College Bound: Summer to Remember

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College Bound: Summer to Remember. Allison’s last Summer before leaving for College

All sex is consensual, and legal, over 18. ‘slightly & well over’

This story has a few different plot lines and themes which put it in a few different categories. There are highlighted sections that can help if you prefer not to read that category. These are the headings to help you navigate….if you so choose.


Allison. 18 years old and Mr. Travers. 68 years old. Wealth, powerful, handsome and very endowed.


Kate. 18 years old and her father, Mr. Travers

KATE and BOBBIE-(Brother & Sister)

Twins. Son and daughter of Mr. Travers. Both 18.


The early part of growing up I was a flat chested, geeky pimple faced teen, up until I turned 15, when my body literally transformed into the shape of a smoking hot bikini model. Once I turned 15, I was totally developed. I stood 5’7″ tall and weighed 110 pounds, with eye-popping measurements that were exactly like they are now, 34D-21-33. I’ve been told that I look exactly like the nude glamour model Raylene Richards. With thick blond hair, big suckable round tits and a narrow waist, incredible legs, and an absolutely perfect ass, I turned into the ultimate male fantasy.

Although I have had a steady boyfriend Bobbie for the past 5 years, since I was 14, I really blossomed sexually when I turned 18, right before I went away to college and then in college, where I experienced the most incredible, life-changing sexual experiences.

The summer before leaving for college I entered the local beauty contest. I had just turned 18 and the contest was sponsored by the bank my boyfriend Bobbie’s father owned. My boyfriend has a twin sister Kate, who is my best friend. She is a cheerleader with me and in a lot of my classes. Their father, Mr. Travers is the owner and bank president. At 68 he is an extremely good-looking and very distinguished man, who is plugged into every part of the high-society, social and business community.

He married my boyfriends mother late in life when she ‘accidently’ got pregnant with the twins. They divorced shortly after and he immediately got a vasectomy to avoid any future accidents. Divorced for over 15 years Mr. Travers is living life to the fullest, enjoying his confirmed bachelor life, always in the company of younger females 18-to 20 and always dating regularly. Mrs. Travers remarried a year after the divorce when she turned 20.

Through the years I have been at Mr. Travers house with my boyfriend or his sister and was always impressed with his knowledge of my different subjects, including international politics, which was of interest to me, because of my aspiration to become an on-air newscaster. While at his pool it was hard not to notice his remarkable physical condition. His body is slim and well defined, without an ounce of fat, and his white hair gives him a very sexy quality and adds to his distinguished characteristics.

After turning 18 the last week of High School I noticed Mr. Travers taking in more than just a glance when I was went out with his son and daughter and friends dressed real hot in a mini dress and high heels or if I was at the pool in my bikini and heels (which I intentionally wore). I have to admit that when I found out Mr. Travers was going to be home I always wore something that was real sexy, hoping he would notice.

My dresses were always shorter and my bikini’s were always a lot more reveling, especially the tiny thong that exposed my entire ass, when I knew was home. My boyfriend Bobbie always thought I was wearing the hot bikini for him, but it was really Mr. Travers I wanted to turn on. To further excite him I would always wear a pair of high heel pumps at the pool. I loved watching him watch me when I’d slip my pumps off when I walked to the edge of the pool then back on when I got out and walked back to my lounge chair to be with my boyfriend or his sister. As I walked back to the chair I could feel his eyes riveted to my body.

I found myself fantasizing more and more about the two of us together, kissing and fucking, and playing with each other like lovers. The fact that he was 50 years older than me turned me on even more. Like the young girls he frequently dated I was attracted to his handsome features, combined with his confidence, and assertiveness. He wasn’t timid like my boyfriend or other guys my age. Mr. Travers reeked of power, and that quality is was an incredible turn on to me.

By the time summer started Kate and I were both 18, her birthday is a few days after mine. She was entering the beauty contest and encouraged me to join, saying it would be fun and with my looks and my I’d be a shoo-in, certain to win. When I learned her father was going to be at all the rehearsals I immediately signed up. I had to admit the rehearsals were fun, but Fatih escort bayan the best part was seeing Mr. Travers there, although I didn’t like that all the girls were vying for his attention. The girls were always remarking about how sexy he was while were changing costumes from our gowns to our swimsuits.

