Call Girl Gets First Time Lesbian

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Emma Norris shut the door on her latest client with a heavy sigh. He was one of those with a full on fetish, and his was for PVC! The suit she was in was so tight, she had practically had to sew herself into it. But, just as she was finally trying to squirm her way out of the suit, her mobile rang.

“Hello,” she said, answering it with the only hand that had been pulled free from the suit.

“Emma, it’s Rachel,” the female voice over the phone said. “Are you free in an hour?”

Emma rolled her eyes, picturing Rachel over the other end of the phone. She could see her sat at her office desk, her legs crossed over each other and watching lustfully out at the young and hot new male assistant she had just hired. She would, no doubt, be wearing something that was both reveal, yet tasteful, something Rachel was very good at pulling off. She was beautiful enough, especially for a woman who was well into her 40’s.

Rachel was Emma’s boss at the agency she worked for. She couldn’t really call her a pimp, because it wasn’t like Emma stood on the street corners begging for work. She wasn’t a prostitute, she was a call girl. There was a difference.

Emma thought of herself as more of a high class hooker, one who was good enough to decide both price and client. She had her very own regulars and rarely got herself new clients, even though her profile was still up on the agency website for any new browser to see. So Rachel calling now, asking Emma if she was free in an hour, had to mean that a client she wanted to keep happy had called in.

“Yeah, I am, Rach,” Emma replied. “What do you want?”

“One of the high paying regulars just called, a Stella Cartwright,” Rachel continued. “Apparently, she’s making some changes in her life, one of those being her sexual orientation. She’s been looking through the bisexual pages and has taken a liking to you, and has asked for an appointment in an hour. You up for a new client.”

That was another thing about Emma. She was bisexual, had been pretty much most of her life. At 25 now, she had been with just as many women as she had men, and sometimes had to admit that she actually preferred sex with woman.

“Yeah, Rachel, sure I’ll take her. Just pass on the address and I’ll be ready for her in an hour.”

She would be more than happy to show this girl the ropes, as they say.


Almost an hour later, Emma was changed and ready to welcome her new house guest. She stood in front of the long mirror, looking over her new appearance. This girl was a new client and new with girls, so she had no idea the kind of things she liked, which meant she had dressed herself in a somewhat form fitting red dress that was comfy but easy to undo. Her long, honey coloured hair flowed down her back freely, stopping just short of her waist. She had applied a light tint of make-up, focusing on her eyes which she believed were her best feature. Her chocolate brown eyes were dusted with brown eye shadowed, her eyelashes coated in mascara, and finished with an outline of black eyeliner. Her skin, naturally pale, stood out stark against the deep red of the dress.

Emma smiled slightly at her reflection. All in all, she was happy with herself, and with her life. She didn’t think she was stunning, or even beautiful in anyway, but she knew she could turn heads, make men hard and women wet if she used her body right. She was even happy in her career. It was not like she had grown up with aspiration to be a call girl, but now she was here, she wasn’t gonna complain. She enjoyed sex, and she got paid to do it. Really, what was there to complain about?

The knock on the door drew Emma back to the here and now. It was a gently knock, barely even audible. Whoever was on the other side was clearly nervous about what was behind that door.

Walking through her apartment with the natural inborn confidence Emma had, she opened the door to her new client, smiling slightly at what she saw.

The girl on this side of the door was truly beautiful. She stood just a little shorter than Emma, also wearing a dress, only this one was more flowing then fitting, and very flowery. She had blonde hair that was pulled up to the top of her head so Emma couldn’t tell how long it was. Her skin was slightly tanned, she had naturally pink lips that could only be described as bee-stung, and stunning blue eyes. If she was gonna teach any woman the beauty of girl-on-girl love, Emma could not have asked for a more truly magnificent student. She could clearly see though, with the way this girl avoided eye contact and wrung unconsciously at her hands that she was nervous about what was going to happen once she stepped through that door.

“Hello, Stella,” Emma said with a gently smile, holding the door open for her to come in. “Why don’t you come inside.”

“Thank you,” Stella said in a soft voice, stepping into the apartment and just standing there, looking nervous, as Emma closed the door behind her.

“Why don’t you have a seat on the couch, make yourself more comfortable,” Anadolu Yakası Escort Emma suggested, and Stella immediately did just that. “Would you like something to drink, maybe a glass of wine?”

