Cornhusker Girl Ch. 09

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Note: If you have not read them yet, there are eight previous chapters to this story. Nine if you count Cornhusker Granny, which you should read even if you don’t count it.


If you’ve read my previous accounts of getting laid during my annual hunting trips in western Nebraska, it might seem as though I just went up there and willing pussy was at my beck and call. That wasn’t exactly the case as there were many visits where I saw no action from the local ladies at all. I never went up there expecting to get laid because it was a risky endeavor given that I was traveling with my father-in-law and staying with his brother. It was always a pleasant surprise when an opportunity for surreptitious sex presented itself, even when it was with someone I’d been with previously. When a new opportunity presented itself with a new partner, it was always more like a shock though I always understood that, as a visitor with something to lose if I opened my mouth, I made for an appealing change of pace for the local ladies.

Since it was always unexpected and always a pleasant surprise when I was presented with an opportunity, it would be repetitive to say the same for this particular trip. Other than Jordan, all of my hook-ups had been with women around my general age, though Jordan had been a thoroughly appreciated anomaly. I never expected to get any action on these hunting trips, period, but even more so I didn’t expect to get propositioned by women young enough to be my own daughter. If you haven’t already figured out where this is leading, I’ll also mention that Shane and Ashley have three daughters and one of them had turned eighteen since the last time I’d been in western Nebraska. It had been years since the last time I’d been naked with Ashley but her eldest daughter, Kenzie, had a similar figure, especially the big boobs. Of course I hadn’t failed to notice as Kenzie had become a young woman over the years but the thought of actually getting naked with her had not entered my mind, though I had considered how nice it might be to see her naked. Once again, I found myself astounded as things began to unfold.

We were out at the McGrew Lounge on Friday night for their prime rib dinner and there were a couple of times, both before and after the meal when we were all milling about, that I realized I was leaning into someone unintentionally. Each time it turned out to be Kenzie and I just figured that I kept getting in her way so I’d move, never thinking there was any more to it. We ended the night at my father-in-law’s brother’s house, where we’d be staying, as usual but a few of the others joined us, including Kenzie. Uncle Arnold was not only my father-in-law’s brother but also Shane’s dad and Kenzie’s grandfather. Aunt Debbie had baked a ton of cookies for the hunters but Shane and Ashley and their girls came over for dessert to confirm that the cookies were acceptable.

When the kitchen seemed a bit crowded, I slipped away into the living room and parked myself on the couch. I wasn’t surprised when Kenzie joined me on the couch but I was surprised by what she asked me, out of earshot of the others.

“Are you repulsed by me?” she asked, with no preamble.

“What? No!” I replied, genuinely stunned by the question, “Why would you even think that?”

“Every time I tried to get close to you tonight,” she explained, “you moved away. I thought maybe you just didn’t want to be near me.”

“Oh jeez,” I said, “I thought I kept getting in your way. I had no idea it was intentional.”

“I would have tried sitting on your lap, if I’d had the opportunity,” she said.

“Well what’s this all about?” I asked, “I feel like, since you hit your teens, you barely even noticed when we were here.”

“I noticed but I didn’t know how to act,” she replied, “I’m over eighteen now and I figure I’ve only got one weekend a year to let you know how I feel.”

“Wait…what?” I continued to be caught by surprise, “How exactly do you feel?”

“I’ve had a crush on you since I was little,” she confessed, “Then, when I hit my teens and things started developing, I started having other feelings and I didn’t know how to deal with them. Now that I’m older, and I’ve got a little bit of experience with sex stuff, I know what I’m feeling and I know what I want to do about it.”

“This is a bit overwhelming,” I told her, “and, if you’re suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, I can’t even imagine a way that we could make it happen without too much risk of getting caught. You know as well as I do that, if your dad or your grandfather or maybe even anyone in this town discovered that we were up to something, I would disappear and my body would never be found.”

“I know, I know,” she replied, “I don’t have it figured out yet but maybe with the two of us working on it, we can come up with something.”

“This is a lot to process,” I said, “so I need some time to think about all of this.”

“I understand,” she replied, “so take your time but, here, let me give you my mobile number so if there’s anything you want to talk about or ask me.”

