Cindy’s Diary Ch. 01

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The candles send flickers of light to mingle with the aroma of the roses that are set upon every available surface. The music is softly humming, keeping in tune with the candle-light. The wine is at a perfect temperature, chilling on ice, glasses waiting to be filled, then to touch our lips. A fresh set of red satin sheets upon the king sized bed, me in my naughtiest black negligee, various bowls and toys within arms reach. I am waiting for my lover to arrive.

The atmosphere has set a stirring deep within me. I fluff the pillows one last time and finally I slide myself onto bed and sink into the softness that surrounds me.

I begin to touch myself as I suspect you would. I run my fingers along the milky white skin of my face, my throat, my neck. Absent-mindedly I am feeling the lace of my nightie. The silk against my large 38DD breasts excites me. Large tan areola’s top the creamy mounds, peaked by my already hard nipples, yearning be touched. I am lying back on the pillows, my eyes closed, my smooth body giving way to the touch of my fingers.

One hand continues to excite my breasts while the other travels a slow trail along my flat belly, down to rustle the tiny heart that is my pubic hair. The rest is smoothly shaven, the way you like it. I trace lines up one firm, tan leg and down the other, getting closer with each pass. My legs spread just a bit, in anticipation of my nearing fingers.

Barely touching, I let my fingers tease myself, closer and with more pressure until I put my whole hand there. I just hold it there for a moment, my fingers resting against me, felling the excitement grow. Slowly I let one finger slide between my swollen lips, it slides easily, coated in the juices that have already begun to flow. Involuntarily my legs part wider, now another finger joins the first and they glide up and down my hard, extended clit.

I am so caught up in myself, I did not see you enter the room. You have unbuttoned your shirt and undone your jeans, letting them bunch at your feet.

When I look up you are at the foot of the bed, touching yourself. Stroking and pulling your manhood. As you get harder and longer I can see the glorious purple head swell and expand. Watching you touch yourself gets me so excited. I want to watch more but I just have to touch it. I push your hands away and do what you were just doing. Stroking you, feeling every vein and ridge, the smooth, hardness amazes and excites me. You pull me to my feet and we kiss, softly at first then more passionate. Our tongues entwine and seek each other, exploring the other’s mouth. Tasting the desire that wets our lips. You are holding me close and I can feel your hardness pressed up against my belly. I turn us around so that your back is to the bed. Still kissing deeply, I push you down on the bed and tie your hands to the bed posts with silk scarves, ever so loosely.(not) You are not going to cum for a long, long time. But I will. All over you.

Kneeling between your legs I lightly run my freshly manicured fingernails up and down your thighs while my breasts tease your thick engorged manhood. The nipples grazing over you cause you to involuntarily jump.

My hands work their way up your body, over your chest and up your arms. My mouth is upon yours and my mound barely brushes against your ridged penis. You try in vain to make the contact closer. Arching up, rotating your hips, trying to get nearer to my heat.

I pull my mouth from yours and proceed to run my tongue along your neck, tasting the scent that is you. I nibble on your ear while I rub my ready pussy just a bit nearer. I let my hot mouth find it’s way to one of your nipples, already hard with desire, gently I tug, while my tongue flicks… back and forth I go from one to the other.

Your heart is racing…Your moaning tells me volumes. My hands, never idle, slide up and down your strong, muscular arms. More pressure with each pass. You want this down below and try to tell me so only to find my fingers in your mouth. You suck them in and taste my juices. Your mouth is so hot, so wet. You try again to arch yourself up into me, to no avail.

‘Not yet, my love’ I whisper.

