Colin’s Nephew, Tom

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Colin and me carried on seeing each other when we could safely do so.

He did tell me that his sex life with his wife was even better. I had to admit that my own was better too.

We had arranged for me to go to his house on the Friday. He had the place to himself that night, and I was desperate for his cock.

I told the Mrs that I was out with the lads for the night. Colin was picking me up from outside my local in reality.

Colin was already waiting for me when I turned the corner.

He seemed quiet as we travelled to his. We stopped at an off licence on the way. I thought that he had bought more than enough drink for us.

Not long before we got close to his, he opened up. We won’t be alone tonight. Tom, my nephew has been kicked out. He hasn’t said why. But I rang my sister and asked her, and she won’t tell me either. But she is furious. So I thought that we could just have some fun without getting naked for a change and the circumstances.

Colin introduced us when I walked in. He told Tom that we sometimes just stopped in to save a few quid.

Tom seemed alright. A bit short compared to Colin and me, but we stood over six foot. The other thing about him was that he looked young. Turned out that he was nineteen, and always got asked for I.D when he was out.

After a few cans we began to play cards.

A few cans more, and Tom suggested that we added some excitement. The loser has to take off an item of clothes. Once someone was naked, the winner of that hand could dare the loser to do whatever he wanted.

We agreed to that but on condition that we would carry on until we were all naked, or until we ran out of time.

For some strange reason Tom wanted to play a game that Colin and me excelled at. He stood no chance. Oh and our socks were one pair not two separate items.

In no time Tom was sat in his shorts, I was still fully clothed and Colin was topless.

Then I was down to my jeans, Colin in his shorts too.

Tom lost. He stood up to take off his boxers. When he slid them down he was already hard. A nice sized cock sprang free. “What do you want me to do then?”

As I was the winner. “Go out the back and walk to the back gate and back. No hiding yourself either.”

While he walked along the path. “Are you ok doing this? After all he is your nephew.”

“I’m enjoying it. I might let it go further. If you want to as well.”

“I would go all the way. I just wanted to make sure that you are ok.”

Tom strolled back in. He was pretty cool with the nudity.

He did notice that I had grown too.

Back to the cards and it was Colin’s turn to lose, Tom the winner. It was no surprise that Colin had to do the same walk. As we stood there watching Colin. I noticed that Tom never looked away from Colin’s cock.

I asked if he liked what he saw. “Oh yes.”

Another game and I lost. Tom won.

I expected to do the walk too. “Touch Colin’s dick.”

“What just touch it is that all?”

“No get a hold of it properly.”

I thought. “I’m going to show you.”

Colin walked around to me. His cock nice and hard. I reached out and took a hold of it, then slowly wanked him. “Is that ok?”

“I never expected you to do that.”

I leant forward and started sucking Colin. Then Colin held my head and began to gently fuck my mouth. When we stopped. “How about that?”

“Are you two fucking each other? That looked too good to have been your first time.”

“Why did you want me to do that to you.”

Tom took that as an invitation, he presented himself right in front of me.

I took a hold of his cock, Sakarya Escort it felt slightly fatter than Colin’s or my own, but it was an easy inch shorter. Colin remained where he was, watching me wank Tom. Then I had to close my eyes as I took it into my mouth. My second cock, and my first cock just beside me. I saw that Colin had taken a hold of Tom’s dick, and he stroked the shaft as I licked and sucked away at the helmet.

I needed to pause for a second. My mouth was too full of saliva. There I looked up at two magnificent cocks in front of me.

Holding onto both of them I took it in turns to suck them. It was heavenly.

Tom wanted a go at sucking. I wanted Colin to go next. But he let Tom go on to pleasure us both.

When Tom took me in his mouth, I knew that I was not the first cock that he had. Especially when he took all of my length. He could swallow all of it time and time again.

Then it was his uncles turn. Colin never flinched when Tom held his cock. Then had it stroked. When Tom swallowed his knob Colin groaned.

I turned to face Colin and began kissing him as his nephew sucked him off. Whatever it was Colin couldn’t take it, and had to pull away before he shot his load.

“It’s your turn now uncle.”