She recited her phone number and watched me enter it into my contacts then had me text her so she’d merter escort have my number. That done, she smiled then got up and moved back into the kitchen while I gazed at her ass and tried to comprehend what had just happened. While the thought of exploring her young, nubile body was incredibly enticing, it also made me more nervous than any of my other dalliances during previous hunting trips. I could easily have suggested that she sneak into her grandfather’s house to see me, as her mom had done a couple of times, or picked me up outside his house in the middle of the night, as both Jordan and Jennifer had done, but I was a lot more worried about getting caught with her than with any of the others for some reason. Maybe it was because I’d known her since she was a little girl and, either I was concerned about how that would look or I just hadn’t completely come to terms with it yet myself. Either way, I definitely need to fully consider this and didn’t want to rush and do something stupid.

She didn’t waste any time trying to convince me, however. She barely acknowledged me when she left her grandfather’s house with the rest of her family but, before I went to bed that night, she’d replied to my text with a few photos. In the first, she’d pulled up her shirt and revealed the sexy bra that was containing her incredible tits. Her cleavage looked amazing and just that was enough to have my cock stiffening. In the next photo, though, her shirt was gone and the cups of her bra had been pulled down to expose her large areolas and hard nipples. I was completely stiff at this point. The final photo showed her succulent tits with no bra and they were still standing up firmly despite their size. I was convinced by those photos to make my best effort to get with her, not only to get my hands on her tits, but to lay my cock between them as well. Since my cock was as rigid as it was ever going to get, I took a photo of it and sent it back to her to show her the effect that her photos were having on me.

I was planning to jerk off after sending it but she must have had more photos ready to go because I got an almost immediate reply. In these, the first showed her panties with her leggings down to her knees, then her panties joined her leggings and showed that she had a neatly groomed, light brown bush and finally her bare ass. After uploading all of the photos to my cloud storage, I scrolled through them while stroking my cock then went back to camera mode just before I blew my load. I recorded a short video as I stroked my cock then erupted, spilling cum down over my shaft and my fist. I sent this off to her after cleaning myself up and, a few minutes later, received a video of her fingers working on her pussy. My cock tried valiantly to revive but failed so I uploaded that to the cloud as well and, after exchanging a few more texts, bade her good night.

Kenzie was attending college in Scottsbluff, which was about 25 miles from where her grandfather and the rest of her family lived. She lived in a house that her parents had bought as a rental property for college students but she was spending that weekend at her parents’ house. She told me later that, after our text exchange, she wanted to try to see me and was going to sneak over to her grandfather’s house. When she attempted to sneak out of her parents’ house, her mom caught her and asked what she was doing and where she was going. She tried to say that she just couldn’t sleep and was going to step outside for some fresh air but her mom thought maybe she was going outside to smoke or worse to smoke pot. She denied it but had a hard time convincing her mom, who she knew was going to be watching her like a hawk as long as she was there, and maybe even once she was back in Scottsbluff. Kenzie figured she’d blown any chance of the two of us getting together but I assured her that it was probably better if we didn’t try to sneak around that weekend and instead worked on some other options. In the meantime, though, presumably to keep me from losing interest, she was sending me photos and short videos every chance she got. I was definitely motivated to try to figure out how we could get together without anyone knowing.

After I was back at work the following week, an opportunity came up that definitely made up for us not being able to get together during that hunting trip weekend. We’d been waiting to get started on a project in Cheyenne and we finally got Notice to Proceed from the Department of Transportation. The project manager told me that we’d have to be up there for a kick-off meeting and, depending on what time of day it was scheduled, we’d either have to spend the night before or the night after in Cheyenne so we weren’t either exhausted during the meeting from driving up there early or exhausted driving home after the meeting. Since Cheyenne was about 100 miles from Scottsbluff, I was sure that Kenzie would make the time to come down to spend the night with me, especially given that we’d have a hotel room and it’d be highly unlikely that either of us would see anyone we knew. I shared the good news with her and told her I’d let her know as soon as everything was set.