My mouth and tongue leave a hot wet trail across your belly. My fingers run through your soft chest hair. Using only my tongue I trace the happy trail, tempting and teasing you. Just barely touching your shaft as I work around your curly patch. I nestle my nose in your pubes. mmmm I must taste you …. now. A few long hot licks up Kıbrıs Escort the entire length of your shaft. Your taste so inviting, so good. I love to tease and I go lower still. I kiss your balls, then alternating, I take each into my mouth very gently, rolling them, getting them wet and hot. My hands have traced a way down your sides and I reach behind grabbing you firm ass. I let my tongue moisten your tight little hole, I hear you gasp, before I work my way back up. Your cock is harder than it has ever been. I can’t wait either love,

I finally put my lips on just the tip, flicking my tongue, I go down a bit more and with my hands still on your bum I push you all the way into my waiting mouth. Your moans are loud and long. Up and down your hard cock my you to the very edge. My teeth gently glide on my way down, barely touching. My tongue dances circles around you as I come back up. You are getting harder and harder, swelling in my mouth. I feel you stiffen, ready to cum. So I pull away.

I put a few ice cubes in my mouth and roll them around until just nearly melted. I run my frozen tongue up your swollen member. Again I take the whole of you into my mouth. Tiny ice bits join my tongue in this journey. Your breath catches with this new sensation. Now I can suck a little longer. I love the taste of you, the feel of you in my mouth, the sounds I hear escaping your lips as I enjoy the taste of the appetiser, what you call precum, until your heat warms my mouth, the ice is melted and we both want to cum. no no no not yet.

I bring myself up and sit upon your lap, pinning your cock to your belly, I glide my wet snatch up and down, my clit swelling against your cock. We both moan. You wiggle and arch trying to make purchase with my pussy lips. You want to be inside so much. Just barely audible I hear you whisper..

‘Please’, again, ‘Cindy please!’

I see the sweat on your brow and you are holding the tethers tighter than they are holding you.

‘Okay’ I whisper back ‘but just for a bit’.

I slowly lower my tight wet pussy down your thick hard cock….inch by inch…then back up, up till it is nearly out then back down. Dreadfully slow. Then a few quick thrusts as you push up into me. You want, ache, for release. I grind a bit, my clit against your pelvic bone, then pull away. I hear you sigh and you whisper my name..’Cindy’ with such pleading. I kiss you deeply, our tongues entwine, while my clitty again glides up and down your slick manhood. Gasping for air my pace quickens. I cum so hard..mmmm. You feel my juices oozing, coating your cock, your balls, dripping over your bum.

I look deep into your eyes. I know what is next.. do you?

Taking hold of your hands our fingers entwine. I pull my mouth from yours and inch my cum coated, still oozing pussy gradually up. I let you enjoy each of my breasts…my nipples harden even more as you lick..suck..bite.

I leave a wet sticky trail along your belly and chest. I tickle my clitty on each nipple, both of us lost in this sensation. You tilt your head forward as I near your awaiting mouth. I glaze your chin in my juices then pull just out of reach.

‘Are you hungry’ I whisper. In anticipation you lick your lips. You moan and reply ‘I hunger only for thee my love’.

‘But you need sustenance’ I say and proceed to put several grapes into myself. My pussy, still wet and pulsing, sucks them in.

Finally I lower my lovebox to meet your mouth. Your tongue is so hot as it licks the length of my exposed clitoris. I begin to ride your face. From flicking my button to inserting your tongue deep inside me, you are bringing closer to another raging orgasm. You gently suck me, followed by long slow licks as my breathing quickens. I’m going to cum. I put my lips to yours and let my spasms and your sucking release the grapes from within…..mmm. Your face is coated in my sweet nectar. I can see it glistening in the fading candlelight.

I loosen the tethers so that with the slightest of tugs your hands will be free.

Bringing my mouth to yours we kiss. You have saved a grape and pass it to me in deep hot kiss. Moaning my pleasure, I collapse, my head on your shoulder, my hand on your still hard cock. I sigh and close my eyes

I hear ‘Oh no you don’t’ ….

