Dancing with Jen

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Big Dick

I lived for a short part of my life in a small college town. I’d gone to school there for a semester and then left, only to return and live for the sole purpose of partying. I was young, and not terribly bright or responsible. However, it gave me ample opportunity to hook up with a myriad of cute girls.

One weekend, I’d had my sister and a friend come visit me. Seeing as how they were both underage and couldn’t go to any bars with me, I spent the evening with them. We watched television and played board games, but I could see out the window of my house across to the string of bars and their lit neon signs. I was starting to get slightly antsy, knowing that I could at least meet friends out for a drink or two.

Midnight became 1 a.m., and my sister was starting to get exhausted. She and her friend started getting ready for bed, and the gears in my head turned as I calculated I could hit the bars for roughly half an hour. With any luck, I might also score, though it was doubtful.

With my sister and her friend having retired to the guest room, I left the house and trekked the short block over to the local meat market. It was a hole of a joint, with concrete floors and lousy Top 40 music, but it was notorious for cheap drinks and easy college students.

I strolled in around 1:30 and looked around. The place was not hopping at all — there were maybe 50 people in here, most of them occupied with the pool tables at the front of the house and the bar in the center. A few folks were dancing in the back, so I made my way towards the dance floor to see who was around.

I had just passed the bar when I focused on the prettiest girl in there: Jen.

Jen was about 5’6″, with shoulder-length brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She had one of those bodies that was toned but not muscular; beautiful cone-shaped breasts straining against a tight sweater accompanied by beautiful legs 1864 izle wrapped in a denim skirt.

She was cute, she could dance, and as I saw it, she was by herself. I thought for a minute on how to play this one out. My chances of getting her off the dance floor were relatively slim. She didn’t seem drunk, so it was going to be a matter of being charming, not witty. I knew what I had to do, one of those moments where I either make a complete ass of myself, or hit the jackpot instantaneously.

I walked onto the flashing dance floor, under the mirror ball and colored lights, and came right up to her. She smiled at me as I leaned over and said in her ear, “You should not be dancing out here all by yourself.”

I straightened back for the response. She grinned at me, that huge beautiful smile, and said, “Thank you.” She giggled. Oh, she was too fine.

I introduced myself (it turned out we had mutual friends, what with it being a college town and all), and we danced that last half an hour together. Once the house lights came on, we headed towards the door together. “Would you like to come back to my place, or are you heading back to the dorm,” I asked.

“No, I could come back with you if you wanted.”

I winked at her. “Yeah, I’d want that.” It amazes me the stupid luck I have sometimes.

We walked back to my house and sat in the living room for a short while, being quiet enough to not wake my sister. It came to a point where Jen started yawning.

“Are you tired? I can walk you home,” I offered.

“Actually, I’d rather just crash here,” she said, cementing what I figured might happen. We got up and walked into my bedroom, shutting and locking the door. I stripped down to my boxers while she undressed, revealing a matching deep purple bra and panties.

We slid into my single bed (hey, I didn’t buy it with hooking up in mind!) and I leaned 1899 izle in to kiss her. “Wait,” she said, “I can’t have sex.”

I looked at her in the darkness. “If that’s what you want, I understand.” She kissed me as if to say thank you, and we made out for a while before finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.


It might have been around 5 or 6 in the morning when I woke up. I don’t know what woke me up exactly, but I remember laying there with the faintest hint of light coming in the window, listening to Jen breathe next to me. She stirred, and I turned to look at her as she woke up.

“Hi,” she whispered, “Can’t sleep?”

“No, I just woke up a couple of minutes ago.” She shifted herself closer to me, and that’s when we both realized I had a huge erection going on. I didn’t even think to be embarassed or surprised, or anything; neither did she. She raised herself up on her elbows and kissed me, and then took my head in one hand to kiss me deeper.

I reached around her with my left arm and unhooked her bra, exposing those beautiful breasts. I couldn’t see them too well, but I could feel them — and a second later, I was tasting them as well, teasing her nipples with my tongue as she quietly moaned her satisfaction.

I felt her hand stroke my cock through my boxers, running her fingernails along the underside of it. I kissed her harder, and her fingers dove into my fly to grab a hold of me. To move things along, I reached down and shoved my boxers below my thighs, wriggling out of them. She quickly followed suit with her panties, and before we both knew it, she was underneath me, looking up.

I looked down at her. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” she said, “Now.”

I felt my way around her pussy, seeing how wet she was, and lined the head of my cock up against her. She moaned slightly as I slid myself perfectly into her, a 28 korkunç gün izle perfect entrance if ever there was one. We both shivered as it happened, and laid there for a second, feeling it. The two of us kissed there in the dark, slightly cold room, completely naked and loving the feeling of skin against skin.

There was no turning back as I started moving in and out of her, feeling the heightened sensations as we moved together. It wasn’t rough, but it certainly wasn’t soft either — it was fluid and perfect. She came twice, sinking her fingernails into my back each time, biting my neck.

I knew I was about ready to come. “Where do you want me to…”

“In my mouth. Tell me when,” she whispered.

I fucked her harder now, driving myself into her as she held her legs on either side of me. I was close, God, was I close. I felt it happening. “Now,” I said, as I pulled out of her. She quickly shimmied down the bed as I moved upwards, and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth as I started to come. My head lost all sense of rational thought as I felt her run her tongue over me, swallowing everything. She sucked me in completely when I’d finished, running her hands over my ass as I propped myself above her.

We slept beautifully for a couple of hours after that, naked and blissful.


We woke up around 9 and dressed. My sister and her friend hadn’t woken up yet, so we made a beeline for the front door. “Jen, I can walk you back, that’s not a problem. I can always leave a note for my sister.”

“No, it’s better this way. I’m not big on the goodbyes or drawing it out.”

We stood there in silence. I winked at her. “Coffee to go?”

She giggled again, pushing her snarled hair out of her face, and kissed me softly on the lips. “I’m all set.” And with that, she exited the house, and I doubted I’d ever see her again.

I did see her a couple of times again while I still lived in that town. We never hooked up again in such a manner, but each time I saw her, she always made a point to say hello, and wink at me with that gorgeous smile.

I don’t go dancing nearly as much as I should these days.

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