Dark City Ch. 01

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Aaliyah Hadid

Coming home from a shift is never easy. You have to be careful to not drag the dirt and grime from the street into your home life. The world is ugly, his job is uglier – home has to be a place where he can decompress or one of these nights, he will insert his .45 SIG into his mouth and blow his brains out.

He tiptoes through the bedroom, careful not to wake Shan. They have been living together for almost a year now and she has gotten used to the hours kept by a homicide detective, especially one who specialized in sex crimes. He was always busy. No longer did she wait up for him, anticipating his return. Now she is content to sleep and talk to him in the morning.

He deftly places his pistol on the dresser and moves into the master bathroom. He closes the door before turning on the light, careful not to wake his sleeping beauty. He undresses and steps into the shower. Turning on the hot water, Det. Jim Springer let the horrors of the day wash away from him. Gone were the inter-office politics. No longer was he burdened by the images of the 9 year-old boy, pimped out, then murdered by his crack-addicted parents. No, Jim swore, he would not take his work home with him like so many others did. His worries washed down the drain until the next tour.

This was not to say that he didn’t find a way to unwind. Some guys drank, some had expensive hobbies, all to escape their job. With Jim, it is an overly active sexual appetite. To put it mildly, he likes to fuck. He loves it in all forms, with all manner of partners and combinations. Nothing is off limits to him.

His appetite is insatiable, but classy. He prefers a higher level of circumstances and situations than the dive bars and swank swingers clubs that middle-America imagines such people to frequent.

His appetite is what makes Shan such a find. She is perfect for him. In public life, she is a defense attorney. Extremely respected in her field, she painted the ideal picture of the young, powerful woman. She is sexy, strong and independent. These traits definitely impact her private life. In the bedroom, she can be an absolute whore, dominating men and women. And she also wants, at times to be a woman, loved tenderly and romantically. And there are still times that she needs to be degraded and broken and treated like meat.

She loves Jim because he accepts all these sides of her. He allows her to dominate him. He feels comfortable enough degrading her when she needs it. He is not so caught a private affair izle up in being her “protector” that he denies her something she so desperately needs. And Jim also knows that she needs verification of their life together and becomes the most tender love maker she ever experienced.

They spend their lives without legal commitment, rather choosing to give of each other freely and experience each other fully. They spend their days and nights together in their high-rise apartment constantly in the nude. This allows them the freedom to be truly open with each other. They share partners, stories and never refuse the other.

Jim ponders their relationship as he peeks out the bathroom door, the light illuminating the bedroom. She is fast asleep, her face turned away from him, her body contorted. The Egyptian cotton sheet slightly covers her heart shaped ass, the crack barely visible. As usual, the comforter was balled up on the floor. He noticed a faint trickle of sweat running down her spine. He reached for the thermostat and lowered the temperature in the room. He loved watching her sleep.

There were times when he would lie in bed, watching her, not realizing that his hand was stroking his cock. He would imagine being with her, the feel of her pussy walls contracting around his dick, urging his essence from him, until he exploded. He would close his eyes, imagining this as he thrashed on his side of the bed, until he felt white-hot semen slash on his shoulders and belly. Often his cum would escape his body, landing on the sheets or on her back, as she slept tenderly.

She would feign anger at him in the morning, complaining about the cost of sheets or the work that goes into cleaning them, all the while flattered that she could inspire such passion in her man. What she didn’t tell him was that she was often aware and would wait for him to pass out before sampling a taste or some pleasure of her own. They were very symbiotic in their pleasure.

Tonight was no different. As he crawled into bed, pulling back the sheets gave him an instant thrill. The view of her delicate shoulders and back, the way her spine descended as her waist narrowed, then rounded out into the perfect ass and broke off into two shapely, sensuous legs left him speechless and hard.

He crawled over to her, placing his hands on the small of her back and kissed her cheek lightly, whispering “good night.” He began to accused izle retreat when he felt her hand on his own ass, pulling him toward her. She rolled onto her side, so that his cock slid between the cheeks of her butt, allowing him to slide up and down her crack. He exhaled deeply as the nerves in his cock sent signals of pleasure throughout his body. He lightly touched her skin, but that is all it took for little drops of pre-cum to emerge from the tip of his penis.

