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It was a day just like any other day, except today hadn’t been the greatest of them all.

Deanna works for this company where she does telephone surveys regarding all types of consumer products, and today she got stuck on a shitty automotive survey everyone always tried to avoid. “What a day … ” she mumbled to herself as she got into her car and drove off to get home as soon as possible so she could just get into the tub and relax. She started wondering just what she’d be doing the rest of the night, and since she didn’t have anything special planned, decided to just go online and see if any of her friends were there and maybe talk to them for a bit.

She liked visiting one particular site, since all of her online friends frequently visited the same site. “Well … ” she mumbled as she walked into her apartment “… time for that relaxing bath, and who knows, maybe I will meet someone interesting in there.” She had met her ex, Jason, in there, but she had kicked him out on his ass a few months back after she found out he planned on moving in with someone else and didn’t even bother telling her about his plans. She felt a tear run down her cheek as she remembered the details of the break-up so vividly. “Damn asshole … ” she mumbled to herself as she finished getting undressed. She turned around and looked into the full length mirror she had on her wall. “Not bad … not bad at all” she thought to herself, all the time she spent at the pool definitely paid off. Running her fingers over her firm breasts, seeing her nipples harden at her delicate touch, continuing down over her abdomen, over her flat tummy coming to a stop at the top of her mound. God she missed being touched by a man. Slowly she turned around and walked off to the bathroom.

As she got into the tub, she softly sighed as the bubbles of the bath salts caressed her senses, brushing over every tired little section of her body. “Hmmm … this feels so good” she thought to herself as she ran the sponge over her tired neck muscles … her shoulders … arms … breasts … paying a little extra attention to her sensitive nipples, rubbing softly at first but more insistently with each passing moment, feeling the familiar tingly feeling between her legs when she’s getting horny. Not being able to resist, nor wanting to stop, she closes her eyes and utters a soft moan as she pinches first the one nipple and then the other. Pinching a little harder each time she switches between them … wanting so much more … needing so much more, she slides her other hand down her abdomen, feeling the incredible urge to touch herself … to please herself after the shitty day she had at work … feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter each time she pinches.

She utters a loud gasp, shocking to herself in the silence of the bathroom as she touches the top of her slit, pushing down insistently … persistently pursuing the pleasure she so much wants … running the tips of her fingers over her swollen lips, shivering at her own touch, her muscles tensing up, feeling herself so close to the edge even though she has hardly touched herself. Slowly spreading her lips, wanting to touch but also in the mood to tease, she slides her fingers down barely touching her engorged clit, moaning softly at her touch … pressing it harder then pinching making it impossible for herself to stop as she starts to rub in a circular motion … getting so close … feeling her muscles tightening as she slips first one, then two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She moans and gasps out loud as she pushes herself over the edge, feeling her muscles contracting around her fingers. She lies still for a few minutes slowly coming down from her high … “God I needed that so much …” she mumbles and finishes bathing herself before she gets out of the tub and slips into a pair of short shorts and a plain little tank top.

“Hmmm … I wonder what tonight will hold” she mumbles as she sees the all too familiar “Logging On To Network” logo displayed on the screen of her computer. “Now just to get in here … and … done.” Seeing some friends she greets and make the usual small talk, talking about this and that … “Now this looks interesting as she goes through the post … a survey on your favorite type of kiss … Oh what the hell … why not?!” She types her response and clicks the familiar “Push To Speak” button. “Wonder what will come of this …” shrugging and yet feeling excited at the answer she just gave the person who’s conducting the survey. “Hmmm what is this … ” seeing the personal message directed to her … reading “Hi there … So what is your favorite type of kiss like?” Sitting a moment wondering if she should answer or not … she had met her ex on here and she doesn’t want to get her heart broken again … and before realizing it she has actually typed a response and clicked enter. “Oh my God …Why did I do that … Oh well … too late now for any regrets … I’ll just wait and see what he says.”

Again a personal message directed to her … “Oh my God … now that is a very nice kiss and also one of my favorites. Hmmm … *S* … I couldn’t help but notice your location … *sweet, sexy, sassy and submissive* … Now that is really very interesting.” Before long she realizes Mardin Escort that she’s been talking to this one guy for hours … “Good God … what an effect you have on me … I totally lost track of time … Will I see you again?” the message appears. Shrugging, she types her response that indeed he will see her again and that she had enjoyed the conversation immensely.

