Daddy’s Friends Pt. 02

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Apologies to everyone who thought the first chapter was too short – I’ve quickly uploaded the second one to compensate! It’s so hard not to pleasure myself when writing these stories and I came so quickly from imagining the last one. This one took a few attempts ??

As at least 8 or 9 men walked in to our spacious living room and too seat around the sofa I stared at my Daddy in disbelief.

“Daddy? What’s going on?” I asked trying in vain to cover up my bare pussy and pulling my tank top back over my tits.

“Aw baby, you don’t have to pretend. I never dreamed of finally being able to use you, and when I finally did, to find out you were so eager! I couldn’t resist baby.” He sat down beside me, pulling me back on to his lap so my back was pressed against his chest. I squirmed a bit and felt his erection press against my ass.

“You don’t have to pretend, sweetie,” he repeated in my ear, “I know what a little slut you are, jumping out of the car and getting off on me kissing and touching you outside. I know you’re going to love this even more. Look at them,” and I looked up, seeing that a few of them had already started to rub their crotches at seeing me wet and squirming. Daddy moved his hands over my thighs making sure to drag my skirt up to tease my bare pussy. Then he moved his hands up to start groping and fondling my tits.

“Daddy, I’m not sure I want to – “

“Shhh baby, I know what you want,” he laughed, and a few of the men around the room chuckled. He pushed my tits together and then let them bounce down. “You know how much you enjoy Daddy’s cock – I know you love drinking my cum as well. Think about how good it’s going to be with all the more cum in you? Don’t you want to show Daddy what a good girl you are?”

Even as I tried to shy away from the men’s eyes I felt myself getting hot under their stares – an liked it. I bit back a shy smile which didn’t escape Daddy’s notice.

“See? Look what I told you boys. Such a little cumslut for any cock that comes her way.”

“Daddy!” I whined, embarrassed, but remembering the intense lust burning within me, desperate to be filled and to please. I slowly pushed back on to Daddy’s cock and unwound my arms from their futile attempt to cover any modesty. I held on to Daddy’s legs beneath me and tried to block out the men’s stares as I rocked back and forth on his clothed cock.

“You lucky son-of-a-bitch Mark,” one of the men laughed, “you seriously got that pussy all to yourself?”

“I told you it was worth it. She used to beg me to give it to her as soon as her Mother was out the door, you should have seen it.” I whined again in embarrassment but he continued to tell the story. “I’d turn around from the door after kissing my wife goodbye and there she was on the floor, on her fucking knees,” the men around me looked at me even more greedily, “mouth hanging open and rubbing herself, desperate to taste my dick. Crawl after me to go sit on the couch and suck my cock all morning.”

“Fuck, wish my daughter would do that.” Another one remarked. This one had his cock already hard, stroking it up and down as he watched me with hooded eyes. Without a word, he stood up and started over to us with his trousers just far enough down for his large black cock to be fully accessible.

“Ugh – Daddy – ” I whined, but it was no use. He locked an arm around my waist and started playing with my clit with the other, driving me to distraction.

“Ugh, yeah, that’s it baby,” He said as I started bucking against his fingers and moaning quietly, “I know you want more cock in you. Come on baby, let’s make my friends happy, yeah?” He started rubbing my pussy harder and I couldn’t help but close my eyes to the man now standing in front of me, his huge black cock leaking with precum.

“Daddy, no,” I moaned even as started fucking myself on his fingers. I was so wet that it could be heard around the room. In my state of bliss I felt the head of this strangers weeping cock brush my mouth, then again, covering my lips in cum.

“Mmm – agh, Daddy! Please,” I moaned, though at this point I was so desperate to be filled that I didn’t mind the strangers cock near my face. He stepped a bit closer and just as I opened my mouth to tell Daddy to fuck me himself, the man slipped his hard cock into my mouth. On instinct I closed my lips around it, carefuly not to catch him with my teeth, and sucked as the cock was pulled back out of my mouth.

“Ugh – ugh!” I moaned as Daddy continued to finger me and the old black Daddy lined himself up against my mouth again. The second time he slipped in I couldn’t help myself, bobbing my head up and down and savouring the thick, heady taste of his cock. It was so large that I wasn’t sure if I could deep throat it properly but I quickly remembered my self. I pulled off the cock head and leaned back against Daddy.

