Charlie and Camilla’s Encounter

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I thought the place was empty. The big, old – in fact quite eerie Georgian period house was in one of those quiet, tree lined streets in the genteel old town. Sent to survey the plumbing for the company I worked for and the last job of the day, I had been advised the key was where the lazy estate agent had left it hidden. It was and I let myself in to the hallway, the late afternoon sun slicing through the dusty haze within.

Interested in old properties for my dad who was a speculative builder and who gave my employers a lot of work, I wandered through the ground floor, taking in the panelling, the intricate plasterwork, spectacular fireplaces and lovely old details round the doors. He would like to salvage this I thought before demolishing it and building six new houses on the two acre grounds. However I knew that that fate wouldn’t fall on this property.

I noticed some footprints in the dust of the hallway floor but put them down to previous trades or prospective buyers. I checked and detailed all the ground floor plumbing carefully in about half an hour

Proceeding upstairs, I went through various rooms, including two bathrooms – all empty until I got to a back bedroom. There was a mattress on the floor, some cardboard boxes shielding most of the light through the huge sash windows and evidence of living, like a gas ring and canister, cans, magazines and a pile of clothes.

Stealthily I roamed the room, slightly fearful of finding some nutter or criminal, but I knew this room had an en-suite bathroom from the notes provided by the solicitor who had engaged us. I tried a door and it pulled open and I was confronted with the staring, straining, annoyed face of a woman perched on the toilet.

“What the fuck…?” she blurted until her expression changed and I heard the plop of her turds hit the water.

” Ooer…Jesus fucking Christ!” I exclaimed in disgust.

“He’s not here as well is he? Get the fuck out of here dumbo,” she shouted.

I took in the mature, lined face, the mangy unkempt hair, the dowdy clothing and the grubby knickers round her ankles, before closing the door. I strolled to the window, puzzled by the occupancy as much as a somewhat mischievous sparkle in her eyes. The door could not shield the following noisy bowel discharges and I grinned to myself at the intimacy of the moment.

Sensibility entered my trained mind as I realised she was lucky in that the water was connected in the place at our request to check pipes and orifices. I knew the power was on too. Who was she? The door creaked open and she appeared, glancing round the room until she spotted me at a window, partly behind a screen of clothing hung over a line strung from a wall light to a picture hook.

“Who the fuck are you then?” she challenged, tossing what looked like a pair of panties onto a pile of clothing.

“Who’s asking?” I riposted.

“This is my house. I can ask,” she replied. ‘Who the fuck are you?”

With that – she planted herself untidily down onto the mattress, her short skirt round her thighs, which carried several bruises and attacked a large loaf of bread with her hands. I was mesmerised by the view between her legs. A full unadulterated landscape of crotch – naked crotch, naked hairy crotch was laid open to my eyes and I gulped. Her eyes were locked into devouring the bread which looked to be hard and stale and I stared more at her cunt.

I am not a raw, prime, horny twenty two year old male for nothing and a cunt flash in these circumstances is as good as anywhere. I was jolted back into the room by her sudden words.

“Seen enough cunt then have you? Fucking men – all the fucking same,” she ranted, but with a slight smile playing across her tired yet – I guessed, previously elfin features.

“Sorry I…I…” I stuttered.

“No more clean pants,” she mumbled, chewing the loaf, as if that explained things.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, trying to look elsewhere, but without success.

Her fanny attracted my gaze like bees to a honey pot.

“You seem to like it anyway,” she chuckled, nodding at me – or more at my groin.

Horrified – I looked down and saw my erection, trying to raise against my trousers from where it was trapped down my leg. I turned and fiddled it upright, which seemed to make it more inconspicuous, but only helped it to grow. When I turned, the woman was laid back on the mattress, her legs wide apart, her skirt up round her butt and a saucy smile played across her face.

As she beckoned me forward and I found myself indeed moving towards her – my faltering steps seemingly under her control, her cunt seemed to wink at me. I saw the glistening fat lips of it, slightly apart at the base, where it disappeared into a bush of black unruly hair. My fingers fumbled at my zip as I stared at the way her labia curled together into a bulky knot then thinned out at the top, which again was enveloped in a mass of straggly growth. Kneeling, I released my dick as she pulled her cunt lips Nevşehir Escort apart and to my amazement, a clitoris of such gargantuan proportions burst outwards and quivered as she gently massaged the clutch of skin, caught under her fingers.

