Dillards Ch. 02

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Anal Fucking

He moved his mouth to the opening of her ear and paused; she could feel the warmth…

“Use the dildo and make my pussy purr.” Sophia was frozen; she’s never done this for a man; for anyone. The tip of his tongue touched the inner ridge of her ear and it sent a flood of adrenaline through her body. Her hand found the end of the dildo and she stroked her kitten; deep, slow. The softness of his tongue as it penetrated her ear was exquisite and she could hear it slide in, fill her. His finger found her clit and the sensation was overwhelming.

“I’m going to cum Sir; may I please?” Her voice was subdued, her head down and she was flushed and peaking. His deliberate actions and scripted directions filled her need to please and brought her to the pinnacle. She was stroking her kitten hard now and the sound was distinctive and delicious. His tongue penetrated her ear in rhythm with the cadence of her strokes and the combinations of the sounds, the feeling of his finger on her clit, the smooth dildo in her; she begged. “Sir, please…”

Pleasure for him was savored, enjoyed and always released after he permitted. “Come for me baby girl; please me with your release. Make my pussy smile.” Her breath was shallow, quick and she bore down as the wash of fury flooded her loins. It started in the base of her ass and exploded through her body. It shook her and she locked down as the intensity elevated. His focus on her clit and her ear traversed the sensations randomly throughout her temple. Her legs continue to shake with each tremor; the dildo slipped from her wet pussy and dropped to the floor.

As she stood with her panties at her knees, drained from her orgasm, he smiled; “Pull your panties up and come with me. We have some sightseeing to do.” He opened the balcony door and the cool evening breeze cradled her Zonguldak Escort heated body. Looking over the beach, she could see the couples down at the pool; he retreated inside.

Within moments he returned with the cuffs; “Bend over the rail and raise the back of your dress, slowly.” She leaned over the rail; her hands grabbed her dress and started to pull it up. He reached for her wrists, moved them to the small of her back. “Look over your shoulder at me while you Use your fingers; slowly walk your dress up over your ass.” She looked at him while she the material inched up, slow and purposeful; she enjoyed him watching, smiling.

Sir moved to her side; looped the cuffs around the rail and put them on her wrist. He step behind her, slid his hands up her dress and worked her panties to her ankles. With a firm grip he held her hips and pulled her back from the rail. She was bent over, her dress draped on the small of her back and her panties were at her ankles. Her arms were extended fully and her wrists were secured to the rail in front of her. Exposed and vulnerable, he spoke, softly; “spread you legs Sophia.”

Her bad girl was pleasing him; bare bottom, wrists bound and outside, she parted her legs until her panties were stretched tight. He used his cock to delicately spank her clit from underneath. He placed the flat part of his thumb between her pussy and her ass; she could feel him massage her firmly. While holding the base of his cock, he parted her lips; sliding the head in, he asked softly. “Do you like watching me fill my pussy?” His thumb moved upward to her opening and her muscles tightened.

“Yes Sir, may I watch, please?” Her pussy was engorged with blood and she wanted his cock deep. He kept teasing her opening; she could feel the head pushing against the swollen Zonguldak Escort Bayan inner opening. She tried to push back and slide him in but her arms were at full length and still bound to the railing.

The massage he was doing on her asshole was working and his thumb started to push in. She could feel him mirroring the movements with his cock and every time his thumb dipped further, so did his cock. She watched as he admired her bum, his smile delighted her. “I love when you watch me but I’m not convinced this is what you want? Should I wait?”

Sophia was quick to plead, “Please Sir, no. Haven’t I been a bad girl for you? I like it and I need to feel you inside me. Push it in, please Sir.” Her voice was soft, delicate and sexy; her wanting was delicious. “Please don’t wa…”

His cock slammed into her pussy, deep; she could feel the head all the way in. Her muscles tensed and he felt her ass open up. As he withdrew his cock, his thumb pushed in and she could feel him press down against the top of his dick. With deep alternating strokes he worked both holes. Sophia tried to watch as he fucked her but the sensation was overwhelming. Her head turned forward and she could see the people down by the pool. Sir was fucking her so deep and if anyone looked up they might catch them; her mind was swimming. “Where is my thumb Sophia? Tell me where it is and how it feels.”

She bit her lip, “It’s inside me Sir.” It felt good, being his bad girl; his nasty girl. She wanted this, she wanted to be his.

“No, tell me now. Say it Sophia, tell me where you feel my thumb. Say it or I’ll stop. Tell me how it feels.”

“Please don’t stop Sir, please, it feels so good. It’s in my ass, Sir. I can feel it in my ass.” He reached forward with his free hand and grabbed her neck, Escort Zonguldak held her so she would feel his full thrusts. His rhythm was in sync with hers and she felt he orgasm building. Each time his cock entered her pussy, his thumb pulled back. She loved it when he pushed it back in, the electricity raced through her body. “Fuck me please, fuck your pussy, Sir.”

She started to cum; her pussy clamped down on his cock and her ass gripped his thumb. Her muscles were flexing and contracting as she climaxed and he kept stroking her deep, kept fucking her. Her legs were getting weak and she was smiling; she looked back at him. “May I suck you clean Sir? I want you to cum in my mouth and I want to taste your pussy. Please let me suck you.”

He pulled out and undid the cuffs as she turned and got to her knees. “Play with your pussy for me, Sophia,” her hands immediately moved between her legs. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled down, tilting her head up. She looked at him and he was watching her crotch, watching her play. His cock was glistening with her wetness and it was hard, throbbing. He held the base and rubbed it across her face, making her cheeks wet and slick. “Kiss it like you kiss me.”

Sophia looked at him and made love to his dick. She slipped it into her wet mouth and cradled it with her tongue. She sucked in softly so the sides of her cheeks pulled together and wrapped his cock in warmth and softness. As she slid him in, her tongue was flat and against the bottom. Slowly Sophia pleased Sir with her mouth, held him inside, motionless as her tongue glided over its smooth skin. She felt him getting close and she withdrew his hardness.

“Sir, will you cum for me? I want you to fill my mouth please,” her voice was delicate and gentle. Each time she said a word, she would give his cock a gentle kiss; still looking at him; watching him. “Please”… kiss, “Sir”… kiss,” cum”… kiss, “for”… kiss, “me”… kiss.

His eyes locked on hers and she knew he was ready; her mouth opened and she took him. She watched his face, his eyes as his first eruption filled her throat…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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