Debbie Makes the Team

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Chapter 1

Debbie wanted to be a cheerleader for Barton College in the worst way. Her mother had been one. Her older sister was currently a varsity cheerleader at Barton. Try-outs were in a week. Debbie was just a freshman but that made her eligible for the blue squad, kind of like junior varsity in high school. Making the blue squad as a freshman just about guaranteed a varsity position later.

Her talent was unquestionable. Debbie had practiced the routines over and over. She could do all the flips and twists as good as any varsity cheerleader. It was her body she worried about. She had not developed as quickly as most other 18 year-olds. She was short — barely 5 feet — and her breasts were little more than swells on her chest. She was also worried about her red hair and freckles. It made her look like a freshman in high school, not college.

Debbie examined her naked body in the mirror. Her nipples were certainly well developed but there was no way her tits were going to cut it. Maybe she could stuff socks into her bra to make them look bigger. Her eyes wandered down to the thin strip of curly red hairs covering the dark gash of her swollen sex. That part of her was certainly fully developed.

Debbie turned around and looked at her butt. This was her one really good feature. Her firm and creamy white cheeks were meaty enough to entice stares from boys when she wore skin tight jeans or cheek-hugging shorts. It made her feel sexy to walk around like this knowing that boys… and men… were staring.

Debbie heard the front door open and wondered who it could be. Her aunt and uncle, who she lived with, weren’t expected home for another two hours. She quickly threw on a t-shirt and a pair of gray yoga shorts. Debbie peeked around the corner and saw her sister Linda. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform and was with two football players. What was she doing here, wondered Debbie? Linda lived in a sorority and was supposed to be at practice.

“I told you no one would be home,” said Linda.

“I still can’t believe they cancelled practice for a fucking meeting,” said the tall boy Debbie recognized as the star wide receiver. “The new athletic director must be a real jerk.”

“Who gives a shit?” replied the other boy who was shorter but stocky and muscular. “Now we have a free afternoon and a house all to ourselves. Let’s party!”

Debbie watched him pull a fifth of rum out of a gym bag. She felt a little self-conscious watching but didn’t want to spoil their fun by making an appearance. Besides, her sister would kill her. She continued to watch as they passed the bottle around. Her sister Linda was keeping up with the guys but after a few swigs it was obvious that she was feeling no pain.

“Let’s go downstairs and put on some music,” Linda suggested as she twirled around the room. “I feel like dancing.”

Debbie followed them as they disappeared down into the den. She hid at the top of the stairs and continued watching from the shadows. Linda put on some loud music and began dancing. She was doing a slow bump and grind and running her hands all over her body like a stripper. She lifted the back of her cheerleader skirt and rotated her shapely ass cheeks outlined suggestively against the tight cheer-panties covering them. The two boys whistled and hooted.

“Hey Buddy, looks like an invitation to me.”

“Sure does Stinger. It would be rude not to accept.”

Buddy moved behind Linda and rubbed his groin against her cheeks. She pushed back rotating her ass against him. Stinger moved in front of her face. Her hands fumbled with his pants. They fell to his feet. Debbie watched with amazement as Linda sucked his penis into her mouth. It grew bigger and bigger until it was sticking out from between his legs like a hard pole of flesh.

Debbie felt her face flush. She didn’t have much experience with boys. She knew about sex from her girlfriends, but seeing it happen right in front of her eyes was very different from hearing about it. Her body was tingling with excitement as she watched. She had a powerful urge to touch herself “down there” like she often did when she was alone.

While Linda was sucking Stinger, Buddy pulled down her panties. Debbie could see her sister’s naked ass cheeks and her swollen sex hanging between her thighs. Buddy unbuckled his pants and pushed them down his legs along with his briefs. Debbie stared at the thick protrusion pushing out from his body. It didn’t look as long as Stinger’s, but it looked plenty big.

Buddy slid his meaty shaft between her sister’s ass cheeks. Debbie watched it slowly disappear into her body. He moved it in and out going faster and faster. Debbie knew what they were doing but could not believe she was actually watching it happen. It took her breath away. Her sister was getting fucked. Not only that, she was sucking off Stinger at the same time.

