Daddy’s Girls Ch. 03 – Daughter Swap

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Reuben was madly in love with his young beautiful twins.

Dakota and Dallas possessed what the middle-aged man considered ideal youthful beauty. At 5’3″ and barely weighing over 100bs, they stood over a foot shorter than their father. The girls possessed smooth alabaster skin and long blonde hair that was usually tied in a ponytail, highlighting their sleek neck and shoulders. 34B breasts were splendidly proportional to their compact bodies. And while Dakota and Dallas were relatively short, they possessed obscenely long legs, making them appear much taller than in actuality.

Reuben shamefully admitted that his daughters’ youth and tiny size were major turn-ons. He was 56 years old while they were only 23 and weighed over 100lbs less than him. Dakota and Dallas were in the prime of their lives with still-developing bodies that their father thoroughly lusted over. The twins also possessed a certain bubbliness and naivete that could only be attributed the innocence of youth.

Not that Dakota and Dallas were innocent.

To Reuben, the twins’ tight bodies were made even more appealing by the fact that they were health fanatics. Yoga and barre classes enabled them to move with a grace of a ballerina yet workouts at the gym gave the girls toned physiques. Whenever Reuben saw Dakota and Dallas naked— which was quite often— he was always mesmerized by their rippling 6-packs and overall healthiness.

The twins shared the same penetrating green eyes, but Dakota’s always seemed to be twinkling with some inner joke that only she was aware of. Her poignant cheekbones and expression were sharper and harsher than her sister’s. Dallas, by comparison, possessed a much calmer and delicate mien.

The girls may have been identical twins, but they exhibited their own uniqueness.             

Dakota was a dancer at a high-end strip club who always thought with her heart and acted on impulse without giving much consideration to the consequences.

Dallas worked a white-collar job and was cerebral in her approach to life to the point of overthinking things.

The twins were different in their own ways, but Reuben loved them equally.

And ever since his beloved wife Carolina— Dakota and Dallas’ mother— had tragically passed away almost a year ago, they had become his lovers.

The trio were well aware that their incest was taboo, but how could it be wrong when it stemmed from genuine love?

Reuben adored his girls so much that he could never spend enough time with them. Since Carolina had succumbed to cancer, it truly exemplified how fragile life was. Love, the man finally realized, was the greatest gift one could give or receive in this world.

Incest wasn’t merely about having sex with his daughters; it was about love.

Reuben always made it a point to attempt to spend equal time with Dakota and Dallas, and spoiled them shamelessly at every opportunity; the man had purchased a new convertible for Dakota and paid a year’s lease upfront for Dallas’ luxury apartment . The twins, of course, reciprocated their father’s affection. The loss of Carolina had brought them closer, and they were convinced that she was looking down upon them favorably. Somewhere, they knew, the woman was happy that they were taking care of each other in her absence.

It almost felt like a profound loss to Reuben when Dallas announced that she was spending 2 weeks in Hawaii with her girlfriends. Since his wife had passed away, the man had essentially alternated weekends with his daughters. He would miss Dallas dearly even though she was simply going on vacation. Still, Reuben tried to frame things in a positive context.

He’d be spending more time with the sex-crazed Dakota.


When Dakota invited her father over for dinner the day her sister left for Hawaii, she flirtatiously stated there’d be a surprise waiting for him. Reuben figured that he was in for a night of hot sex. There was no limit to Dakota’s depravity and he assumed, at the very least, that he’d received another knee-buckling blowjob.

As the man sped over to his daughter’s apartment in his beat-up pickup truck, he grinned boyishly while reliving the countless times he had visited Dakota at her place of employed that was aptly named The Watering Hole. She had developed a rabid fanbase at the strip club, and Reuben was easily her most loyal customer! He had tucked more bills in the waistband of little girl’s panties than he could recall as she performed on stage.

That is, if daughter was even wearing any panties!

Father and daughter couldn’t believe that their encounters at The Watering Hole not only enhanced their sex, but brought them closer as well.

However, as Reuben routinely watched Dakota gyrate on a stripper pole to an adoring audience, he was struck was another realization.

It made him proud that these horny men wanted to have sex with his little girl!