When mutlukent escort the day of the meeting finally arrived, it was in the afternoon so my coworkers and I would be staying in Cheyenne after the meeting. I begged off going out with them, saying that I was planning to meet up with a friend as long as I was in town. I’d been giving Kenzie updates during the meeting of when we anticipated being done and checked in at the hotel so, once I was up in my room, she was already almost there. I texted her the room number and told her just to head right up but had some time to freshen up before she arrived. She replied to my text once she’d parked and was knocking on my door a couple of minutes later. I let her in and we were in each other’s arms before the door had even closed completely. We kissed then our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths as I felt my cock stiffening in my jeans. We finally parted so I locked the door and we moved further into the room.

“I’ve been thinking about sucking your cock for the entire drive,” she said, “Can we start with that?”

“Are you kidding?” I replied, “Of course!”

We made out a little bit more as she worked on getting my jeans unfastened while I finally got my hands on her big titties. It felt like there was a significant bra restraining them but I knew there would be plenty of time to get my hands on the bare flesh. She reached into my jeans once she had them open, caressing my stiff cock through my underwear, then dropped to her knees and took both my jeans and underwear down. My cock sprung out and she flinched a little but then focused on getting my jeans and underwear off. I’d kicked off my shoes when I’d first arrived in the room so I went ahead and removed my polo shirt so that, once I stepped out of my jeans and underwear, I was completely naked. I sat on the end of the king-size bed and leaned back on my elbows as she remained on her knees. My cock was pointing toward the ceiling so she gently gripped it, pumping is a few times before wrapping her lips around it. I moaned as she engulfed my throbbing tool in her hot mouth.

She started to slide her lips up and down my tool while I watched it disappearing into her cute face, thinking that it wasn’t likely to take long before I was cumming. Part of this, of course, was all of the anticipation and the photos and videos she’d continued sending but part was also how good her mouth felt as it engulfed my cock. She was definitely a novice when it came to cocksucking but that didn’t mean that she was bad at it. I didn’t feel like there was anything that she needed to do differently so I was muttering encouragements when I wasn’t moaning. I also figured that cumming quickly would be the best indication to her that she was doing an acceptable job. She seemed pretty focused and, if she’d been thinking about doing it the whole time she’d been driving, I was hoping that it was living up to her expectations. I was also hoping that it was getting her even more worked up so her pussy was nice and juicy when I buried my face in it, which I planned to do next.

The closer I was getting to cumming, the more my cock was swelling but she was unfazed and just continued to steadily suck me off. I was enjoying the build-up along with the visual and, though I would have been happy to enjoy her blowjob for much longer, I was still looking forward to blowing a load down her throat. I was expecting that she planned to swallow my load since she’d never asked for any kind of heads up before I was about to cum. Had there been any implication that she didn’t plan to swallow, I’d have made sure that her top was off so that I could finish between her tits. It would have been a little weird for her to initiate this whole thing, though, and not intend to go all out.

Fortunately, when the time arrived and I started to spurt into her mouth with a moan, she swallowed my load and continued to suck me off without the slightest hesitation. She kept sucking my cock and swallowing my load until I was fully spent then she let my cock fall from her mouth and looked up at me.

“That was outstanding,” I assured her, “I hope it also lived up to your expectations.”

“Oh yes,” she said with a smile, “I wish I could do that every day.”

“Well now it’s my turn,” I said and started to get up as she did the same. The first thing I did was raise her shirt, revealing an incredibly sexy bra that was cut low enough to show a significant amount of cleavage. I fondled her tits through her bra then reached behind her to unfasten it, finding a long row of hooks. I kissed her as I was working on getting them all unhooked then backed up as I started to slide it down her arms. Her luscious tits were revealed and they were astounding, basically what I assume her mom’s had looked like before she’d had kids. I tossed the bra aside and immediately started to caress the soft, smooth flesh. Her areolas were large and light pink and her nipples were thick and hard. She was just watching as my hands explored her tits then I lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples. She did let out a few soft sighs and quiet moans but otherwise just left me to otele gelen escort it. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time somebody had been completely enamored by her luscious titties.

