking the gardens to our left and a view of the bay to the back.

Chris surveyed the wine list; I devoured him with my eyes. He felt my stare and cast his eyes upward and smiled seductively.

“Pull your chair a little closer to the table,” I said in a hushed tone for his ears only. He did so without hesitating and then proceeded to discuss the merits of the wine list.

“You choose please.” I said while slipping off çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle my shoes under the table.

“How do you feel about Chardonnays?” he began just as my foot made contact with his trousers right at the base of his cock. My toes gently caressed up on down the length of the shaft. “I pick this!” I say with a coy laugh. He squirms ever so slightly as his cock springs to life beneath my foot and under his napkin.

The waiter was standing there during the exchange; but as either a true professional or one unconscious of the drama being enacted beneath the tablecloth, I know not. But he remained straight faced and ready to serve us. As he left to get his selection, Chris chuckled good-naturedly and crooked his finger indicating for me to lean towards him. “You are sooo bad!” With that said his hand sought my leg and foot with tender strokes and alternating light brushes of his fingertips.

“You like stockings?” I ask.

“I love stockings!” He replies not once breaking the contact between us.

The waiter returned and opened our wine with great style and offered to him for his approval a small sampling. He exhibited such confidence, such practice, and oh so sexy as he twirled the liquid in the crystal glass before placing it under his nose to experience the fragrance and bouquet, and then placed the glass to his lips and allowing the liquid to flow across his waiting tongue. “HMMMM” he said, “very good”.

“Shall I pour for the lady?” asked the waiter.

With a slight gesture of his hand he signaled patience and reached across the table to hand the glass to me. “Tell me, dear, will this suit you tonight?”

I repeated the pattern I watched him perform, closing my eyes to fully experience the aroma and taste as it bathed my tongue. “HMMMM” I said never taking my eyes off his. A nod of my head and my second sip of the yellow liquid was all that was needed for the glasses to be properly filled.

“To us” he said as he raised his glass to mine. “To us!” I repeat as my heart beats so loudly that I am sure that he can hear it.

We shared a most delicious dinner and conversation. Dining with someone you love over a good bottle of wine is just the ultimate intimacy one can have in public.

Dessert was to be a shared event. We had invited our benefactor to join us. He arrived chasing waves izle right on schedule and sat down beside me. He seemed genuinely glad to have been invited. His lips meet mine in greeting as he whispers, “Having a good time?”

“Oh yes, thank you!” I coo suggestively. “And how are you tonight? “

Before he could answer, I tease, “Do you want to see what I am wearing under my dress?”

One look from him and I knew that he was hooked.

“Watch!” Slowly, ever so slowly I begin to raise the hem of my dress from beneath the table. “Oooo, black stockings! Do you want to touch them?” He did, and he did!

“Oh look a black lace garter belt! So you want to touch?” He did not move! He sat there staring, mesmerized by the sight of my closely trimmed pussy fully exposed just beneath the edge of the tablecloth. I laughed out loud at his predicament. He was at such a loss for words.

“Looks like the waiter wants to take your order. Is there anything special you’d like?” My fingers gently squeezed his inner thigh.

We did manage to have dessert with a degree of respectability. I am capable of being a lady. It is just not as much fun! As my two treasures of manhood talk and get to know each other better, I excuse myself and head for the ladies room. The bartender, Russell, directed me to the comfort zone and invited me to sit on the lighted side of the bar when I returned.

“Russell, how about a Bombay with a dash of tonic and a lemon wedge.” A woman can tell when a man is attracted to her, and I was quite sure this was the case with Russell. We visited, flirted a little, just on the edge of propriety.

Our waiter was there to order drinks for other patrons. “Chip would you ask the gentlemen at my table to join me here please?”

Directly they appeared, my lover taking the seat to my left and my husband standing behind my chair rubbing his hands across my back and kneading my shoulders.

We sip our drinks and converse in animated style, the three of us aware of the excitement of the others. After settling the tab, we rose to make our way out of the door. My loving generous husband with his arm around my waist, my lover holding my hand, we say goodnight to all. I am certain that there was discussion about us after we left. The waiter who served us dinner assumed that I was with my lover, and the bartender who served us drinks christina in the country izle assumed that I was with my husband. Actually, they were both right!

I kissed Nathan goodbye and slipped a tape into his pant pocket. “I want you to listen to this when you get home, babe.” I had made a tape of instructions for his night’ entertainment. Also, I had recorded for his listening pleasure three of his favorite stories of memories we had created together. My voice was to be his lover.

As we drove back to the condo, we held hands, kissed, smiled, laughed, touched, and hurried back. There was to be so little time!

One of us suggests a nighttime stroll on the beach under the stars. So we change to beach attire and head out. It was eleven-ish as we made our way through the sea oats and mounds of sand. The beach was deserted. It was our personal paradise. I found myself overcome with desire and impishness, so when his back was turned, I shimmy out of my Capri pants and follow him to the beach.

I wrapped my arms around him from behind his back. He reached back to caress me. His hand found my cool naked skin as he stroked my buttocks. I took his hand and led him over to one of the reclining beach chairs.

There I lay with my arms open wide in invitation for him to climb on board. “I don’t think rats will be a problem here baby, want to live that fantasy?”

There was no hesitation. His body covered mine. Ours lips joined and our tongues danced from first his mouth and then to mine, over and over again. We wasted no time in getting his zipper down and his penis out. I wasted not a second in pulling him to me and into me. And as he thrusted deep within me, my eyes were treated to a star show in the heavens above us. We rocked together, his penis sliding in and out, my orgasm gushed all over him and down my legs.

But he continued to fuck me with that wonderful rhythm that always hypnotizes me just as the sirens call did the ancient mariners. Once again I heard my own voice cry out as another uncontrollable spasm of pleasure consumed me. He continued to move in me all the while whispering sweet sweet words to me. His own orgasm was imminent, evident by the change in his breathing, and moans of his own now joined mine. And, then it happened! Together just like those waves out on the gulf washing to shore, our passions joined into one elongated shared orgasm.

“Oh, I do believe that I got the best of this deal!” I tell him as I hold him close to me and stroke his back.

“How so?”

“Not only did I get to make love to you, but I got to look at you and the stars! So, I had the best view.”

His eyes sparkled as he kissed my nose, my cheeks, my ears, my forehead and then my lips. He smiled and said, “No, baby, it was me that had the best view.”

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