During the swimsuit rehearsal I was excited to see his eyes all over my body as I walked on the stage with my high heels clicking to the beat of a rock song, as my big tits bounced with each step. As I smiled at him I saw him nod his head then wink at me in a way that made me think he thought I was sexy and maybe even hungry to fuck me. After I left the stage I went over to him to say hello. Even though he was with a young Asian teen his eyes were all over me.

She had just turned 18 that day and he was taking her out to dinner than to a show to celebrate her birthday. She was the daughter of one of his business associates in China and she was visiting America for the summer. She was dressed in the shortest, black mini dress which barely covered her ass. She stood about my height, 5’7″, 5’10” with the high heel pumps she was wearing, and had a slender body. Her tits were small and looked to be about 32A or 32B, and her nipples seemed to be pushing though the material of her bra and dress which made me think they were big. Her legs were her best feature, and in her black stockings and black high heel pumps, they really stood out.

“Very sexy Allison,” he said looking over my body slowly and purposely, which made me real hot as I stood in front of him in my bikini and high heels.

“Thanks Mr. Travers. I wanted to come and say hello before all the girls come over and start flocking you,” I said in a teasing voice, even though it was totally true, as I watched his eyes roam all over me.

“I’ve got to fuck her,” he thought to himself as he took in the sight of his son’s incredible girlfriend standing in front of him in an amazing bikini with white high heel pumps on.” She’s 18, and more than ready for my big dick,” he thought to himself with a confident arrogance, that he knew would happen. “I’ll call her tomorrow. Dinner, then back to my house for a night of fucking,” he thought to himself confidently.

“Well what can I say Allison. Some girls your age seem to really enjoy the company of an older man,” he said leaning in and kissing the Asian teen standing next to him.

They kissed for a few seconds, and I even saw the tip of her tongue come out and slip into his mouth, then heard her clearly groan softly, “Ummmm.”

“I can totally understand why they all like you Mr. Travers,” I said with a sly grin as I looked into his deep, penetrating eyes, wishing it was me he was kissing and taking out that night, and I’m sure fucking before the night was through. “I’m jealous myself,” I said in a serious voice that I hoped he pick up on. Although the Asian girl shot me a “If looks could kill” look Mr. Travers grinned, which told me he got the message.

Right after I said it eight girls came running, almost tripping over each other to say hi to him. Like me, they were dressed in their bikini’s and high heels and I have no doubt that they all wished they were the one’s on his arm too. As the girls were all cooing over him I noticed his eyes look up at the stage and when I looked back to see who or what he was looking at I saw Kate on the stage walking towards us, in her bikini and high heels, with a sly grin on her face.

When I waved to her it was as if she didn’t even notice me as her eyes were locked onto her father in a way that seemed like she was enjoying the way he was leering at her in her bikini and high heels. I actually saw her run the tip of her tongue over her upper lip as she looked right at him while she grinned at him slyly. I just wrote it off that she was playing with her father, because I knew how she was at kidding, even when she used to tell me she loved teasing her father about all the girls he dated that were her age. When she came over she gave him a hug and he then put his arm around her. He told her in front of all of us that she looked really sexy and then whispered something in her ear that seemed to make her nipples get really hard.


When I went to my father in my bikini and high heels I was happy to see his eyes glued to me, running from my white high heel pumps, up my long legs to my flat 29AA chest and tiny tits. My nipples were rock-hard as I watched him scan my body. I saw his ‘new’ fuck of the day standing next to him. She was Korean, real sexy, real leggy, real young, and I was sure, because she was with my handsome father, real horny.

“How fitting that today is her 18th birthday,” I thought to myself. “What better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than with a handsome older man who is rich, successful, powerful and has a huge 10 inch cock that is fatter around than a beer can that could fuck Escort Fındıkzade all night and cum in buckets,” I said to myself. ” Fuck, I’m jealous that it isn’t me by his side, wearing my mini dress, high heels and thigh high stockings and ending up in his bed like she will be that night, kissing, fucking and cumming all night long, because of his huge fucking cock.”