Debbie squeezed her legs together. The throbbing in her loins was so powerful it scared her. Her nipples felt like they were going to burst. The sensations shooting Ordu Escort through her body were unlike anything she had ever experienced. She rubbed her thighs against each other trying to keep some semblance of control. That just made matters worse.

Stinger and Buddy switched places. Debbie had been right. Stinger was longer than Buddy by several inches. She watched him slide into her sister’s body until it wouldn’t go any deeper. He grabbed her hips and slammed it into her again and again. Debbie could see her sister’s legs shaking and something wet running down her thighs.

Buddy had a tight grip on Linda’s head. He was thrusting in and out of her mouth hard and deep. Spit was drooling from her lips onto the floor. Debbie saw his face contort into a tight grimace. He grunted and thrust deep into her sister’s mouth. Several grunts later he pulled out. A gush of white cream poured from Linda’s lips.

Nothing seemed real. Through a dream-like trance Debbie watched Stinger pull out of her sister. White cream was dripping from the end of his fleshy protrusion. More came gushing out from between Linda’s legs. It splattered on the floor and dribbled down her thighs. Debbie could no longer resist the urge to touch herself. She pressed a hand between her legs.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The pressure in her belly suddenly burst sending ripples of pleasure through her body that were so intense it shook her to the core. Juices gushed out from between her legs. Debbie somehow managed to stifle a scream that wanted to escape from her throat. She felt weak. Her body was trembling.

Debbie finally managed to regain some semblance of control. Ohmygod, she thought, I peed myself. Her shorts were soaked in the crotch. Debbie finally opened her eyes and received another shock. Staring back at her was Stinger, although neither her sister, who was now naked except for her cheerleader skirt, nor Buddy seemed to have noticed her there.

Debbie scrambled up the stairs and ran to her room. After removing her soaked shorts she lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. The image of her sister having sex with two boys at the same time was burned into her brain. Her body was still trembling from the violent explosion on the stairs. Debbie let a hand slide between her legs to take care of the intense throbbing still pounding in her loins.

Debbie pushed a finger into her opening. It was tight. How did Linda get something as big as Stinger’s hard penis inside her? She moved her finger in and out. It felt good but it wasn’t enough. She moved her finger back to the sensitive button poking out from the top of her slit. At the same time she slid her other hand under her top and pinched her nipple.

Debbie could feel the excitement growing inside her. Her finger flew faster and faster across her swollen clit. Her legs were shaking. Her knees were flopping back and forth. The pressure in her belly continued to grow. Debbie imagined that Stinger was front of her pushing his hard member into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it. Suddenly he was squirting stuff across her tongue.


Debbie lifted her ass off the bed pushing against her finger which plunged into her gushing hole. Juices were squirting everywhere. They dripped down her crack and across her tight anus. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. A second wave of explosions ripped through her body. Debbie pulled the finger from her quivering sex and squeezed her legs together until she was able to breathe.

“Incredible. I’ve never seen a girl cum so hard using just her fingers. That was really hot.”

Debbie looked over to where the voice had come from and was shocked to see Stinger standing in the doorway.

Chapter 2

Stinger was naked except for his briefs which did little to hide the huge protrusion poking against the thin material. She quickly pulled down her top and put a hand between her legs to hide her nakedness. She was scared.

“You… um, you can’t be in here. Linda will get really mad.”

“Ah, it’s okay… Debbie, right?” He confirmed before continuing. “She’s down getting ass fucked by Buddy. I thought I’d take a break and keep her little sister company. You don’t mind, do you?’

Without waiting for an answer he sat down on the bed. He put his hand on her naked thigh. Debbie froze. She didn’t know what to do. Here was the star wide receiver in her room… actually paying attention to her… and she was terrified. Yet his fingers felt so… so what? Like they were burning her skin but not in a bad way… like she wanted them there.

“Um… you’re not going to tell my sister are you? You know, that I was watching. She would kill me.”

“Hmmm… let me think,” Stinger replied sliding his hand further up her thigh. “Maybe we can make a deal. I won’t tell your sister if you’ll do something for me. In return I’ll do something for you.”

The throbbing between Debbie’s legs became more intense. What if he touched her there? What if he Ordu Escort Bayan put his finger in her? Did she want him to? Everything seemed so confusing.

“Like… like what?”

“Like this,” he replied sliding his hand between her legs.

