Couple Cools Off in the Rain

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It’s a humid summer night. We decide to go out to the bar to escape the heat. You are wearing a flimsy sun dress, the humid air dampening the fabric enough that it clings to your legs instead of flowing freely. As I drive, I can see the dress riding up your glistening legs while you sit in the passenger’s seat looking out the window.

The AC is blasting but I turn it off and roll the windows down. I change our route to the bar, turning down a side road. It’s dimly lit in the night, but I know where it leads. You question where we are going, but I don’t say a word. Pulling into the dark, dirt and gravel parking lot, I see the look of concern on your face.

I just smile at you and then open my door. I walk to your door as u sit there still confused. Standing beside the door, I unzip my fly and pull out my cock. Your confusion turns to excitement in a sudden flash as my hard cock pokes through the window. You reach out, running your hand along my shaft, stroking my cock as I let out a moan. I reach though the window and lift your leg up through the window. Your dress rides up with your legs spread, your panty covered pussy is exposed. I run my hand up and down your leg, feeling the moisture from the air clinging to you skin.

I get closer to your pussy with each stroke. Eager to speed up my process, you lean forward and take my cock in your mouth. My hand slides down your leg to your panties. I can feel they are damp and cling tight against your skin. My fingers run over your perfectly outlined pussy lips engulfed pendik escort in the light fabric.

I let out a moan as your warm wet mouth lubricates my cock.

All of a sudden rain starts pouring from the sky. As I stand outside, my cock being pleasured by your mouth and my hand pleasing your pussy, I feel the cooling sensation of the rain and realize this is an incredible moment of sensation. It’s not long till the water starts running down your leg that’s draped out the window and to your already wet panties. Reluctantly I back away and open the car door slowly, allowing your leg to ease back through the window.

I extend my hand out to help you out of the car. The rain pours over you as you stand up, I see the smile on your face as the cool rain feels relieving from the hot air moments ago. Quickly soaked from the rain, the sun dress clings tight to your body. The outline of your breasts, stomach hips and legs come into full view as if u were standing there naked. I pull you close, our clothed wet bodies mold into each other as we kiss and explore each other’s mouths. My cock presses against your belly down towards the slight space between your legs. I break our kiss, pulling my body reluctantly away from yours. I take your hand and guide you to the front of the car. I embrace you again with a kiss, pushing my body back into yours. Moving closer and closer into you, I pin you against the front of the car leaning you back onto the hood. In a swift motion, my arms rus escort wrapped around your body, I lift you up slightly onto the hood.

As we continue our kiss my hands move to your legs, spreading them open so I can lean in closer. I slide my hands up your legs, and then hook my fingers into the waist band of your panties, pulling them down as I move back. I spread your legs open again and lean down. My hands pry your thighs open, my fingers pulling your pussy lips open. Extending my tongue over your clit licking it lightly, after a few moments I suck your clit between my lips and continue to flick over it with my tongue. You moans and breathing have increases and my fingers slide into your wet pussy. I twist and pump two fingers inside you, alternating my speed and pressure.

Pumping my fingers fast and hard inside you, I can feel the difference from the cool rain and the warm wetness flowing from you pussy. Moaning loader you let me know you are about to cum. I continue my assault, feeling your body shack and your pussy clench around my fingers. Slowly I slide my fingers from you pussy, leaving you to enjoy the afterglow of your orgasm and regain your senses. The refreshing rain helps rejuvenate both our energy. Standing up, I pull you up on your feet and spin you around. I push your back so you’re leaning against the hood. The wet fabric clinging to your breast and hard nipples pressed hard against the now cool metal.

I lift the bottom of your dress over your ass sancaktepe escort and guide my hard cock slowly to your welcoming wet pussy. I push in slow, all the way inside. I hold my cock deep in you for a moment. Then I pull out slow just to the head and then thrust hard back into you. The hard thrust throws you off balance and lifts you slightly in the air and back onto the car hood. I repeat my slow withdrawal and hard thrust again and again. Then I pick up my pace, thrusting faster and harder.

I lean closer, grabbing your hair in my hand, pulling it back lightly so I can see your face. My other hand grabs your breast, massaging it. I feel your hard nipple through the fabric and I begin to pinch it and roll my fingers over it. I let go off your hair and slap your wet ass. The sudden pain mixed with the pleasure forces a sudden scream of pleasure to escape your mouth. I slap your ass again.

Your moans and scream are becoming more constant as you plead for me to fuck you harder. You lift yourself from the hood to meet my thrusts. I can feel your pussy gripping tighter and tighter around my cock as another orgasm builds inside you. A loud scream escapes your mouth, your legs start to shake and you collapse on the hood. I slow my thrust as your pussy squeezes trying to milk my cock. I can feel my cum ready to be released, slowly sliding inside you still. I unleash a hot blast of my cum deep inside, then another. I can feel our juices mixing together around my cock as it starts to deflate, more cum escapes my cock as you pussy continues to milk me. We stay still, catching our breathes and enjoying to soothing rain pouring down on us. My softening cock pops out from your pussy, followed by the wet mixture of out juices.

We slowly struggle to get redressed into our soaked clothes and make the short journey back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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