“Daddy, no, I don’t think I can do this…” I trailed etimesgut escort off, glancing furtively around the room where the men were getting even more excited. Some were still rubbing themselves over their pants, but one or two had already stood up, cocks out, as if they were next in line to be sucked. Even as I said those words the heat and smell of the man’s cock in front of me beckoned, and he knew I was close to breaking.

“Come on, you dirty bitch. You know you want my cock. Look how well you were sucking it! No need to be shy baby.” He held the back of my head and slowly guided it towards his glistening cockhead. In my desperation I sucked down his cock in one more go, bobbing my head up and down and no longer able to deny how much this was turning me on. The man above me held on to my hair and pulled me off his cock which made me moan dejectedly. He laughed.

“You’re right, Mark, she is a hungry slut. Never knew you’d be this desperate baby! That’s a good girl,” He told me as he playfully fed me his cock then pulled my head off it, laughing every time I moaned at the loss, “you dirty bitch, desperate for it.” He pulled my head right on to his cock, as far as it would go, and I gagged around the hot heat in my mouth. He pulled me off quickly and my saliva covered his dick even more. It was dripping down my chin and on to my shirt. Smoothly, Daddy reached around and pulled my tank down so that my breasts popped out and there was a general hum of approval around the room. It made me feel incredibly dirty but I couldn’t seem to stop myself reaching from the grip in my hair to try and slurp up his cock once more.

“You want it that bad? Alright baby,” and with that he pulled my head down all the way on to his almost 8 inch cock. I gagged around it and loved the feeling of my mouth and throat being full – if only my other holes felt the same. With that though and the feeling of gagging on this strangers cock I began grining down on Daddy once more. He pinched my nipples harder in response and caressed my body while whispering in my ear.

“Good girl, you’re such a good girl baby. Look at you, taking that cock like a champ. You look so beautiful. Bet you didn’t even know you could take it this good, did you?”

“Ugh-uh,” I moaned with my mouth still completely full. Finally, he pulled my head off. I was so fucking blissed out and hazy with lust though that I couldn’t stand the though of letting his cock out of me completely. I sucked as he pulled me back and he moaned in pleasure above me, letting my hair loose just enough that I greedily reached up to grab his cock and stuff some more into my mouth. I felt crazy with desire, and I was drooling all over his cock and onto my tits which my Daddy was groping as he watched. I eagerly sucked and slurped this man’s cock as a few of the men behind him started standing up and getting closer.

“Little cock tease,” one of the men behind him told me, “I always seen you when you comin’ down the road, looking like a ripe ass ready to fuck, How come you never come do this for me, eh, baby?”

My Daddy laughed and patted my soaking pussy.

“Well, she’s all yours now.” I barely heard this exchange as I was busy with the throbbing member in my mouth, slobbering all over it and dribbling down my chin, having my hair pulled back and forth and he started throbbing and getting close to orgasm. A minute later as the men watched my defiled body, he started face fucking me. I took it with a slack jaw and open mouth, moaning at the domination. He bent over me and jack-hammered in to my mouth which I loved. Daddy had never used my mouth so roughly and I gargled and moaned at every thrust.

Before another minute was up the man was seconds away from cumming and grunted, going to pull his cock out of my mouth.

“No, don’t,” Daddy told him, “she’s been a good little cumslut – she prefers to drink her whole reward.” Daddy leaned back and to the side a bit so he could properly see me. I hummed in agreement. Nothing was better than tasting the salty fruit of my labour. The man above me nodded and laughed a bit, pulling out just enough to leave the head inside on which I suckled eagerly. When this became too sensitive he rested his heavy, thick cock on my tongue and stroked himself to completion. The thick, ropey cum filled my mouth and I moaned once again. I opened my mouth to show him what a good girl I was and then swallowed it completely, licking my lips and giggling, diving back in to lick and clean up any drops of cum still clinging to his softening cock.

