Deaconstown Ch. 03

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If you haven’t read the first or second chapters, I recommend it. I know that it’s a little slow, but it will pick up soon. I promise.

As always, all characters are at least 18.


“Come on in. Find a seat. Introduce yourself to someone next to you.” My mom said from behind her desk. I walked over to her desk and she looked up at me. “Oh! Hey, Clay.” She said with a smile. “How has your day been going?” She asked, sorting through a couple of things.

“Good. I’ve met some…pretty cool people.” I said with a nod, my mind thinking back to the hot Peruvian princess, Karla, for a moment. “Might have found a job, but I need to see what football is going to be like, first.”

“I look forward to hearing about it at home. Now go find a seat.” She said as the 5 minute bell rang. I headed to the desks and sat in the second row. I was only the second one in the classroom. I watched my mom work and it was a little odd. She seemed like a completely different person. I knew deep down that she was my mom, but there was something different seeing her dressed up and preparing to teach. She was wearing a bright red button-up top that was unbuttoned a little bit, showing the suggestion of cleavage and a tight pencil skirt that stopped just below her knee. I had to admit. For once, I didn’t just see my mom as beautiful. She was sexy.

The room filled up pretty quickly and I ended up sitting in front of a couple of guys on the baseball team, both of which commented on how hot the teacher was. I didn’t really see the point in informing them I was her son and if I had a chance, I would kick the shit out of them. If anyone is going to think about how hot my mom is it’s going to be me.

Behind me were the baseball douche bags and to the left of me was a somewhat tall girl. She had tan skin and had an arm that was covered in tattoos. She had a bright winning smile and long curly blonde hair that fell down just past her chest. She dressed somewhat modestly. Couldn’t get much of a bearing on what kind of body she had, but she was pretty. I wondered what they fed the women in this town. She was wearing a sweater and some sweatpants, but when she put her arms up to do her hair, the sweatshirt lifted enough for me to see part of a flat stomach. I looked away pretty quickly after, so she didn’t see me staring.

In front of me was another girl. This one was rather thin. She had some healthy curve to her body, though I tried not to pay too much attention to her body. The last thing I needed was to be labelled as a pervert the first day in my mom’s class. As she stood, I saw that she had a pretty perky butt and as she turned to talk to the girl to my left, I saw that she was pretty cute. Nice lips. Freckles. Green eyes. Tattoo of a star right behind her ear. This one did notice me staring, unfortunately. Thankfully it was just at her face.

“Do I have something on my face?” She asked, turning to me. I blushed.

“No, I’m sorry for staring. I just…I was admiring your tattoo.” I said, pointing to her ear. She brushed her long blonde hair back and bent her ear a little bit.

“It’s cool, don’t you think? I wanted one, but didn’t want it really visible like some other people.” She said, nodding toward the girl next to me.

“Oh, shut up, Julia. Why don’t you show him the one on your ass, too?” She said, rolling her eyes. My eyes widened at the prospect of that, but as Julia opened her mouth to say something, my mom cleared her throat, calling everyone’s attention.

“Hello, everyone. Welcome to Physics.” She said, turning toward the board.

“Damn, would you look at that ass?” The guy behind me whispered. I dug my fingers into the corner of my desk a little bit, but I had to admit. My mom’s ass looked pretty hot in that skirt. I stopped looking when I heard the door to the classroom open.

“Sorry, I’m late. My dad had to talk to me.” My eyes widened a little bit when I saw the girl from the party walking in.

“Well, arcane izle you’re off the hook this time, but once I learn your name…Consequences.” My mom said with a grin. “Looks like there’s a spot open right there.” She said, pointing to the desk next to mine. I blushed a little bit. She had soft pale skin and long red-orange hair that fell down just past her shoulders. She had very pleasant curves, flaring hips and the sweater she had on showed off the fact that she was nicely developed in the chest area, my estimate was a solid C-cup. She smiled at my mom and turned to walk towards me. I looked up and shamelessly stared at her, my eyes wandering her body, down her long jean-clad legs and then back up to her face. She had nice lips and bright green eyes with freckles dotting over her cute nose and her cheeks. I thought a lot of girls at this school were hot, but she was absolutely beautiful.

“Mind if I sit here?” She asked quietly. I shook my head, quickly moving my backpack out of the way. She carefully sat down.

“Alright. Let me do roll real quick and then we can get started on the actual fun stuff.” My mom said, walking over to her desk.

“Like give us blowjobs?” The guy behind me whispered with a snicker. “I bet she swallows.”

“You’re going to be swallowing blood if you don’t shut the hell up.” I mumbled, looking down at my desk. I noticed the girl to my right look over at me, giving me a confused look.