As our eyes locked onto each others, images of what happened between us two days ago suddenly flashed through my mind, making my nipples ache and my pussy get real damp. I was shopping for some new dresses and got distracted when three of the girls from the pageant came out of the dressing room and we started talking. The conversation, as with all of my friends shifted to my father about how handsome he was and if he was available. They asked because he always came to the rehearsals with a different girl our age. I was used to hearing how every 18 year old wanted to date him, and had to admit he had all the qualities a girl could want. Money, power and incredibly handsome features.

With all the talking I forgot to let my father know I was coming by to use the pool before I went to pageant rehearsal. I parked my BMW on the side of the lot where the pool is and used my key to get in. I went into the house and left my dress in the kitchen then changed into my bikini and went back out to the pool. After my swim I showered than went to my room to change into my new dress. I had a date that night with my boyfriend and wanted to look sexy when we fucked, so I decided to wear a pair of thigh high stockings to add excitement to my mini dress and tiny thong. He had been out of town for a week and I was really horny, so I thought I spice it up a little and add the stockings to my hot dress and classic pumps.

After doing my makeup then rolling up my tan thigh high stockings and putting on my thong then stepping into my high heel pumps I realized that I had left my dress in the kitchen, so I walked out of my room with what I had on to get the dress. I didn’t bother putting on a robe, because I knew I was alone in my father’s house.

When I walked past the mirror in the hallway I stopped to admire my body. I had to admit that I looked real hot, the thigh high stockings and heels were a sexy contrast to my pale, freckled body. I looked naughty and felt naughty. I even turned to admire my ass, which is so small the thin black material of the thong could be seen right in my crack.

I had no idea that my father had come home when I was changing in the bedroom. Coincidently, he had no idea I was there because my car wasn’t in the driveway, because of where I parked it on the other side of the house by the pool. He had come home early from work while I was in the shower and had know idea I was there. Also, because I forgot to call or text him, he had no way of knowing I was at his house.

He came home early because he wanted to take in a swim before he came by the rehearsal and before he went out that night with a date he had with an 18 year old granddaughter of an old friend who was looking for a summer job as an intern. Just as I was walking down the hall my father came out of his bedroom without any cloths on, holding his bathing suit in his hand.

Seeing him completely nude and me in thigh high stockings, thong and high heel pumps triggered a reaction in both of us that would have been considered shameful or immoral by most people. Instead of screaming or being mortified, my father and I stood there for what seemed like a few minutes, gazing hungrily at each other. As my eyes took in the sight of my fathers incredible physique, slender, tight and well defined without an ounce of fat, my eyes instantly drifted to the biggest cock I had ever seen, and ironically the fattest part of his body.

The week before I had fucked my brother Bobbie on a dare from Allison while the three of us were at my fathers pool. My brother has a real big cock, 10 inches, but I looked in disbelief at how huge my fathers cock was. My fathers cock easily dwarfed my brothers. My father’s cock is 10 inches long too, but is easily 5 times thinker, wider than a beer can, with rows and rows of big, thick veins that run along the sides, which make it look almost terrifying.

As I looked at my fathers huge cock in disbelief, I was excited to see it start to balloon out and throb at the sight of me. I was never more happy to be standing in just my pumps, stockings and thong, without a bra or my dress on. Seeing his eyes go from my high heels, up my long stocking covered legs to my braless tits with a smug grin on his face had me so turned on, and I could feel my pussy get instantly wet.

“Very sexy Kate,” my father said in a deep, penetrating voice as he walked towards me, his gigantic cock bouncing in a sinister way from knee to knee. As he walked towards in what seemed like slow-motion, my eyes were glued to it, trying to comprehend it’s actual size, Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan knowing it looked longer than my arm and easily five times wider. “What a pleasant and unexpected surprise Kate,” he said, looking at me with a hunger that had my pussy soaking wet.

“Fuck, I’ll say,” I said in a throaty voice, as I watched his huge cock swell up completely, curving to the left against his knee, long and as fat around as a baseball bat, as he walked towards me. ” Ummm…is that the big present you forgot to give me last week for my 18th birthday,” I said disbelieving the freakish of my fathers enormous cock.

