Catalyst Pt. 05

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Sunday morning came, and as the time got closer to 9am, I found myself getting nervous and excited. My alarm had gone off at 7am, and I got up and had my coffee and went over my plans for the morning. Jenna was already up and was looking quite attractive, her hair beautifully brushed, just the right amount of makeup on, her full, wide lips colored with a nice pink lipstick. It matched the thin little spaghetti strap sundress she had on, and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. She bent over to put her sandals on and it became obvious she didn’t have anything on under the dress. By 7:30am she was out the door, off to spend some time with her sugar daddy.

I woke Rich up with some coffee and a kiss, then stepped into the shower just before 8am. For several minutes, I stood still, enjoying the hot water pouring over my body, then shampooed and conditioned my hair. After taking care of some touch-up shaving, I toweled off and put on some lotion. I knew exactly which lingerie I was going to wear, and pulled it out of the drawer. It was a matching black satin and lace bustier, g-string, and thigh-high stockings. That plus some stiletto heels completed the outfit.

As I laid it out on the bed, it brought back some very erotic memories. The only other time I had worn this lingerie set was about ten years earlier, when I went with Rich on a business trip to Atlanta. Rich said he had prepared a surprise for me, and bought some lingerie for me to wear.

The evening of the second day of the conference, he took me to a different hotel, where he had reserved a suite with a king bed. He had me shower and then get ready, to include making sure I was cleaned out and ready for anal. He also had me put my hair up in a compact bun. After I had put on the lingerie, he gave me a masquerade mask and pink page boy wig to wear, then told me we had some visitors eager to meet me.

When I opened the door and stepped out into the living room, I found five men, sitting on the couch and in the lounge chairs, waiting for me. They were a mix of young and old, of different races and body shapes. I was about to find out what they all had in common.

Rich introduced me as Dominique, and before I realized it I was on my knees, doing my best to suck a long, thick cock, as the men began undressing and gathering around me. Every one of them had a massive dick.

My head spun as I realized what was happening. Several months earlier, Rich and I had discussed the size of men’s cocks, and I had made an offhand remark, wondering how many big dicks I could take. Rich had taken it as a challenge I was ready for, and had placed ads on several websites looking for the right kind of men.

Now, here I was, on the precipice of being fucked by five massive dicks. I wasn’t sure how many, if any, I would be able to take. But it did give me an erotic thrill, and I wanted to please Rich, so I gave it my best.

Rich acted as the choreographer and photographer, making sure he took pictures and video of me sucking, riding, and being fucked. I still remember the feeling of being stretched open wide as the first cock entered me from behind, even as my mouth was filled with another huge dick. I was dripping wet, and after acclimating to both the girth and length of the cock, I gave Rich the nod to have the guy begin pumping me.

The first two guys were very gentle, and I enjoyed having them inside of me, although I couldn’t get past the feeling of being stretched just a little too much. After the first guy shot his load into my pussy, Rich had the second guy pull the butt plug out and slide his cock into my ass. That also took some getting used to, but I found I was able to tolerate a long, fat cock much better in my ass than my pussy.

The next two hours were a blur for me, as the guys took turns using my mouth, pussy, and ass for their pleasure. My pussy and ass both became stretched such that it became much easier for me to take cock after cock, especially after the lube and multiple loads of cum made everything slick. Although it was very kinky, my body was aching and I knew I was going to be very sore the next day. As the last guy got ready to slide his cock in my ass, Rich decided to finally join in, getting under me and sliding his dick into my pussy, then had the other guy slide his cock into my ass.

I still remember crying out loudly as they both began to slowly pump me. I settled out and took both cocks, my head down, eyes closed, a mix of pleasure and pain coursing through my body. It must have been very erotic for them both, because the other guy came inside my ass right after Rich shot his load in my pussy.

It had been the fulfillment of one of Rich’s most erotic fantasies, and I was somewhat proud I had taken all five massive cocks. But I was incredibly sore the next day, and spent most of the day at a very expensive spa, enjoying the luxurious baths and full-body massage. It was so good I went back the next day…

I came back to reality, knowing that this time, when I put the lingerie Çeşme Escort on, it would be a much different experience, one much more pleasurable for me, and one that would be fun for everyone else involved, I hoped. As I put on the g-string, I realized I was very aroused, and I slid my hand down the front, lightly touching my clit, feeling my wetness. I ran my finger up between my lips and then placed it in my mouth, tasting my tangy, musky flavor.