Her cherry was bigger than her forefinger, bright wet and pink and looked like a mini cock. The hood which had initially concealed it, folded back like stage curtains to reveal it’s star. I gasped as she made it bob and then with some extraordinary internal control, the soft inner labia and folds below, opened and her hole in all it’s mysterious crimson darkness lay exposed.

From the top, hung a knot of inner membrane, housing the pucker of her pisser. It dangled over the blackness beyond which beckoned my cock. I kicked off my trousers and pants and levered my body over her, her eyes soft and welcoming as she felt my knob brush against her pubes. Her breath was surprisingly sweet for one so uncouth as my face lowered and dropped to one side. I adjusted my lower torso and prodded forwarded, finding the soft wetness of her open twat. With a sigh from both of us, I pushed inside and entered fully, until my balls were lodged against her buttocks.

” Mmmm!. First fuck for ages,” she murmured appreciatively. “Do it hard and quick.”

I didn’t need any further urgings and started to ram at her crotch. She was big, in fact she was slack and I found it hard to get much sensation, however I tried to induce it by inserting at angles or different speed. As I fidgeted my upper body, to try and gain the optimum position, my nostrils caught scent of something familiar without being instantly recognisable.

She was getting all sorts of stimuli – through my urgent searching for position, no doubt through the immense knob of her clitty. She wailed and moaned like a banshee, her hands gripping me tightly, legs kicking on to my bare arse like she was goading a horse to jump, so at least I was providing some pleasure. I raised my head, from the pillow made by her spread hair and spotted the source of the scent.

Her discarded panties lay about six inches from my nose and I saw the exposed towelling structure of the gusset. It leaked out it’s smell, tempting me, making my senses imagine what the garment had been guarding, yet knowing I was plundering the source of the odour. No matter the immediacy, the crudity or the lack of knowledge of my sexual partner, the wafts of pure pussy and piss excited me as they always have done. The collection in my house of girl’s knickers – that I had stolen from wash baskets of places I had visited in or indeed had been donated after my request by various girlfriends or casual fucks was my pride and joy.

Now a new conquest was available and sending out such clear signals of a pure animalistic nature, that I found my erection hardened even further and through that and my sense of smell, I was getting superb sensations through my cock. I reached for the grubby pair of not particularly brief briefs and snuggled them under my face.

They reeked of piss and shit and vaginal discharges, deposited over whatever length of time, but I didn’t care. As I burrowed my nose into the pot pourri of such intimate odours, my prick banged happily into the strange bed partner, revitalised by the smells.

She recognised the surge of activity and moaned encouragingly, mouthing curses and oaths with such passionate and filthy utterances I found I was excited beyond a stage I had not experienced for some time. I licked the panties, tasting the crusty stains, finding stray loose hairs on my teeth, sucking the soft material that had snuggled so closely to the cunt I was shagging and nibbling the frayed edges of the cotton garment.

With a shout, I came and spouted my cum deep inside her cavernous cunt. At the shout, I was held in a vice like grip, surprising me with her strength as I felt her pubic mound grind against mind, maximising the pace of my thrusts with the pressure of my root on her clitoris. With each pumping motion, her head rolled until she suddenly gasped and expired a huge sigh, loosening her hold and letting me run down at my own speed, until I stopped and lay full body weight on top of her.

Minutes later I rolled off her and lay panting as my cock lay wet and sloppily over my thigh, finding the cool temperature in the back room almost chilly after the searing heat of her box. Noises were purely bodily rather than oral communication as we both lowered from the heights of sexual urgency. I farted noisily and as I apologised with a mumble, she echoed my wind with her own and giggled.

“I need a piss,” I said, feeling the need to tell her.

“Don’t do it just yet. Put it back in. I love that soft floppy feeling inside me. Be a love,” she urged me pleasantly, with a pull on my flaccid penis.

I rolled back onto her and she obligingly stuffed me back into her capacious orifice and I supported my upper body on my elbows as we studied each other comfortably, Nevşehir Escort Bayan without comment but without shame or distaste. She loosened her shirt and uncoupled her bra at the front and laid bare a pair of smallish, pale, floppy tits, that were embellished with the most spectacular pair of nipples I had seen for many a year. Although her paps gravitated towards her armpits as usual and flattened out somewhat, the teats were placed sort of inwards.

