Daddy’s Girl

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She wonders if it is a dream; it always starts the same way…

She is a 20-something still living at home with her parents, but she feels in the ‘dream’ as if she is only 18. She is called into her parents’ bedroom by her father; they are all alone in the house. He tells her to take off all her clothes, as what she’s done is so terrible she doesn’t deserve clothing’s protection. Her father tells her to lay across his lap. His arm goes across her chest and his hand holds her breast. He tells her to spread her legs slightly and put her feet on the floor; she can barely get her toes to the floor at the angle she’s being held at, but spreading her legs does help. Her father’s other arm is draped on her buttocks, and as she settles into the position her father wishes her in, his hand rubs her derriere…then he suddenly smacks her. Hard. She cries out, more in shock and surprise than pain, and feels her father’s penis harden underneath her. It makes it hard for sincan escort her to stay on his lap, as do the smacks her father administers. Soon her ass feels hot and sore, and she is wriggling around trying to avoid the spanking. She notices that she also feels aroused and is surprised. Her pussy lips are wet and she feels an ache deep in her core. Her father’s spanks are also getting slower, with long pauses in between them; in the pauses, he slides his finger into her folds, making her moan and move even more on his lap. His cock is getting harder and soon he is no longer spanking her at all. He inserts his finger into her vagina and moves it in and out, rubbing the walls and making her groan and arch her back; his thumb rubs her clit. His other hand is squeezing her breast, twisting and pulling on her nipple, which shoots sparks of desire through her body to her cunt. Her hips are by now rocking back and forth, wanting the ache soothed, somehow. çankaya escort

Her father suddenly moves her off his lap and bends her over the bed. She hears the jingle as her father’s belt buckle moves around, the swish of cloth as his pants and briefs slide down his legs. His finger is inserted back into her and he moves it around, making her cry out with frustration and desire…and then the finger is replaced with her father’s hard cock. He pushes it in and pulls it out, and she pushes back as best she can to get her daddy deeper into her. “Mmmmm, sexy little bitch…knew you wanted this…,” her father groans out above her, making her even more aroused. She moans and screams…and then feels a deeper ache, stronger pull, as her father groans and says, “Ohhhhhhhhh god, baby girl, I’m cummin’!” She screams in pleasure and victory as her father’s sperm fills her vagina. He collapses next to her and a little on top, breathing heavily eryaman escort and muttering, “Oh baby girl, you’re the best little fuck, such a hot little pussy, you’re daddy’s good little slut, aren’t you?” She smiles smugly, snuggling up to her daddy, until he looks at the clock and makes her go to her room…The first time he did this, it hurt; she even bled a bit. But he explained to her it hurt the first time; then it felt good and she would love it. And of course her daddy was right. She loved having sex with him after that. He was so huge and made her feel so…satisfied. He even did it just the way she liked it, rough with just a little bit of pain.

Or at least she thinks it went that way…she never has known if it was a dream or reality, or if parts of it were real, or what. She just knows that there have always been whispers about incest running through her daddy’s family. She also knows she doesn’t know how to ask her daddy if he ever had fucked her. But no man has ever been able to make her feel like that – dream? memory? whatever it is – did. Many times, she would cut a date short to go home and masturbate to that memory. She would moan and cry out, wishing she could somehow find out if the dream had been a reality…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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