Diary of a Military Therapist Ch. 02

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This is a fictional story worth reading from the start. There is bound to be sensitive materials like anal, and we might as well include bondage and reluctant sex, but there is no cat juggling or yodelling.

Again I proclaim my respect for the Militaria and especially for their physical therapists which no doubt bear no resemblance to my hero. Too bad.

Diary of a Military Therapist Ch2

In my first year as a Sexual Therapist and Surrogate, Sunday was just like a Wednesday, with fewer people on the roads.

I was heading for an introductory meeting with a new client. I told him, around 10, but it was getting closer to 10:30 before I buzzed his apartment.

“Hello, how can I help you,” the warm female voice came over the entryway speaker.

I don’t find a woman at home very often, and when I do, it’s usually not a surprise, as I often help married couples to do their own therapy, but there is seldom anyone there when the soldier is listed as single, in his up to date medical file.

Cpl. Keenan Gordon is listed as being 5ft. 11inches 200 pounds, single and LB. They finally removed the ‘race’ category, having decided that it has no significance, but the orientation designation was a new one, and it could have a simple C which always means sexually concervative, or an H for heterosexual. My preference was LB, a rare designation which opens up my bag of tricks for the Liberal Bisexual.

I recognized the Corporal from his file picture, as he came out to the hallway to make my finding the right door much easier.

“Hi, you must be Captain Gabor, please come in,” Keenan welcomed me with his smile too.

I was looking around for the female, when a woman came from another room with a towel around her torso, hiding what I could tell was a gorgeous body.

“Oh, this is my friend Kara. She was hoping that you could include her in the therapy.” The Corporal wanted me to break protocol and I didn’t even know him yet!

“Is she your girlfriend Mr. Gordon?” I asked. “I don’t see anything on the file.” I pointed to the blank section next to relationship status.

“No, nothing like that,” Keenan replied, but left it at that.

“Am I wasting my time here soldier, or are you going to fill me in as to your relationship with this beautiful woman,” I sternly replied.

The women only heard my praise, and not the steel of my criticism.

“Yes, No, I mean, she is a new girlfriend, but don’t you think she’s a keeper?” the Corporal pleaded, and the girl smiled even fuller showing her perfect teeth.

“Well, for one thing she will need a ‘clean and safe’ designation for her to engage with the same cock that I’m working on,” I crudely explained about the std protocols.

“Oh I have one of those,” the cute girl announced, and she headed for the small purse that was on the end table.

That told me that she was a professional, as in Hooker.

“Okay, first of all, this is only a first meeting, which is my introduction to a new client, and usually we strip and you get to know me, while I get an informal, hands-on confirmation of the medical diagnosis.” I instructed my patient.

The bimbo immediately dropped her towel, revealing her $10,000 tits and her well trimmed pussy.

“Sorry, I jumped ahead to step 2!” she laughed, and I watched her tits until they stopped bouncing.

“Who are you?” I finally asked, since no one had bothered with the introductions.

“I’m Candy!” she squealed and bounced some more.

“Well Candy, I’m sure that you are very good at your job, and hopefully well paid, but you don’t get to interfere with the therapy, or touch either of us as it progresses. If you can not accept those terms you will have to leave.”

Candy seemed confused with the lengthy sentence, but the smile never wavered.

“My father wanted to pay for me to get extra help,” Keenan finally explained. “If she just watches and sits like a good girl, are we okay?”

Candy nodded and appeared to understand the concept.

“I will have to leave her out of your report, soldier, but the truth is that your father has the right idea. The more you try, the faster your recovery will be.”

The Cpl. had his bell rung from a glancing piece of shrapnel, with the one side effect of being effectively impotent. His was not a nerve problem, but a mental one, so his sexual future was very much a question mark, but I figured he could use all of the help that he could get.

“Well, tell me how sexually active you were prior to the incident, Keenan,” I started my interrogation. “Oh, … and please call me Cindy or Sin.”

“Including masturbation, ma’am?” an embarrassed Corporal asked.

“Absolutely! Everyone does it Keenan, so don’t be embarrassed. I masturbate at least 5 times per week, and that is in addition to the orgasms that I have on the job,” I replied honestly.

“Okay, I have sex with a girlfriend 10 or 12 times a week, when I have one, plus at least one hooker per week, and I masturbate to porn another two or three times a day.” Beylikdüzü Escort He was a fairly busy boy.