In one fell swoop you flip me over, pull me up from behind and kneel behind me. One hand holds me close at my waist while the other gropes and roughly attacks Kıbrıs Escort Bayan my breast. You run your cock from my clit to my bum and back. Without warning you slam your hardness into me…again and again. Pounding with such force, I cry out. Your balls are smacking my still tender clit. I reach down and take hold of them, giving them a gentle squeeze. More pounding, grinding, moaning. I lose my balance and my head is pounding a pillow in rhythm with your deep thrusts. My screams of delight are muffled as I shudder and shake with another intense orgasm. You grow harder still and the pulsing waves of my pussy pull’s forth every drop of your hot load as you explode deep inside me.

Panting and gulping for air we collapse, arms and legs entwined. Face to face again we kiss.. slow lingering kisses…on the mouth…cheek…neck. One look in your eyes tells me we are not done.

My body is limp, like a rag doll. The sweat that coats our bodies catches the candlelight causing us to glimmer. Slowly you pull away from me and leave the room. I am left to wonder but instead I start to doze.

“Wake up Baby,” you say, “we are just getting started.”

I awake with a start, your hands gripping my ankles, pulling me to the edge of the bed. Once there, I again see that look on your face, the mischievous glint in your eye. I try to act nonchalantly, pretending that looks means nothing, yet my heart and mind are racing. I sit up and try reaching for a kiss when suddenly I am in the air. You lift me from the bed and unceremoniously carry me out of the room.

Suddenly and, with a rather large splash, I am flung into the bath. The heat of the water takes my breath away. You laugh at the way I gasp and fumble to steady myself. My eyes are wide open now and I can see the bubbles, the candles, smell the scented oils surrounding me. Sitting on the side of the tub, you begin to massage my shoulders and neck. mmmm. So relaxing to feel your strong hands so tender on my body. As I sink lower into the bubbles I again close my eyes, basking in the warmth of the water and the gentleness of your touch.

I feel you slip in behind me and I lay back onto you. Turning my head so we may kiss, tongues parting lips, sliding over each other. Tasting, teasing. I lean my head on your shoulder and we stay like this, just enjoying it all for a while. Not even speaking. I can feel your heartbeat and the rise and fall of your chest as you breath.

Absent-mindedly my fingers run along the undersides of your legs while your hands begin roaming over my body. Up and down my arms then a hand is gently squeezing a breast, pulling at my already hard nipple. I open my eyes and see your erect nipple, I begin to lick at it. Taking it in between my teeth I nibble. Gentle bites, sucks and licks soon follow. I hear you moan. I didn’t know you enjoyed this so much. Just knowing I am bringing you pleasure causes me to twitch with excitement.

Your hand begins to work its way down, over my belly. The anticipation makes my legs involuntarily part. I feel your fingers sliding between my legs, teasing me, not really touching but just grazing over me. You set your hand firmly over my pussy, not moving it, letting me squirm for more. I put my hand over yours and push, a finger from each of us finally enters me.

I push down and withdraw my finger as you insert another. You probe me while letting the heel of your hand massage my clitoris. I feel your fingers find my spot. Gasping I begin rocking on your fingers. Your other hand comes to join this one and those fingers massage my clit. As I rock back and forth on your hands my bum is stroking your cock, I feel you grow larger with every thrust of your fingers. Water is splashing everywhere and I know my own splashes are soon to begin.

You feel me tighten and clamp down on your hand, my legs close to hold you there. I am rocking like mad now. My hand is over yours. My head thrown back, body arched. You are relentless. Flicking the fingers inside me as I thrust upon them. Rubbing my clitoris, pulling it gently, milking me. My breath in spurts, gasps.

“Oh baby! Yes!”

My pussy is clutching your fingers, pulsing, sending forth a stream of hot cum that coats your hand and shots out into the water. mmmmmmm. Removing your fingers you insert mine there and taking my hand, you begin moving my fingers in and out. My other hand goes to my clit and keeps me pulsing.