“White wine, if that is ok?”

Emma gave Stella another gentle smile before heading into her small kitchen. In the years she had been doing this, she had learnt to stock up on pretty much any kind of alcohol she could get her hands on. Alcohol was a wonderful way to loosen people up, and you never know what kind of alcohol your client was going to like.

Pouring two glasses of white wine, Emma went back into the main room to see Stella still sat in the same position. She handed her one of the glasses and took a seat beside her, watching as she nervously took a sip, holding onto the glass as if for support.

“Stella,” Emma said, taking the glass from her and placing it next to hers on the table. “If you don’t mind me saying, you seem nervous about this whole deal. Why did you choose to be with a woman suddenly after regular service with men?”

“I’ve got this friend,” Stella began, talking more than she had all night. “I’ve known her for years and she recently turned round and told me she’s gay. When I asked her why, she said she was sick of the way she was treated by men and decided to do something about it. Now, I’ve been curious about… lesbians and that for a while, and she got me thinking about all my shitty relationships. And I wanted to… well… see the other side for myself.”

“So why come to me?” Emma asked. “Why come to an agency when you could meet someone yourself, or even go to your friend?”

“I’ve never been with a woman, this is my first time, and I… I…. Well… I didn’t want someone who would laugh at me.”

Stella turned her gaze away again, and Emma felt her heart expand slightly for this sweet, innocent, vulnerable girl beside her. Lifting her hand, Emma gently turned Stella’s face so she was looking at her, brown and blue eyes locking onto each other.

“I would never dream of laughing at you, Stella,” Emma told her. “And I promise you I will not do anything you don’t want. So are you sure you want to go through with this?” In answer, Stella just nodded, this time not pulling away from Emma’s gaze.

“Ok. In that case, we start slow.”

Making the first move of the night, Emma leaned in closer to Stella, her lips pressing softly against hers. It was only a small kiss that lasted about the length of a yawn, but it was all that was needed for a start. Pulling back, Emma saw Stella still had her eyes closed and smiled slightly.

“Whenever you feel things are going to fast, just tell me to stop and I will,” Emma told her before leaning in again.

This time, the kiss was a little more passionate, insistent. Emma stroked her tongue across Stella’s closed lips, seeking entry that Stella gave. For a moment, their tongues duelled, massaging against each other until they found the perfect rhythm together. With the deeper kiss, Emma felt Stella getting a little more confident, her arms coming up to wrap round Emma’s shoulders as she held herself close to her.

As she kissed her, Emma reached up to pull Stella’s hair loose from the clip that was holding it up, watching as the silky blonde strands fell to just below her shoulders, curling softly at the ends.

“Was that the kind of thing you wanted?” Emma asked as she pulled back slightly from Stella.

“Definitely,” Stella said breathlessly, nodding enthusiastically.

“So I guess I should keep going then,” Emma said, her lips now making a trail down Stella’s neck, occasionally nibbling slightly on her soft skin, pleased at the soft moans she heard coming from above her. Her hands again reaching out, Emma found the zip on the back of Stella’s dress, pulling it down without any resistance from Stella. Still keeping Stella distracted with her lips against her neck, Emma slid the dress off Stella’s skin, letting it pool round her waist where she was sat.

“Lift your hips for me, baby,” Emma whispered in Stella’s ear as she nibbled gently on her earlobe. Without hesitation, Stella did just that, lifting her hips from the couch to let Emma pull the dress off her body completely. Emma lifted her head to look at the woman below her, who she now saw had a fantastic body too. Perfect rounded breasts that had to be a C cup, a flat toned stomach, and gorgeous long legs that went on and on. Too bad the white lace underwear she was wearing was getting in the way of the things she really wanted to see on this girl.

“You’re beautiful, you know,” Emma told her, placing a kiss on the top of each breast, just where the cup line of her bra ended.

“I really wanna do this,” Stella told her, her voice still breathless and her eyes still closed. “And I really wanna see you. All of you.”

“Go ahead, gorgeous,” Emma told her, taking Stella’s hand and wrapping it round her back to where her zip of her dress was. She felt her hands shake slightly Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan as she pulled the zip down, but she still did it, Emma automatically lifting her own hips to let the dress land on the floor beside Stella’s. Emma watched Stella as she looked down at her body, at her own rounded 34D breast, gym induced stomach and limbs that weren’t half as long as Stella’s, her other body parts barely hidden by her red lace half-cup bra and thong.