“And how is the girlfriend part doing, Keenan,” I asked.

“She was long gone by the time I got out of the German Hospital,” he admitted.

After a few more rudimentary questions, to complete my field report, it was time for the unveiling.

“I want you to undress now Keenan,” I instructed my client.

“Oh goody!” Candy clapped her hands like it was Christmas and she was 8.

Corporal Keenan removed his shirt and slacks without showing any signs of injury, then he quickly pushed his military boxers to the floor and stood there with his pole down, but not completely out.

“Candy, could you stand behind Keenan and hug him to your breasts, maybe lightly kiss his neck,” I prompted our local floozy.

Keenan smiled, and his cock seemed to plump up just a tad.

“Close your eyes Keenan and feel those nipples on your back,” I ordered.

“Oh baby, they are so stiff for you!” Candy bubbled over with her sexual prowess.

“Do you charge by the hour Candy?” I asked my new assistant.

“Oh, that depends,” she explained. “With a regular like Keekee, we can stay up to two hours for $500.”

“Tell me about your father, Keekee,” I smiled and started to remove my own clothes.

I pulled my scrub blouse over my head, revealing my red lace uniform bra. It is just an uplift that pushes my ladies up high, while leaving most of the breast uncovered. As I pulled the loose, harem style scrubs to the floor, Candy peeked from behind our patient.

“Oh my, you look cute, and super hot in red!” Candy spouted.

“Thank you Candy. You are very sexy too,” I complimented the young sex worker.

When I stood they could see my labia hanging down at least an inch from my vagina. I couldn’t help but suck in my gut a bit, and tip my pelvis so they could enjoy my best side.

“Crotchless!” Candy called out and came around Keenan for a better look.

“It’s my uniform as a sexual surrogate,” I explained.

“Wow, maybe I should change jobs,” Candy purred as she went down low to have a better look.

“You should be a Cam Girl,” she suggested. “So petite and pretty. Are those real nylons? Maybe a stud or two in those long pussy lips would work, even a small loop would keep his tongue going?”

It shouldn’t surprise me that I had more to talk about with a prostitute than I did with the lady that dispensed me my coffee.

“We have to get back to Corporal Keenan, Candy,” I offered, while shooing her back to her station.

“Let’s get our Warrior to a bed, and I’ll show you a few things that might work to stiffen up our man.

I spent the next hour giving gentle touches and kisses and licks, with no results.

“It can take a while Keekee, so don’t be discouraged,” I made light of the situation, but I was a bit concerned that there was nothing going on, yet there was no physical injury.

“Now I need you to service me Corporal,” I insisted, moving to the head of the bed.

I planted my muff in front of him, and indicated that he was to proceed.

I could see right away that my client had no idea what he was doing. He was too delicate, trying to part my long pussy lips by pinching one at a time, like pedals on a flower.

“They will part on their own sweety, just get in there!” Candy advised her Patron.

“You can be more vigorous Keenan, but gentle is nice too,” I suggested as encouragement and instruction.

“Do you want me to show him Cindy,” Candy offered.

“Thanks for the offer, Cee, but we had better keep it Professional.” I already had a nickname for my new friend.

She watched Keenan explore my muff with his fingers, then he got into it with the tip of his tongue.

“I guess I should have learned more about this, but I always just put my dick in here,” he explained while starting to stroke his middle finger into me.

I am quite petite, so he was able to maneuver me to give himself better access.

“Turn your hand over and use two fingers Keegan,” I encouraged him with my sultry, bedroom voice.

He followed instructions perfectly, and now he was stretching me better, causing my body to respond with some moisture. He was a very handsome young black man, with thick lips that I would be kissing very soon. The thought made me even wetter.

“Did you see her shoulders relax Keekee! You’re getting to her!” Candy cheered him on.

“You can use your thumb to move my clit from side to side, Loverboy,” I instructed my client.

He was now causing my clit to pulse a little so I started playing with my nipples. I pressed my pelvis harder against his hand.

“Use your tongue on her titties, Honey. She needs it bad!” Candy proclaimed.

I was hoping that the Corporal would take her advice before Candy jumped in there herself. I didn’t have the discipline to stop her.

His tongue touched my right nipple sending a jolt through my system and I started Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to have a climax.