Debbie gasped when she felt his finger brush across her clit. He parted her folds. She bit her lip and felt her thighs open invitating him to explore further. He pushed his fingertip into her opening. His finger was so much bigger than hers. Debbie caught her breath when she felt it slide into her steamy hole.

It was so tight. She could feel him stretching her open. It occurred to her that for the first time in her life she had a boy’s finger in her pussy. He slowly moved it in and out. Her head was spinning with lust. It felt so good. She never wanted him to stop. She could feel the pressure in her belly growing more and more intense. Then suddenly he pulled his finger out and she was empty.

“Wha… why… um…” she stuttered.

“Because now it is your turn to do something for me.”

Stinger stood and pulled down his briefs. A huge hard-on sprung free and poked up from between his legs like a baseball bat. Debbie’s eyes got big as she stared at the throbbing vein-streaked tube of flesh swaying in front of her and got scared. Was he going to fuck her? It was way too big. There was no way it would fit. His finger had barely fit.

“What are you doing?” Debbie asked trembling with both fear and excitement. “You can’t put it in me like you did my sister. It’s too big.”

“I did fuck your sister but now I’m hard again. You made it this way by fingering your pussy in front of me. Don’t worry, Debbie, I’m not going to fuck you. I’m going to put it in your mouth.”

Debbie’s heart was pounding fast. He was going to put it in her mouth. Part of her wanted to scream and run but another part… the one that caused the throbbing between her legs … wanted to taste his hard flesh, wanted to feel it sliding through her lips and across her tongue, wanted to feel it squirt into her mouth just like it had in her masturbation fantasy.

“Oh,” she heard herself say. “But… but I don’t know how.”

“Sure you do. Here, let me show you.”

He took her hand and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing shaft. It felt so alive. He showed her how to move up and down. Stinger told her to use both hands. She sat up and grabbed him like a baseball bat. Her eyes looked down at the bulging knob staring up at her. The little slit at the top must be where his stuff would shoot out.

“That’s good. Now put it in your mouth,” he instructed moving his hand to the back of her head. “Don’t use your teeth but you can use your tongue. Let it slide in and out while you suck on it.”

“Um, are you going to,” she stammered and looked up at him. “Are you going to shoot in my mouth?”

“Of course. And you’re going to swallow it.”

“Oh,” she replied without really knowing what she was saying.

Debbie felt his huge knob brush against her lips. Shivers ran through her body. She extended her tongue and licked the tiny slit. Stinger pushed down on her head. Debbie opened wide and felt him slide into her mouth. Her head was throbbing. She never imagined that it could be so exciting to have a man’s penis in her mouth… a big hard throbbing one… a huge cock.

Debbie tried to concentrate on what she was doing. She didn’t want to disappoint him. Her tongue swirled around his throbbing meat exploring the ridges and veins of his hard flesh. He moved it in and out – slowly at first but then going faster and faster. She bobbed her head up and down to match him. Her two hands were still wrapped around his shaft.

“Oh god yes… that’s it. You’re a natural. Pump your hands up and down while I fuck your mouth.”

Debbie could feel excitement surging through her body as she aggressively sucked his beautiful lovely hard cock. Juices were leaking from her gash. Her nipples felt like they were going to burst. Every nerve ending in her body was tingling with pleasure. He rammed his cock in and out of her mouth. Spit drooled from her lips and dripped from her chin. She did her best to keep up with his hard thrusts.

Stinger swelled between her lips. His hand clasped her head tightly. He thrust deep into her mouth. Debbie felt the first surge squirt across her tongue. More and more hot cream sprayed from his cock and filled her mouth until it was leaking from her lips. It was just like in her fantasy. The pounding in her loins was excruciating.

“Swallow it. Swallow it all.”

Debbie fell back on the bed with her mouth closed and quickly swallowed. Her body was trembling with need. She felt something wet and warm press against her pussy. She tilted her head and saw Stinger with his face buried between her legs. His mouth was pressed to her mound. His tongue probed into her steamy passage.

Debbie pulled her legs back and spread them apart. The pressure in her belly was so powerful that she was afraid it was going to Escort Ordu rip her apart when it exploded. His tongue moved to her swollen clit. Debbie felt a finger push into her tight hole. She dug her fingers into his hair and squirmed against his mouth and finger. Her gasps turned to squeals. Her legs were shaking. She felt her toes curl. Then it happened.