She turned her face to his, offering her mouth and tongue and an ample breast for his eager hand. Her tits were perfect, much more than a handful with large dark nipples that felt like velvet under his tongue. He pulled and tugged at them, using her quiet moans of desire urge him on.

It was not long before his hand was tracing down her belly to the soft hair covering her vagina. He chuckled a bit.

“I thought you would like that,” she said between kisses, noting her now waxed pussy.

His fore and middle fingers lightly traced her soft labia, before gently opening them. A gush of excitement greeted his digits.

“You were ready?”

“Of course. Almost 24 hours without you inside me is to much.”

With that, she allowed him entry by throwing her leg over his hips.

He slid into her and immediately saw stars as his cock experienced the greatest pleasure on Earth. Shan had long learned how to use her pussy. She knew that a pussy was not something a man fucked into, but also something that she could use to fuck her man. She contracted her muscles, pulling him in. It always caught him off guard.

He sank into her, still holding onto her tit and kissing her as they lay on their sides. He allowed himself to relish being in her, as deep as he could go, feeling her muscles work up and down his shaft.

He grabbed at her tit, nibbled her ear as he felt the electricity flowing between the two lovers, their genitalia the conduit. Slowly he worked in and out of her, feeling juice flowing down him, matting his pubic hair and flowing down his balls to his taint and ass.

She felt her fingers joining his cock at the mouth of her cunt, using them to stimulate her clit and add depth to her canal.

He heard her moans begin to increase in depth and speed. He could heart the slopping of liquid from her groin as she mercilessly flicked her clit, urging the release of the first orgasm of the night.

When inside her, her pussy responds alef izle with a death grip until the orgasm passes. This is enough to make most men weep, but Jim bites his lip, until the assault passes.

He pulls out of her, preparing for reentry, but she retreats from his thrust.

He feels himself being covered in a hot, slick fluid. It runs down his shaft, soaking it in. He becomes aware of Shan reaching back and rubbing it around her asshole. With a jerk, she grabs for his dick, but can’t quite hold it, because of the lube.

Gently he whispers, “I got it.”

He slowly circles the rim of her ass with his cock before allowing it to being driving in. Slowly he pushes, until the purple head is buried in her rectum.

Her hand reaches for his and she squeezes.

“Go,” she grunts. He allows more of him to enter her, feeling the searing heat and the unbelievable tightness of her hole. Slowly he begins to fuck into her, finding it easier and easier with each thrust.

Her hand has moved back to her clit as she cries out for him to fuck her more, harder. He obliges, seeing nothing but her face, buried into her pillow as tears stream down her face. She loved the feel of the cock running in and out of her arse.

He moves her leg off of his, pushing them together, creating an even tighter canal. Three more thrusts is all he’s allowed as he feels his balls pull closer to his body, before they begin firing a barrage of cum into her butt.

He thrusts one final time into her ass, feeling his cum leaking around him, his cock no longer able to contain the deluge. They sleep like this for a few hours, his penis, limp and slick.

The next morning, the two enjoy their usual shower together. They discuss how they will spend their day off. Would they call some friends, stay home or go out to a bar.

She disappears into the kitchen for half an hour, returning with a try of breakfast.

“Wow, hun! You cooked bacon topless? That’s brave.”

“It’s a special occasion.”

“It is?”

“Yep. I got the job!”

Jim retrieves the tray, places it down and kisses her deeply.

As he kisses her, the phone rings.

“Detective Springer,” he says.

“Detective, this is Iesha Rotic, just assigned to fifth precinct. I have a DOA you may be interested in.”

“Why would I be interested?”

“Well, she was raped and killed, definitive signs of a ritual.”

“Who is on the case?”

“I am,” Iesha said.

“I am sure you have it all under control, Iesha.”

“Sir, the Captain thought you should see it.”


“One, she has the number 1 carved into her body.”

“And two,” Jim asked, perturbed.

“She’s your ex wife.”

Jim hung up the phone.

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