“Oh my God, you’re amazing,” Stella said, still staring down at Emma.

“Thank you,” Emma said, standing from the couch and holding her hand out to Stella. “Come with me, baby.” Stella, her eyes now holding Emma’s again, took her hand and let her pull her to her feet and into the bedroom, gently placing her on the bed.

“I want you to lay back, honey, and let me make you feel good, ok,” Emma told her, pushing softly at her shoulders to get her to lie down as she straddled her hips. “Like I said, if I ever do anything you’re not ready for or you don’t want, just tell me to stop and I will. But until then, just let me take control.” Stella nodded her head, giving Emma silent permission to continue.

Emma leant down to kiss her once again, Stella immediately opening her mouth to allow her to deepen the kiss. As she did, she slid her arms beneath and around the woman under her, quickly unhooking her bra and throwing it over her shoulder. She moved her lips, allowing them to slowly travel down Stella’s throat, jaw and chest until she got to her destination; Stella’s perfect breasts. She was right, definitely a C cup, with just the right sized pink coloured nipples that were already beginning to harden in the cold air.

The second Emma’s lips closed round one of Stella’s nipples, the other encased by her hand, what had seconds ago been heavy breathing from Stella now turned into a series of light moans, her head pressed back against the pillows. For a moment, Emma happily nursed on Stella’s breasts, bringing each nipple to a hard peak before moving to the other one, her hand taking the place of her mouth as she pinched at the stiff nipple. Once both her nipples stood to attention, making the areoles a slightly darker shade of pink as blood rushed to them, Emma let her lips continue their path across Stella’s body, heading lower towards her still covered pussy and making sure to not let a single inch of skin go untouched by her mouth.

Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of Stella’s white lace panties, Emma held eye contact with Stella as she slowly pulled them from her body, giving Stella time to get used to what was happening. Stella, however, simply lifted her hips to help Emma, kicking her panties away from her when they reached her feet. Tearing her gaze away from those beautiful baby blues of Stella’s, Emma instead looked down at the woman’s pussy which was now exposed to her. It was trimmed neatly, just a small triangle of blonde fur covering her outer pussy lips. Gently spreading her legs apart, Emma watched as Stella’s pussy opened up for her, revealing the pink fold of her inner pussy lips that were glistening with moisture. Stood to a point at the top, Stella’s clit was already protruding from its hood, showing Emma just how aroused Stella was.

At the sight of this beautiful Goddess of a woman lay open and ready in front of her, her eyes closed and lips parted as she breathed heavily, waiting, Emma felt a rush of liquid pool between her own legs.

But for now, she wanted to take things slow, give this perfect girl one hell of a first time!

Starting at the her left knee, Emma began placing gentle kisses up Stella’s leg, right up to the junction between her thigh and her pussy. But instead of going for the overall goal, Emma skipped right over her initial destination, moving over to her other leg and kissing down to her right knee. She moved slowly up again, alternating between which thigh she was gonna kiss, but again missed what Stella’s heavy breathing and moans were telling her she really wanted and instead let her lips and tongue trail over her hips, smiling against the flawless skin as Stella’s moans grew more desperate and her hips started moving of their own accord.

“Please….” Stella moaned from above Emma.

“Please, what?” Emma asked with a devilish smile.

“Oh God… I need… I need you to….” Stella continued to moan.

“What do you need me to do, Stella,” Emma asked. All she got was heavy breathing in return. That smile still on her lips, Emma moved back up Stella’s body until her mouth was in line with her ear, her hand cupping Stella’s warm pussy. “Tell me what you need, and I’ll do it.”

“I need you… I….” Again, another lot of heavy breathing before Stella finally gave in and said what she wanted.

“I need you to make me come. Lick me, lick my… lick my pussy.”

“Whatever you want.”

Emma lowered herself down to between Stella’s legs, immediately doing what she asked.

Starting from the bottom of her slit, Escort Anadolu Yakası Emma stroked her tongue up, stopping with a quick flick across Stella’s erect clit. This earned her a heavy moan from Stella and a definite buck of her hips, so she did it again… and again… and again. She licked right up and down Stella’s pussy, loving the sounds of her moaning and the feel of her getting wetter and wetter, and loving even more the sweet taste of Stella’s pussy juice.