They swapped around, and Colin took a hold of both cocks, but chose to put Tom’s in his mouth first.

I kept watching as Colin tried his best to take all of Tom’s cock. I just watched and stroked Tom’s ass. Tom though began to lick and suck on one of my nipples. When it was my turn to be sucked it was bliss. I wanted to kiss Tom but the height difference meant that I would have pulled my cock too far away for Colin to be comfortable sucking me at the same time.

I think Colin sensed what I wanted to do and moved back to sucking Tom. I turned and kissed Tom, soon our tongues were playing. And then Tom had to pull away, not wanting to cum.

“I think we should have a few minutes to calm down.”

Colin and Tom agreed. We went back to our seats, and drinks.

“How do we decide who gets who’s cum? Obviously we both are used to each others.”

Tom said. “I shoot a good load usually. I should do tonight. So do you want to share? I’m easy on who cums in my mouth.”

“I think that Colin should cum in your mouth. In fact I think you should get both loads, there is always a spunky kiss.”

“I still want to know why your mother threw you out.”

“She come home really early and caught me getting fucked off Ian from next door. I was begging him to fuck me harder when the door burst open.”

“So what happened next?”

“Ian just vanished, my mam was livid. She screamed and shouted at me, called me everything. Then threw me out. I managed to grab some clothes and make my way here.”

“What do you think Colin?”

“Well Tom can stay here for as long as he wants. I’ll go and talk to his mother in a day or two. Let her calm down a bit.”

“How long had you and that Ian been fucking?”

“He started hitting on me on my eighteenth party at ours. Then not long after his wife began dropping hints too.”

Colin butted in. “What his wife Pat?”

“Yeah, she said that she wanted me to join them sometime. It would be fun she said.

So I ended up at theirs one night. We had some drinks, then she started kissing me, while Ian sat watching. Then once we were all naked she asked if I had ever let a man touch me. When I said no she asked if I wanted Ian to suck me. Well I was so turned on I didn’t really care who did what to me. So as Ian blew me, Pat sat there watching Ian while she played with herself. Then Adapazarı Escort she more or less told me to fuck Ian. Which I did. Then he cum and I fucked her too.

It was more or less that every week or so. Until Ian and me started sucking off each other and we would have sex together with her watching. But it was always me who fucked him nearly every time. So I started to see Ian alone a few times, I had to feel what it was like to be fucked too, and I love it.”

I felt that time was running out. So I began to have a feel of Colin’s ass. Then I stood behind him, my hard on stabbing his back, and nuzzled on his neck, trying my best to turn him on as much as I could while Tom was still with us.

Colin began stroking himself as he asked. “What else did Pat want from you both?”

“She would almost every time bring herself off while watching Ian and me. Then she would demand that we fuck her. I don’t think there was a combination that we had never tried. Both of us up her pussy, she loved the two of us in her arse. At the end she would cum again, and she squirted like fuck when either Ian or me would lick the others cum out of her.”

Tom had got onto his knees in front of us. I held Colin’s cock for Tom to suck, while I moved in to kiss Colin.

Then as Colin put his tongue in my mouth, Tom began sucking me. I had to keep a hold of my hard on, I had never experienced that before. The delight caught me by surprise.

To take my mind off shooting my load. “I want to be spit roasted. You two can decide who goes where.”

“There might be a problem here. I only have two condoms left, and it is obvious that we all like to be fucked.”

Tom said that he was the odd one out, and was happy enough to miss out this time. If he was at home then Colin and me would be fucking.

We made our way to the lounge. I sat on a sofa, Tom beside me.

Colin went away upstairs, so I started kissing Tom and played with his dick some more.

Colin came back with our two condoms and some lube. When he put them down he knelt in front of us. I pointed Tom’s cock at him. Colin took as much of it in his mouth as he could manage, and started to suck away.

I wasted no time in getting behind him, where I gently ran a finger between his cheeks, and then gave his little hole a bit of a tickle. Then began rubbing it a little more firmer. Once Colin adjusted himself, I began kissing his bum cheeks, moving in closer and closer to his hole. When I ran my tongue over his hole, Colin gave a little gasp. I licked and kissed him there until he almost begged me to fuck him.