My hair was next, and I took some time to brush it out and style it. I brushed my teeth, put on a little makeup, including some nice cherry red lipstick, then slipped the heels on. Ok, I thought to myself. Let’s see how I look.

I stood in front of the full-length mirror on our closet door, looking myself over from head to toe. I had to admit I looked good, really good. My stomach, legs, and ass weren’t as toned as they used to be, but they still looked and felt firm. I glanced at the clock on the wall, which said 8:52am. I breathed out slowly. Almost showtime.

Rich came back and saw me, stopping in his tracks. The look on his face confirmed what I had seen in the mirror — I looked amazing. And I felt amazing… as long as I didn’t think too much about what was about to happen. I was eight minutes away from fucking my son-in-law, while my daughter and husband watched.

I told Rich to wait for Mandy and Trevor to show up, then bring them back to our bedroom when they arrived. I sat down on the love seat in our bedroom nook and watched the last few minutes go by as butterflies churned in my stomach.

Mandy and Trevor showed up just before 9am. I heard them come in, heard Rich tell them to come back to the bedroom. Steeling myself for what I was about to do, I took some deep breaths and stood up.

Mandy and Trevor came into the bedroom first, followed by Rich. As soon as Mandy saw me, she said, “Wow! Mom! You look… you look… incredible!”

Trevor didn’t know what to say, which I took as a good sign. I put my game face on and, pointing to Trevor, said, “You. Take your clothes off and sit on the bed.”

I pointed to Rich and Mandy and said, “You two. Sit there. No talking. Do as I say.”

Initially shocked at my giving out orders, they all quickly complied, Trevor looking like a confused schoolboy as he sat nervously on the edge of the bed, his dick beginning to harden. I walked over to Trevor and absentmindedly reached out for his cock. It felt hot to the touch, and I heard him gasp a little as I grasped it and began to slowly stroke.

I looked over at Mandy and asked, “My daughter… you offer up your husband for me to fuck?”

She looked at me for a moment, then said, “Yes. Yes, I do.”

I shifted my gaze over to Rich and said, “Dearest husband… do you want to watch me fuck this cock?”


I looked first at Mandy, then Rich, then said, “I’m going to let him cum inside me.”

Rich nodded and Mandy said, “Yes.”

“You’re both going to sit there and watch. No talking, no touching.”

They both nodded, eyes wide, wondering what was going to happen next.

I looked at Trevor and said, “Move up on the bed and lay back.”

Trevor obeyed my command, laying back, staring intently at me. I stared intently at Trevor’s dick, which by now was fully erect and oozing precum. I moved up between his legs and took his cock in my hand, making sure Mandy and Rich had an unobstructed view. I bent my head down and slowly licked the head of his cock as I gazed into his eyes. He blushed slightly and let out a long breath, his body shivering as my tongue did its work.

I took my time, using my tongue to tease his shaft, the underside of his head, the base of his cock. I could feel Mandy and Rich’s eyes on me, which only made me more aroused. After a few moments I took his cock into my mouth, swallowing inch after inch, my mouth wide to take in his entire shaft. He let out another short gasp, and I wondered how long he would last.

I began to methodically suck his cock, wrapping my hand around the base of his shaft, stroking him as my mouth and tongue worked the head of his dick. He gasped again and I felt his body tighten. He was hanging on as best he could, and I readied myself to feel the warm jets of cum I knew were boiling within him.

I didn’t have long to wait, as I heard him groan loudly and then felt his body stiffen further as the first thick string of cum splashed onto my tongue, followed by another larger gob. I quickly swallowed while continuing to stroke and suck, two more large shots hitting the roof of my mouth as my tongue worked the bottom of his shaft near his head. I didn’t swallow, but instead held the cum in my mouth, milking his dick for a few more moments.

I slid off the bed, my tongue coated with his load, and walked over to where Mandy was sitting, giving her a look of pleasure and lust. In return I could see eager arousal in her eyes. I bent down and kissed her, her mouth opening in response to mine, my cum-drenched tongue sparing Çeşme Escort Bayan with hers. I wanted my daughter to taste her husband’s cum in my mouth.

