Christmas Eve

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My husband was fuming on the way to the Christmas party. While I enjoyed the Christmas songs on the radio and looked at the snow outside, he drove and ignored me. It was Christmas Eve and how dare I want to spend time with friends and family in a festive atmosphere? He wanted to stay home and watch the football game alone in his man cave while tossing back beer after beer. We battled back and forth all day over it and he finally relented but I was going to pay the price and have to deal with his attitude. It is my parents’ tradition to spend Christmas Eve with their close friends, Bob and Gerri. Gerri happened to be my old Sunday school teacher and one of my mother’s best friends. Her daughter and I had grown up together and now that I had moved back to town I was looking forward to chatting with her. Unfortunately, my husband was being an ass.

After driving slowly in the snow we arrived at their home in the suburbs. It is a beautiful estate with a pool in the back and a large manicured yard, but the party was inside on a night hovering near freezing. We were the first to arrive so it was my husband and myself, plus my friend Melissa and her husband John, and Melissa’s parents, Bob and Gerri. The Christmas music was playing and appetizers were out. I brought in a dessert and my husband carried in two bottles of wine and a six-pack. They had a rum punch ready to go but my husband immediately used his own keys to crack into his six-pack and plop onto the couch. Melissa and I hugged and she told me I looked so beautiful. In my attempt to be festive, I wore a tight black dress with red loop earrings and red high heels. It was a family-friendly event, so I wasn’t looking to be at all provocative. There isn’t much I can do to hide the fact that I have incredible tits though. I won’t pretend otherwise.

Melissa and I had sat down at the dining room table to catch up and within 30 minutes the party had grown. My parents had arrived and so had many other friends of Bob and Gerri. By now, the noise had grown as the Christmas music played, kids played a game in the living room, and food was available for grazing in the kitchen. 30 or so people moved about the vicinity. I told Melissa I was going to refill my wine and get a plate. I glanced over and saw my husband in the living room. He still had a sour face on and a beer in hand. Whatever. I reached Avrupa yakası escort bayan the bar and topped off my red wine. I turned to go to the kitchen and I stopped in my tracks. A man was in my way. He had white hair, glasses, and a dark blue sweater stretched over a beer belly. That’s festive, I thought to myself.

“Gina?” he said.

I looked at his face closer. “Oh…wow…uh…Mr. Hanford?”

He chuckled. ” I think just ‘Mark’ is appropriate now.”

“Oh, sure. I never knew that.” I turned cold: “How are you?” I always hate Mr. Hanford.

“Retired. Loving it. What are you doing these days?” he asked plainly.

“Well, I’m a pharmacist now. And I’m married. That’s my husband over on the far end of the couch in the living room.” I fucking hated Mr. Hanford. He was the biggest jerk in high school. Even now, 15 years later I was immediately annoyed by his presence.

“A pharmacist? Wow, I would have never thought you could pull that off,” he laughed.

I paused, insulted. “Well, maybe I just needed the right teachers,” I shot back.

He smirked and looked around. “You were always such a pain in the ass.” He surveyed the room again to see if he was in the clear. The clamoring party noise filled the room. He looked me in the eyes. “Still a little bitch I see.”

“Excuse me? That’s uncalled for. I’m a grown woman. You’re a jerk.”

“Yeah, I see that” as he looked me up and down. “And still a bitch,” he retorted and scoffed.

“Fuck you!” I said as hard and harshly as I could while still maintaining cover under the din of the party.

“Get lost. You and your dumb friends made my job suck. So glad to be done trying to teach stupid bitches like you,” he seethed at me. I was stunned. I looked around for support. Everyone was in Christmas Eve party mode and not noticing our rift. I looked for eye contact with my husband. I saw him sitting on the couch still nursing yet another bee and not looking at me.

I looked back at Mr. Hanford. My mouth was closed tight and my face stern. “Fuck you! You were always a jerk.” I paused as I fumed and looked him in the eye as he smirked. “Meet me in the upstairs bathroom in 30 seconds.” I didn’t wait for a response. I stormed off with my wine and turned the corner to go upstairs. I went into the bathroom and looked in Escort Ataköy the mirror. I was still pissed, but here I was looking at myself in the mirror while I pulled my black dress top down over my bra and I unhooked my red bra that matched my outfit. I tossed back the rest of my wine and swallowed it. My tits were hanging out of my dress.