The next day at work she just can’t stop thinking about this stranger she met last night, and neither the fact that she so easily confided in him some of her innermost secrets. She blushes as she thinks of some of the things she actually told him, and yet, she feels this strange attraction to him… wondering if he is as wonderful in real life as he is in this cyber world of hers … wondering what he is like in bed … if he really kisses as well as he says he does …

“Deanna … “

“Deanna! … ” she blushes as she is rudely awakened out of her fantasy world “It’s time to go home hon” her friend Clarissa says. “And where may I ask have you just been?”

“Hmmm … nowhere special” … blushing more fiercely as she realizes that she has been caught daydreaming about a total stranger.

Clarissa snickers … “Yeah right”.

On their way home Deanna can’t stop babbling about this guy she has met, and how interesting he sounds. Clarissa looks in her friend’s direction with a concerned look … “Deanna, just be careful okay … you remember what happened with Jason don’t you?”

“How could I forget …” she replies as she turns her head away and feels a tear run down her cheek. And yet she feels strangely excited that she might get to see “him” again tonight … wondering what he’ll be talking about tonight … whether he’ll be sharing secrets about himself with her. Stopping at home she can hardly wait to get upstairs and log on to see if he is there so she can talk to him some more, maybe share more secrets. Maybe find out just how much alike they are, whether he might want to meet her. Maybe get a picture of him so that she could at least know what he looks like. God! she realizes … she doesn’t even know his name and here she’s already thinking what he looks like and what he’s like in bed … smiling wickedly as she feels her nipples harden and the tingly feeling between her legs at the mere thought of him making love to her.

That night she found out her mystery man’s name … it was Anton … God! She thought to herself, such a sexy, yet strong name. Just saying it made her shiver … wanting him to touch her so bad … She couldn’t believe the way she was feeling and that after just two nights of chatting and that to a complete stranger. The next morning, jumping out of bed, she immediately goes over to her computer, switches it on, and checks her e-mail account. Anton had told her that there would be something there waiting for her, a little surprise especially for her. Boy was she surprised to see that it was pictures of him. Being able to put a face to the name she already had, was exciting her so much that she had to take a deep breath just to calm herself.

“Oh my Lord!” she thought to herself as she looked over the pictures … one in particular she especially liked more than the other he had sent her … one where she could see him sleeping on a couch … seeing all of him stretched out … wondering what it would be like to have him stretched out next to her like that … him holding her in his strong arms … kissing her … stroking her skin … touching her lovingly … making her feel so wonderful all over. She closed her eyes and slid her hands over her breasts … cupping them, kneading them softly … pinching her nipples … imagining it was him touching her like that … sliding her hand down towards her crotch … feeling the dampness spreading … making her so wet … She slides her hand into her pajama bottoms and feels the heat radiating from her pussy. God, she is so horny it is unbelievable, she cannot believe the way he makes her feel even though he isn’t there … always making her feel good about herself … giving her compliments … saying sweet things to her … causing her day to be so much better when she was even feeling a little sad or lonely. Sliding her fingers down between her swollen pussy lips … spreading it slightly … coating her fingers with her own juices … sliding down … then feeling her middle finger sliding into herself … stroking in and out slowly … still wanting more, never feeling satisfied … wanting him so much she could cry. She could feel herself getting closer to the edge … feeling her muscles contracting around her finger … her tummy muscles quivering almost as if they knew what was about to happen … thrusting her hips towards her penetrating finger … moving faster and faster … pressing her thumb into her clit … rubbing it harder and harder … and then finally feel the dam inside her break … shouting out loud … “Oh … Oh … Oh my God! … Oh God Anton … please … gasping … please … please don’t stop … Oh fuck … fuck me … Yesssss!” collapsing on her desk … her head resting on her arms … gasping for breath.

Still coming down from her high, she takes a shower and gets ready for work. Stepping Mardin Escort Bayan out of the shower she hears the phone ring and rushes to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hi Deanna … Guess who …” she hears the voice on the other side.

“Oh my God … Anton?!” her answering voice suddenly very shaky, but feeling so happy at the same time.

