College Judo Ch. 02

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The next several weeks of judo class were uneventful. Shane was there, as always, but no indication from him that the hot fuck session at his apartment had ever happened. I started to think it was going to be yet another repressed memory for a guy I thought had serious issues anyway. I just chalked it up as another one night stand.

Today’s judo class was no different and I worked with everyone, including Shane. To wrap up the class, I threw in an hour of practice doing foot sweeps and throws. It’s one of those deceptive combinations that look easy, but after an hour even the most hard-core judoka were exhausted and drenched with sweat. Once I dismissed class, exhaustion quelled the usual chatter as we put on street clothes. Even Shane was not his normal obnoxious, boisterous self, as we filed into the parking lot and left in our individual cars.

Arriving at the house drained, I toss my judo bag into the corner and began peeling off my drenched clothes. Even my t-shirt and shorts were so soaked with sweat that they hit the floor with a splat when I stripped and tossed them aside. Pitching the last stitch of clothing, I headed to the bedroom, unconsciously running my hand through my dark bush, then scratching my hairy nuts. Tugging slightly on my flaccid cock, I enjoyed the cool air flowing over my damp body. I stopped and grabbed a beer from the fridge as I walked through the kitchen. Tipping the bottle back, I almost drain it with my first drink and enjoyed its icy chill as I rummaged through my drawers for clothes. Finally sliding on a pair of loose basketball short that would let my junk hang, I headed back into the living room. I grabbed a second beer, dropped to the couch, clicked on the TV and started flipping through channels.

Settling in to yet another mindless television show, I’m suddenly catapulted from my exhaustion-induced coma by what sounded like someone trying to beat my door down. I sprinted toward the door, but before I could reach it the pounding fired off again, so hard that I started to wonder if it’s the cops banging at my door. Wrenching the door open, I was frozen at the sight before me. It was Shane. Wearing the traditional college male outfit of a sleeveless t-shirt that was slit down the sides, flip-flops and oversized nylon shorts. I gaped at him, at a loss for words.

“Hey fuckhead, are you going to let me in or just stand in the fucking door and make fish faces?”

Shane chuckled at his lame joke, but it brought me back to reality.

“Yeah, sure, come in Shane. What the hell brings you over to my place?” I said with an inquisitive look, as he marched through the door.

“Fuckin’ great! I got the new Jackie Chan movie. Thought you might like to see it!”

“Sure, whatever. Sounds fun.”

I walked back to my spot on the couch and retrieved my beer. Quickly draining it, I walk back to the kitchen for another.

Glancing back over my shoulder, “Hey Shane, you want a beer?”

“Sure asshole! But don’t think you’re going to get me drunk and cornhole me, dude!” Shane smiled and gave me a throaty chuckle.

“Yay, whatever you dick!” I turned and stomped off to the kitchen. I’m not sure why I let Shane get to me like I do, but he does get under my skin. Opening the fridge, I grabbed a couple of bottles and walked back into the living room, handing Shane one.

“So, put in the movie Shane. What are you waiting on?” I smiled and pointed to the TV and player.

“Yay, ok. Sorry.” As Shane walked to the DVD, I enjoyed watching his bubble butt move away from me. He squatted down to load the DVD and his shorts slid down, revealing the wide top of a white Bike jockstrap. My cock began an immediate accent, as I stared at that crescent of perfect ass. Slowly the shorts slid even lower and revealed the hairy trough of his ass crack that was minimally framed with the butt straps from the jock. Shane finally got everything set and walked back, but left his shorts slid down his butt. He plopped on the couch beside me.

I glanced over at him and smiled but decided not to comment on the fact that he sat next to me instead of in one of the other chairs. The movie began and we watch the action, commenting on specifics as only martial arts student are want to do. I kept an eye on Shane as the movie progressed, noticing that more and more often he was cupping and adjusting his package. After a few more bottles, I began to feel the beer, stretched out on the couch and draped my arm behind Shane as he leaned forward to study the action. He tossed his head back to drain the beer from his most recent bottle and then leaned forward to drop it on the floor. This caused his shirt to slide up his back, exposing the patch of curly blond hair at its base and gave me another view of the white jockstrap. Letting my hand drop, I reached over and began to run my fingers through the wonderful patch of boy fur.

“Ummmmm,” sighed Shane.

Encouraged by his response, I began to let my fingers roam over his taut Sakarya Escort muscular back. The beer and his hot body had their effect on me and I became more aggressive. I reached under his shirt and slid my hands across his smooth back, finally reaching Shane’s shoulders. Then using my fingers like talons, I drug my fingernails down his rounded back.