While I was still licking and sucking her nipples, I dropped one hand down to caress her pussy through her leggings then slipped my hand inside. I could feel her bush through her panties and, honestly, I was surprised that she was wearing panties under her leggings. I massaged the front of her panties for a moment before slipping my hand into them, finding her bush nicely groomed then her pussy overflowing with juices. I alternately caressed her clit and slipped a finger in and out of her snug, slippery pussy.

“Oh my God, you’re so wet,” I finally had to say.

“Is that bad?” she asked, sounding distressed, “I can’t help it.”

“No, being this wet is awesome,” I reassured her, “It makes me want to eat you forever then fuck you forever.”

“Thank God I’m wet then,” she replied with a moan.

Rather than continuing to stimulate her manually, I slipped my hand out of her panties and leggings then hunkered down and started to slide them down together. As her pussy was revealed, her light brown bush turned out to be even more meticulously groomed than her photos had showed, which was going to make eating her even more enjoyable. Once she’d stepped out of her panties and leggings, leaving her completely naked, I stared at her body for a moment before standing. I had her climb onto the bed with me then had her lie on her back while I moved between her legs. I gazed at her nubile young body with her tits pointing at the ceiling despite their size and her trim, light brown bush beckoning me. I lowered my head and kissed along her soft, smooth inner thighs then ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the abundant juices that were collecting between her lips. She immediately began to writhe and moan as I was licking her pussy and, although I was psyched to finally be eating her sweet young pussy and would have done so all night, I didn’t expect that it would take long for her to cum. When I slipped a finger into her pussy, I found it incredibly snug and, combined with how wet she was, I knew it was going to feel outstanding to slip my cock into her. As I was sliding my finger in and out, I was licking and sucking her clit, which just made her moan even louder and writhe even more.

As I was eating her pussy, I was also glancing up along her body, appreciative of the opportunity to see it so close up after all of the photos we’d exchanged. I was glad that we had the entire night ahead of us and that it was in a hotel room because there was so much that I wanted to do with her and I didn’t want to rush any of it. I was savoring the experience of eating her pussy but not trying to draw it out just so that I could enjoy it for longer; my primary goal was her pleasure. Based on her reactions, she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure; she was moaning freely and loudly while also rocking her hips. When she reached down to hold my head, rocking her pussy toward my face, I had to look up again to see her big titties squeezed between her arms. My cock was recovering quite nicely and this certainly helped as I considered what it would feel like to slip it between those big beauties.

As she approached the verge of cumming, she was not only holding my head tighter, but also tensing up somewhat. Her moans were also becoming almost plaintive cries. I continued doing what I was doing and enjoying every minute of it even as she abruptly went still and quiet. Suddenly, her entire body went limp and she cried out with pleasure as she started shaking. I didn’t stop sliding my finger in and out or licking and sucking her clit while she was cumming in hopes of drawing out her orgasm and providing even more pleasure. Whether that actually happened or not, I don’t know, but her orgasm did seem pretty long and pretty intensely pleasurable. When she finally went still and quiet again, her chest heaving as she was catching her breath, I raised my head and slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth. I was just admiring her body as she was recovering which helped make my now stiff cock even stiffer.

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt,” she finally said.

“I thought you had some experience,” I replied.

“I’ve never been with a guy who knew how to do that so well,” she said.

“Well I have had a little bit of practice,” I replied.

I crawled up to lie beside her as she continued to recover, fondling her luscious tits as my cock grew even harder. Once she was ready, I had her straddle me so that I could continue playing with her boobs as my cock finally entered her snug, slippery pussy. We both moaned and, once it was fully engulfed, she just sat there for a moment, feeling it inside her. When she started to move up and down, the feeling was so incredible that I was glad I had cum once already; had we started with this, I’d likely have blown a load within seconds. I continued to fondle her boobs as she gradually began to ride me faster. Once they started bouncing, though, I ran my hands around to caress her ass so that I could watch them bounce. I hadn’t said anything to her about fucking her tits but there was no doubt that I was going to need to do that at least once before we parted ways the next morning. Given her limited experience, I didn’t know if anyone had fucked them before but I had to imagine that any guy to whom she’d granted access would have wanted to give it a try.

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