Confessions (Nicole)

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I am Nicole, wife to my wealthy, good looking husband Arthur “Skip” Foster for seventeen years, mother of three who are away at an elite prep school. Still young at 40, I live the good life and do not need to work since my husband took over his family’s successful business. I spend my time doing a bit of charity work, taking care of myself – mind and body – and pursuing cock. Well, to be accurate, I pursue cock to have cum, something I find I cannot do without. I have become a connoisseur of cum, and enjoy tasting, smelling, touching, drinking, and of course fucking it. Here is my story.

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, I was part of a loving family of church-goers. We were middle class and because I enjoyed my studies I was able to earn a scholarship to an Ivy League school where I met Skip at a raucous homecoming concert. We were both smitten and it was not long before he took me to meet his parents at their Newport “cottage.” I admit to being very impressed with their obvious wealth and was, at first, uncertain as to how I would fit in. As it turned out, I fit in very well. Skip and I were married six months later.

During the first few years of married life, I worked as a part-time telemarketer and realized rather quickly how bored I had become. Skip was always at work and our sex life was limited to quick encounters in the bedroom. He was not into much foreplay and truth be told, his cock was rather small and unsatisfying. One night, in a spark of adventurousness, we measured his erection. A measly four inches. Skip laughed. I began to dread fucking him. He did not seem to notice.

At the same time as things were growing cold in the bedroom, I began to notice things about myself and about other men I saw around me. I had never really looked at my body, but now I did. At 5′ 6″, I was neither tall nor short. My tummy was flat, my bum was a bit jiggly and I wore a 34D bra. My wavy brunette hair had been highlighted with bronze and blonde and that seemed to bring out the blue of my eyes. My posture was great (from years of dance lessons!) and I exuded health and vitality. I began to see myself as a woman ruled by her sexuality, a woman born for pleasure.

As I recognized and accepted my physical self, others began to mecidiyeköy esc do the same. Both men and women seemed to be friendlier. When Skip and I went to the club, my friends’ husbands asked me to dance. Skip was too busy talking business to care. What began as dancing soon turned into propositions. I learned that men wanted to bed me, and I became bolder after a few drinks.

During this time of what I call my sexual evolution, I began looking at my hubby’s stash of porn magazines, some of them pretty raw. Women were objectified; they became tits or cunts or legs or asses. I also found Skip’s porn vids. These were eye-openers for me. Not only were women objects to give pleasure to men, but there were so many variations of fucking that were new to me. Most of all, I realized that men’s ejaculate was tantalizing. Some men spewed volumes of cum, while others dribbled. Sometimes cum was thick and creamy, other times clear. I began to wonder about the taste.

My best friend Tracy and I talked about sex a lot. She was married to Brad, a tall, athletic type with great personality. He was the first to hit on me, and the first to fuck me. Brad had an eight inch cock, and he was a very attentive lover. I could easily cum a dozen times with him, and I loved how he came, so forcefully, with so much semen. We began to experiment with different positions, teasing each other into a frenzy. Thoughts of cum raced in my brain.

One time, in a fuck-induced haze, I asked Brad to spurt a load into my mouth. OMFG! Never had I tasted anything so creamy and rich, so salty and sweet, so divinely luscious. I begged for more. Lucky for me, Brad could cum two or three times during one of our encounters. I became obsessed with sucking his cock and drinking his cum. He often came into a cocktail glass and would watch me gulp it down, or sit there, nude, and sip it like a whore. Brad also introduced me to other men, successful businessmen, whose looks were nothing special, but whose cocks drove me wild. I fucked, sucked, and drank a lot of cum, but felt something was missing.

One day I made an appointment with an esthetician to discuss a brazilian wax. She was very straightforward about the procedure, and I decided to go ahead. Fuck! What a difference! türbanlı esc Immediately I entered a new world, one where I felt totally and constantly filled with lust. I began going without panties, letting the air flow across my bare mons and tickle my swollen labia. I felt like fucking every man in sight.

On a whim, I called Brad and asked to have lunch with him. We went to a little out of the way place, romantic in its own way, where lovers could have some privacy. By now I was thinking of myself as a pair of tits and a hot cunt. Sitting next to him, I watched as his hand reached up and rubbed my nipple. I nearly orgasmed. I confessed to Brad that I wanted to try fucking two guys and drinking their cum. He laughed and told me not to worry, that there were plenty of men who would be interested. Two days later he arranged for us to meet in a small house twenty miles away. Once I entered the door, I knew my life would change.

There, in the living room, sat Brad and his friend Gus. Both had their big, meaty cocks out and were stroking them. I gasped with delight, quickly stripping. Kneeling, I kissed each cock and began masturbating them. Each man played with one of my tits. Stroking faster and faster, and talking as dirty as possible, I stroked them to the verge of cumming. My cunt was soaking wet as Brad, then Gus ejaculated big loads of semen on my tongue. Their cum was hot and tasty. I was hooked.

We all shared some drinks and sat around naked, until both were hard again. Gus wanted to fuck me. I’d had my tubes tied so I could fuck as much as I wanted to. In the doggie position Gus rammed his nearly nine inches of meat into me. He slapped my ass with every thrust. I couldn’t yell too much because my mouth was full of Brad’s thick cockmeat. I fucked both guys in every position we could think of, and ended up with a cuntful and a bellyful of yummy cum.

Since that initial outing, I have enjoyed many cocks and multiple loads of cum. My husband decided to move our family a few years later and I wondered how and when I would get my next cumload. But it was quite easy, really. I used Craigslist and enlisted a local physician to test the men for STDs. The doctor was more than happy to give me a load anytime I wanted, şişli esc in return for all the business I sent his way. Shortly after the move, Brad contacted me. We had hot phone sex a couple of times before he came up with a sexy idea.

Brad knew how much I loved his cum. He proposed overnighting me a big vial of his cum once a month. I became consumed with lust as the first arrival date neared. We have a spare bedroom that I filled with candles. In a locking cabinet I stored my sex toys, including a dildo made from a mold of Brad’s cock. A small refrigerator served as a depository for cum vials. On the appointed day, I made sure I was alone in the house. With candles lit, and sexy music playing, I began my cumplay. There was plenty to drink, to rub on my skin, and to fuck into my cunt. The first time was incredible! My cunt could experience at least a dozen orgasms over a few hours. Each month I try to plan something different. Brad and I often have phone sex as I fuck his cum into my cunt. Cum has become my obsession and I enjoy creating new rituals to enjoy it.

Skip and I have moved another two times. On each move I became bolder, objectifying myself totally, thinking of myself primarily as tits and cunt. I have become an excellent cocksucker; my hunger for cum continues to grow. Many of the married men in our social circle were looking for sexual adventure and they have found it with me. Each new conquest is a delight. I am a cum connoisseur and men know that they have to maintain a specific diet if they expect me to drink their ejaculate.

At forty, I am amazed at the smoothness and suppleness of my skin, my full breasts and the moistness of my pussy. Every day I look for further cum-centered adventures. The retired judge living next door to us has donated, and he even brought his virgin grandsons over. I have certain standards, however. A cock must measure over seven inches, be circumcised, and be clean. I make no exceptions. With cocks that meet my standards, I am an absolute slut.

Lately, I have been going out with no panties or bra. I love watching men’s bulges grow as they ogle my jiggling tits. Often I will sit at an outdoor cafe, with my legs open enough for men to gape at my waxed cunt. I don’t pick up strangers, however. It is enough for me to arouse them. There are plenty of healthy, married men looking for sex at our club, so I am able to fuck and suck to my heart’s content. My life is wonderful and I highly recommend drinking cum to every woman out there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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