“ohholyfuckingshityesssss,” erupted from his mouth.

I smiled and raked his back again and again, varying the location, turning his back into a network of pale pink lines. “You like that Shane? Do you like it a little rough, big boy?”

“Fuck yes. Goddamn that fucking makes my cock drool.”

As his arms droop lower, I pushed the shirt over his head and watched as he shrugged out of the shirt and let it fall to the floor. Seeing the tuffs of hair erupting from his hairy pits, I combed my fingers through the still damp curls and then tugged at them. I pulled and caressed his pit hair until he was continually emitting soft moans. As I pulled harder, Shane responded with a loud, guttural moan. Between the gentle torture of his back and my play with his pits, the scent of hot college boy filled my nostrils.

“Shit! Yeah! Matt that feels fucking great.”

As his profanity-strewn sounds of pleasure escalated, Shane arched his back against my fingers as I returned to raking his torso. As he moved, I allowed my arms to slide under his and pulled him against my chest. Moving with the same deliberation, I created a similar latticework of pink lines on his taut stomach and muscular chest. The texture of college boy fur under my fingers added to my pleasure. Seeing his erect, half-dollar size, pink nipples, I reached up and flicked them with my fingers.

“Ohfuck Yes! Yeah Matt, that feels so good. More! Shit more!” Shane screamed out as I began my assault on his now fully contracted nipples.

“Oh my, did I find another hot spot Shane? Do you like this?” I quipped as his body bucked in my arms. I gripped both nipples between my muscular fingers and twisted hard. Shane’s pelvis jabbed up, air fucking harder and harder as I continued my attack on his hard pink nipples.

“You like that Shane? You like the nipple action don’t you.” Moaning louder, he pressed his head against my now sweat-drenched chest. His short, buzz-cut hair worked my own nipples like a fine brush and made my cock throb as he thrashed against me. Shane was lost in the stimulation from my nipple work, grinding his ass against the couch and then thrusting upward. His gyrations inched his shorts lower and lower until they finally slid off his ass and left his bare, hairy butt exposed. Now fully framed with the white straps of his jock, the sight of Shane’s furred treasure caused my steel hard cock to pump precum like a faucet. His own hard and aching cock fought the jock like a viper seeking release, spitting precum with each twist I gave his nipples.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck, yesssss, god damn” Shane’s body arched violently as I continued to work his nipples, twisting and pinching them in the vice my fingers had became. I released one nipple and ran my hand over his chest. Catching his college boy fur between my fingers, I tugged it hard as my other hand continued its assault on Shane’s nipples.

“You like that Shane, do you need to cum big boy? Does your cock need to shoot your hot college ball juice?”

“Fuck yes! Make me cum Matt, please make my cock jizz,” Shane screamed as his thrashing became more urgent. Smiling to myself, I moved both hands back to his now reddened nipples, ran my nails over them and enjoyed the sound of Shane sucking in air as I scratched across his boy tits.

“Like that Shane, is that what you need?”

“Fuck! Harder!”

“Alright stud boy.”

Watching his face closely, I closed my nails over his nipples. Digging hard into his turgid peaks, which are already sensitive from my efforts, I drove my fingernails deeper into his tender nipples. Stopping just short of drawing blood, I twisted and tugged his twin chest cocks.

“FUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” Shane exploded. His body twisting in convulsions as he frantically air fucked, thrusting rapid fire, his ass clenched into twin spheres of granite. As I twisted my fingers, abusing his nipples even more, his entire body was suddenly drenched in the sweat of sexual overload. His torso arched over and over, his eyes clenched shut, mouth open in a silence scream as his body desperately sought release. Suddenly Shane threw his head back hard against me and every muscle in his young body locked, signaling his massive orgasm. His pelvis shuddered as his trapped cock began shooting out muscle jizz. Shot after shot of white-hot molten boy juice exploded from his ensnared cock. The last volleys so strong that they shot through the drenched fabric. His body emitted the final small tremors of his climax as Shane tried to recover.

“Holy Fuck Matt! That was…amazing.”

Shane sighed as he collapsed against me. Adapazarı Escort I ran my hands down his torso and gently squeezed his jizz soaked man package. Coating my hand with his ball juice, I smeared a light coating of fresh college jock sperm over his stomach and then leaned down, kissed his neck lightly and whispered,

“Oh big boy, we are only getting started…”

I cradled Shane in my arms as I leisurely explored his tight body. Running my hands over Shane’s chest, I kissed down his neck and nipped at his ears while Shane recovered from the assault on his tits. Reaching down I ran a thumb over Shane’s abused nipple.