While Kıbrıs Escort Reuben was fiercely protective of his daughters, the idea of strangers having their way with Dakota was strangely erotic, and his suspicion that she’d be more than happy to oblige them made the licentious fantasy even hotter.

Reuben’s pants were blatantly tented as he knocked on the door. His cockhead was already leaking prematurely, and every cell in his body ached for Dakota. He had already decided that he couldn’t wait until after dinner; he would pounce on the girl as soon as she opened the door, and rip her clothes off.

The door opened.


Reuben was about to launch himself through the doorway and smother his sexy daughter with kisses when he froze.

The person who answered the door was not Dakota!

But she was nearly as beautiful, and her long neon green hair was instantly familiar.

Lesli was also a sexy dancer at The Watering Hole. The buxom woman was thick-boned, but not in a masculine or negative sort of way. Her large breasts were savory and her curvy ass never failed to make the Reuben’s mouth water. And save for her face, almost every inch of Lesli’s voluptuous figure was covered with exotic tattoos. Reuben was a fairly conversative man who disdained body art, but he had to admit that the woman wore the colorful ink as alluringly as the eye-catching neon green hair. Lesli was almost 6ft tall, making her appear like a giant compared to Dakota. She was also 7 years older, but looked and acted so youthful that the ladies appeared to be the same age.

Even so, Reuben was old enough that he regarded Lesli as a child in a paternal sort of way, like he did his daughters.

And aside from his own daughter, Lesli was Reuben’s favorite stripper.

The man gawked at the attractive woman in surprise.

“Mr. Randall!” Lesli squealed in delight as she threw her arms around his neck. Her fruity scent and the way her full breasts pressed into his chest was very reminiscent of their times together at The Watering Hole.

The man was still too surprised to speak when Dakota suddenly appeared. She was dressed, as usual, in revealing attire: a formfitting tube top that accentuated her braless breasts and exposed her chiseled midriff, and equally snug leather pants. As gorgeous as Lesli was, Reuben looked past her and smiled.

Dakota’s presence was like a physical impact, and the man quickly recovered. “Hello, Lesli,” he recovered coolly. “I’m happy to see you here.”

“I’m surprised you can recognize Lesli since she’s wearing clothes,” Dakota teased her father impudently, causing him to blush. But she continued, “Come in. Lesli is joining us for dinner. I made your favorite: steak and lobster with a side of mashed potatoes.”

Reuben was genuinely touched as he entered the apartment, his dirty mind fantasizing about a hot threesome with 2 of the hottest young females he had ever seen, one who just happened to be of his own flesh and blood.


The threesome the horny man longed for unfortunately did not materialize. Reuben even had to force himself to act neutral around Dakota as he obviously needed to keep their incest a secret from Lesli. But his penis was so hard that it was painful, and the man was so desperate that he considered excusing himself several times to masturbate in the bathroom.

It was already late when Dakota politely escorted her guest to the door, where they shared a warm embrace.

Before leaving, however, Lesli turned and gave the older man a hug that lasted an inappropriately long time. She rubbed her chest against his and could feel his erection pressing into her. “Good-bye, Mr. Randall,” she spoke sweetly. “I’m sure I’ll see you at The Watering Hole soon.”

“You can count on it, gorgeous.”

The voluptuous green-haired haired woman glided her body against his, causing a reaction within the man that was to be expected. However, as Lesli slowly pulled away, she threw him a knowing grin as she if she aware of something that he wasn’t. But she turned without comment. Reuben stared at Lesli’s incredible ass, much to Dakota’s amusement, as the woman sauntered through the doorway and left. When she was gone, Dakota closed the door and regarded her father gravely.

The pair stared at each other silently for a moment…

…. and then were in each other’s arms, kissing and groping with pent up passion.


Dakota had been cruelly teasing her father all night. A sly grin here and there, feeding him her sexy profile whenever she felt his hungry eyes, running her heel up and down his leg as they sat at the dinner table… all this with Lesli seemingly none the wiser. The girl knew how to make her father even hotter for her.

Her ploy worked.

Reuben Lefkoşa Escort was so sexually frustrated that he stripped his daughter naked the instant she closed the front door. Then, tucking the petite girl under 1 arm as if she were a football, he hauled Dakota to her bedroom as she kicked and laughed, pretending to struggle. But the older man wasn’t laughing as he tossed her onto the bed. He was so impatient that he didn’t waste time removing his clothes.