With a lubed up finger, I penetrated him and fingered his hole for a while.

Then I couldn’t wait any more. I rolled a condom over my shaft, gave that some lube. Then held it against his arsehole. Colin pushed back and he slid himself onto my achingly hard cock. Once he stopped, I began fucking him while he sucked off his nephew.

I tried to get a better view of Colin sucking away over his shoulder. I was so desperate to be doing the same.

I decided that it would be better to concentrate on the fucking bit. I could slide all the way up his ass, and then fully withdraw my cock. With both of my hands parting Colin’s cheeks, holding his hole open. I slowly fucked him for a good while. Then for a final flourish, I pounded him the best I could manage without shooting my load, until it was time to swap places.

I pulled out from Colin, nipped into the kitchen found some kitchen roll, and wiped away the condom flavour from my cock.

When I got myself in front of Tom. He wanted to have a look at where Serdivan Escort Colin was going to be having fun. Then the both of them took it in turns to rim my bum hole.

“Will somebody hurry up and fuck me. I have been wanting this for an eternity.”

I felt somebody get up, and out the corner of my eye I saw Colin take some of the roll to clean away the lube off him. Then he got himself sitting in front of me, pointing his cock at me.

As I took him in my mouth, Tom kept on licking my arse.

It felt strange being on my knees with my ass exposed and a stranger playing with my hole. But when the familiar feeling of the cold lube at my ring. I began to anticipate having a hard cock at both ends. I had the odd fantasy about being in this situation for years, and now I was about to take another cock up me.

I felt the tip of Tom’s cock against my now very willing hole. I tried to take my mind off the expectant delight by sucking on Colin’s cock, but I needed to feel Tom take me.

He inserted the first inch or so, and teased me by fucking me just like that. Every time I tried to push myself onto him he made sure that he kept the same depth in me. Until he thrusted himself all the way in my ass.

After I stopped gasping, I could devote my time to sucking on Colin’s beautiful cock, while Tom fucked me good and hard.

There was no trouble in making his cock wet, my saliva was non stop. I licked kissed and sucked Colin. I felt such a whore, having two cocks servicing me.

Then at almost the same time they stopped. Both saying that they were ready to cum.

Spunky kisses was the way we were going to end our fun.

As Tom started to pull out of me, I tried clenching my hole tight. I wanted to try and take off his condom as he pulled out of my used hole. It was something that I had just seen in a porn film not long before. It didn’t work.

Once Tom had given himself a quick wipe, he stood in front of Colin and me.

We took turns sucking and licking his cock. Tom also wanked himself a little. Until he spurted most of his massive load into Collin’s mouth, I managed to get the last few spurts. I swallowed that, and waited for Colin to kiss me and give me some more lovely cum. We kissed and swapped the cum for a little while.

Tom even had his mouth beside ours. So we gave him a taste of his juice too.

I stood over them next. Tom taking my full length, Colin trying his best to copy him. I asked them to kiss each other, while I played with myself. When I was ready, I gave all of my cum to Colin. I wanted to show him that it was him that I thought more about. Colin held Tom’s mouth open and let all my cum dribble into Tom’s mouth, Letting Tom have the lot. Colin made sure that there was none left in me though.

Then Colin stood there. Tom deepthroated him which had Colin ready to spurt straight away.

Tom told me to suck off Colin and take the full load. All he wanted to see was Colin spurt into my ready and willing mouth, and for me to swallow it all. Which I did without complaining.

Once we had recovered enough we made our way back to the kitchen, still naked and got ourselves some drinks.

I said that it was the dirtiest and the biggest turn on that I ever had.

Colin said the same.

Tom said it was good. But felt that some of the things that he had got up to with Ian and Pat might have topped it. But perhaps we might be able to beat it one day in the future.

I was starting to feel that I might have been able to go another round of sucking. My cock was starting to stir for sure. Until Tom pointed out the time.

It was getting very late. We dressed quickly, and the three of us checked, double checked and triple checked that everything was all ok. And there was no sign that three men had been fucking each other not an hour ago.

When my taxi arrived. I kissed them both, and went off home a very happy chap.

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