Convoluted Tale Ch. 03

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As we both recovered from what (at least for me) was the most wonderful act of lovemaking ever, Carol (my Mom) and I both realized that it was early afternoon and that we both needed to get out of bed. We looked at each other and smiled that smile that can only be shared between lovers. We went into the kitchen to finish the breakfast that had been left on the table after our decision to really become lovers.

I suggested that we go outside by the pool and get some fresh air. Carol changed into a modest 2 piece bathing suit and I slipped on a pair of running shorts/swim trunks. I mixed up a batch of pina coladas and we went out back to the pool. Laying out in the shade, drinking, talking…our new relationship seemed perfect.

As we talked (and drank) Kristin’s role in initiating this relationship became clearer. Not only did Kristin want us both satisfied sexually, but she had an interest in me as a potential mate.

Kristin was about five years older than me. She had gotten married before completing college and her husband became very emotionally abusive. Her husband wanted Kristin to have breast enhancement surgery and Kristin declined. Her husband came from a wealthy family and Kristin didn’t work and felt trapped in the house. After less than a year they divorced.

As Mom and I talked, and probably even before, it was clear that although however much we loved each other, and however great the sex was, this was not a relationship that would be tenable in the long term.

As the sun went down, we went inside, had a light dinner and Mom brought up the sleeping situation. I know that she did not sleep well since (and even before) my Dad passed, which was the reason that she was taking Ambien. Mom thought that having beyoğlu escort a warm body next to her in bed would help her sleep, after all, she had shared a bed with Dad for almost thirty years. She gave me a shy smile and said that it could only be sleeping and nothing more.

We sat up, (half) watching an old movie and sharing a bottle of wine before Mom said that she was heading for bed. I was seriously considering her proposed sleeping arrangement and of course, in the end, my little brain made the decision. The house was dark. I got undressed, down to my boxers, and quietly made my way to her bedroom. I was still waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dark, but I could hear Mom already breathing deeply as if she were already asleep. I got in bed, carefully lifting the blanket to get under it and as I snuggled up against her, I realized Mom was totally naked. Not one to be out of step, I carefully slid my boxers off. The wine had its effect on me as well and before I knew it I was nodding off, but not before realizing my position. We were snuggled like spoons, with Mom’s back against my front, with my semi hard cock pressed up against my abdomen and cradled in her asscrack.

I don’t know if this happened or if I was dreaming. During the night, I felt a shift in our posture in bed. Instead of being bent up against me, my cock was out in front, and instead of in her asscrack, it was between her legs. I could feel the moisture of her cunt as my cock was between her legs and nestled between her cunt lips as if it were a hot dog in a bun. Mom was moving her hips slowly back and forth and my cock slid easily between her swollen cunt lips. I thought I felt her reach down between her legs and start rubbing her clit, as I could feel her finger against the tip sarıyer escort of my cock. Then I felt her shift her hips again, so that the tip of my cock was starting to enter her cunt. At the same time as she was pressing the tip of my cock into her cunt, she was rubbing her clit and I felt her shudder with what was apparently an orgasm. Was this a dream? I still don’t know.


Again I awoke in a state of confusion. Was I dreaming still? It was still dark, but I felt a warm, wet sucking sensation on my cock, which was now rock hard. I slightly lifted my head and looked down. I could see the back of Mom’s head as she lay it on my lower stomach and was working her mouth up and down my cock as she was rolling her tongue around the head, first one way, then the other.

She realized I was waking up, released my cock from its warm wet prison and turned her head and smiled. “you have brought me such pleasure. I wanted to do something just for you,” she said. My bladder was full, as it usually is early in the morning and I excused myself (reluctantly) to use the bathroom. My cock was still so hard, I had to sit down to pee and finally drained my bladder and went back to bed.

We lay face to face, kissed, touched each other and just enjoyed the sensation of a lazy sexy morning in bed. When I touch her between her legs, I could feel that Mom’s cunt lips were swollen and could feel the juices leaking out of her. As she lay back, I inserted one, then two fingers inside her. As i reached inside her and curled my two fingers, I used my thumb to rub circles around her clit, first one way, then the other. Her breathing became faster and shallower and after about two minutes, I could see her tense up and then feel the spasms in her cunt as she came and maslak escort her juices flowed even more. I removed my hand and lay back. After a minute or so, Mom rolled over on her side, looked at me, and said “I thought today was going to be about you. Now its your turn.”

She slowly slid down the bed, got between my legs and started running her tongue up and down my cock, like a cat. After a while, she started licking my balls and then sucking each one into her mouth.

I’m not a big fan of that, due to the pressure of her mouth on my balls, and I guess she sensed that and then started licking up my cock again. When she got to the top, she started swirling her tongue around the head and then pressing the point of her tongue against my pee hole. That felt great! Then she started lowering her mouth over my cock until it was just over the head. Up and down, it felt as if I was fucking her mouth. Then, slowly, she continued lowering her head until my cock was totally inside her mouth and throat (I’m only 6 inches). I could feel the pressure as I tried not to cum. Slowly she lifted her head and looked at me and said “This is just for you. Don’t feel as if you have to hold back for anything.” Then she resumed the up and down action on the head as she was ticking the tip with her tongue. With her permission, I allowed my pleasure to grow until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I warned her “I’m almost there” as she then slid her mouth all the way down as I exploded down her throat I could feel her as she swallowed each pulse as I came until I almost passed out.

Mom moved back up along side me and we shared the most sensuous kiss ever. Although she had swallowed all my cum, I could still taste it as our tongues were going back and forth.

We held each other as if we were the last lovers on earth. We spent the rest of the day just lazing around and getting mentally prepared for the workweek ahead.

The coming week will also start my interactions with Kristin.

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