The men around me huffed in anticipation, some moaning quietly but most just watching how much I went after the cock in front of me. Without warning Daddy lifted me up off him and got up from the sofa, walking over to one of the armchairs directly across from us. I looked at him and was about to say something when two of his friends otele gelen escort took his place beside me. One was as old as 60, with grey, whispy hair and a wiry frame. Despite looking older he was the first one to start caressing my bare breasts, now sticky, and start pinching and rolling my nipples. The other was younger, maybe only 50, and put his arm around me, slowly taking my hand and putting it on his cock which he’d been stroking previously. I was quickly too preoccupied with the pleasure from my tits and the other cock by my side to think about Daddy. Another man stepped up infront of me, this time white, with blonde hair and smirking. I looked up at him innocently and he hungrily took in my wrecked appearance.

“Take that off,” he commanded, pointing to my skirt, and I raised myself slightly to remove it.

“Good girl,” he whispered, bringing his cock head level with my lips. Although his cock wa slightly shorter than the other man’s, it was thick and looked incredibly heavy. His balls looked full and my mouth started watering at the thought of licking them. Before I could, however, a dull thud could be heard. I realised that it was from the blonde man slapping his heavy cock across my face, and I almost came right there. Who knew how hot that was! He did it again, and again, as he heard me moan in delight. He stopped briefly to smear precum on my lips again as the other man had, then quickly slapped my in the face with his cock one more time.

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned, still wanking the man to my left and holding the older man’s head to my tit as he had bent down to suckle.

“Yes, you dirty bitch, you better like that. You like that baby?”

“Yes Daddy!” I cried, reverting to my usual response. He laughed at the title and slowly started face fucking me to his pleasure. He came much more quickly than the other one, mainly because he had me gaggin on his cock for the few minutes he was sucking my mouth and came with a gasp, holding me down fully so that the cum shot down my throat. I felt the cock in my left hand twitch at watching me gagged like that and, just as the blonde in front of me pulled his cock out, I felt myself being lifted up on to the cock I was previously stroking. All of the men around me had their cocks visible now and, despite my best efforts, I was hungrily eyeing up each one, ready now not to hold anything back and give in to this eternal lust in side of me.

My set pussy lips parted as I was hoisted up on to the man sitting down, my tits relieved from the constant groping of the old man beside me. Instead, he leaned against the arm rest and watched me like a pervert which I sank down on the long, hard rod beneath me. I moaned in ecstasy louder and louder as what I had been waiting for for so long was finally happening. Maybe it wasn’t my Daddy’s wet dick, but as I looked across I could see the absolute pleasure he was taking from watching me be used my so many men – and enjoying it!

I kept my eyes on my Daddy as I sank down on the thick cock, moving up and down to accommodate it to my tight, wet hole. Luckily, all the sucking and molesting had made me so wet that it wasn’t difficult, and in no time I was doing what I’d only dreamed about before. Bouncing up and down on a strangers cock, my arms supporting me on his legs, thighs bent on either side of him and tits bouncing up and down as my Daddy pulled out his cock and stroked, watching his daughter defile herself on these other men’s cocks.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I cried as the I bounced up and down on the hard dick, thighs spread wide so everyone could see it going in and out of my greedy hole. The squelching sound of my cum and his balls slapping my ass could be heard around the room, as well as everyone’s breath as a few sped up their wanking as they watched me. One of them, short and pot bellied with dark hair and no trousers edged closer to me, panting.

“Fuck that fucking cock baby, mm, looks like you were made for it.” A few of the men nodded in agreement. “Fuck, yes – go on, you slut, you love it!” He talked filth to me as he stroked his cock faster and faster, edging towards me. I continued bouncing on this mad now filling my pussy up but revelled in the cock being wanked right in front of me.

“Mm- Daddy! Please, let me taste. Let me taste your cock, please – ” but before he could even get it in my mouth he exploded his seed all over my bouncing tits and tank top which was still caught beneath them.

“Oh, fuck, yes darlin’. Good girl baby,” He moaned as he milked his cock, semen dripping out onto wet tits. I leant forward to lick the last few drops off and he patted my head like a good dog. As I leant forward, the man beneath me took this opportunity to start fucking up in to my pussy which made me moan exceedingly loudly. Having him set the pace he wanted made me even hornier. He grabbed my hair so my back arched and the kızılay escort now soft cock popped out of my mouth. Without missing a beat another cock head was notched into my lips. Whilst sitting there, I pushed back against the cock ploughing my pussy so was full from that end, then forward to fill my self from the other end. The two men, however, had a different idea. Holding me in place in the middle they started fucking me in unison. At the same pace the man behind would fully fuck up in to my pussy, filling me like a good bitch, just as the man in front would fuck into my mouth.