“Oh looky! You get it girl! Ride it! Don’t you stop Keekee, she wants a good one!” Candy loudly encouraged my soldier.

I didn’t get the sheets wet, but it was very pleasant. I just hope that it moved something inside of my patient’s mind.

After my orgasm I had him continue with Candy’s pussy. He looked so happy after he satisfied me, that I figured I could overlook the transgression. Better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

I did monitor them for the rest of my time, entering more information for my official report, and for my personal notes.

I got the phone number for Keegan’s father and I got the okay from Corporal Gordon to send him a text, to start a dialogue.

‘Hi, I am Keegan’s Therapist, Cindy Gabor, and I want to talk to you about your son’s treatment plan’.

Ten minutes later I heard Keegan’s phone playing the theme for StarWars.

“That could be your father confirming that I am your Therapist, Keegan. Could you get it please?”

“Oh, I was so close!” Candy whined.

I figured she didn’t get a lot of tongue from her clients.

An hour later I had a schedule, with me working on Keegan for two hours every other day, and a Call Girl would do 69 with him for the odd days. I was sure that he would get a bulk discount.

I left the specifics of Candy out of my report, just referring to her as a cooperating friend.

I was no longer a contract employee, having been accepted into the V.A. program as a Level 5 Specialist / Medical Therapist, which paid nicely and gave me full benefits and a 20 year pension plan. Yet I still had over 70k in student loans to pay off, so I did an extra session per day, and two on Saturday. It paid me an extra grand per week, so I might have my nut cracked in as little as 2 years.

I was prohibited from taking tips, gifts or favors, and I couldn’t work freelance, but I loved my work, so the extra hours were quite acceptable.

My afternoon client was going into his second month of therapy. He was not advancing as fast as we had hoped, and I was starting to think that he would need the new penile implants that allowed a manual inflation of the penis. I did have him to the point of having a climax, but his penis was still not firming up.

His case was nerve damage, but it was more severe and it may never repair itself.

He needed to feel me have my orgasm before he would allow himself the freedom to enjoy one himself, so I relaxed under his tongue and let myself enjoy the pulse on my clit while moving up and down with my mouth on his semi boner. After I had a little climax, he followed me into his own release, but I never felt any stiffening.

I took the time before dinner to fill out my reports. He still had another week, and I would work him hard. I didn’t think that moving him to a daily regimen would help or I would have done it a month ago. I thought about suggesting anal to him, but he was listed as conservative, and I didn’t think 7 weeks of stimulation had made him any less so. He could still cum, and he could satisfy a woman, so he was better off than many of our warriors.

The officers are much more likely to get my night shift. Rank has its privileges.

My C.O., Colonel James Rockwell M.D. instructed us that the one freeby we could accept, was a meal and even drinks from an Officer. He felt that it was every woman’s right to get a meal paid for, and I wasn’t one to question his judgment.

Captain Habib Picante was a second generation American, with a mother from the U.A.E. and a French father. He was an exotic looking man in the translation service of the Army. This was my second time with Habib, and I was looking forward to his charms around the bedroom.

He was a brilliant man, and he could tell stories with such animation and joy, that he was a pleasure to be around.

His problem, according to his sheet, was trust and panic attacks, so I had to be careful with him, since he was twice my weight, and he was strong.

We enjoyed a salmon steak at the Officers Club, where I was embarrassed to have 6 different officers stop and say hi, or send over my favorite drink.

I never start the clock until the actual therapy starts, so we took our time getting to the Captain’s room on base. It was a 20 minute walk but it was a beautiful night.

Soon we were in his little love cave, and Habib wanted to undress me. I encourage my clients to explore my body, it’s good for their labido and I don’t mind the feel of strong hands.

Habib stayed on my tits for a little longer than usual, but I didn’t feel like hurrying him to the prize. He would get there.

“I love these panties,” he said. “Very French.”

He pushed his tongue into me and I arched my back with pleasure.

“The stockings feel so good too, but maybe you could get some long heels to wear with them?”

I have worn them, but Escort Beylikdüzü they alway want you to wear them while they fuck you, and I would rather not. If you ever woke up with one pushing into your backside, you would understand.

