Charlotte , The Pirate Ch. 02

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The following story is going to be at least a 10-parter, with each chapter in a different category. If you enjoy this story, I’m afraid you’ll have to go find each part. You can find Part 1 in Non-Erotic. Hope it’s worth it.

Charlotte wasn’t sure what to make of the young pirate captain. She had heard stories about the notorious, bloodthirsty Black Bill. But this handsome gentleman hardly matched what she had pictured. The man was gigantic, and fantastically strong. But he was also soft-spoken and very polite. Certainly, after she had gotten over her initial fright, neither the captain nor any of his crew had done anything remotely threatening. When Charlotte asked how long she would be held on the ship, she was told until her ransom was paid, probably a month or so.

William also wasn’t sure what to do. He had a crew of forty men on board, and now he had four women as well. While his crew was well disciplined, a month at sea with those odds could prove difficult. And speaking of difficult, he had his own problems. The lady Charlotte was beautiful. With that long dark hair, and that incredibly curvy body, William couldn’t keep his eyes off her whenever she walked by.

During the first week of the voyage, Charlotte became well acquainted with the captain and his officers. She was invited to dine at the captain’s table every evening. The young lady was even more surprised to learn that the captain spoke fluent French, as well as his native English. Of course that made perfect sense. Tortuga was a French isle, and a number of his crew were French. The captain was also a very intelligent and well-read man. To her amazement, she began to look forward to her nightly conversations with her captor.

William also enjoyed these regularly evenings. He had always enjoyed reading, and the one thing voyages gave him plenty of time to do was read. His crew were well skilled, and needed little supervision. But only a few of them could read, and certainly none of them did so for pleasure. Charlotte was the first person he had come across that he could discuss books with in years.

As the second week began, Charlotte and William became very at ease with each other. They joked and laughed, and Charlotte came to completely forget the fact that she was a captive. Not only that, but two of her maids had become friends with crewmembers, so they were happy as well.

The one problem was Francine, Charlotte’s oldest maid. She simply refused to associate with any of the pirates, and remained in her quarters at all times. William tried to speak to her a couple of times, but the woman simply stated that she did not associate with common thieves. After that, William and the crew left Francine alone.

After a couple of weeks at sea, the Anvil put in at a small island. William didn’t even know the name of the place, but there was a port. And where there was a port there were rum and women. With two of the crew now having female companionship on board, William thought it wise to allow the rest of the men to find outlets of their own, so to speak. The captain didn’t know how close the two maids had become with his two crewmen, but however close it was, he didn’t want it to stir discontent Ataşehir Escort among the rest of the crew.

Charlotte was surprised to see that the captain remained aboard. While still a virgin herself, Charlotte was not naive. She was French after all, and she knew what went on between men and women. When she asked him why he didn’t want to go ashore, he admitted that while he certainly was known to custom a pub or two, at the moment he was simply enjoying her company. For the rest of the day, Charlotte and William simply remained in his cabin talking. While nothing romantic happened, the two young people were certainly becoming very fond of each other.

The next day, the Anvil headed back to sea. The third day out, a prize almost fell into their laps. It was a foggy morning. The Anvil wasn’t even really hunting, when she emerged from a fog bank. There barely 1000 yards ahead of them was a Portuguese merchant vessel. Even then, William wasn’t sure that he wanted to engage the ship. With Charlotte on board, he really didn’t want to take too many chances. But then the decision was taken away from him. The captain of the merchantman upon seeing the Anvil banner struck his colors and surrendered

Well William could hardly turn this gift down. He sent a crew aboard the prize. She was a well-stocked ship. Nothing exceptionally valuable, but there was a stock of fine wines which would be added to the Anvil’s galley. The Portuguese crew numbered 32 men. They were disarmed and led over to the Anvil. William sent 10 of his own crew over to his prize. They would sail her back to port behind the Anvil.

Everything was going smoothly. There was really no reason to expect trouble. And if William had been paying closer attention, trouble might still have been avoided. But Charlotte was standing next to him, and the captain was more concerned with talking to her, than he was with watching the men being transferred.

No one would know the name of the Portuguese crewman. No one would ever get to ask him what he was thinking. He appeared to be drunk, and perhaps he thought he would make a name for himself by killing a legend. Whatever he was thinking, as he boarded the ship, the man pulled a dagger from his shirt and lunged at the captain. William was still alert enough to avoid a fatal injury, but the dagger pierced him through the shoulder. A moment later, the crewman was skewered by at least five cutlasses. The unknown man was hurled overboard, and the crew rushed to their captain.

William was bleeding, but the wound wasn’t life threatening. The most serious injury really was to his pride. To be taken like that was foolish, and unbecoming of an officer. But that didn’t matter now, Charlotte and the crew helped William back to his quarters. While he wouldn’t die, he would be laid up a week or so, and the wound would have to be watched carefully to see that it didn’t fester.

The Anvil was about two weeks from Tortuga, and they already had a prize, so the decision was made to head back to port. William gave the order, and then left his first mate in charge. Charlotte stayed with the injured captain in his quarters. She changed the dressings and Acıbadem Escort brought his meals. Bill tried to protest that he was strong enough to fetch for himself, but both Charlotte and the crew insisted that he stay still. There was no point in risking the wound becoming any more serious.

