Debbie the Estate Agent

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Debbie looked into the mirror, applying the red lipstick to her lips, she finished her makeup. Lightly tussling her straight shoulder length hair she admired the new colour she had chosen when she last visited the salon. Her natural black hair was now almost entirely dyed blond except for an inch of the black remained at the end of her hair. As she adjusted the jacket of her business suit her husband, Barry, walked up behind her and cupped her buttocks in his large hands.

“Mmmm now you know I can’t resist you when you power dress DeeDee!” He lifted her hair and kissed the nape of her neck.

“Now, pack that in. I have to get to work now.” She turned and pecked his cheek. “We are due to have a new property in today which I will almost defiantly have to show tonight so I guess I will be back late honey.”

“No problem DeeDee I will see you whenever.”

She picked up her car keys and left the house. As she drove along she activated her hands free kit to hear her voicemail messages. A couple of clients had rung and she mentally sent aside the start of the day to call them back, that is once she had spoken to her boss about the new property that they had just been given instruction on.

Debbie had initially worked as a flight stewardess before she met her husband and changed her career to become an estate agent in the city. Now at forty-one years of age and after nearly ten years in the job she had established herself in one of the city’s leading property sales and Lettings Company. Her sales record saw her reach a senior sales role, as well as the benefit of a company BMW, together with a very healthy salary (not to mention good commission). She indicated, turned the steering wheel, swinging her car into her allotted parking space.


“Morning Steve.” She called as she walked through the office.

“Hi Debbie. Colin said can you pop into his office as he has that new ‘five star’ property in.”

“Okay Steve.” With that Debbie picked up her mail and walked down the corridor, past her office, to the Manager’s office. She tapped the door before entering the inner sanctum.

“Morning Debbie. Coffee?”

“Cheers Colin.” She sat in the chair opposite his desk, while he got up and drew two cups of hot coffee from the machine located at the rear of his office, she looked out of the window and admired the panoramic view of the city that her boss’ office commanded. She dreamt of the day when she would be in overall control and would be afforded similar grandeur. When he returned to the desk he placed the cups on wooden coasters in front of their respective seats. As Debbie sipped her drink Colin walked over to the filing cabinet at the side of the room. He unlocked it and accessed the files within. Before he sat down he handed the papers to Debbie.

Opening the file she looked at the glossy marketing documents, the vivid descriptions, together with the quality photographs, which illustrated the opulence that this luxury residence could offer to the discerning client who would purchase it. Colin silently drank his coffee and watched Debbie as she scanned the information.

“So, what do you think?” He asked.

“Awesome. I have never had an instruction quite like this one.”

“Glad you appreciate it Deborah. As you can see its location is the penthouse of the newest riverside tower complex. It boasts five double bedrooms, three bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen and is, as you would expect, in immaculate decorative order. Top of the range white goods, television, two stereos and a DVD recorder are part of the deal. However, in my opinion the best selling point is the roof terrace and its unobstructed views of both the river and the city. Trust me it has to be seen to be believed. I think, in the unlikely event we have difficulty in enticing buyers, a night time viewing is essential as that is when the view is at it’s best!”

“I take it you have been there?”

“Yes, for both day and night.”

“So why aren’t you buying?” She laughed.

“That’s the one downside, for me anyway, the last page will show you.” She flicked to the last page and in small print the price was shown.

“One point three million pounds.” Even her experienced eyes rolled.

“Quite, it really is going to be a case of if you have to ask how much it is you can’t afford it. Anyway, as you and I sadly can’t put in offers do you think you have contacts or clients who will be interested? When I say interested I mean at the full asking price or more, as I would love a bidding war to break out over this one.”

She looked directly at him. “I am hurt you even have to ask me that.”

“Good, because this one is your baby Deborah. Don’t let me, or more importantly the company, down.”

The chat then turned to less salubrious properties on which she was currently negotiating. When the discussion was complete she picked up the new details and made her way out into her own office to make a number of telephone calls so that she could line up a list of viewings for this new property. Gradually her diary filled with a dozens of appointments. She then Mardin Escort made the calls that were needed from her voicemail messages.