Captain Picante has a giant foreskin on his modest pole. I always give him a thorough tongue bath before there’s any penetration. Not that he’s not clean, it’s just that I don’t get many skins to play with, and it reminds me of the hanging labia that I have.

When he pounds on my G spot in a missionary position, he makes me cry out with a full orgasm. Tonight he makes me cum, then rests for a while, sucking on my nipples and exploring my body with his strong hands. My second orgasm is just as sweet and he cums himself, with hard powerful strokes.

I really don’t know if he is progressing, but I will do a full writeup tomorrow, and see if I get any feedback from his Psych Doctor.

As I walk back to my car at the O club, a jeep pulls up alongside me.

“Miss, we will have to see some ID,” the driver ordered. It was the military police.

They confirmed my identification, then they both wanted my phone number.

“When are you guys off?” I asked my two companions.

They both stayed in the bachelors quarters so I suggested my apartment. They dropped me at my car and promised me that they would be at my apartment in an hour. I told them to bring their handcuffs.

I was feeling pretty naughty, after having at least 8 orgasms today, but I haven’t found my limit yet.

They showed up with a case of beer, and offered to get a pizza, but I suggested that they feast on me, and the clothes just flew off of them.

At one point I had both of their cuffs on me. Right wrist to right ankle, left to left. They fucked me at both ends while I had more orgasms. After some beer, the three of us concluded our evening in the shower, with me being sandwiched between them as they hit both holes. I wasn’t really ready for anal, but it was the shower! I can have a rectal orgasm easier with a cock in my pussy too.

The next day I was back to my favorite Master Sergeant. I brought coffee, but we went right back to his bedroom and completely forgot about the coffee on his kitchen table. He had some new pegging dildos that we could play with, and I just loved the feel of the bumpy ones. I could take a 2 incher if it’s well lubed, and I’m warmed up, but Bart is new to anal, so we use a tool that is under an inch in girth.

I hoped that he couldn’t see that I was a bit red and maybe even swollen around my pucker hole, but he didn’t say anything about it, and I’m sure that his cock was more firm during much of our session. I felt that he was getting more erect when he was giving me an orgasm, so I didn’t hold back. He was becoming so good with his hands! He was so strong!

Sometimes I sucked his semi erect cock into my mouth and I didn’t stop until my nose was buried in his hairy pelvis. I rolled my tongue back and forth on the bottom of his cock and along the side with the small stud on the tip. Then I pushed the bumpy pegging rod into his anus. I have given him a rectal orgasm, but it didn’t have any effect on his penis.

Yet, when he has his own tongue buried in my muff, and I have a gushing climax, I can tell that he is way more rigid. Like he’s 80 percent of the way to good wood. I wrote ‘turgid’ in the report, of course.

For my favorite soldier I always use metric hours. That was so I could give him 200 minutes of therapy instead of the standard 120. I had to miss my lunch and rush back into the office for a monthly review with my C.O.

“Overall, I have had nothing but superior reports about you Captain,” My commanding officer began our meeting on the upbeat, but I sensed that there was more on his mind.

“You are keeping a heavy caseload, Miss. Gabor, and that helps us out a great deal,” he continued, “but are you getting enough intimacy outside of work, Cindy?”

Ah! He used my first name. Now I could see his real reason for the meeting.

“As a matter of fact, I had a date just last night, Sir. They didn’t leave until 4a.m.” I replied.

“As for my extra hours, Sir, I have a lot of debt, and I have a strong desire to get out from under it. I won’t let my work suffer, Sir!” I might have shed a tear or two, from ‘righteous indignation’ but I still maintained control.

My commander seemed to accept my passionate response, but then he surprised me.

“I need you to move Master Sergeant Carmichael to another Therapist. He has gotten too close to you, and you are no longer acting professionally with him.” He insisted.

At first I was shocked.

“I am so close with him, Sir, I can’t agree that this would be in his best interests,” I wailed.

“Maybe, but it’s in your best interests, Captain. I know that you are very protective of your clients, Cindy, and that is why I’m letting you decide who will replace you.” Colonel Rockwell finally sat back in his chair, signifying that he was finished with me.

When I didn’t leave he continued to make his point.

“Miss. Gabor, your record shows that you had four 200 minute sessions with Mr. Carmichael last week, during which you had 32 orgasms!” His face was getting red with the passion of his rant. “Either he has a very talented tongue, or you are in love!”

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