They were upright – firm and dark brown and there was no discernible surround to them; no areolae or the mass of pimples some females have. Standing maybe half an inch high and the equal across they were lovely and inviting and I started to suckle on them to her accompanying sighs. But after a while my bladder began to complain.

“Gotta piss,” I told her.

“Do it now – inside me. Go on I love it,” she declared with a cheeky grin.

Her face, while having all the marks and deviations of the wear and tear of life, had this distinctively impish air, highlighted by her smile, which curled her lines into cute dimples. I looked quizzically down at her and she nodded with her head and her eyes.

“But the bed and…”

“Fuck the bed – no, I don’t mean that. It doesn’t matter. Piss in me please,” she implored.

Her expression of request, rather than her empowering attitude of previous comments, was appealing. It seemed she meant it, so I did.

For the first time in my life I let my bladder empty into the tiny pot – in comparison to a toilet bowl, of a woman’s snatch. It was delicious in that the heat and flow that was generated, swilled round my dick and out round my balls, creating this most unlikely sexual energy. Before I finished, well before I finished in fact, she made me pull out and kneel and aim the steady fountain at her cunt, which she opened wide and made her clitty bob out. The heat splashed on her love button and she laughed and giggled like a ten year old as the mildly yellow stream soaked her belly, her skirt, her thighs and the mattress beneath.

As it ceased, she reached forward and grabbed my tool and squeezed it as if to tease the last drops out. She sat up and rubbed the damp dome over her tits and then dipped and sucked on it, cupping my balls in the process.

“Filthy cow,” I murmured pleasantly.

She saw the humour.

“And who is talking? Pissing on a poor defenceless woman,” she chuckled.

“I thought you meant……never mind,” I countered then stopped myself.

“What?” she demanded, in a rising tone – as if I was a coltish child.

It felt natural to disclose the source of my minimal shame I leaned down over her and she cuddled me, whilst cleverly grabbing my dick which was showing encouraging signs of enlarging again. I lay fully down then seconds later levered up and showed her my prize. She burst out laughing as she saw her panties hanging from my teeth.

“Fuck! You sniffed them while…”

I nodded, making them dance over her face which creased into smiles, but didn’t retreat as I slowly lowered my head, letting the flimsy garment flutter into her truly delighted expression. I let them drop totally and then proceeded to snuffle and lick them with her face concealed beneath. Her mouth or nose mirrored my movements through the garment and we snuffled and kissed, only separated by the cotton. My dick hardened and she felt it prodding at her cunt, gripping me with her arms and wrapping her legs round me, pulling me in.

“You gonna fuck me again?” she asked in wonderment.

“Maybe,” I mumbled through a mouthful of reeking cotton.

“Lovely,” she responded with a gurgle.

Her hand slid between us and she worked on my stiffening todger as we mutually feasted on her underwear. Soon I was solid again and thrusting at her cunt, but she seemed reluctant to allow me ingress. I thrust harder, belligerently as if not to be denied my fuck rights with this wayward slut, but still she blocked my knob. When I lifted my head to question her – after all she sounded like she wanted to be fucked again, her cheeky smile shone at me.

“Let me turn over, then do it,” she murmured.

I was off her in a flash and she lumbered over onto her knees. I shoved her skirt higher over her fleshy but shapely wet buttocks and saw the crease marks over their white expanse where she had laid on materials and garments. Her arse was stickily damp and so were my knees as I shunted forward on the piss sodden mattress, but I was enjoying wonderful vistas of her crotch from the rear.

Spreading her cheeks as wide as possible, noting the thick growth of her pubic hair right through her crack and curling up her back for an inch or two. She pulsed and tensed her cunt, which affected her anus which winked rhythmically. My cum still seeped from her labia, which were hanging sodden and open and some had already dribbled onto her bum hole before she turned over. The feast was too good to refuse and I lowered my face to Escort Nevşehir taste her private banquet. My face became engulfed in the wet mire of her extraordinarily big pussy, dripping and slimy as I sucked and licked in all the crannies and crevasses I could find. Obligingly she placed a hand through her thighs, over her cunt and drew it upwards making her clitoris pop out. For the first time, I performed oral on her and found the heights of excitement her incredible sex core could give her by being sucked like a mini cock in my lips.