The noises this made were so dirty that I came on the cock that was fucking me, the man having reached around and rubbed my clit as he fucked me.

“God, that bitch already cumming on my cock, I can feel it!” He cawed, and continued the co-ordinated pounding.

“Ngh – ngh – ngh” I moaned rhythmically and could feel another orgasm following the first. My pussy juice was now coating the cock beneath me and I could feel him getting restless. Without waiting for the man infront of me to finish in my mouth, he pushed me to stand up and forced me to bend over on my knees to that my ass was in the air. Like this, my face was smushed in to the plush carpet. I was drooling and had cum all over me already and I couldn’t have been more turned on, moaning and whimpering as the man who previously had his cock in me started pounding me from behind.

Both my arms lay to the side of my head and my whole body bounced forward and backward as my pussy walls spasmed against the hard rod ramming my pussy. My Daddy was to the side and could see the entire ordeal which was no doubt making him harder. I felt someone lift my shoulders up from the floor and was faced with two lush cocks in front of me: one thick, shorter and black, and one long and heavy and white. I dove in for the black cock without thinking, tears already streaming down my face from gagging on so much but still eager for more. I smirked around the hot and heavy weight on my tongue as I felt a hand on the back of my head, guiding me down, and tried to please him with my tongue licking up the sensitive underside of his cock.

“Yeah baby, just like that,” I heard his deep voice rumble from above me as another cock smeared its seed on my cheek. I popped off the first cock and set to work sucking the second long, white one with obvious pleasure. The man behind me had slowed his pounding and was now almost casually filling my pussy to bursting point before pulling back out slowly. He spanked my ass cheek once, hard, to see if I liked it. I squealed and then moaned deeply when he did so, sending vibrations up the cock of the man in front of me. What a dirty little whore I was, taking three cocks from complete strangers and enjoying it so much! I though I was a slut for Daddy’s cock, but it turned out it wasn’t just him.

“C’mon baby, back to mine princess.” The black stranger told me and I obediently popped off the other cock. This time, I bent around to lick and suckly his sensitive balls before suckling the tip of his painfully hard rod.

“Mmm, Daddy, love your cock,” I moaned, feeling the sweet pleasure of the cock in my pussy throbbing from near release. “Love that hard, thick cock in me, using me like the slut I am,” I moaned. The man behind me sped up, and I sped up sucking the cocks in front of me. Whilst the white man to my right started jacking his own off to cum quicker, his breaths became short and sharp and he soon released himself all over the side of my face which dripped down on to the floor. With the thick black cock in one hand I popped off in order to try and lick up some of the salty cream from the floor, desperate as I was to taste such good cum.

I quickly returned to sucking the man in front and massaged his balls which sent him over the edge. He held my head on by my hair and his cock spasmed in my mouth, filling it with delicious seed.

“Ugh – ngh!” I moaned as he let go of my hair and I fell forward, ass once again up in the air for the man to finish in my pussy. My head was now turned to the right where my Daddy was sitting watching all of this unfold. It was only then that I noticed he held a camera in his hand and was stroking himself with the other -I couldn’t believe it! Even as the throbbing cock in my pussy exploded and filled my walls with warm Daddy cum, I gasped, extra turned on my the sight of my dirty father filming everything that was happening.

“Daddy!” I cried, this time aimed at my real father. The man fucking me from behind buried his cock deep in my dripping pussy (I honestly couldn’t tell how many times I had cum by that point) to make sure he left every last seed in me. As he pulled out I turned around and, feeling the hot sensation of cum pooling out of my pussy and onto my thighs, quickly slurped up the cum covering the softening cock. The man grunted and squirted one more time to my absolute delight, and I looked directly in to the camera as Daddy raised it to watch me.

“Fuck, baby. I knew you were a cock hungry slut, but never anything like this.” He told me, closing the camera. I’d been ravished already by so many men, but there was still one more left to please…

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