Cum Shopping With Me

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Walking through the mall I spot an amazing dress in the window. It would be perfect for that date Saturday night. Quickly popping into the shop, I locate the dress and head to the dressing room.

Slipping out of my jeans and sneakers, I pull the gauzy pale green material over my head. Smiling as I look in the mirror, I reach behind me to pull the zipper up. Twisting and turning, bouncing off the walls of the dressing room, trying to find the zippers end.

A voice from the other side says, “Are you ok in there?”

At first, frozen in shock and then collapsing into a fit of giggles…I tell him that I am just fine. After a few more minutes of tangling my limbs to reach the damn zipper, I wrench open the door to find the sales clerk. Startled by the man standing in front of my door, I blink, mouth gaping open.

“After all the noise you were making, I thought I would stand by in case you needed help. Do you need help?”

Mumbling under my breath about pushy salespeople, I answer yes…I cant quite reach the zipper, turning I point to the offending metal tab.

He touches Manisa Escort my shoulders and guides me into the change room. As I wait to hear the zipper going up, I instead hear the soft click of the door as it shuts and locks.

All of a sudden I am a little self conscious as I glance over my shoulder to see what he is doing. As my head turns his mouth seals to mine…his kiss deep and more than a little exhilarating.

My heart gives an extra beat and I feel his hands running along my sides, over the sheer material. He pushes me forward and places my hands on the wall in front of me, lifting the dress to bare my ass. Gasping into his mouth, my eyes wide as they try to focus on his, I can see a glint of amusement sparkling there.

No longer afraid, but curious as to the full service of the shop…I wiggle my ass against him and am greeted with a groan and the feel of his erection as it strains against his shorts. He lets go of my hands and and runs his fingers along the top edge of my ass, then slapping me sharply, he drags his lips from mine to whisper Manisa Escort Bayan in my ear, “I need you, now!”

His breathing already becoming ragged, his hands pushing at his shorts, his cock running between my thighs. “Last chance, all you have to say is stop.” He pauses for a moment and my answer is a long moan….spreading my legs, tilting my hips, and bracing.

With a thrust that pushes air from my lungs and makes me stumble forward he takes me hard and fast…neither of us talking….just enjoying each other. His hand reaches for my right nipple, pinching it as his other reaches my clit….the abruptness of the encounter making my brain a fertile ground, my body shakes and shudders, my pussy clamping tight on his cock as I cum, silently screaming.

His mouth once again seals to mine as his cock twitches inside me….his groans sending shivers down my spine. His spunk running down my thighs,my body shuddering as the orgasm finally wanes and I can take a deep breath.

He pulls free and spins me around, pushing gently on my shoulders….I Escort Manisa drop to my knees and suck his still hard cock, licking our spent passions from his shaft and balls. He draws me upwards and kisses me, making my head spin, I grab hold and hang on.

As he pulls slowly away, my shaking legs wobble as I grab my socks, wipe my thighs and turn away so that he can finally zip the dress. He looks at me in the mirror and says, “Buy the dress…you look amazing.”

Laughing as he unzips me and I slip into my jeans and tshirt again…I tell him that I didn’t realize what a full service store this was.

He looks at me oddly for a moment and then a full smile brightens his face. “Oh, I don’t work here…I was looking for a gift for my sister’s birthday, when I heard your struggles in the change room…I was just curious as to what was making you batter yourself against the walls.”

He chuckles softly. My face flushing a deep red…he kisses me once again and slips out of the door. By the time I gather my things and my thoughts he is gone. I go to the cash, where the clerk is grinning at me. As she rings my dress through, she hands me a slip of paper. On it is a phone number and a note ‘Just in case you need help getting into that dress again. Thanks, that was the most fun I’ve ever had shopping.’

Smiling as I pay for the dress, thinking yes…me too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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