“First off, I’m Ms. Sampson. In here, call me Ms. Sampson. Outside of school, you can call me Christy. Or if you’re my son, you can call me mom.” She said with a giggle. I couldn’t resist smiling a little bit.

“She’s single. Even better.” The other guy behind me said.

“Julia Alwell?” She read, looking around the class. The girl to my left raised her hand. “Lovely to meet you. Natalie Alwell?” The girl in front of me raised her hand. “You two related?”

“Yes, ma’am. She’s my baby sister.” Natalie said with a grin over at Julia. Julia rolled her eyes.

“We’re twins. I just came out second.” Julia explained before swatting Natalie’s shoulder. I took a deep breath, noticing the slight resemblance. There were a few names that I didn’t really recognize except for a couple that I recognized as people on the football team for whatever reason. Kim, most likely. Maybe some memory from the party that was floating up to the top of the pool of alcohol surrounding that night.

“Caleb Foster?” I looked up when I heard the guy behind me say here. “Mitchell Gruman?” That was the other guy. I memorized those names. First chance I got, I was going to lay them out. I listened to a few other names until I heard the door open again.

“Good grief, this school is way too damn big.” A guy walked into the room and looked around a little bit, noticing my mom at the front of the class. He was tall and gangly. He had shortish light brown hair and very mouse-ish features. He looked like the kind of guy who had a hard time keeping other people’s stuff out of his pockets. “Sorry for interrupting, teach. Carry on.” I smiled a little bit as he took a seat a row ahead and to the right of me.

“Ms. Sampson.” She corrected. “Please try to be on time in the future.” My mom said, looking over at him. “Gerald Henrimont?”

“Perfect timing as always. That’s Jerry, ma’am.” The guy to my diagonal said, raising his hand, a slight southern twinge in his voice. My mom made a note on her attendance sheet. There were several more names until she got to another one that mattered to me. I wanted to know about the girl to my right, but before her name was said, mine was.

“Clay Sampson.” She read with a proud smile.

“Hi, mom.” I said with a smile.

“Yes, that strapping young man is my son.” She said with a grin. I smiled and waved as everyone looked over at me. I waited for her to read the next name before I turned around to look at Caleb and Mitchell.

“If I hear you say one more thing about my mom, I will murder aşk kumardır izle you and get away with it, understand?” I said with a smile. They nodded, their cheeks bright red either in embarrassment or anger or both. I turned back around to see the girl next to me, looking over at me. I looked up at her and she quickly looked away.

“Emmiline Tetchfield?” My mom read. The girl raised her hand.

“Here, ma’am.” I looked over at Emmiline for a long moment, finally knowing her name, but I realized why her last name was familiar to me.

“Is your dad the football coach?” I ask, looking over at you.

“Are you new?” She asks sarcastically, rolling her eyes. I was about to inform her that I, in fact, was new, but my mom finished attendance and got the attention of the class once more.

“Okay, now what I want you to do is form 6 teams of 5. We have exactly 30 students and I don’t want to see any groups of 6 or of 4. Exactly 6 groups of exactly 5. After that, I want you to find one of the lab tables in the back and sit around it with your group.

Around me, Natalie, Julia, and Emmiline all formed together immediately and started looking around for two more. I’m looked up at them, silently trying to will them into adding me into their group, but a hand on my shoulder got my attention.

“Hey, Clay, was it?” I nodded to Jerry who crouched next to my desk. “What do you think about being a pair and asking those three lovely ladies to make a group of five?” I chuckled and ran my fingers through my hair before nodding. I stood up and Jerry and I walked to the three girls. “Excuse me, ladies. My pal, Clay and I couldn’t help noticing your lack of two people. Any problems with us two gentlemen joining you?”

“Not at all.” Julia said, smiling at me. I heard a sigh and I looked over at Emmiline who didn’t seem happy. The five of us headed to the back of the class and sat around one of the lab tables. Jerry figured out how to turn on one of the Bunsen burners and did so almost immediately.

“Extinguish that.” My mom said from the front of the class. Jerry did so with a chuckle. “Now, a sheet of paper is coming around. This is going to test your current knowledge of math, physics, and science, in general.” I had seen the quiz on the sheet earlier that morning and at a quick glance, I could tell that it would be quite easy for me. Having a science teacher as a mom really makes you quite knowledgeable in a lot of that sort of thing. Plus, I saw the answer key.

“Alright, so the first one…” Emmiline said, looking over the list. “A cow wanders from one end of a pen to the other then back to the other side. If the pen is 20 yards long, what is the cow’s displacement from when it started moving to when it stopped?” she read. “Uhh…20 plus 20 is 40, so…40 yards, right?”

