Continuing with Sarah (v3)

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Follow on to “Moving on from Gwen to Sarah”.


My name is Tom. I had grown up with girl named Gwen throughout our school years. We lived door to each other. During our senior year in high school Sarah Elizabeth (referred to as Sarah after this) had beaten Gwen out to become Homecoming Queen by just a few votes. Gwen never forgave Sarah for that. Because I was close to Gwen, Sarah was not one of my favorite people. After the Homecoming Dance Gwen and I made love for the first time at our favorite spot.

After high school Gwen and I both had gone off to college near Boston. At college I finished a doctorate in theoretical physics and Gwen had become a veterinarian. She and I had lived together throughout college and then afterward. We had discussed getting engaged and then married in the near future. However in late May before our 10-year class reunion Gwen was killed in an automobile accident. I was given about 3 months off from my job and had returned home for Gwen’s funeral and then to stay for the summer.

Our 10-year reunion was scheduled for mid-August. I was looking forward to seeing my friends from high school. That night started as I thought it would. I got caught up on what my classmates had been doing. Many had finished college and were now married. Then things changed when Sarah walked in. For some reason our eyes kept meeting. Eventually I went over to the table she was at and started talking. Something clicked between us. We spent much of the remaining reunion together. We agreed to go together after the reunion to view the meteor shower that was to occur just after midnight. Once the meteor shower slowed down the fireworks began. Sarah and I had sex twice that night.

After that night Sarah and I had a few dates before I had to return to Boston for work. I also met her young son. I was able to amuse him when we were alone. The three of us also enjoyed a day at the local zoo.


Sarah and I stayed in contact via phone, text, and video. We continued to get to know each other better. I was able to finagle a few days off work around Thanksgiving and flew back home to spend time with my parents for the holiday. I was hoping to surprise them. Sarah picked me up at the airport when I arrived. She nearly knocked me over when she ran into my arms. We hugged and kissed putting on a spectacle for the others at the airport. After several minutes we walked out of the airport hand in hand with big smiles on our faces. In the car she couldn’t stop saying how good it was to see me and hoping we could see each other often while I was home.

She drove me to my parent’s house. I wanted to surprise them and had not told them I was coming. I noticed Mr. Reynolds in his yard across the street doing yard work. I gave Sarah a long kiss and a thank you. I told her I would call her later. I grabbed my suitcase and got out of the car. Sarah backed out of the driveway as I walked to the front door. I rang the doorbell. No answer. I pulled my keys out of my pocket. I realized I had forgotten my parents house key at my Boston apartment. I rang the bell again. Then I was startled by a nearby voice.

“There’s no one home,” said the voice.

I turned to see Mr. Reynolds coming up the driveway.

“Tommy?” Mr. Reynolds questioned.

“Yes, Mr. Reynolds,” I responded.

“Your parents went to Atlanta to see your sister and their new grandchild,” he informed me. “They asked me to watch the house and collect the mail, since Gwen’s parent are also out of town. Oh sorry to hear about Gwen.”

“Thank you, Mr. Reynolds. Do you have a key?” I asked.

“No, I do not. There was no reason for me to get inside,” he answered. “Do you need me to give you a ride somewhere?”

“Thanks for offering. I’ll call the person that dropped me off,” I answered.

“Ok, good to see you again Tommy (he had called me that since I was young),” he said then turned with a wave and walked back toward his house.

I called Sarah and explained the situation. She told me she would pick up her son from day care and then return for me. Her son, who was named Tommy (Tom) after her father, was about a year old. I waited about 20 minutes before seeing her car turn the corner and pull into the driveway. I picked up my suitcase and put it in the backseat. I reached over and took her son’s hand. He looked at me and smiled. I don’t know if he recognized me or was just happy to get some attention. I went around and got in.

“Can you take me to one of the hotels on Spring St.?” I asked Sarah.

“I can, but I know a nice clean place with plenty of room and a good place to eat. Maybe you want to try it,” Sarah said with an expressionless tone.

I was a little slow catching on and said, “Where is that?”

Sarah giggled, “Let me take you there.”

“Okay,” I said still not recognizing what she was implying.