“It’s your present if you want it Kate,” he said in his sexy deep voice.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned, feeling my big nipples ache at the thought of fucking something so huge.

Reaching me, he pulled me to him and we kissed hotly for 20 minutes, as our hands busily explored each other bodies with a hunger rooted in pleasing each other. I was going wild, groaning as we kissed like lovers, our tongues darting across each others inside, and outside our mouths, wild, and untamed as I lifted his mammoth cock to the side of my stocking covered thigh. Feeling the startlingly heaviness of it as I began pumping it adoringly with my outstretched palm.

“So fucking huge, and so heavy,” I groaned as we kissed.

“It’s big for you baby,” he said letting me know he wanted to fuck me.

Feeling my fathers hands travel up my stockings to my firm, ass then to my long, extended nipples had my pussy bursting into flames. He then went from kissing me to sucking my inch long nipples, which caused me to throw my head back as the excitement was building inside my pussy by the second.

“Big nipples on such a flat chest…. Wonderful,” he said as he sucked on my almost non-existent tits, pulling the flesh off my chest, until he released my tit then kissed and bit each of my nipples which caused me to moan. He then pulled each of my nipples far off my chest, sending shock-waves way- up into my pussy. “I love these tiny tits,” he snarled as kissed around the edges of my big nipples.

As he was biting and stretching out my nipples he skillfully pushed my thong to the side and sent his fingers up into my pussy, which was already soaking wet from being so turned on.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, as I threw my head back from the incredible feeling of being finger fucked by my sexy father. “God, he’s so confident and knows just what to do to turn me on,” I thought to myself as I went back to kissing him as he fucked me, with his probing fingers.

“Umm, already wet,” he said the instant his fingers went into my pussy.

“Wet for you baby,” I said hoarsely, playing of his response to me about his huge cock. Suddenly, I felt my body start to convulse, then lifted my heels out of the backs of my pumps and came in a hard flood all over his fingers.

As I came over his fingers I could feel his huge cock throbbing in my outstretched palm and felt the heavy liquid of pre-cum start to flow out of his baseball sized cockhead. As I came I kept pumping him faster and faster, wanting to jerk him off with me. After I came we kissed as my body seemed to go limp from the explosive climax.

“Let me take the edge off this great, big fucking cock baby. I wanna suck you off,” I said hotly as I instantly squatted on my pumps and proceeded to lick every inch of his tremendous cock. His cock was so huge and heavy that it had to rest against his knee. It was too big to stick straight out like my boyfriend or all the other guys I fucked. I put my palm at the base and hefted it to my mouth. It was so sexy to have to control such a massive cock. When I brought it to my mouth I realized that I would never get more than the huge, baseball shaped cockhead inside, so I knew my hands were what was going to please it.

“Spit on it baby,” he commanded as I looked up and grinned slyly.

“Umm, you know what you like,” I said looking up at him slyly. “Anything you want baby,” I said in a voice I didn’t recognize, astonished by his staggering cock. I was so turned on by my fathers confidence, I instantly began spitting my hot saliva along the top of his shaft, and began pumping it through my palm as my other hand caressed his huge, hanging balls.

“That’s real nice Kate,” he said which made me real happy and real hot. There was something about the way he said my name that was real sexy. it made me forget that I was his daughter. It made me feel more like one of his many 18 year old fucks, and that was so sexy to me.

” Ummm. the biggest pair of balls, loaded with hot cum for me I hope,” I said in my throaty voice.

“Lot’s of cum for you Kate. Lots of cum,” he snarled as I continued spitting all over his massive shaft, and pumping the endless length of it.

Just by the size of his huge cock and giant hanging balls; that seemed to be perfectly matched , I knew he was going to have a lot of cum stored up.

After I covered his huge cock in my hot saliva I mischievously flicked the tip of my tongue, over the crown of his big cockhead, like a snake.

“Umm, I like a real naughty girl,” he said as I kept flicking my tongue against his cockhead, then kissed it as I looked into his piercing eyes with the slyest of grins.

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