“Oh fuck, Matt. Don’t. They can’t take more. I’ll be lucky if I can put my fuckin’ t-shirt over them tomorrow.”

I heard his faint chuckle and felt Shane wiggle against my chest, he seemed to enjoy the feeling of my chest hair rubbing against his back. I reached down and squeezed his cum-soaked jock again. I added pressure until he sighed and opened his legs wider, inviting further exploration. I continued to fondle the sexy man in my arms for several blissful minutes. Lifting Shane slightly, I slid from beneath his solid bulk and slipped to the floor between his meaty thighs. I resumed my groping of Shane’s full and wet package and ran my fingers under the edge of the cum-soaked jock, relishing the wet sounds as it released from Shane’s skin. I reached up and grabbed the wide strap and pulled his jock down slowly. I savored the slow reveal of whitewashed boy skin and smiled when his still chubbed cock flopped free from its confines. Sliding it down his legs, I removed the jock from his body, brought the pouch to my nose, and inhaled the heady scent before tossing it to the side. Griping the underside of Shane’s thighs, I pulled him closer and pressed my face into his wet crotch. I then leaned forward and ran my tongue from the base of his cock to the piss slit and enjoyed its boy cream coating.

“Yeah fag, suck my fuckin’ dick,” said Shane as he relaxed on the couch.

I raised my head, glared at him for a second, then grabbed both of his nipples and twisted hard.

“Goddamn asshole! I fuckin’ told you my nips were tender. Why the fuck did you do that!”

Resting my hands dangerously close to Shane’s swollen nipples, I said, “Listen you little prick. You will never call me that again. Got it!?”

“Call you what? You mean f-” Shane paused, “Yeah. Ok. Whatever. Don’t get so goddamn worked up. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Just as long as we understand each other. You got it asshole?”

“Yeah, yeah. I got it,” said Shane, looking more than a little apprehensive.

Sitting back on my heels, I gripped my throbbing cock through the shorts and rubbed my package as I fumed over Shane’s comment. Surprisingly my cock never left full mast in spite of the drama, it cared more about getting hot ass and less about his smartass remark. I pulled off my own shorts, moved closer and gripped his cock in my hand. Squeezing it tightly, I rubbed my own throbbing baby maker up and down Shane’s thickly thatched ass crack. As I pumped Shane’s dick, I felt it inflate as it recovered from his recent ejaculation.

“Oh yeah Matt, that feels so good. Jack me.”

Shane sighed and ran his hands over himself. I watched as his hands traveled over his chest and then through the dense blond bush. Shane’s head rolled slowly from side to side as his cock arched upward toward his navel. I felt my leaking cock deepening the coating on Shane’s asshole. While fondling Shane’s dick and balls, I remembered his earlier crack and my anger flared. As the rage enveloped me, I decided to punish him further. I grabbed Shane’s dick and yanked him close. Pausing to lock eyes with him, I thrust violently forward, ramming my cock to its root into his unprepared college hole in one angry shove.

“Goddamn! What are you fuckin’ doin’! You’re tearin’ up my asshole you dick! Get it out! Take it fuckin’ out!”

Shane continued to yell and struggle but I had him trapped in my muscular grip. As he tried to escape, I let my cock slip almost out and then rammed it back deep inside his chute. Noticing Shane’s cock had gotten harder during the assault, I gripped tighter on his free flowing pole and felt my hand awash in clear juice. I pulled the weakly struggling college boy tight to my crotch and pounded my cock hard into him, my balls bouncing against his pale muscle ass.

“FUCK!” screamed Shane, “Oh god, Matt!”

There what do you think of having hard fag cock buried balls deep in your ass? Smiling to myself, I pulled out slightly and then rammed back in hard. Finding a fast rhythm, I started rabbit fucking Shane’s tight ass. His squeals of pain transitioned to deep moans and an even harder cock in my fist. Rising slightly, I aimed for Shane’s fuck spot, wanting to drive him crazy as I rampantly screwed his tight ass. Finally ramming the last of my anger into Shane’s fuck hole, I paused with my cock Serdivan Escort buried deep in his ass. I moved my hands over his body and slid my fingers up the length of Shane’s penis until I reached the end. Rubbing my thumb hard against his frenulum, I watched his body tense with the sensations even as his sphincter convulsed around my cock.