We Erzincan Escort drove past the majority of hotels in the middle of town, then we drove several blocks farther and turned right. We drove down a couple of blocks. Things began to look familiar. Sarah turned toward an apartment building and drove into an underground parking garage. I then realized she had been implying I could stay with her and her son, Tommy.

“You don’t mind staying at my luxury apartment, do you?” Sarah asked kiddingly.

“Well, if I have to,” I joked back.

We both laughed until she parked. She took her son and I grabbed my suitcase.

“You save money and I get to see more of you, a lot more,” She said giggling. “I can also ask my parents if you can come for Thanksgiving.”

We got to her apartment she put Tommy in the middle of the living room floor. She went to the kitchen.

“I’m going to get supper ready,” She stated.

“Do you want me to help?” I offered.

“Oh no please just watch Tommy,” she said.

I took some toys that were nearby and put them in front of Tommy. He smiled, looked up at me, and smiled more. He kept pressing on the keys of a kids piano. He enjoyed the music. At first he played random notes. Then he played the top note and bottom note alternately. A huge smile crossed his face. The notes were one octave apart. Tommy seemed to recognize there was something different about these notes. He finally tired of the music. I picked up some cards nearby. The cards had big pictures of brightly colored but simple objects. There were twenty cards, 10 pairs. I put them out on the floor facing up. Tommy looked over the cards then started picking up the pairs of cards. He quickly finished and then sat back smiling. I noticed a very good smell coming from the kitchen area. I picked out a couple of plastic toy cars. I handed 1 of them to Tommy and kept one for myself. We rolled them on the floor around where Tommy was sitting. One time as the cars neared each other I swerved to hit Tommy’s car taking care to avoid his fingers. He was surprised, but then broke out laughing. We moved our cars apart then back toward each other. This time he hit my car with his. He laughed hard again. I noticed Sarah standing in the kitchen doorway happily watching us.

She smiled and said, “The food will be ready in 5 minutes. I love to watch boys play with toys. Tom, maybe you can play with some adult toys later.”

The grin on her face grew larger and more mischievous before she walked into the kitchen. Tommy and I continued to play colliding cars together with hysterical laughter from Tommy.

“Sorry to interrupt your fun. Dinner is ready,” Sarah informed us.

I stood, picked up Tommy, and took him to the kitchen. I put him into the highchair at the small table and sat in one of the 2 other chairs at the table. Sarah brought the food to the table set it down. She gave Tommy a bottle and set a small bowl with mashed up food on Tommy’s tray. Sarah had made a beef stroganoff. While we ate I took turns looking at Sarah and then watching Tommy eat. Tommy handled the spoon fairly well without spilling food. Sarah on the other hand made alluring expressions.

“Tom let’s not talk about what may happen later tonight. I do not want us to talk in front of Tommy. He understands more than you would think for someone his age,” Sarah said a few minutes into the meal.

We finished eating. Sarah cleaned Tommy up.

“I will wash the dishes. You spend some time with Tommy,” I said.

She went out to the living room and I washed the dishes. When I finished I walked to the living room. Tommy was on her lap and she was reading to him. I sat next to Sarah. She finished one book and started a second. This one had several animals and I made animal sounds for the different animals. Tommy looked at me with a puzzled look when I made the first couple of animal sounds. Then he began with the young toddler hysterical laugh with each new animal sound. Soon Tommy looked like he was getting sleepy.

Without saying anything Sarah took off her top then asked if I could unhook her bra. I did that and she slipped it off. Tommy quickly began nursing on one of her breasts. I watched as a satisfied look come over Tommy’s face. It was a pleasure to see the connection between mother and child. I saw the loving look on Sarah’s face. After several minutes I heard a light snoring sound coming from Tommy. Tommy was ready to go to bed. Sarah put Tommy up on her shoulder patted him on the back a few times and he burped loudly.

I watched her lovely form and her swaying hips as walked away. I also appreciated her long, flowing, wavy, blond hair as it cascaded down over her shoulders and onto her upper back. Her hair shimmered in the light. Her skin looked so smooth and delicate. I sat waiting on the couch for a couple of minutes as she put Tommy Erzincan Escort Bayan to bed. Soon she reappeared at Tommy’s door wearing nothing at all. I looked at her from head to toe and my penis began to respond.