It was around lunch of the third day, that William decided to get one of his books. Perhaps he was weaker than he thought, or maybe the ship lurched as he stood. Either way, the huge man stumbled. Charlotte wrapped her arms around him to keep him from falling. Suddenly, William found himself facing this beautiful woman, with her arms wrapped around him. He didn’t really think about what he was doing, he simply bent down and kissed her.

Charlotte and William just stared at each other for a moment. Neither was sure what to do. Then Charlotte pulled him back to her, and this time began a much more passionate kiss. Their lips began to explore each other, and the two of them sat back onto the captain’s cot. There, the captain and the count’s daughter pulled each other close, and continued to kiss and embrace.

The kissing became more and more passionate and gradually, the two of them began to remove clothing. The captain, being laid up was only wearing nightclothes, and Charlotte had taken to wearing a simple shift while on board the ship. Minutes later, Charlotte and William were naked, and wrapped in each other’s arms on the bed.

Somewhere in the back of William’s mind, a voice was telling him that he shouldn’t do this. But she was so beautiful, and she was by far the most fascinating woman he had ever met. It took very little effort to still that soft voice.

William’s kisses began to wander. Gradually he moved down her throat and to her breasts. Charlotte’s breasts were large and round and very soft. William kissed and fondled them gently. Circling them with his lips. Starting on the outside, and then working his way in with tighter and tighter circles. Finally, his lips covered one of the girl’s nipples, and he softly sucked it into his mouth. He could hear Charlotte hiss, as he ran his tongue over the little stem.

Charlotte was practically purring. Her pirate captain was making love to her, and it was wonderful. He was kissing and stroking her breasts, and the feeling was breathtaking. Then he was moving lower, kissing her stomach and abdomen. Certainly, she was a virgin, and her husband might have preferred her remaining so before their wedding. But it would not be unusual for a French lass to have been deflowered before her nuptial night. And Charlotte was not going to stop this for anything. Especially, since William had worked his way down between her legs, and whatever he was doing with his tongue was about to make her go out of her mind.

The captain found his way to his lady’s lower lips. He planted a kiss on them, and then gently poked his tongue between them. He found the little button over Charlotte’s quim, and ran his tongue over it several times. William had to smile, as he felt the girl shudder and shake each time he licked her there. When he finally moved down to her opening, he found that the beautiful woman was sopping wet. Tentatively, İstanbul Escort he used a finger to explore inside her, and was not surprised to find that she was indeed virgin.

As his soon to be lover continued to press against him, William moved back up her body. He brought his head even with Charlotte’s and just looked into her gorgeous eyes for a moment. The love he saw there was almost overwhelming. Then the captain put his lips to Charlotte’s and kissed her deeply. As they kissed, he set himself at her entrance and pushed inside. He was going to try and be gentle, but the moment Charlotte felt him there, she thrust herself against him. Her membrane tore in an instant, and William found himself completely embedded inside the incredibly beautiful French woman.

Charlotte wanted it to last forever. She had been so excited when he had entered her, that she barely felt the sting of her maidenhead being pierced. And whatever little pain there was, was quickly overwhelmed by the incredible passion. She pulled her lover to her, and thrust back against him. She wanted him as far inside her as she could manage.

William also wanted this to last. Charlotte was so gorgeous and so incredibly wonderful. He just didn’t want this moment to ever end. He tried to be as gentle as he could, as he pushed in and out of his lover’s body. William swore he could actually feel Charlotte’s pussy trying to suck him back inside whenever he would pull out.

The lovers made it last as long as they could, but some things are inevitable. William couldn’t take it any longer. He couldn’t stop any more. The man began to thrust deeper, and Charlotte could actually feel him become harder and larger inside her. Then one hard thrust put her over the edge. The maiden let out a howl, and wrapped her arms as tight as she could against her lover. She pulled him into her as hard as she could, practically trying to crush him in her passion. As her body squeezed down, William came right with her. The captain thrust deep into the lovely lass, and began spurting his seed inside her. Afterwards, they just lay that way for several minutes. With William on top, still inside Charlotte, and the maid with her arms tightly around her captain.

When they recovered, the two lovers began to kiss again. This time the kisses were more of love and affection, than passion. But it was still wonderful.

For the next two weeks Charlotte and William shared that cabin. They shared passion, love, and each other. The crew knew what was happening of course, and they were worried. But he was their captain, and they would follow him regardless. The men just hope that trouble wouldn’t come of this.

Finally, the ship arrived back at Tortuga. Charlotte and Bill were just planning where they would share the next few days, when word came that the ransom had arrived. With that one piece of news, reality hit home again. Charlotte D’Ormond and Black Bill might be in love, but they were from different worlds. As much as they might like to deny it, this couldn’t last. Sadly, the two lovers kissed one last time. Then the crew took the gold aboard, while Charlotte’s maids escorted her to the ship that her future husband had sent for her.

William needed to go back to sea. He couldn’t stand to be on land for a while. In a couple of hours, the Anvil was restocked and ready to sail. As his ship steered east, William watched another ship sail away to the west with the woman he loved.

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