We kissed deeply for a few moments, Mandy’s tongue eagerly taking Trevor’s cum from my tongue. I pulled away and watched her swallow what I had given her, then I returned to Trevor’s cock and continued to suck it. It was beginning to soften, but I was able to coax a few more gobs of cum from his dick, and swirled them around on my tongue. I slid off the bed again and this time gave Rich a deep, passionate, slow kiss. I wanted my husband to taste his son-in-law’s cum in my mouth.

I turned around and told Trevor to stand up. He immediately responded, positioning himself in front of me, and I turned my back on him, telling him he could touch and kiss my body. His touch was electric, his hands hot, firm, and trembling. He ran his hands down my arms, my back, and then my ass. I told him to kneel and put his face into my ass. He put his hands on my hips and complied, pushing his face up against the g-string, breathing deeply.

I turned around and put my hands on his head, pulling him towards my crotch. He kissed my thighs and hips, then I had him sit on the edge of the bed while I pulled my breasts out of the top of the bustier. I had him spread his legs so I could move between them, then ordered him to caress and kiss my breasts.

With trembling hands, he reached out and began to lightly caress my breasts, briefly playing with my nipples. I told him to pinch my nipples harder, and he obeyed, causing me to gasp with pleasure. I then ordered him to suck, and he took each nipple into his mouth, teasing them with his tongue while his hands continued to caress me. I looked over at Mandy, meeting her gaze, then made eye contact with Rich.

I turned my back on Trevor and told him to take my g-string off. I was more than ready for some attention and softly moaned as the g-string slid off, momentarily getting hooked on the heel of my stiletto. I had him give it to me, and I folded it up into a small bundle so that the soaking wet crotch was exposed. I walked over to Mandy and said, “Open your mouth.”

She did, and I put the g-string in, making sure the crotch was placed up against her tongue. The look in her eyes was priceless. I had Trevor stand up, then I sat down on the bed and leaned back, spreading my legs apart for him. His eyes responded with a hunger, a deep, instinctual desire I had not seen in a while. I stared at him intently, and he finally got the message, dropping to his knees and moving in.

Trevor began to kiss my thighs, working his way up to my pussy. I watched him for a few moments, then moaned softly as I turned to look at Mandy, making eye contact with her as her husband’s tongue began to play on my clit and taste my wetness. I then looked over at Rich, who was thoroughly enjoying watching another man pleasure me. Then I returned to watching Trevor, making eye contact with him every now and then as he ate me slowly but firmly.

His technique needed some work, but it nevertheless was having the desired effect. I closed my eyes and laid back, allowing the pleasure to course through my body. My moans and gasps became more urgent as the orgasm building within me neared. A few more flicks of his tongue on my clit had my body shaking, a pleasant, sharp orgasm breaking within me.

I made him sit on his knees on the floor, while I took a few moments to enjoy the last vestiges of the orgasm. Then I told him to lay down on the bed off to the side and watch. He nodded at me, his eyes still wide, his body still slightly trembling.

I looked over at Rich and told him to lay on the bed. He laid down on his back, and then I told Mandy to get on her hands and knees on the bed and suck her father’s cock. She blushed slightly but immediately complied, shooting a glance at Trevor as she took her daddy’s semi-hard dick into her mouth. Trevor was less than three feet away and was watching intently.

I looked at Trevor and said, “Looks like your wife knows how to suck cock, doesn’t it.”

He nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Makes you wonder how many cocks she’s sucked, doesn’t it.”


“You like seeing her with another man’s dick in her mouth, don’t you.”


“Especially her daddy’s cock.”


I moved around behind Mandy and told her to spread her legs apart a little. As she was obeying me, I said to Trevor, “Come over here and look.”

He moved next to me and stared at her pussy. I said, “Look at how wet she’s getting. Sucking her daddy’s cock must get her very aroused.”


“Do you want to watch your wife get fucked by another man?”


By the way Rich was moving, I could tell he was getting close to exploding, so I told Trevor, “Move on back up and watch your wife suck and swallow her daddy’s load.”

He moved up, his face less than two feet from Rich’s cock, his eyes wide as Rich groaned loudly, Mandy sucking Escort Çeşme hard as she swallowed the thick jets of cum spurting out of him. I said, “Sweet daughter of mine, why don’t you give your husband a kiss… let him taste your daddy’s cum on your tongue.”

Mandy blushed a little but obeyed, taking her mouth off of Rich’s cock and leaning in to kiss Trevor. They kissed slowly and deeply for a few minutes, then I told Rich to get off the bed. I repositioned Mandy so that her knees were on the edge of the bed, her ass pointing up, her head down.