“Zero.” I said, marking zero on my sheet. “It moved 40 yards, but it was displaced zero.” Emmiline looked up at me and narrowed her eyes.

“What’s the difference?” she asked with a shrug.

“If I set this pencil down and then move it over here and then move it exactly where it started, did its position change?” I ask, raising an eyebrow. “Over the three seconds I moved it, did it change?”

“Well…no, but—”

“He’s the teacher’s son. I’m listening to him.” Natalie said, marking zero. Julia and Jerry did too.

“Well, that doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever.” Emmiline said, marking zero. The rest of the quiz was just like this. I would say the right answer. Emmiline would argue. I would tell her why she was wrong. By the end of class, my group got one hundred percent, seemingly much to the disappointment of Emmiline. We handed them in and class was dismissed. I wanted to talk to Emmiline, but she sneered at me before beating a hasty retreat. I stopped into my next class which was English, but I was only there long enough to drop off my bags and be told to go to lunch. I was headed toward the lunchroom when I felt aslında özgürsün izle hands grab my shirt, yanking me into the bathroom.

“Hey there.” I looked down and saw Kim who was smiling up at me.

“Hey, haven’t seen you in a while.” I said with a smile back. “Why are we in the bathroom?”

“Because I needed to ask you something.” She said, dropping to her knees in front of me.

“Uhh…Th-this is…not exactly what I was expecting. Umm…What does this have to do with-oohhhhh…kay.” I fell back against the wall as I felt her take my cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on it as it quickly hardened in her mouth. She stroked it as she looked up at me.

“You know Michelle, right?” She asked, rolling my balls in her hand.

“Uhhh…yeah.” I say quietly, looking down at her. “She’s in my study hall. You introduced me to her, so—”

“Do you think she’s hot?” She asked, taking me into her mouth again.

“May…be…” I groaned as she took me into her throat. “She’s uhh…she’s cute. Is this going somewhere?”

“I need a favor.” She said, stroking me faster. I could feel my cock throbbing and she covered my cock with her mouth as I came, my cum pouring into her mouth. I took a deep breath, leaning back against the wall, trying to catch my breath. “I want you to fuck her.”

“What?!” I gasped out, still a little short of breath. I looked down at her and she stood up, wiping her lips.

“I want you to have sex with her. I’m not asking you to like…date her. Just have sex with her.” She said, undoing her jeans. She reached past me and locked the door. “Friday was your first time, right?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at me. I nodded as she sat upon the sink and spread her legs. “So…have you ever eaten a girl out before?” I looked at her and took a small breath. I had gone down on one previous girlfriend. I didn’t really know if I even did a good job, but I certainly wasn’t eating her out in a high school bathroom. Without answering, I knelt between her legs and placed my hands on the inside of her thighs. I placed gentle kisses on her legs before I latched my mouth onto her clit, swirling my tongue around it. “Oooooh…You have done this before.”

I continued to eat her pussy before I drove my tongue into her entrance, curling it against her g-spot, drawing a gasp from her, her thighs wrapping around my head. I tried to move, but she held me firmly, grinding herself on my tongue. I turned my eyes to look up at her and she looked down at me, running her fingers into my hair.

“Mmm…Not too bad…” She groaned as I wiggled my tongue faster and faster, her hips squirming. “Oh, shit…Clay…” Her voice choked into a whimper as I felt her cum on my tongue, my mouth flooding with her juices. Her legs tightened around me, cutting off my air. I kept licking and licking as she rode out her orgasm and she finally released me. I pulled away, gasping for breath once more. “Mmm…Sorry, baby. I guess I got a little carried away.”

“No kidding, but this is my first sexnapping, so I don’t know what to expect.” I muttered, breathing heavily. The bell rang and I looked up at her.

“Looks like part 2 will have to wait.” She said, a twinge of disappointment in her voice, but a flirtatious smile on her lips. She pulled on her clothes and took a second to check her hair and her clothes. “I’ll talk to you later. We can figure out when you and Michelle will be having a little meet-up.”

“Wait, hold on.” I said, watching her leave as I buttoned up my shirt and followed her out. “I didn’t say I was going to fu—” I stopped, coming face-to-face with Emmiline. I froze completely, unsure of what to say as she looked up at me then back at Kim who blew me a kiss as she walked away. “Fu…fu…find out who took your lip gloss.” I said, looking down at Emmiline. “She wanted to know who took it.”

“And you had to take your clothes off in the women’s bathroom to solve the crime? With that ravenous slut, Kim?” She asked, tilting her head. I froze, red-faced, running my fingers through my hair. “Mind if I use the restroom?”

“S-Sor—” She pushed past me as I weakly and awkwardly attempted to move out of the way. “—ry.” I groaned.

Fantastic first and second impressions.

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