Day 01: Sandy

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I woke up late again. At this point in the semester, I still wasn’t adjusted to my class schedule, being only 18 and a new student, so I only had about 10 minutes to get ready and to class. I would have preferred to put on more clothes before running off to the bathroom, but I was scared as hell of being yelled at by Mr Wilder, so I ended up scampering to the bathroom in a bra and panties. Of course, with my luck, my dad was in the hallway at the time, so I very nearly smashed right into him on my way. I tried to go around him, but we fumbled for a moment, so dad just grabbed my hips and moved me around him. My dad is take-charge like that. For a moment, his hands seemed to linger on my waist, but a second later he continued down the hall. Anyway, I needed to get showered so I ran into the bathroom and turned on the water. I had just pulled down my panties and unclasped my bra when I heard a little knock on the door. I pulled the door open a tad to find my dad there. “Yeah dad?”

He was holding a laptop in his hand. “Hey Sandy, Mike already left for class. I was meaning to give him my old laptop. It stopped working the other day, so I figured he could play around with it.” At this point, I was 5 minutes late, so I just hurried him off and told him to leave it by the door. Closing the door, I saw myself in the mirror and realized how much I had just flashed my father. My 36DD tits were exposed entirely by the bra hanging from my arms, and the angle I was standing spread my legs just enough to show off my pretty little pussy. I felt a little naughty, but it was an accident, so I just moved on with my shower. I managed to run out the door without a wardrobe malfunction, making sure to grab the laptop for Mike.

I showed up to class about 10 minutes late and found my older brother near the middle. He’d saved me my usual seat. “Mike, dad wanted me to give this to you.” I said, but my words went unnoticed judging by his continuing stare down the row. Once again, my brother was ignoring Mr Wilder’s lecture in favor of trying to peek at Nicole Downy’s skimpy cheerleader uniform. It was very provocative, indeed, but I still needed to give him the dang laptop, so I shoved him a little. “Dad said to give this to you.” I offered. “Thanks.” he said, returning to his personified porn.

I tried to follow along with the lecture, but it’s hard when Mr Wilder looks at you like a pin up doll in a magazine. Throughout the class, he walked back and forth in front of us, stealing glances up my skirt and occasionally taking the lecture down an aisle for a peek at my breasts. I couldn’t really focus, but I managed to take some basic notes and called it a day. I had to get ready for a movie with my boyfriend Jason.

Now, I’m a virgin. I’ve been with girls, Niğde Escort I’ve kissed, and I’ve done plenty of touching, but I’ve never seen a guy’s dick. Well, at least not before that day. Jason and I went to see a movie about some action hero jumping over cars and about halfway through, he started kissing my neck. I didn’t mind at all. I love being kissed on the neck. We started getting a little heavier, and his hands gravitated down to my skirt. I tried to push him away like I always do, but he was very insistent, so I let it slide a little bit. Before long, his hand was under my shirt while the other explored on top of my panties. I was feeling good to be honest, although the sensations were new, they felt pretty okay. It was when Jason tried to feel under my panties I called it quits. I told him that I wasn’t ready for that sort of thing. In fact, I told him several times, but his fingers managed to find their way into me anyway. I felt a twinge of pleasure when he got them in, but enough was enough. I stood up and walked out of the theater feeling flustered.

The lobby was crowded, so I walked outside for some fresh air. I was sitting down by the fountain when I suddenly spotted my dad walking by in the crowd. I almost shouted to him, but then I saw who he was with. On his arm was a very tall, very blonde, very slutty looking woman who was certainly NOT my mother. This was bad.

I decided I needed to follow them, for mom’s sake, and we three headed down the alley on the side of the theater. Trying to stay hidden, I saw them go into the theater through a propped open door. I snuck silently, well as silently as possible, into the theater where I saw them go into another, much smaller room. There were a lot of these little rooms lined up against the wall, each with a number and a box of tissues attached to the door. The one they’d gone into also said “Occupied” in little red letters. I had no idea what this place was or why they were here, but I had to investigate further, so I went over by their door and tried to listen. I heard some muffled noises, but I couldn’t tell what was happening. Then an idea came to me. Maybe if I got in the stall next to them, I could hear what they were talking about. So, I looked around for people, and finding nobody, I walked into the next stall.