Instead, Reuben merely fished out his sizeable erection, bent his daughter over, and penetrated her from behind.

Their copulation lacked the usual foreplay. The man hammered into the girl as he latched onto her narrow hips with his huge hands. The dull thud of skin slamming into skin coincided with their growls and whimpers.

Dakota knew it that it turned her father on whenever she talked dirty to him, or pretended to fight back and resist. He enjoyed using his immense size to dominate her tiny form. But tonight, the beautiful blonde stayed quiet— save for some uncontrollable moans— and remained still as she allowed him to ravish her.

Reuben’s huge erection felt like a hot knife searing into her pussy, and his cum was like boiling water as he ejaculated into her.

Reuben panted his daughter’s name as he shook his hips one final time, depositing his last drops before withdrawing and rolling onto the bed next to her. Dakota’s legs felt too rubbery to move so she remained where she was, bent over the edge of her bed. However, when she turned her head to smile winsomely, Reuben was struck by how young and beautiful his daughter actually was.

“That may have been the fastest you’ve ever cum, Daddy.”

“Your fault, Baby Girl” he deadpanned, using Dakota’s pet name. “You teased me all night and made me hot for you. Bad girl. Bad, bad Baby Girl.”

Using pet names was like a game to the duo. “Daddy’s Baby Girl knows that Daddy loves to be teased.”

Reuben laughed, falling out of character. “You can be so cruel, Dakota. Come here.” He hooked one huge arm around her tiny waist and pulled her to him. The girl lay her head on her father’s chest. His body was solid, and as she listened to the beating of his heart, and felt the rise and fall of his chest with each breath, Dakota felt like a little girl once more as her father’s presence made her feel safe and secure.

The man held his daughter close. Possessively. Protectively.

“I love you, Dakota,” Reuben told her softly.

“I love you, too, daddy.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you and Dallas.” He sighed. “I really hope your sister has fun in Hawaii.”

“And I’m really glad mom made you get a vasectomy all those years ago!”

They laughed before falling into a silence.

After a long while, however, Reuben could sense the unease emanating from his daughter. It wasn’t like her to go this long without saying something or making a wisecrack even during a tender moment like this. He knew her too well. “What’s wrong, Baby Girl?”

Dakota bit her lip. She had been planning something special for her father ever since he slept with her twin sister just a few days ago . It was a wicked idea and, while they would both benefit, Dakota was ultimately doing it for her him.

As usual, she decided to go for it without considering the consequences.

“Daddy, would you like to sleep with Lesli?”

Reuben opened his eyes. “What?”

“You heard me. Would you like to sleep with Lesli?”

The older man sat up and stared at his daughter. “And you’re asking me this… why?”

“Because I have something special planned for you… well, for both of us, really… but first I need to know how you feel about her.”

Lesli was undeniably gorgeous, so there was no point in lying. Besides, Reuben could never lie to his daughters. “Of course,” he answered calmly. “But, again, why are you asking?”

Dakota’s response was shocking, even by her standards.


Though Dakota and Reuben arrived at Lesli’s home as a couple, they weren’t a couple tonight.

Reuben felt awkward in a dress shirt and khakis. Beside him, his daughter was in her usual provocative garb: a tight white blouse with a black bra visible underneath, and skintight jeans. Together, they had come dressed to impressed.

Dakota glanced at her father. “Are you ready?”

Reuben considered the question. He couldn’t believe that he had agreed to Dakota’s proposition. He was eager, to be clear, but a wrongness that he couldn’t explain gnawed at him. But Dakota was excited, probably as much for herself as for him, and Reuben didn’t want to ruin things for her.

Besides, he was already sleeping with both of his daughters; everything else in life was innocent and trivial by comparison.

“I am, Baby Girl.”

Dakota nodded confidently and knocked.

Another incestuous couple answered the door Girne Escort and smiled eagerly at their guests.