I was 33 now. Mr. Hanford must have been over 60. The door opened and he entered the small space but he stopped in his tracks when he saw me topless. “Shut the fucking door,” I seethed. He shut the door behind him and paused, then he said, “God damn those got even bigger.” He lunged at my tits and grabbed one with his left hand while his mouth met the other. He sucked and bit at my nipple. He licked, slathered, and pawed at them. I yelped slightly when his teeth met my nipple and bit my own lip while he mangled my breasts. I let my hands run through his hair and down his back while he enjoyed my tits. One of his hands found my ass and squeezed. “Fucking pervert,” I said as I thought of him looking at my body while he was my teacher.” He quickly stood up above me and suddenly I felt the power shift.

“Shut the fuck up, you stupid little cunt,” he barked. He turned and locked the door. Then he turned and slapped my face. “You were always such a bitch.” I turned with the slap, but he reoriented me and he pushed my shoulders down until I accepted the direction. Suddenly I was on my knees in front of him while he was undoing his pants. Down came his slacks and then his briefs and out came his old 4-inch-sized dick, fully erect. I didn’t need any instruction to take it into my mouth. I started sucking it hard and steady while I looked up at him with hate in my eyes. That blue sweater was as furry as it was ugly, but here I was sucking his dick. I wanted to blow him as he’d never had in his life. He put both of his hands on my head and thrust hard over and over into my mouth. Luckily, I had plenty of practice and could handle that move. I put one hand up to his hairy old balls and gently played with them while he fucked my mouth repeatedly.

“God damn, you are the little whore I always thought you were,” he said. Then he pulled back from my mouth. “Fuck you,” I said. “No, fuck you,” he spat back as he took his dick and slapped it on my face twice before he pulled me up and whipped Şirinevler escort my body around.

He bent me over and lifted up my dress to expose my red lace panties. He yanked them aside while we looked at each other in the mirror. I felt his little dick pressing against me and then it found its target. His cock slid inside me as we looked into each other’s eyes. He started pounding as he placed one hand on my left breast and squeezed hard. The other grabbed a wad of hair and pulled my head back. I had done my dark brown hair in curls and he was grabbing onto three or four of them and pulling back hard. My mouth was wide open as I accepted his cock entering me and thrusting in and out of me while he pulled on my hair. We didn’t break eye contact as he sneered at me. His glasses were fogging up from his heavy breathing in tune with each thrust.

“Take it, you little bitch!” He stopped and pulled out of me. He turned and stood to the side of me and when WHAP! Then again: WHAP! He spanked my ass hard twice. Then again: WHAP! I shrieked with the hard slaps. Then he turned back in line with me and found his moist entrance. “You deserved that!” he snickered.

The party was so loud downstairs that I could still hear all of the clamorings. No way they would hear our little escapade. I couldn’t respond to him I just allowed him to use my body. He thrust again and again but suddenly he let go of my breast and the hair that he had regathered and he grabbed my hips with both hands. He thrust in deep and hard and I saw him spasm and grunt in the mirror, his face turned into a snarl as he roared out a long “Oh fuuuccccckkkk.” He was shooting his old man sperm inside me. He kept his body pressed into mine for several moments. Again, our eyes were still locked in hatred. Then he yanked himself out. I immediately felt his warm cum dripping down my inner thighs.

“Get the fuck out,” I managed to tell him as I panted for air. He pulled up his clothes and leaned back against the wall. I sat down on the toilet and felt his cum dripping out of me. “Get out!” I instructed again. He pulled up his pants and, breathing heavily, left the room.

I let his cum drip out and then used a washcloth to wipe my used pussy. Sorry, Gerri, more laundry for you, I thought as I tossed it into the bathtub.

A minute later I was downstairs. My husband was, no surprise, still on the couch. Mr. Hanford was in the kitchen, snacking and talking to my father. I walked into his eye line and he glared at me…then he gave a slight grin, and turned his eyes back to my dad while I kept walking past to get to the bar for more wine. What a stupid blue sweater on that fat fuck…

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