With this having gotten the reaction she wanted, Emma moved her face down, stopping at Stella’s vagina and inner pussy lips which was steady leaking a stream of thick, white cum.

Making her tongue into a point, Emma stabbed it softly into Stella’s vagina and tongue-fucked her, encouraging louder moans from Stella. She did this a couple of times, drawing more of that tasty juice into her mouth and swallowing it down. She could feel Stella’s hips bucking, her thighs shaking around her face, which was a sure sign she was close to cumming.

Going in for the kill, Emma moved up to Stella’s clit, flicking her tongue against it. This seemed to send an electric shock through Stella’s body, making her cry out and arch her back off the bed slightly. Emma smiled into this gorgeous girl’s pussy, now focusing on her clit. She flicked her tongue across it a couple more times, again causing Stella to cry out and her hips to buck even harder. Emma finally pressed the flat of her tongue onto Stella’s clit, closing her mouth around her pussy and sucking hard. At this point, Stella exploded.


Emma held tight to Stella’s heavily bucking hips, suddenly finding it difficult to keep up with their movements but she did, licking and sucking and flicking across her pussy, riding Stella through her orgasm.

Once Stella had calmed, once her orgasm had finally wracked through her body and left her panting on her back on the bed, Emma slowly moved back up the bed so she was lay beside her.

“That everything you hoped it would be?” Emma asked Stella with a smile.

“And more,” Stella replied, turning to face Emma on the bed. Her breathing slowly returning to normal, Stella leaned in close and pressed her lips to Emma’s, initiating things for the first time tonight.

“You’re such a good kisser,” Stella told her when she pulled away.

“So are you, baby,” Emma replied.

“You know, I’m paying for the whole night with you,” Stella said. “That means getting the whole lot, everything that comes with sleeping with a woman.”

“So what do you want now?” Emma asked.

“To do that to you,” Stella answered with a little smile. “To make you come like you did me.”

“Well, I’m all yours for tonight, honey,” Emma said. “As long as you’ve got me, I’m yours to do whatever you want with.”

“In that case, I wanna see the rest of you.”

With that, Stella gave Emma a gentle push, rolling her onto her back and now being the one to straddle her hips. Emma watched the beautiful, naked girl on top of her as she reached behind Emma’s back, unhooking her bra and sliding it off her body, dropping it over the side of the bed. Stella stared at her for a moment, at her slightly larger breast with larger and darker nipples, before moving to rid her of her thong. Once Emma was spread out naked on the bed, Stella stared again, just like she had when she had taken her dress off.

“I thought you were amazing before, but now….” Stella said, her gaze locked on Emma’s body. “You are so beautiful.”

“Thank you, but you don’t actually have to say any of this,” Emma told her. “I’m pretty much a sure thing, baby.”

“But I mean it,” Stella said. “You really are beautiful, Emma.”

Emma smiled softly at this, bringing Stella down and kissing her deeply. Stella remained in this position for a moment before following Emma’s lead from earlier, trailing her kisses down Emma’s body until she got to her breasts. She nursed softly on each breast, surprisingly good at it for a beginning judging by the amount of liquid that was pooling between Emma’s legs and how heavy her breathing was getting.

With both of Emma’s nipple standing to attention in the centre of her breasts, Stella moved on, kissing down until she got to Emma’s freshly shaven pussy. No teasing involved this time, Stella immediately stroked her tongue against Emma’s pussy, getting her first taste of a woman and seemingly liking it. Emma looked down, seeing Stella’s beautiful blonde head nestled between her legs as she licked into her pussy, paying special attention to obviously prominent clit, and those pleasurable tingles she had been feeling suddenly shot up a level at the erotic sight before her.

Emma couldn’t help it, she was moaning. This just felt too good. She was a call girl, used to more often than not getting clients who thought of their own pleasure before hers, and she hardly ever reached orgasm. But this girl, this sweet and beautiful blonde Goddess who really was a natural at pussy licking, was bringing her closer and closer to the edge. Especially when she used her fingers, pushing it up into her vagina and gently finger-fucking her. But it was the combination of her lips on her clit and the second finger that was pushed up with the first that sent her headlong into an extremely intense orgasm, screaming out her pleasure.

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