“That’s it Shane. Just enjoy, let it happen. Enjoy my boner inside your tight fuck hole.”

I started dicking him again. Pulling back and then shoving in, I realized that if this was going to last, I needed lube. Letting my cock slide out, I reached under the couch for the jar of Elbow Grease strategically hidden there. Raking my finger through the tub, I reached up and spread it over Shane’s swollen and gapping asshole. I ran my finger around his distended hole, his ass hair matting as it was coated with grease. His moans escalated as I slipped two fingers into his ass and slid them around. I located his prostate and started working it.

“Ahhh Fuck! Damn that feels good Matt.”

I gathered more lube on my fingers and spread it over my cock, coating it from piss slit to balls with the slick gel. I leaned against Shane again and ran my cock over his red, distended ass. Parting his anal forest with my cock, I slowly slid back in, never pausing until I was buried balls deep again. Moving his legs to my shoulders, I began to fuck him in earnest, ramming my dick into him over and over again.

“Is that what you like? You need hot cock in muscle ass?”

Shane groaned and spread his legs wider as he tried to get more meat into his hungry ass.

“Yes Sir! Fuck me Sir! Use my hole!”

My eyebrow rose as I listened to my ROTC boy surrender his ass to my invasion. Flexing my butt muscles, I moved faster and drove into Shane’s tight boy pussy over and over. I pulled out and grabbed Shane by the back of the neck and bit down hard. Releasing him from my teeth, I yanked him onto the floor.

“Get on your stomach! Get your hairy ass in the air, boy!” I said with a growl.

As he moved to comply, I pressed my hand between his shoulder blades and forced him against the floor. I moved behind him and slid my cock back into its favorite butt. Rising up into a crouch, my hands splayed over his back, I began fucking him in earnest. Again and again I rammed deep into his wet hole. The only sounds in the room were his grunts and moans of pleasure and the slap of hot flesh colliding. Grabbing his shoulders, I rammed my fuck pole hard into Shane’s wet opening. In a change of tactics, I pulled out completely and jammed my cock deep into his college ass. Shane gasped, moaned louder and dropped his chest to the floor. Reaching back with both hands, he pried his ass open even wider.

“Oh holy fuck Matt. Yes! Harder! Oh! Oh! Oh! Fucckkkkkk!” Shane gasped out.

I reached beneath my fuck boy and grabbed the rock-hard and dripping cock. Squeezing the head tight in my fist, I began to twist my hand around the distended glans as I continued to fuck deep into Shane’s hole. Twisting into a judo move, I grabbed one of Shane’s shoulders and yanked him onto his back. Pinning him under my body, I rolled Shane up onto his shoulders and began thrusting into his ass again. My cock raked his butt nut with each pass and I slammed him with enough force to cause Shane to slide across the floor with each thrust. Sweat dripped from both of us, as our hot session built into a writhing ball of hot flesh.

“OHGOD! OHFUCK! SHIT! AHHHHH!” screamed Shane.

His body tensed as it entered the throes of a hard, powerful orgasm. Shane’s muscle ass clamped down on my cock as his thick, white jizz started shooting from his throbbing cock.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” moaned Shane as his body jerked with its intense orgasm. His cock distended to its fullest as it shot off like a sprinkler, coating both of us with his second load of the night. I felt the hot boy jizz splattering my chest and arms as I pumped harder and harder into Shane’s ever tightening asshole. My balls hugged my shaft as cum race toward my piss slit. Ramming in hard one last time, I buried my cock inside Shane as my over-due load began filling his gut. My body tensed and released with each volley of cum, filling Shane’s gut with fuck juice. My thrusts slowed and I enjoyed the wet sound of my dick pushing through Shane’s well-filled ass.

“Oh fuck. Amazing. Just goddamn fucking amazing,” said Shane.

Shane dreamily ran his hands over his chest and added this new layer of man cream to his already coated skin. Feeling my dick slip from his well-used hole, he sighed and relaxed. I slumped on top of him, the boy juice soaking into my chest hair as we slowly slid together. After a few minutes, I realized that Shane had passed out under me and started to snore softly. I smiled and shook my head, reached over, and grabbing a blanket to cover both of us. Spooning against Shane, my half-hard cock nested in his dripping ass crack, I drifted peacefully to sleep.

“Fuck! What the fuck! Goddamn it!”

I yawned as Shane’s exclamation jars me awake. “And good morning to you too, Shane.”

“Fuckwad! Why did you sleep with me! I don’t sleep with a . . . ” Shane recalled his lesson from last night before it slipped out, “With a guy!”

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