You take your hands away and raising me Escort Kıbrıs up, you pull me back onto your lap. Pulling my fingers out, I grab your hard cock and hold it to my throbbing pussy, bathing it in my flowing juices, riding your cock over my swollen clit. A few wiggles later and you are in me. I sit up straight and push all the way down. Grinding. Still pulsing, I hold your balls to my clit and gently rub them there as I plant my feet beside your knees and begin to ride you. Slowly at first, with your fingers once again finding my clit, running circles that match the rhythm of my rocking.

As the pace quickens I feel you begin to use your other hand to round small circles around my tight ring. I gasp as you slowly insert a finger there. Now with every bounce I take I am impaled, your hard cock in my pussy, finger in my virgin bum, fingers blurring over my clit.

I am nearing yet another orgasm, a continuation really as I have yet to stop pulsing. I can feel the energy rising, the heat inside me, I am getting ready to explode and my knees become weak, begin to tremble, quiver. You begin to thrust up into me now and I must use my hands to balance myself. I am slipping away in the white light of ecstasy.

Moaning, screaming, calling out your name. Harder and faster you pound me. Assaulting my pussy. Feeling my knees come together you remove all your fingers and yank them apart again. Spreading them as far as the tub allows. Throwing one leg over the side of the tub you return your hands. Again penetrating my ass and rubbing my clit. Your penetrations are so deep now. Pushing far into me. Stretching me.

You can feel my pussy clamping down on you, releasing a stream of hot cum that covers your cock.

Finally you let me collapse onto you. I fall back and feel your hardness still in me, just slowly sliding in and out, kisses on my neck and ears, your hands caressing my breasts. Letting me cum and cum.

After what seems like hours, the water has cooled and my pulsing has subsided. We pull the plug as we stand and turn on the shower. Taking the soap in my hands I begin to lather you as you do the same to me. After washing you from your ears to your toes, I massage the lather on your cock and balls. Keeping one hand stroking you, I take the handheld shower nozzle and I rinse the lather from your body, paying particular attention to your swollen manhood, letting the spray of warm water beat a rythym up and down your hardness. Your hard cock is waiting for release. Returning the nozzle, I drop to my knees.

My tongue dances over you. Starting from behind your balls I slowly lick up the entire length. My long, thick tongue wrapping around you, stroking you. I rest my lips on the top and begin kissing your rock hard cock. You taste soo good, I never want to stop tasting you.

You lean against the wall and put your hands in my long blonde hair, tangling your fingers. Getting a firm hold. The tongue teasing is about to end!!

This time when my lips reach the tip I part them and take just the engorged head into my mouth. Sucking and going back and forth. Rolling my tongue over it. Savouring the feel, the taste. I love the feel of you in my mouth.

You begin to push your groin towards me and I try to pull back but you won’t let me. Holding my head steady you begin to thrust into my mouth. Leaning forward now, nearly bent over me, you pull my head back and enter my throat. mmm Let me swallow all of you.

You slide in and out of my mouth, my teeth grazing your cock as I try to suck you deeper. My hands on your ass, squeezing, pulling, holding you deep in my throat as my finger finds your tight little ring and gently probes, just the tiniest bit. Your knees wobble just a bit and you begin thrusting faster now, going deeper each time.

You can feel my throat muscles swallowing your cock, not wanting to let you out. As you pull out of my mouth to plunge in again you press back onto my finger and it slides in a bit more. You pull my hair harder now, tilting my head as far back as it can go. Your cock is growing thicker as you ram it into my mouth. So fast and furious, fucking my mouth in a frenzy and as my throat sucks and swallows, you explode, sending a stream of hot cum straight down my throat. The next spurts are all over my face, my lips, my tongue, running down my chin, and dripping onto my breasts. You kneel down and begin licking up your cum and feeding it to me in deep kisses.

Finally we finish the shower with another lathering. Rinsing the bubbles off we watch them swirl down the drain before we step out and dry each other off, donning just our robes, you lead me back to the bedroom.

Once there, we nestle into each others’ arms and finally drift off to a well deserved, deep sleep.

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