“I put the rest of my clothes into the hamper in Tommy’s room. Join me in my room for some adult activities if you wish,” Sarah said in an enticing voice.

She stood just for a few more seconds before moving to her bedroom. I stood, took off my shirt while getting up to go to her door. A soft reddish glow appeared in her room as I neared the door. Sarah had dimmed the lights giving a red tint to the room. I turned off the light in the living room, before going inside. In the room Sarah was lying on the bed with legs spread and arms opened wide inviting me to join her.

“Just a minute,” I said and hurried into the bathroom.

I ran some very warm water and found a hand towel to get wet and another dry one. I rushed back into the bedroom. I placed the dry towel on the bed and placed her feet on the towel. I slowly and carefully rubbed and massaged her feet with the warm towel. I slowly worked from the heels to the arch and then to the toes. Sarah moaned in appreciation. I then worked on the top of her feet and up to the ankles. I stopped there because the towel was getting cool. I dried off her feet and ankles. I now wished I had some massage oil to continue her massage. I continued to massage my way up her calves.

“Ooo! Aha! I’ve never enjoyed a massage this much,” she said. “Please! Please continue.”

I worked on her calves as she continued to encourage me to continue. I eventually worked up above her knees. I massaged her thighs starting at the back and moved to her inner thighs. I inched my way up toward her pussy. I got very close to the bottom of her pussy lips with the tips of my fingers. Sarah took in a deep breath in anticipation of contact. Being the tease that I am I avoided the contact moving my hands to each side and up to her belly button. Sarah let out her breath with a sound that registered to me as disappointment. I ran my fingers around and across her belly. She responded with some squirms and soft squeals. I moved up to start kissing her stomach around her belly button. After I started kissing she shuddered and made light moans. I grabbed the damp cloth. The cloth was cool to the touch. I put a corner of the cloth into my mouth to warm it up. I cleaned around and inside her bellybutton. I placed my mouth over her bellybutton and sucked. Sarah moaned again. I stuck my tongue in her bellybutton and licked. Sarah quivered and giggled.

“That tickles,” she said.

I moved down below her bellybutton kissing and licking. I reached her neatly trimmed patch of hair just above her pussy. I bit a couple of her hairs with my teeth and lightly tugged.

“Ooo. Naughty boy!” Sarah giggled.

I continued lower. I reached the top of her pussy. I kissed and licked down to the bottom of her pussy lips. Taking my time I moved my tongue and lips back to the top. I pushed my tongue just a bit between her pussy lips. I again moved down this time with my tongue between her warm, moist crevasse. Her pussy lips appeared very dark red in the red light Sarah had on in her room. I got my first taste of her sweet musky love juice. I moved back to the top delving deeper between her supple, tasty lips. When I came to her vaginal opening I stuck my tongue in as deep as possible and swirled it around. I received very positive responses from Sarah as I did so. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me firmly into her. Despite her effort to keep me there I moved up to lick her clitoris. It quickly became hard allowing me to firmly lick and suck on her clitoris. I continued to ravish her clitoris. She breathed heavily at first. After a bit I plunged a couple of fingers deep into her hole. She squealed then gasped. Her breath became rapid as I found her g-spot. I felt her vaginal muscles tighten and relax around my fingers and relax several times. Then her whole body stiffened. Her vaginal walls crushed my fingers as she shrieked and writhed on the bed as her orgasm hit. I feared she might wake her son, Tommy, sleeping in the next room. I heard him make a sound and heard him move in his crib. Luckily he became silent as Sarah recovered. Her breathing returned to normal and she stayed still for several minutes.

“Wow!” she finally said. “That was fantastic! Thank you! Now it’s your turn. Lay down.”

Sarah got up. I took her place on the bed laying on my back. Sarah left the room. I heard the water running. Soon she returned to the room with a bowl in her hand. She repeated what I had done to her. She massaged my feet and moved up my legs. Bypassing my stiff rod she moved to my stomach. She teased me with her lips and tongue. Occasionally her breast would brush against the head of penis Escort Erzincan causing it to jump and twitch. She giggled each time making me believe she was doing this on purpose.

