Dad and His Crew

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I was fortunate to be raised in a house with a father who was a plumber. He was constantly surrounded by hot blue-collar guys at every job site and since I sometimes went with him to these jobs, I got to stare incessantly at their masculinity.

After mom had passed away, I faced college and luckily got some financial support from a neighbor, so I set out to get a college education.

Dad was never without work, it seemed. The housing market was way better than it is now, and his co-workers were always busy, and for the most part stuck together as a unit of sub-contractors. And for that I was greatful, since many of them were way hot.

I went to the college in my hometown, eliminating the need for extra money for room and board, since I could live at home and help dad with the every day life without mom around. During my sophomore year of college, I came home from morning class — dad never understood my class schedule — and I saw Raymond’s truck in our driveway. He was the mason of the group with 50s movie star looks, jet black wavy hair, thick black moustache, and shirts open to reveal an amazingly hairy chest.

I walked into the house, set my books down and headed for the bathroom. As I passed dad’s bedroom, my peripheral vision caught movement in that bedroom. Our house was carpeted throughout, so dad never heard me come in. I peeped in and saw a sight that gave me an instant hard-on. Dad was fucking Raymond doggie style on the bed, and Raymond was moaning and “urging” dad to fuck him harder, to which my dad obliged.

I watched for a minute, then continued on to the bathroom to do my business and then let loose a load of jizz into the toilet from what I had just seen. I then Beylikdüzü escort went to my bedroom and started reading my history book and tried not to think about what I had seen, but it was difficult. I could see dad’s nuts slapping Raymond’s hairy ass and his dick going in and out with rabbit-like speed. I had seen my dad naked before, but certainly not like this. My dad was hairy, too, but I had never seen him hard until just then, and I liked what I saw.

I heard Raymond leave, and dad came back in the house and was surprised to see me, asking how long I had been home. I told him just a little while, and that appeared to be the end of the conversation. Until later.

While watching TV, dad sat down and looked at me kind of funny, and said that I had missed Raymond being here. Well, that was my cue to say “No I didn’t.”

“I saw you pounding Raymond’s ass earlier and I though it was sexy as hell,” I said to him. Talk about a deer-in-the-headlights moment.

“What the hell you talking about?” he asked. So I explained and he was very apologetic and explained that neither of them were “queer” — the word they used back then. I told him it was cool, and that I enjoyed watching. I also told him that I was “queer” and had had many experiences with men, to which he was rather pissed.

We talked for awhile, and dad calmed down and actually became rather intrigued by my news to him.

The next day I got home from school and was by myself, so I wandered into his bedroom and started snooping around, and when I opened a small drawer on his nightstand, I saw a rather odd thing. He had hollowed out a banana, put duct tape around it for support, and used it as a jack-off tool, sort of Beylikdüzü escort a pre-Fleshlight invention. I put it up to my face, it smelled of mansex, and I licked the inside of it, tasting cum, and got excited when I realized it was probably dad’s.

Well, turnabout is fair play. He came home early from work and caught ME in his bedroom with his invention in my hand. That prompted another talk, and eventually dad’s pants developed a lump, at which I stared. He got the message, took his work pants off, and his 8-incher sprung out from his boxer opening. I told him to lay on the bed and I proceeded to bury my face in his crotch. He had very hairy pubes and he smelled like “work” — kind of musty, and sweaty and horny all rolled into one. He was whimpering within minutes, complimenting me all the way through, and then let loose a load down my throat, which tasted fantastic. I purposely let some ooze out of my mouth and onto his cock, so I could lick it off. Before I would let him go, I took his balls in my mouth, and he said “Son, that’s something I always wanted your mother to do, but she refused.”

I said, “Dad, I will never refuse anything you ask.”

And that said, he offered me a deal.

Raymond was coming over that night for beer and work talk, and he was bringing Sam with him. Sam was one of the carpenters of their group, and probably 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds of man meat. And this work group not only had their professions in common, but also were all blessed with extra body hair. And Sam had a dark thick beard, which thrilled me more than anything.

I locked myself in the bedroom pretending to be a college student that night, when I heard other voices in dad’s bedroom. Dad Escort Beylikdüzü had lured Raymond and Sam over for a romp in the sack, and I would act like an unknowing son by walking into the bedroom in the middle of it.

Needless to say, the two guys acted totally shocked, and asked my dad if they should leave. My dad said “Hell no, he’s going to be our cum rag tonight.”

All three men were hard as steel, and I just told them to start the party, after which Raymond lied on the bed flat, with Sam straddling his face and dad holding Raymond’s legs in the air while he fucked him bareback. After about 15 minutes, the action stopped and Raymond motioned me over, took my face in his hands, and planted his tongue down my throat, getting Part 2 of the party started.

Raymond’s tongue was replaced by his dick as Sam stood by and yanked on his thick uncut meat. Dad had told me Sam usually produced a lot of pre-cum, and sure enough, it was time for me to lap some up off Sam’s foreskin. Sam then lied on the bed while I got on all fours above him and started to go down on him. Then I felt Raymond come up behind me and tell me he wanted a piece of my ass, to which I said “It’s all yours, stud.” He slowly entered me, and when I gave him the all-clear, he started firing that piston in and out of my ass while dad was working his dick into a frenzy.

I heard Raymond start to curse, and I knew he had to be close, and about that same time, Sam exploded into my throat, and soon thereafter, dad stepped up and sprayed jizz all over the fuckin’ bed, but a lot of it went on my face, which Raymond lapped up quickly.

I was spent, and so were the three of them, but all satisfied. I went around and gave each dick a last tongue-off, and party number one was history.

We talked afterward, and we all agreed that Larry, a bearded, Harley-riding plumber friend of my dad, would be the next to participate in our little man-fuck parties. God, I couldn’t wait.

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