Lesli and her father Daniel appeared to be the polar opposites of Dakota and Reuben. Whereas Reuben’s huge frame practically caused his petite daughter to disappear when he stood next to her, Daniel barely reached his daughter’s chin. He possessed a gaunt frame and a noticeable receding hairline with thin graying hair. Reuben recalled that the man was in his early 60’s, approximately 5 years older than him, but admitted with some resignation that Daniel appeared to be in better physical shape that he was. Wire-rimmed glasses sat on Daniel’s squinty blue eyes.

Daniel had a scholarly air about him which was also the antithesis of Lesli, who appeared as though she belonged at a rave, with her green hair and tattoos. Like Reuben and Dakota, their body types were completely different, but at least Reuben could see some of his own physical features in his daughters’ faces. The man saw nothing of Daniel in Lesli.

Reuben wasn’t judgmental, but he was a bit surprised when Dakota admitted that she considered Daniel very handsome.

Daniel was dressed in a polo shirt and khakis. Lesli wore a short skirt and a tight blouse similar to Dakota. But whereas the latter donned bra underneath, Lesli left her top buttons undone, showing off a great deal of cleavage.

The woman was definitely not wearing a bra.

Reuben was carrying flowers in his hand just like his counterpart. And when the front door open, Lesli clapped happily and gave him a warm hug just as she had done at Dakota’s apartment. And just like then, the hug was lingering and intimate to the point where Reuben glanced awkwardly at the woman’s father.

However, Daniel didn’t notice as he was handing his flowers to Reuben’s daughter and giving Dakota a familiar hug of his own

That excited Reuben AND made him jealous.

When Lesli pulled back, he presented his offering. She blushed in genuine delight. “Are these for me?”

“Of course.”

She hugged Reuben again, causing another stirring between his legs.

Reuben then turned towards Daniel, who was standing exceptional close to his daughter. He sized the older man up before shaking hands. “Hello, I’m Reuben. Dakota’s father.”

“Nice to meet you, and welcome. I’m Daniel. You’ve obviously already met Lesli.” Reuben had arrived feeling territorial and wary of Lesli’s father, but the man’s friendly smile thawed the ice somewhat.

“Dad, Reuben is one of my most loyal customers, and easily my favorite.”

Reuben blushed.

“Mine, too,” Dakota chipped in with a grin.

The man blushed even darker.

Lesli and Daniel laughed.

Reuben was slightly offended that they were amused by his discomfort. He was also feeling irrationally belligerent now that Dakota was holding the flowers that Daniel had given her. “You two seem familiar with each other. Have you met before?” What Reuben was truly asking, however, was Have you seen my daughter strip at The Watering Hole? Reuben at least tried to sound polite.

Daniel nodded as he discerned the underlying question. “This is the third time that I’ve met Dakota. Les often invites her over for dinner.”

That surprised Reuben. “Oh? I didn’t know that.” He had purposely kept his questions about Daniel to a minimum before agreeing to this night, but now Reuben was regretting that he hadn’t communicated more with his daughter beforehand. And even though Daniel was indirectly admitting that he hadn’t watched his daughter strip at The Watering Hole, Reuben was still feeling overly protective of her to the point of acting confrontational.

Dakota, like Dallas, could read her father like a book and immediately sensed his hostility. In truth, she was happy for his protectiveness. It made her and her sister feel safe and loved, and, quite frankly, it was a major turn on for Dakota. But she glided over to Reuben and reached out to take his hand.

They looked at each other, and Dakota felt the tension dissipate from her father as a look of understanding passed between them.

Everything will be ok. Tonight is going to be FUN! I love you, Daddy.

I love you, too, Baby Girl.

Lesli and Daniel were holding their breath as if expecting the worst. They didn’t relax until Reuben offered a smile. It was only then that the pair breathed a sigh of relief.

Excitement mounting once more, the hosts invited their guests inside.


Dinner at Lesli and Daniel’s house initially felt like dinner at Dakota’s apartment. The girls were flirty and equally adept at seizing the men’s attention. Reuben was as hard as a rock around them, just like that weekend. This time, however, the endless possibilities made him equally apprehensive.

The night started normally though everyone’s unspoken nervousness was palpable. Reuben and his daughter sat on one side of a rectangular table as the four engaged in polite conversation. Among the many tidbits that Reuben learned about his daughter’s voluptuous friend and fellow dancer, he was surprised to discover that Lesli was adopted at the age of 2.

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