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She’d never met him, not even talked on the phone. Now he was coming to meet her, making the long drive in a camper. She could count the times she’d been in a tent on the fingers of one hand, and have fingers left over. She’d never ever even set foot in a camper.

She was nervous, very nervous. They’d had sex online, which when you came down to it, was very safe. Now that he was heading her way, she was terrified in more ways than she could count. Truth be told, she was excited too, sex with him was scary and fun and she wondered if it could be that way when they met.

She’d made plans to meet him partway. He had a favorite campground. She kept telling herself she’d cancel, even as she filled the car. Told herself she was too sensible, too nervous, too staid, and too old. He’d hate her; he’d be repulsed. The doubts rang in her head as she paid the tolls, mocked her as she followed his directions, still heading north.

She found the campground just before dark. She followed the winding dirt road, reading the little markers. His camper was right where he said it would be, isolated at the furthest reach from the others. It was bigger than she’d expected. It looked like someone had put vinyl siding on an eighteen-wheeler. She parked her car beside the camper, still telling herself she was going to stand him up.

He was taller than she expected. He had wide shoulders and narrow hips, and moved with an easy grace she hadn’t expected from his size. His smile was warm. He pulled her into a hug even before she got her car locked. “I knew you wouldn’t chicken out,’ he told her. He hugged her so tightly she couldn’t breath. That wouldn’t have been a problem, except that he kissed her and every sensible thought she had fled her mind.

He kissed her hard, possessively, holding her close to him. He slid one hand up, holding her head as he drove his tongue into her mouth, warning her in no uncertain terms of how he meant to fill her. When he let go, she was breathless, her lips puffy from his kisses, her knees weak. “Come on in, you must be starving,” he grinned as he pulled her up inside.

“I… there’s wine in the car,” she said.

He let her go, but only for a moment. She retrieved the wine she’d bought, and Kuşadası Escort he towed her up the steps and into the camper.

“I’m not really hungry,” she confessed as she entered his domain. “I’m too nervous to eat.”

“I’m not,” he told her and laughed. “I made good time, but I know you must have hit traffic.” He pushed her to the bed gently and made her stretch out. She sighed in relief as he worked on her muscles, loosening the knots and easing them. She kicked off her shoes gladly and gave herself over to the feeling of his large hands moving on her body. She felt limp and relaxed when he turned her over, and knew she had a silly smile. He settled on the bed beside her and cuddled her close. “Still scared?” he whispered.

She shook her head.

“Good,” he said. He chuckled and his hand slid under her shirt, just stroking her skin gently. She was softer than he ever could have imagined. She moved as he touched her, her breathing uneven as she got excited. He held her closer, wondering if she’d be as wild in person as she was online.

He slid one hand into her pants and she moaned. She was wet, and she blushed when she realized he knew it. “You like this?” She refused to answer, but she made no attempt to get away. He tugged her pants out of his way and rubbed his fingers in her slit. She was slick and whimpering when he touched her. And to his surprise nearly too tight when he tried to slide a finger into her.

He helped her out of her clothes, wanting to see her and taste her. She was soft wherever he touched. Her skin was smooth as velvet. She moved closer as he touched her, flagrantly demanding more, her skin flushed with warmth.

She wriggled in his arms, reaching for his pants. Moving bravely, she freed him from his jeans and stroked him in her soft hands. She was not terribly skilled, but she clearly liked what she held, stroking him and rubbing his cock against her silky lips and cheeks. She seemed fascinated by his thick, bulbous head, sliding it over her lips again and again until it began to leak.

She licked him eagerly then. She could barely fit him into her mouth, but she could nuzzle his balls and lick every inch of his swelling shaft. He wanted to fill Kuşadası Escort Bayan her mouth and throat. But the enticing tightness around his finger called him too. He decided, based mostly on their online games. He rolled her under him, pinning her without warning.

She gasped in surprise, but did not fight him. He shifted; sliding his head up and down is her thoroughly drenched cleft. She moaned, shivering under him.

He took her wrists in his hands and she arched up on the bed, almost begging for more. He pushed into her slowly, in part to be gentle, in part because she was just so amazingly tight.

She writhed under him, panting and gasping. He groaned as he sank into her, as she yielded to allow him to fill her. He kissed her hard, possessing her mouth the way he meant to take her body, and she kissed him back fierce, willing and passionate.

He pulled back and she whimpered in protest. He drove into her, hard and strong, slamming her into the mattress.

She cried out, bucking under him, obviously eager, her body frantic as she tried to take him deeper. She fought to free her hands, fought to get him deeper inside. She thrashed and cried, begging him to take her harder, to fill her.

He drove into her harder, ramming into her with all his strength, her soft cries urging him on as the pleasure built in both of them, built and spilled.

He knelt on the mattress and let go of her hands, lifting her wide hips and driving her mercilessly onto his rigid shaft. She screamed as she came, shattering as the sensations tore through her She cried helplessly, throbbing around him, gripping him tightly as he filled her with his seed.

It was still dark when she woke. She could not see, and realized that her eyes were covered. She lay on her stomach, and instead of the mattress beneath her, there was a body, a very warm and active one, with a large, thick shaft filling her. She moved, trying to understand, only to find her mouth invaded by another cock. This one seemed to be as thick as the one filling her.

He spoke in her ear, “Nothing to be afraid of, darlin’, nothing at all. I know you’ll like this…” Fabric looped around her throat, become snug, “But don’t bite Escort Kuşadası if you want to keep breathing.”

Her heart pounded with lust and with fear mixed together. She tried to move to make the angle on her neck easier, but hands held her still, so did whatever he had tied her with.

“Jeez she’s tight.” Someone said, not him.

Hands touched her butt, fingers probed her, slick and slippery.

She bucked in terror, mindful still of her teeth.

He told her to be still, that she couldn’t escape anyway.

The fingers slid into her, pushed slowly and steadily until they had forced their way into her butt. She gasped, and the cock in her mouth pushed deeper.

“Suck on it,” he said, and the cock in her mouth drove into her throat.

She sucked and licked; excited by being helpless, surprised at her own excitement. The fingers in her ass moved faster then withdrew. She missed them.

She didn’t have long; the fingers were replaced by something wider and far thicker. She knew it was him, knew without being able to see. He gripped her hips as he pushed into her. Driving slowly until he filled her. Then the man under her moved, pulling back just a little, then sliding deep. She would have screamed, but all three of them were moving now, driving into her, filling her, hamming her into a mindless place where she could only react and feel.

She moved helplessly, her body jerking and spasming as they sent her over the edge. Hot cum filled her moth and throat, choking her as she struggled to swallow, even as she danced wildly on the two shafts that drove into her pussy and her ass.

She screamed, she thought she screamed, she didn’t know. Hot liquid splashed across her skin, bathing her back, splattering in her hair.

She collapsed on them, overwhelmed, her body still twitching as aftershocks raced through her.

She woke in her car, dazed, limp and clean. There was no camper, just her car. She frowned, puzzled and disoriented. She turned the key, backed out and drove back down the road, seeing no sign that any car but hers had come this way. She was increasingly disturbed and upset as she took the turns to get back to the highway. She didn’t stop until she got to one of the well-lit, well-populated rest stops. Then she pulled in and headed for the ladies room. She needed coffee, a lot of it, even if it was the nasty machine variety.

She got into the ladies room and closed the stall door. She found the note in her bra.

It was short: Pack when you get home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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