I was not prepared for what I saw. On the left side of this stall was a big window that showed me the inside of the next cell. My father and that blonde woman were sitting on a bench, her straddling him, and her breasts were pulled out of her top. The whore wasn’t wearing a bra. I locked the stall and sat down on my own bench, waiting for them to notice me and explain themselves. But, after a couple minutes, I realized the glass was one-way, and Niğde Escort Bayan by that time my dad’s shirt and tie were on the ground. He started to lick and suck on her breasts in ways that made her moan loudly. He tugged on her nipples while rubbing her thighs against his crotch. She seemed to be enjoying herself very much. All in a moment, they began quickly undressing. The woman leaned over, pulling her dress up and her panties down, oddly enough in my direction. I got a good look at her pussy, glistening and wet from the foreplay my father had been giving her. I was so focused on her stripping down, I was surprised to glance over at my dad just as he unveiled his massive hard-on. It had to be at least 8 inches long, and it didn’t look fully up yet.

I’m sorry to admit, or at least I was then, that I felt something stirring in my panties at the sight of my dad’s dick. It was massive and shaved bare. I let out a little moan when the woman with him kneeled down to grab onto his penis. She stroked it slowly, licking her lips and staring into his eyes. Her hand was so small in comparison with his cock, it was almost comical. I realized then that my hands were rubbing my thighs without my express approval. Without noticing, I’d hiked up my skirt to my hips and started to stroke my inner thigh with lust. Now that I was doing it intentionally, my strokes got nearer and nearer my panties, until I was pushing little folds of silk into my hole while I moaned lightly.

I looked back to my father, cheating on my mom within feet of his daughter, and I quickened my pace. It felt so naughty knowing that he couldn’t see me. Knowing his disgusting secret was mine, and I was about to watch him fuck this blonde bimbo without his knowledge. My juices were running down my leg and soaking my panties, so I pulled them down and tossed them away. The blonde had moved onto rubbing the tip of his cock over her nipples, and then suddenly she took his whole length down her throat. She bobbed up and down quickly, pausing every few moments to inhale. She scarfed his dick down, the little whore. I could see the outline of his cock inside her neck each time she sucked it in again. Her tongue was stuck out on the underside of his shaft, tickling his balls each time she bottomed out. On they went, gagging and slurping until my dad stood up suddenly.

His hands went to her head and pulled him into her, thrusting over and over deeper into her throat. He face-fucked her for another minute before pulling out and slapping her around a bit with his massive dick. It looked fully grown now, and was probably 10 inches long. I was panting and moaning this whole time teasing and prodding my little pussy. At some point, my button up and bra had made their way Escort Niğde to the floor too, so that I was naked except for my skirt and boots. Naughty me.

My dad laid down on the bench with his feet toward me and pulled the slut to him. She instinctively jumped on his cock and sunk down a little over halfway. Using her legs to pump, she slid up and down, riding his cock slowly, obviously enjoying herself. She threw her head back and closed her eyes a moment. Apparently my dad saw that as the moment to grab her hips and force her down on his dick. She screamed with the whole thing inside of her, but she fucking loved it, I could tell. His man meat was jammed up into her far enough to tickle her tits and she was once again fucking him with abandon. I too, was getting fucked. My fingers, first one, then two, were jammed up inside me, tickling my insides. I was riding high, cumming hard, and not for the first time that night.

I came down from my self-gratification and saw that they had switched positions. My dad had shoved her up against the glass and entered her from behind, possibly in her asshole, and was now thrusting her tits flat against the glass with his crotch. I was curious how she felt with that big dick up in her vagina. And lucky for me, there was an easy place nearby that I could find one. These two probably wouldn’t finish any time soon, so I unlocked the door and moved over one stall. As soon as I entered, a dick was shoved through a hole in the wall. Now, I was naively expecting an in-person type meeting, but the cock that sprouted out was large and I was very curious about it.

I moved the bench so that I could sit under it and it twitched in my face. It took me a few moments to gather myself for the task at hand, but in a few seconds, my fingers were wrapped around the warm shaft in front of me. It was softer than I expected, but at the same time it was very hard. I stroked it a few times, then rubbed my little finger over the head. I had to. I had to take it in my mouth.

At first it was a cautious lick. As if it was going to hurt me for tasting it. But then, relieved by the pleasant taste, I closed my lips around the head. I stuck my tongue out like I’d watched the whore do and teased little circles around it before diving back in, this time a lot deeper. My mouth was full of man meat and I was so fucking wet. I hadn’t even thought to put my shirt back on before leaving the first stall, so I had easy access to pinch and pull at my nipples.

Apparently, the mystery cock had enjoyed my work, because it came all of a sudden into my mouth with a grunt and a moan. I was surprised, but it tasted good. I licked it off the cock sticking out in front of me, but in another moment it was gone.

When I turned to get my shirt and undergarments from the next stall, I noticed the door was open. God, I was becoming a real slut. I was so preoccupied with the dick that I had forgotten to close the door. Anybody could have been watching me. I’m naughty. But so is my cheating father.

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