Putting the telephone down there was a knock at the door. The office junior secretary walked into her room with a mug of coffee.

“There you go Debbie.”


She was aware that her colleague was lingering a moment in front of her desk. Debbie looked up and smiled. “Can I ask you a personal question Debbie?” the young girl asked.

“I am intrigued, go on.” Debbie said grinning.

“Oh, it’s nothing too personal. It is your mug.” She said looking at the mug in Debbie’s hand. Painted on the surface of the ceramic in bold blue was ‘DeeDee’s mug’. “Why DeeDee? It is a unusual shortening for Deborah and no-one here calls you that.”

Debbie started to laugh before replying. Her secretary was fairly new and had yet to meet Debbie’s husband. “It’s my husband’s nickname for me. See my maiden name was Dixon. I was Deborah Dixon, or as he called me, DeeDee.”

“That’s nice that you have something between just the pair of you.”

“Yes, I never really thought of that before. I think you are right.”

When Debbie got the room to herself she picked up the telephone and quickly typed in the number. The phone rang before being answered by a male voice.

“Hello, is that Mr White….It’s Deborah Ferguson here….I am very well thank you, how about you. Good, I am ringing you as we have a really exclusive property that has arisen on my instruction which I think might be worth a viewing. Excellent, of course I can fit in with you; yes eight o’clock tonight will be fine. Look forward to seeing you later.” She smiled as she put the telephone down.

She collected her bag and gathered together the items she would require today. Walking out of the office Debbie turned to one of the office staff. “I am going to be out of the office for the rest of the day conducting viewings. Colin is in conference so I haven’t disturbed him but if he asks tell him I have half a dozen viewings of the new property today plus one in the evening. As usual I will only have my mobile on between the various appointments so if it is off leave a message then pick it up later. See you guys tomorrow.”

Debbie drove through the city streets on the way to the new complex. This was the part of the job that she loved, the thrill of a new instruction, like a clean canvas for an artist she faced a new challenge. This particular property was the most expensive she had ever been handed and she had guessed that this was Colin’s way of confirming she could fulfil her potential and as a result take on a more senior role. She checked the rearview mirror, indicated that she was turning off the road, then turned into entrance of the car park. Her window lowered and she reached to the keypad and typed in the security code. Slowly the door in front of her rose allowing her to drive into the basement car park. As well as activating the door the keypad also switched on the lighting so that the parking area was bathed in fluorescent light.

Killing the ignition Debbie opened her door and got out of the car. The vast area was silent and bare save her vehicle. She walked up the ramp to the entrance and made her way to the street where she had arranged for her various client’s to arrive at their arranged appointment times so that she could allow them access to the secure parking. The joy of selling this apartment was that although the building was now complete her exclusive clients had the complex to themselves so that they could have uninterrupted access to the largest, most expensive, not to mention arguably the highest profile property currently on the market.

Each client arrived, was met outside, then allowed in by Debbie. The viewings had been timetabled and structured so as to allow the maximum viewing time as well as giving Debbie sufficient time to see the client off of the premises without appearing to hurry or rush them. When the final daytime viewing was complete she bade them farewell before picking up her mobile. She dialled the office number.

“Hi Shelly, it’s Debbie. The last visit is finished now. I will briefly call back home to freshen up as I have an 8 o’clock viewing tonight. Any messages?”

“Only your husband, I told him you had a late viewing he said he would catch up with you later.” Shelly told her.

“That’s fine Shelly. Have a good evening and I will see you in the morning.” Debbie finished the call and made her way to her car.

She drove home and parked her car on the driveway. As she entered the house she walked into the kitchen. Switching on the kettle she walked into the living room and checked the answerphone. There were no messages so she went back to the kettle and made herself a coffee. After finishing the drink she walking into the hall and stood before the large mirror. She touched up her make-up before taking her handbag; she reset the alarm before leaving the house.

Driving to the complex once more she began to get excited once more. Dusk was being to set in and the lights of the Mardin Escort Bayan city were beginning to slowly spring to life one by one. This time as she approached the building she was aware of a car parked with a lone male in the driving seat. Pulling up along side of it she recognised the driver as Mr White. Pushing the button she lowered her electric passenger window, seeing her he lowered his window.