“Yes sweetie … it’s me speaking. I just wanted to say hello quickly and to make a small little request before you go to work … Wear something special for me because I have a little surprise for you but right now I have to go.”

After saying her good-byes she goes to her room and stands in front of the closet “Hmmm … what to wear”? Deciding on a two piece business suit she pulls it out of her closet and places it on her bed. Reaching for some sexy underwear, she stops in mid-reach and mumbles … “To hell with it … I’m hot and I’m horny … I’m definitely not wearing anything other than this suit today. She feels her heart skip a few beats. Besides, Anton said that he has a little surprise for me. Smiling she thinks to herself “this is going to be one hell of a long day” especially not knowing what to expect.

Realizing that she’s going to be late for work, she jumps into her car and rushes off. As she enters the building she works in, she notices this stranger entering with her and thinks that he looks so familiar … but she just can’t put her finger on it. Shrugging it off she mumbles to herself “Oh well …I will remember later.” Thanking him, she steps into the elevator first, not bothering to take further note of him as she starts to look for something in her bag. She mumbles as she realizes that she’s left her phone at home … “Oh God no … not this … not now …” she groans.

All of a sudden she feels an arm slide around her waist, shocked and angry at the same time at the forwardness of this stranger. “What the fuck …” and then it hits her … gasping softly … whispering almost inaudibly … “No … it can’t be” and then she hears his voice “Yes Deanna, it can … surprise” as he turns her around and passionately kisses her. She feels him respond to her as he holds her close … breaking the kiss and covering her face in soft little wet kisses … then returning to her mouth, sliding his tongue softly over her lips as he sucks her bottom lip into his mouth. Sucking on it gently, flicking his tongue over the part of her lip in his mouth … opening her mouth bit by bit and sliding his tongue in … twisting around with her own. Sliding his big strong hands down over her back he lets them rest on her cheeks, kneading them softly and pulling her into him at the same time. He breaks their passionate embrace and whispers softly “God … I so much wanted to do that ever since the first night.” Looking deep into his eyes she smiles and replies “Me too”. Pulling his face to hers and kissing him again, holding onto him tightly. “I want you so …” his words fade away as the elevator comes to an abrupt halt.

Looking at her, he sees that she is just as confused as he is. He tries pressing the buttons but no response. She sees a smile creep across his face when he says … “Want to take advantage of this situation hon?!” and leans over to her and pulls her back into his arms. “Why whatever do you have in mind you nasty man?!” she whispers … knowingly smiling as she can guess just what is on his mind. “Make love to me Deanna” he whispers.

Pulling his face to hers she nods yes and starts to kiss him passionately, giving his lips and tongue the same treatment he had given hers she feels his hands sliding over her back … cupping each of her cheeks in a hand … kneading them … caressing them gently. Sliding one hand to her breasts he undoes the buttons to her jacket and sliding his hand in … cupping her breast in his hand squeezing her nipple softly between his thumb and forefinger … pulling on it … making her gasp out loud at his touch. “Oh God … ” she whispers “What are you doing to me …”

Kissing the nape of her neck … biting softly into the flesh of her shoulder … moving down lower finally taking one of her hard little nipples into his mouth … sucking at it … nibbling it … flicking his tongue over it … then biting down on it softly, making her moan louder. She becomes more and more turned on. He gives her other nipple the same treatment as the first … sliding down further and further … covering her abdomen in soft wet kisses … wrapping his hands around her middle and pulling her into him. Hearing her breathing become more ragged the closer he gets to her pussy … unzipping her skirt he lets it fall to the floor … and looks deep into her eyes. He sees a little smile creep onto her face as he leans forward and kisses the top of her mound … teasing her … avoiding her clit at all costs, kissing up and down her thighs. She spreads her legs wider to give him better access to her, slides her fingers through his hair and with a sudden jerk pulls him into her his mouth barely touches her clit but also hard enough to make a shudder run through her whole body. “Damn I missed this” she whispers, smiling down at him.

His tongue slithers out and gently licks the top of her smooth mound, humming Escort Mardin against her skin, sending vibrations through her … making her gasp and moan. Feeling her arch her mound towards him he suddenly licks her wet slit from top to bottom, running his tongue hard over her hard little clit and taking it into his mouth sucking on it flicking his tongue hard over it. Biting down on it gently, making little figure eights with his tongue over it, he feels her muscles starting to tense under his hands . Her moans becoming louder and louder … hearing her gasp … whispering … “Oh God … Oh my God … yes … please … God … please don’t stop … please … oh God”.

