Casting the Runes

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A woman from work told me I should go and have my fortune told. I told her I wasn’t into such things, but she wouldn’t let up. She gave me the name and address of a woman who gave her an accurate reading, so she said. Just to get her off my back I went to the address she gave.

This place was out in the country. I almost got lost trying to find the house. I finally found it and went to the door and knocked. A woman who appeared to be in her early forties answered. She said her name was Mela and I should come inside. Mela was wearing a tight white gown and the front was cut way down to show her cleavage. She had long dark hair down to her shoulders.

She led me to a table and she had me sit down. She reached for a leather pouch. She opened it and told me to reach in and pull out one stone at a time until I had five stones. I thought it was all nonsense, but I did as she asked. One by one she place the stones on the table. As she did her eyes got wide.

To be honest I had my eyes on her tits. They were nearly popping out of the top of her dress. Slowly Mela stood up and and she pulled the top of her dress down revealing her big breasts. They were bigger than anything I had ever seen.

“The stones say I must submit to you,” she told me.

I had no idea what she was talking about. She moved over to a curtain and pulled it aside, telling me to follow her. I was totally bewildered, but I did as she asked. The room on the other side of the curtains contained a small bed. She told me lie down on it. I was puzzled, but I did as she asked. Then Mela pulled her dress completely off.

She had nothing on below. Her pussy was exposed to me. Her bush Isparta Escort was thick and black as coal. Mela knelt down and she undid the belt on my trousers and took my shoes off. She slid my pants off and pulled off my underwear. My cock was lying on my belly. She took hold of my dick and slid it between her huge tits. I gulped and she worked her big cans up and down my cock.

I am seven inches in length, but my cock got lost in all her cleavage. She held her tits together and worked them all around my slowly growing erection. To say I was in shock was a bit of an understatement. What brought this about? I was in no mood to stop her, however. Soon my cock was standing straight up. When Mela finally got me hard she stood up.

She got over top of me, her pussy directly over my cock, and she slid down. My cock got lost in her dark muff. Not only that, her pussy muscles were working up and down my stiff member. There wasn’t much to do but take my hands and place them on her hips. I brought my ass up and thrust up into her hot, clammy pussy.

Mela started to speak in some unknown language. It was more like a scream, but who was to know. I was fucking Mela as hard as I could and she was grinding down right to my pubic mound.

“You must seed me!” She cried out.

Mela was nearly crazy riding up and down my shaft. I never felt a woman’s pussy milking my dick like she was doing. It felt like tiny fingers stroking my erect prick. I knew if we kept this up I wasn’t going to last long.

“Fuck me, seed me!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Damn, I couldn’t control my urges. I plowed my rod into her a few more Isparta Escort Bayan times and then I exploded. It felt like I had turned on a hose. I shot geysers of my white froth deep into her belly. Mela threw her head back and gripped me hard with her pussy muscles. There was no way to hold back. I kept thrusting and squirting my hot seed into Mela’s tunnel.

My head felt dizzy and I lost track of how long we had been going at it. I guess it didn’t matter. Mela had what she wanted. My baby seed was inside her womb and I was nearly spent. I thrust into her a while longer and then felt myself getting soft. Mela weakly lifted up from my dick.

I could tell her legs were rubbery. She walked slowly into another room and came back with a towel to wipe me down. I had to ask her what had just happened.

“The rune spread told me I must take your seed and make it mine. You had to impregnate me this day.”

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head. I didn’t know how to respond. I just got dressed and Mela showed me to the door.

“You will be back for me,” She said.

I had no reply for her. I just drove home and took a shower. Mela’s juices had coated my dick. I could smell her earthy scent on me. I showered and then fell asleep on my bed. I went to work the next day. My co-worker who sent me to Mela was all excited. She asked me how my visit had gone.

I weakly told her everything went fine and left it at that. Unfortunately, I had Mela on my mind. She was on my mind for the next couple of days. I knew I had to do something so I drove back out to see Mela. When I got there and knocked on the door. When Mela answered Escort Isparta the door she was completely naked.

She took me by the hand and we went into her house. Not to the small bed this time, but to a bigger room with a bigger bed. She stripped me once more. Just seeing her naked made by cock erect. Mela went to the bed and got on all fours. I didn’t need to figure out what was next. I got in behind her and placed my hands on her hips.

I guided my dick to her black bush and I slid into her pussy. I didn’t think things could get more erotic, but they did. Mela took hold of my cock with her pussy muscles and worked them around my stiff dick. I drove as deep as I could into her. Mela got vocal like before. She spouted some unknown language and I pounded her tight pussy for all I was worth.

I lost my head and started to shout at her.

“Your pussy is mine Mela, no one else can have you, just me!”

I know it sounded silly, but I had to have her just to myself. I could see Mela’s head go up and down as if she agreed to everything I said. I looked down and her big tits were swaying beneath her. This only make me thrust harder into her passage. Her pussy was now so damp. I fucked her easily as my cock was circling around hitting her pussy walls.

This time with Mela was longer and more intense. I am not sure where it all came from, but I shot three hot loads into her pussy. I never pulled out once. I kept my cock buried inside her until we finally finished our lovemaking. When we did finish we fell to the bed and Mela kissed me deeply on the mouth.

“I am all yours now,” she proclaimed.

I guess I was hers. I still don’t know exactly what those runes said, but I see Mela nearly every evening. I never made love so intensely with any other woman. I am also quite sure one day soon Mela will be telling me she is pregnant and with child. I doubt much will change as far as me fucking that hot, hairy pussy of hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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