“Hi Mr White. I am not late am I?” She asked knowing she was not.

“God no. My meeting finished early and to be honest I was so keen to come over for the viewing I got here as soon as I could.”

“I will allow us into the car park, so follow me.”

They both then drove, Mr White following her, down the ramp into the fluorescent bathed parking spaces. Debbie looked in her rear view mirror and adjusted the fringe of her hair before opening the down and stepping out of the car. She walked towards the lift, pressed the button, then heard the mechanism kick into life. Turning she smiled as he walked towards her.

“Pleasure to meet you again Mrs Ferguson.”

“Nice to see you again Mr White.” She replied, showing him into the lift as the doors opened. They stepped into the mirrored carriage, she pressed the button, the doors closed silently then they felt the slight sensation of upward movement. From the corner of her eye she noted that Mr White was dressed in his usual dark business suit covered by a large black coat. Although older than her his face was ruggedly handsome and his greying hair gave him an authoritative presence. In the mirror she saw him eyeing her up with his eyes staring blatantly at her shapely arse.

Then the she felt the lift ease then stop as they reached their desired level. Once more the doors moved in silence as this time they parted. Debbie walked out into the beautifully decorated lobby, she fished into her handbag and drew out the keys to the apartment, after unlocking the door she stood to the side and pushed it wide open allowing him to see the splendid entrance. She was fully in her sales mode now as she remained silent allowing him to take in the sight of the magnificent décor before him without distraction.

Without speaking she then moved into the property. “I hope you are impressed?” She asked before she started to show him around the various rooms.

“Stunning.” Was the only word used by Mr White.

As Debbie walked into the fully furnished kitchen she flicked on the lights. Her eyes adjusted to the initial glare of the fluorescent tubes that now bathed the area in white light. Her hand rested on the cool work surface then she absentmindly rubbed the smooth surface with the tips of her fingers while her client walked around the room noting all of the appliances which came fitted.

“I must say that this is an exceptional finish. The attention to detail is excellent.” Debbie smiled as she realised how impressed he was with this residence.

“I am glad it meets with your approval Mr White. You have yet, in my opinion, to see the most impressive part of the property. However, we need to see the main living area first.” With that she opened a door from the kitchen and led him through into a large living area.

This large room was furnished and well decorated as would be expected in such an expensive home. Yet unlike many flats or houses that can be brought this included a large flat screen television, DVD recorder and Hi-fi system.

“Nice room. I assume that the electrical goods are included in the price?”

“Of course. I must stress that the best is yet to come. Can you follow me?” She asked. He walked across the room and stood next to her. They were now both standing in front of a large drawn blind. Debbie reached to her side, her hand flicked a switch to her left, the lights in the room gradually dimmed then extinguished so that they now stood in darkness. In total lack of light she was more aware of the smell of his aftershave. She then moved another switch that made the blinds slowly part before them.

“Wow.” He said. In front of them was a truly breathtaking view of the city lit in various lights. There were lights from buildings, vehicles and neon advertising, which seemed to stretch for miles together with a large full moon.

“And that, I feel, is it’s best feature!” Debbie simply said in reply to him. She turned and watched him looking out into the night. His profile was lit by the reflected moonlight. “Care to step out onto the balcony?” He nodded in reply. Once she had opened the doors the soft cool air wafted into the room from what was a fairly calm night. Mr White walked onto the patio area then stood at the ledge looking out over the city.

The pair of them walked silently out on to the large balcony that served as a patio for the apartment. She watched as her prospective client stared out across the city at all of the lights and activity being played out below them. Placing her hands on the metal rail that ran the length of the chest high wall in front of her. Staring up into the night sky she saw the bright full moon together with the seemingly Escort Mardin millions of tiny stars which peppered the blackness.