Every nerve ending in her body exploded in a simultaneous release of sexual energy. Stinger clamped his mouth around her pulsing pussy. Juices gushed from her body in a series of powerful spasms. Debbie thrashed and squirmed on the bed. She bit her lip so hard that a trickle of blood dribbled down her chin. Explosion after explosion rocked her body until she was exhausted and drained. She closed her eyes and drifted off into another world.

When she opened her eyes Stinger was no longer there. For a moment she wondered if she had dreamed it all, but the taste in her mouth and the throbbing between her legs told her it had been real. She had sucked the cock of the star wide receiver and swallowed his cum and then he ate her pussy. None of her friends would believe it. She was having a hard time believing it herself.

As Debbie was heading for the shower she saw her sister coming down the hall. She looked like she had been it a street fight. Her hair was a mess and speckled with cum. Her lipstick was smeared and mascara was streaked down her face. She had managed to pull her uniform on but was holding her panties in her hand. Cum was running down her leg.

“What the fuck are you looking at,” her sister chided in a drunken slur. “You say anything to anyone and I’ll kill you.”

Debbie just smiled and walked into the bathroom.

Chapter 3

“A cheerleader’s job is threefold,” began Coach Williams. “Miss Buckner tells me that you have an excellent skill set. That’s only the first qualification. A cheerleader has to entertain the fans and most of those are men. They like to look at — excuse the expression – bouncing boobs and tight rear ends.”

Debbie wasn’t sure how to reply. Was he telling her that she was going to be cut because her boobs weren’t big enough? She looked over to Miss Buckner, the cheerleader coach who had put her on the short list for selection to the blue squad. Miss Buckner had already told her she was somewhat small but that her skills were good enough to make the first cut. The next step, she had explained, was an interview with the coach.

“Did you stuff your bra?” Coach Williams asked. “It looks like it from where I’m sitting. Miss Buckner, would you please check for me?”

Miss Buckner stood in front of Debbie and slid her hands under her top. She pulled two socks out from her bra and showed them to the coach. Debbie could feel the tears welling in her eyes. She was about to get cut from the team.

“Not much up there,” Coach Williams stated matter-of-factly. “Turn around.”

Debbie had already showered after the tryouts and was wearing a pair of tight jeans. She turned around. Tears were now streaming down her face. She was about to lose it. Hold it together she told herself or there would be no hope at all.

“Pretty good back side. The boobs are a problem but we might be able to live with them depending upon how well you meet the third qualification. A cheerleader must contribute to the morale of the players – encouraging them, making them feel good about themselves, giving them a positive attitude for the game. Billy and Stretch, get in here.”

The door opened and two boys walked into the office. They looked familiar but Debbie had never met either of them.

“These two boys are going to spend some time getting to know you. They’ll report back to me and let me know how well you fit in with the team. Based on their report I will confer with Miss Buckner about the final selections. That is all.”

Miss Buckner led Debbie and the two boys out of the office. The introductions were made. It turned out that Stretch and Billy were sophomore football players. Debbie put on her best smile but felt extremely self-conscious. She was nervous. She had never been good in mixed company. How was she going to make an impression on them?

“Okay,” Miss Buckner said dismissing them. “You have your instructions. Make the best of it.”

They waited until she was out of earshot before anyone spoke. The tall one called Stretch looked over to Debbie.

“Aren’t you a little short to be a cheerleader?”

“Yeah,” agreed Billy. “And kind of flat-chested.”

This was getting off to a bad start Debbie thought. She fought back the tears and tried to defend herself.

“I’m what they call a late bloomer. I’m still growing. Besides, I’m really good at cheering. Miss Buckner said I had the best moves she had ever seen from a freshman.”

“Well I sure hope you grow fast,” said Stretch. “Anyway, Billy and I were going to catch that new horror flick. You want to come?”

Debbie really didn’t but she had no choice and put on her best face. Being a matinee and a movie that had been out for a few weeks there were only two other people in the theater sitting toward the front. Stretch guided Debbie into the back row. She sat between Stretch and Billy. A few minutes into the movie she felt Stretch put his arm around her. Then Billy put his hand on her thigh.

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