She became a crying, sobbing, wailing mess as her butt wiggled in painful ecstasy without quite drawing away from my invading lips and tongue. Her legs flexed, her butt quivered, but I managed to keep the succulent nerve knot in my lips, reducing her to please of ‘more’ mixed with ‘Oohs’ and ‘don’t stop’ I felt like I was sucking a boy’s dick, such was the size her clit grew even more into.

My tongue slithered up to her turd tunnel and I licked the gnarled knob of muscle, tasting it’s powerful odour, remembering it was recently I had heard her shitting during our shock introduction. It was strong and earthy and added to the powers of my cock which hardened by further degrees.

“You dirty bastard,” she grunted, thrusting her ring back at me – then… “Fuck me now,” she asked, from the depths of the old mattress.

I shunted up and forwards and held my hard dick against her cunt, but suddenly my passage was blocked again by her hand this time. I was about to argue until I saw her long artistic middle finger tap her arsehole. Impatiently my knob end shoved against the back of her hand, wanting to enter something and get my rocks off again. Finally she spoke.

“In my arse. Fuck my arse,” came the simple words.

Words which I readily responded to, needing to fuck some orifice and certainly one that was offered and I hadn’t thought of initially. Usually I arse fuck a girl when I’ve known her a bit longer as they all don’t like it up the back passage. It takes some getting used to and I never rushed that particular desire, no matter how attractive their little pucker looked.

Entering her shitter couldn’t have been easier. This bird had the most accommodating orifices I had ever met. Yes – her cunt was large and slack, but she knew how to use it and get her kicks combined with that incredible clit. Her bum was equally available at the mere flex of her inner muscles, as I nudged at it with my greasy, piss stained helmet.

In it slid and I tensed it inside her and she grunted, recognising the size and her need to relax her sphincter totally. With two thrusts I was in up to my balls, which dangled happily against her gaping labia. Her fingers sought out my testicles and she idly played them on her cunt edges as I started to fuck in slow easy strokes.

I shagged her mercilessly from then, banging at her quivering buttocks like a man possessed – which I was. She took every variation, whether I slid in with a right or left hand bias, or lowered my stance and let my knob scrape the back of her rectum. My cock was slimed, moving freely and quick and I ventured a levering position over her back, so that I was bearing down in her anus. I felt her sphincter tighten at this, but shafted regardless of her discomfort, if that was what she was reacting to. Some girls are not too happy with that type of entry, but I wasn’t checked and she was not reluctant to let me proceed.

Once again I came, the smell of her slimy shite deposits on my shaft exciting me as much as their lingering odours in her undies earlier. Pumping more precious sperm into the wastelands of her fundament, she urged me on until I was spent and collapsed against her. For a while she supported me as I panted, leaning against her until she started to fall forwards. I tried to go with her, but my cock slopped out and I fell to her side and lay puffing.

The stillness of the room finally overcame our faltering, easing breaths and like two long term lovers we lay together. I couldn’t believe I had slid so slow in my terms for a fuck as to be lying in my own piss with a woman evidently much older than me, with a slack cunt, floppy little tits and a dirty arsehole. But there I was and I was content with the world, which was sunny and at the end of the working day.

“So who are you?” I asked the peeling ceiling above me.

“Camilla Rosemary Smidt, the owner of this pile,” came the response. “And who are you?”

“Charlie Brooking, plumbing surveyor of Plumbmasters Limited.”

“Well Charlie. You’re a damn good fuck – thanks,” she murmured.

“Thanks yourself. Unexpected I must say. So how come you own it?”

“Left to me in Uncle Didmot’s will, that’s how.”


“Been travelling rough for years and thought I’d settle down and concentrate on my artwork. Solicitors found me, I instructed them to sort this place out because I am also very rich now… Shit! shouldn’t have told you that, you plumbers will rip me off,” she said with concern that seemed genuine.

“No we won’t. Go on,” I urged, sitting up and peering at her earnest face.

“Uncle Didmot left me half his stash. The other’s gone to a half cousin in Oz I believe. Lucky eh?” she smiled. “Over half a million each. Not bad eh?”

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