After a bit she stopped and grabbed a small plastic bottle. Sarah opened the bottle and put some of the contents on her fingers. I soon smelled a hint of berry, strawberry to be exact. Sarah applied some of the liquid from the bottle to the tip and head of my penis. It felt slightly cool going on. Then I felt the heat rise as she blew on it. Then her lips touched the tip of my penis. The feeling of heat rose again. She kissed then sucked, before her lips opened and engulfed the head of my penis. She swirled he tongue around licking off the strawberry liquid bringing me close to the point of no return. She suddenly stopped and withdrew her mouth. She took the bottle and coated my whole rod with the warming lotion. Sarah blew hot breath all around it from a few inches away activating the lotion. My whole rod warmed up nicely. It jumped as she engulfed the head with her mouth. Slowly she took more and more of me into her. She used her tongue well, constantly licking and tickling my rod. All too soon she reached the base and paused. She had my full 7 inches in her mouth and down her throat. I resisted coming, but the inevitable was going to happen soon. I sensed she was doing her best not to gag. Eventually she started moving up and down with the head of my penis moving in and out of her throat. I could no longer hold back. I groaned before I exploded sending several streams of semen into her mouth and down her throat. Sarah managed to take it all and swallow everything. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the euphoric feeling I was having. My whole body relaxed into the bed. Sarah withdrew from my rod and lay down next to me.

“You look content and satisfied,” She stated. “I hope I did well.”

“Well? You did fantastic!” I stated.

I looked over at her. She had a huge, almost wicked looking smile on her face. She licked her lips.

“I would love to feel you inside me,” she said.

“Just give me a little longer to recover,” I responded.

We lay still for several minutes. Then I felt Sarah’s hand graze my leg and proceed to my groin. She begin to lightly scratch my testicles. I felt my penis begin to slowly stir to life. I was able to see it begin to rise into air when I decided to latch on to her breast that was nearest to me. Her nipple hardened as soon as my lips touched it. My hand caressed around the outside perimeter of her breast. Her whole breast became firm. She moaned softly. She took my rod into her hand wrapping it around the base. I returned the moan when she started to slowly pump up and down. She rewarded my mouth with some of sweet, milky nectar.

“Feels so good! But please get inside me after putting some of the warming lotion on your penis,” Sarah insisted.

I positioned myself above her . I located the bottle of warming lotion. I applied it making sure to put more near the head of my penis knowing it would spread down it’s length as I pushed inside her. Sarah positioned me above her opening with the tip touching her pussy lips. I pushed past her lips and into her hole. The lotion warmed immediately on contact. As I pushed deeper into her tight, tight pussy the warmth increased beyond what I felt when I was in her mouth. I pushed hard as her vaginal muscles squeezed my head and shaft. I slowly moved farther into her. I got about 2/3rds of the way into her. The heat was intense as was the pleasure I was feeling. She moaned her “ooo’s”, “ahh’s”, and “umm’s” as I continued moving inside her. With one last push I was fully inside her with the tip pressing against something deep inside, likely her cervix. I felt the heat all along my length. I began to thrust out and into her. I started slowly and increased my speed rapidly. Sarah began moving in coordination with me.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Keep going as long as you can,” Sarah demanded.

After several minutes I knew my ejaculation would happen soon. Sarah started wriggling and shivering. Then her orgasm took over her body. She gasped and screamed. She arched her back lifting her hips with me on top of her into the air. With one last scream her body spasmed and thrashed uncontrollably. Her vaginal muscles contracted and relaxed causing my climax. Surprisingly I ejected several streams of cum into her. After a few minutes she let out a long sighing breath and relaxed back onto the bed. I heard Tommy moving around in his crib. I hoped we had not awakened him. Slowly her breathing started returning to normal. Surprisingly I stayed hard. I began thrusting in and out again. She seemed to start to protest.

“Don’t … Oh that feels so good. Please continue,” she said between breaths.

Before long she was breathing fast and hard again. I reached the point of climax again, but had little left to shoot into her. Before I stopped thrusting Sarah had another orgasm just as intense as the previous one. I rolled off onto the bed next to her as we both recovered.

“I think we both have something to be thankful for,” I said to Sarah.

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