He feels her shudder as her orgasm pulses through her, soaking his face in her juices … lapping up as much of it as he can … leaving her looking down at him breathlessly. Pulling her down to the floor with him he kisses her passionately as he embraces her and runs his fingers over her smooth back … her shoulders … her arms … over her thighs … sending little shivers through her all over again.

Pushing him down onto his back, she smiles at him lovingly and whispers … “Your turn baby … and believe me, I’ve been waiting for THIS moment ever since the two of us met.”

Leaning forward she starts to brush her lips across his chest … flicking her tongue across his nipples and teasing at them, slowly moving down to his abdomen and brushing her lips in a back and forth motion. Just barely touching his skin and letting her hot breath tease at him she flicks her tongue lightly over his skin, hearing him start to breathe heavily. Letting him wonder if…and when… she’ll go lower. Flicking her tongue in and out of his bellybutton and then scattering kisses over his navel as she scratches his abdomen … teasing him with her long nails.

Slowly and teasingly she moves her mouth down towards his shaft. Licking her way up one side and down the other … taking her time to make him nice and wet … flicking her tongue over the tip, tasting the salty moisture and raking her teeth down the underside of it and starting to caress his balls gently with her hand. Letting her tongue caress his skin, slowly engulfing him in her hot little mouth, sucking lightly at first then harder and harder. Letting him slip from her mouth, she blows cool air over his wet skin, feeling him tense up and stiffen more at the sensation. Taking one of his balls into her mouth she sucks gently yet insistently while stroking her hand up and down his shaft releasing his one ball and taking hold of the other to give it the same loving attention. She can feel him getting closer and closer to the point of orgasm. He runs his hands over her head, entwining his fingers in her hair … pulling at it and pushing her head down on him … forcing her his cock deeper into her mouth, feeling it brush against the back of her throat. Her muscles relax to accommodate him and suck at him all at the same time. He feels the vibrations emanating from her throat as he pulls on her hair. Tensing up, he gasps and starts to cum down her throat breathing heavily … pushing her down hard … trapping her head between his balls and hands letting her milk him dry. Pulling her up towards his mouth, letting her lie on top of him and breathing heavily coming down from his orgasm he kisses her passionately. He tastes himself on her lips and runs his hands over her … caressing her with his fingertips.

Lifting her head from his, breaking the kiss, she looks at him lovingly and softly whispers “Fuck me please … I want you to, so much … please, Anton … please”

Looking deeply into her eyes he whispers softly to her “No need to beg me Deanna, I want this as much as you do and I want you even more”.

Taking her head in his hand and pulling her face down to his, kissing her passionately, guiding her to place her legs on either side of him and moving back slowly. Feeling her press her hot pussy against his hard cock and her lips parting as his cock slides in between them he gasps as the head of his cock rubs against her clit. Lifting herself off of him she takes hold of him and places his cock at the entrance of her sopping wet pussy and lets it slide inside slowly as she sits back down again. She savors the feeling of being filled again like this, sliding down till all of him is inside of her. Leaning over forward she kisses him passionately and then starts to rock her hips, placing her hands on his chest to give her some stability … tightening her muscles around him, making him gasp and moan softly with pleasure. Locking her eyes onto his, smiling lovingly at him, rocking faster and faster, feeling her muscles starting to spasm from deep inside her, hearing her breathing become more ragged. She gasps out louder and whispers his name, hearing him moaning and gasping then suddenly throwing her head over backwards screaming. “Oh God … Oh fuck Anton … cum with me, please cum with me .. I want to feel your hot cum covering my insides … fuck … fuck … oh fuck … Oh my Goooooooooooooooood”. Feeling his cum shooting deep into her, his cock twitching inside of her as she contracts her muscles around him and milking him dry of every last drop of cum. Dropping forward, she rests her head on his chest gasping loudly and listening to his ragged breathing. Looking up at him, seeing him smile at her and hearing him whisper “I love you Deanna”. Tears form in her eyes as she whispers “I’ve loved you ever since the first night we talked, and I will love you for always.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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