Daddy’s Babygirl

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Her name is Angel and she turned 18 this summer. She was a beautiful girl 5’4 long blonde hair and green eyes she had curves in all the right places. The boys were lusting after her. She had played with a lot of boys but could never seem to find any satisfaction. They made her hot and wet and sometimes she came but felt like something was missing.

The first time it happened she was at home alone on her bed in her room. She was horny so she was laying on her bed with her hand between her legs rubbing herself against her panties. She always started this way because making her panties all wet turned her on. She also liked to squeeze and pinch her nipples through the thin fabric of her tight t-shirt. Her door was open just enough that her Daddy heard her when he came home.

She didn’t know he had come home early and was standing in the doorway watching her. He was instantly hard. He had been thinking of his baby-girl for awhile watching her grow up and become a woman, he just couldn’t help himself. He started to stroke his hard cock watching her moan and play with herself on her bed. He must have made a sound because suddenly she looked up startled to see him in the doorway stroking his cock.

“ooh Daddy” she said blushing but continuing to play with herself.

‘Mmmmmm Daddy I’m going to cum”

She was so turned on by her Daddy standing in her doorway. She Came really hard.

“Ooooh Daddy”

He continued to stand in the doorway stroking Beylikdüzü escort his cock watching his baby-girl cum

Angel had been fantasizing about Daddy for a long time but never made any moves because she wasn’t sure if Daddy wanted her as much as she wanted him. Now she knew and nothing was going to stop her from having her Daddy.

“Did you like watching me Daddy?” she asked shyly

“Yes Baby-Girl, Daddy liked it very much.”

“Your still hard Daddy come join me on my bed.”

“I shouldn’t Baby-Girl, it’s not right.”

“Please Daddy I want you I need you”

He made no move towards her so she slowly got off the bed and walked towards him. She dropped to her knee’s in front of him. “I want to taste your cock Daddy.” He couldn’t believe this was happening his beautiful Baby-Girl on her knee’s in front of him about to take his cock into her mouth. He did nothing to stop her. She moaned as she took his cock into her mouth and started swirling her mouth around him.

“Mmmmm you taste so good Daddy.”

“Ooooh Baby-Girl that feels so good keep sucking Daddy’s cock.”

“Mmmmm Yes Daddy.”

“Ohhh God Baby Daddy’s going to cum.”

“mmmm yes daddy cum for baby.”

He couldn’t hold back it was just so good and she made him so hot that he spurted his thick load into her mouth. She slurped and gobbled up all of his cum.

“Mmmm that tasted so good Daddy.”

Please come play with me more in my bed…

“Are Beylikdüzü escort you sure Baby Daddy doesn’t want to get into trouble.”

“I won’t tell anyone Daddy. I want you and need you please Daddy.”

He couldn’t believe this was happening. He had been dreaming of this moment for a long time but never thought it would become reality. He quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes and joined his beautiful Baby-Girl in her big bed. He started playing with her big breasts pinching them and then suckling them into his mouth.

“mmmmm you taste good baby.”

“That feels good Daddy don’t stop.”

He continued to play with her breasts while his fingers moved down towards her hot wet pussy where he began to stroke her slick pussy lips. She was so wet.

“mmmmm oooh yes Daddy that feels soooo good don’t stop.”

He continued to stroke her wet pussy and found her clit pinching it lightly. It was enough to push her over the edge into another orgasm.

“mmmmmm ohhhh myyyyy Godddd Daddy.”

She had never cum this hard from someone playing with her breasts and pussy before.

“Daddy has just started baby.” He told her as his cock was hard and she felt it against her leg.

“Daddy is going to taste you now baby.” He said as he slid lower until he was in between her legs. He took a moment to just inhale the delicious scent of his baby before he started licking and sucking her sweet pussy.

“oooohhh god daddy Escort Beylikdüzü that feels so good.”

“I know baby be a good girl and fuck Daddy’s face, I want you to cum all over me.”

He licked and sucked and felt the orgasm building within his pretty little girl. He was pumping two fingers in and out of her while licking and sucking her clit and pussy. She grabbed his head in her hands and rocked her hips against his finger and lips and came hard her juices gushing on his face.

“mmmmmm you taste so good baby-girl. Daddy is going to Fuck you now.”

“Yes Please Daddy I need to feel your hard cock inside me.”

He slowly got on top of his beautiful baby and stroked his cock up and down teasing her and getting his cock wet and ready to fuck her. She squirmed beneath him.

“Fuck me Daddy Please.”

He slowly entered her hot wet pussy allowing her tightness to envelope his big hard cock.

“Yes Daddy it feels so good, please fuck me hard.”

He started fucking her hot tight pussy slowly then faster as she moaned and took his full shaft. She had never been so full before. Daddy’s cock was big and hit her g-spot causing her to gush her pussy juice all over his cock. He continued to fuck her for a long time causing her to have 4 orgasms.

“I’m going to cum in you Baby.”

“Yes Daddy cum in my hot pussy Please Daddy.”

He came hard into her and she came again as well.

“You are Daddy’s Baby Now and Daddy will want you often Baby-girl.”

“Yes Daddy I want that too it will be our secret.”

She couldn’t believe how hot it was to fuck her daddy and wanted more. He couldn’t believe his luck and had every intention of Fucking his Baby-Girl as often as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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