As she stood with her manicured fingers wrapped around the cold steel and took in a deep breath. The cool air entered her head and she closed her eyes. Debbie enjoyed the sensation allowing her mind to wander. Mentally she remembered the times that she and her husband had ‘enjoyed’ themselves outside on clear nights like these. You see one of Debbie’s main turn-ons was outdoor sex and on many, though not as many as she would have preferred, occasions Barry had fucked her in different locations. With these thoughts passing through her head she licked her lips.

“Are you okay?” Her client asked.

She opened her eyes and smiled warmly at him. “Yes, I am sorry. It’s just I love nights like this. They are so…….” He grinned back at her and to avoid an awkward silence she continued. “Makes you feel so small……… insignificant and puts everything into perspective. To be honest it is also sensual I guess you could say.”

He broke into a smile. “Do you mean erotic?” He asked.

She did not speak but silently nodded.

He moved and stood behind her. His hands touched the side of her hips, she could smell his faint aftershave as he leant forward and spoke behind her. “Close your eyes.” She did as he asked then felt him pull himself close to her. “Imagine all the people in the city tonight. All under those stars we were looking up at. Think of the bodies, the men, women, lovers, husbands, wives all thinking erotic thoughts. Then being swept along and all of the orgasms that they will have. Even the building opposite how many people are on the verge of cumming?” As he said this she felt his left hand move from her hips. His right hand moved and encircled her stomach. Then she became aware that he had lowered his body. Then she felt his hand rising between her thighs, which he parted gently, allowing his fingertips to seek out the silk gusset of her panties. As he probed he felt that the material was very damp. His digits pressed against her soft lips, which he was manipulating through her knickers.

Debbie’s hands gripped tighter on the safety rail and her wedding band chinked as the metal came together. She moaned as he rubbed at her groin. Then he moved the gusset to one side and pushed up and into her warm, wet flesh. Debbie made no attempt to stop him from groping her bare hairless pussy. She then felt one of his extended fingers violate her vaginal lips as he pushed up. She savoured his finger fucking of her and felt disappointment as his digit slid slowly from her. Before she could open her eyes once more she realised that his hands had started to push her skirt higher up her thighs. As the material began to bunch at her waist she released her grip on the metal bar. She took a handful of her skirt on each side of her hips so that his hands would be free to probe and her lower regions with more ease.

She opened her eyes and looked up at the beautiful night sky. Now he was kneeling behind her and his large hands parted her legs. His breath was now on the cheeks of her arse as he looked closely at her firm round rear. A tingle of excitement shot through her as she felt the warm breath move over her anus and down onto her soft small outer pussy lips. Then she felt his tongue move up so that he licked her outer lips. He drew his tongue gently over her wet flesh and she could have sworn she felt each individual taste bud on his warm tongue as it rubbed over her expectant skin. When the tip of his tongue touched the entrance of her cunt he pushed against her muscles. The pressure was not enough to penetrate her but enough to cause ripples to start within her stomach. He kept this expert attention up for moments before he slid back. His hands very gently pulled her round cheeks apart so that he was staring at her puckered anus. To her delight he repeated the technique against her tight anal entrance.

This had all become too much for her as she felt her orgasm approach she moved her right hand across until her fingers began to skate backwards and forwards over her stiff erect clitoris.

“Please fuck me.” She panted. He did not reply but as he stopped licking her. Although she was now concentrating on rubbing herself she sensed that he had moved away from her. Then she heard the sound of him removing his coat that was then followed by the sound of him unzipping his trousers. Then the tip of his erect cock was nuzzling against her wet opening. He gripped her waist and drew his groin forward so that she was impaled on his dick. Sliding up into her his penis filled her stretching her walls as his thrush slightly lifted her off up onto the balls of her feet.

Soon he was swiftly bucking so that she was almost sliding up and down his solid shaft. She stopped rubbing herself and grabbed the rail as her orgasm hit her and made her legs weaken. Now his hands moved up to her chest as he took her large firm breasts in his hands. Her hand reached back as she started to push him away from her. His shaft left her and they heard the sound of her juices slurp as her entrance shrunk from his violation. The head of his penis bobbed around in front of him. Taking him in her hand she began to masturbate him while she used her free hand to unbutton her blouse. All the time she was looking into his eyes.

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