I got on my knees behind her and moved my face up to her pussy, breathing in her scent deeply. I told Trevor, “Come look at her pussy. It’s dripping wet.”

He got on his knees next to me, and I had him take a good look. Then I looked at Rich and said, “Eat your daughter’s pussy. Make her cum hard.”

Rich nodded and got on his knees next to Trevor, and began caressing Mandy as his tongue began to lap up the thick wetness oozing out of her pussy. Trevor watched in fascination for a few moments, then I told him to move up and give Mandy a kiss again. Her face twisted in pleasure, my daughter did her best to kiss her husband as her father played his tongue on her clit. I had Trevor move back about a foot and watch Mandy’s face as her orgasm began to build, her eyes glazing over as she moaned loudly, a deep, pleasurable orgasm bursting inside of her.

Trevor’s cock was growing hard again, and I told him to lay back while ordering Rich and Mandy to lay off to the side on the bed. I climbed on top of Trevor, spreading my legs and settling my pussy on his face as I took his cock in my mouth, moving my tongue over his head before taking him deep. We pleasured each other for a few moments, then I stopped sucking him and looked over at Mandy and Rich, who were watching with rapt attention.

I slid off of Trevor’s face and positioned myself over his cock, looking at Mandy and telling her, “Watch as I take your husband’s cock inside me”, then looking at Rich and telling him, “I’m going to fuck his cock” as I guided his dick into me, moaning loudly as a long, low groan escaped from Trevor.

I rode him slowly and deeply, my gaze switching from Mandy to Rich, both of whom were watching Trevor’s cock slide in and out of me. After a few moments I slid off to one side. I looked at Mandy and said, “Suck his cock.”

She leaned in and took his dick in her hand and began sucking it, tasting her mother’s pussy on her husband’s head and shaft. I leaned back on my elbows and told Rich to put a pillow under my hips, then told Trevor to kneel between my legs and slowly slide his cock into me. I didn’t have to tell Mandy or Rich to watch; they both were glued to the scene.

I told Trevor to slowly fuck me, then looked at Rich and said, “By the way, I lied to you… I haven’t taken my birth control pills for months.”

I turned to Mandy and said, “I’m at my peak ovulation… and I’m going to have your husband cum inside of me… I want him to get me pregnant.”

It was ridiculous, of course. I was still on the pill and had no intention of ever getting pregnant by anyone. But the look of sheer erotic pleasure on both Rich’s and Mandy’s faces was almost overwhelming, and I felt myself getting close to orgasming. I told Trevor to lean down and kiss me, then told him to fuck me hard and cum deep inside of me. He gasped as we kissed deeply, his thrusts becoming deeper and harder, and I knew he was already beginning to orgasm. As he began shooting his load inside of me I came as well, a gentle, electric orgasm washing over me.

I kissed Trevor deeply for a few more moments, knowing Mandy was watching, then had him slide off of me and lay to the side. I had Rich slide the pillow out from under my hips, then looked at Mandy and said, “Clean me up.”

She eagerly leaned in, and I felt her warm, thin tongue begin scooping up Trevor’s thick load that was oozing out of me. I let her have a few mouthfuls of cum, then told her to give her husband another kiss. Then I looked over at Rich and told him to lay back. I straddled his face and told him, “You finish.”

I felt Rich’s tongue begin to lick and probe deep within my pussy, teasing out the last few gobs of Trevor’s cum, then turned and saw that Rich’s cock was getting hard again. I looked over at Mandy and said, “Suck his cock again.”

She got up on her hands and knees again and began sucking, aware that Trevor was watching. After a few moments, I slid off of Rich and got behind Mandy, and commented to Trevor, “Looks like your wife is getting wet again. Would you like to see her get fucked?”

Trevor swallowed hard and said, “Yes.”

I had Mandy reposition so that her knees were on the edge of the bed again, legs spread, and had Trevor kneel so he could watch up close as Rich positioned his hard cock up against Mandy’s pussy. I looked at Trevor and said, “Are you ready?”

He nodded and said, “Yes.”

I looked up at Rich, and he slowly ran the tip of his cock in between his daughter’s pussy lips, then slid into her, a loud gasp coming from Mandy. The look on Trevor’s face was a mix of lust and fascination. Rich eventually got his entire length inside of her, and slowly began pumping her, Trevor watching from less than a foot away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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