Butterflies Ch. 02

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Amanda, Marci, Susan and Jenna passed each other in the halls and on campus all the next week. Each greeting resulted in a raised eyebrow or a giggle or even sometimes a comment like “I took matters into my own hands” or “That reminds me, I still have to return that stuff I borrowed from Jenna.”

The following Sunday night was their standing girls night date and they gathered, this time, in Jenna and Susan’s room. Jenna was curled up on her bed reading the Cosmo Carnal Counselor to the group:

“My boyfriend and I think it would be exciting to have sex in a public place, but we’re afraid of getting caught. Have any advice?”

Jenna looks up at Marci and says “Well, what do you think Marci, should we write in and tell them about the library?”

“Or you could tell them about old Formasso’s class!!! At least for DIY sex!” Susan jumps in laughing. The suggestions of places extend from “your parents car at the rest stop” to “on cable TV” and the giggles and laughter were good natured.

“OK, so she says ‘Having sex in public is definitely risky, but that’s just the point. It’s the adrenaline rush you get from doing something “naughty” that cranks up the excitement factor. The trick to successful out-in-the-open shenanigans, i.e., not getting busted, is discretion and speed.'” Pausing Jenna comments “The ‘discretion’ part is certainly important.”

Marci jumped in “yeah that is the one time you really do want speed!” recalling her adventure with Tom on the sixth floor. “Am I the only one who ever had sex in the library?” Marci asked, looking around for approval.

“I’ve made out there pretty heavy.” Susan said matter of factly, “but I never went all the way.”

“I’ve never even made out there.” Amanda confirmed.

Jenna started slowly, “Well, I’ve not had sex there, but I did take things into my own hands there.”

Marci interrupted with “yeah you mentioned that last week. I kinda … “

“No, I mean just the other day.” Jenna continued. “I have to admit, hearing your stories was something of a turn on for me.” They all laughed their support “I don’t mean that I’m turned on by you guys! But Marci, your story of being watched by that guy in the parking lot was pretty hot. So I guess I was thinking about that Thursday night when I slipped my purple dick vibrator – one of the few you guys left me! – into my book bag. I wore my sweats and no bra. I went to the sixth floor and took a table near the elevator lobby, with the elevators to my left, but facing the stacks. It was really exciting to think about someone seeing me. After I studied for a while…”

“Yeah about two minutes I bet” broke in Susan.

Jenna laughed, “More like 10, but not long! Anyway, I looked around, and couldn’t see anybody so I slid the vibrator out of my book bag. I turned it on – it sounded so loud in the silence of the library – and slid it down. I started on the outside of my sweats, but pretty soon I moved it to inside the sweats. I was getting really wet and I kept fantasizing about someone watching me and seeing what I was doing. Just as I was getting good and close, the elevator binged, the doors opened and this couple got off.”

There was not a sound among the girls as Jenna continued “They had book bags, but I figured I knew why there were there. The surprise of the elevator opening had slowed me down a little, but I was starting to get close. I was looking right at them, and they had stopped and were looking right back. The first second they saw me, disappointment registered on their faces. They paused for a minute and we were all looking right at each other. The woman got this sort puzzled look on her face, and then she got that look that says ‘I know what you are doing.’ Remember, I still had the vibrator on and I was getting pretty worked up. She then whispered something to her boyfriend and he blinked a few times and looked closer at me. They had just stopped and were watching me. I started to come so hard: it was just exactly my fantasy. I’m sure that I was panting and fidgeting some, and so it was probably obvious. He moved to stand behind his girlfriend and started running his hands up and down her sides a little. She dropped her books and leaned back into him and they started kissing. They were still watching me. I got braver and pushed my chair back a little so that they could see me with my hand down my pants. I was moving the vibrator around the outside of my cunt by now, to rest after my first orgasm. They were both watching me and kissing, and his hands were roaming up and down her body. He started to caress her breasts as we all watched each other. So I started to do the same with mine. At first I just let my free hand caress them from outside my sweatshirt. Then, I unzipped the top a little, and slid my hand inside to caress them directly.”

Jenna looked around and Amanda was red with excitement listening to the story, Susan sat stoically, and Marci was clearly enraptured. “After I slid my hand underneath, the woman moaned a little and then guided her lovers hand up under her shirt – I don’t think she was wearing a bra Sefaköy escort bayan either. After a minute I turned the vibrator off and set it on the table. We were all still looking at each other, and they paused too, not sure about the situation. Keeping eye contact, I slid my sweat pants to the floor so that I was just sitting in my thong and sweat top. The guy was just staring at me, open mouthed. But the reaction of the girl was so great, she just nodded at me in an approving way. I picked the vibrator back up and started sliding it up and down on my nearly bare cunt. I also unzipped my sweat top up a little more, and began to caress my breasts again. The guy moaned something and the woman leaned back into him more as his hand roamed under her shirt and up and down her sides. They were both watching me so intently and I was so turned on by being watched. I unzipped my sweat top completely as I started to get close to my second climax. Then I slipped the thong to the side and slid the vibrator deep into my pussy. The guy just moaned and I could see him grinding against her. The woman was flushed and red and just looking at me. I started to come. As I moved the vibrator in and out, my juices made slurping noises and I stretched out on the chair and fucked that vibrator while I came and came. In a minute I was totally spend and the guy was nearly busting. As I came down I looked away and pulled my sweats up and zipped my top. I dropped the vibrator into my book bag and began to grab my books. The woman took her guys hand and they walked off into the back of the stacks. I came right back to my room and had a good long session all by myself.”

“Oh my god” burst Marci, “that is so hot…” realizing that she had expressed more enthusiasm than she had intended, she giggled and looked at the floor. “Well … it was. I can’t believe you did that. It’s a lot more daring than my parking lot adventure.” It seemed that she was a little disappointed that she was not the only one who had put on a show for someone. “I put on a little show myself this week, but it was only for Tom.”

“You put on a show for Tom?” exclaimed Susan, “you mean you showed him the toy you borrowed from Jenna?” Marci nodded both a little proud but a little unsure of herself.

“Did you tell him where you got it?” asked Jenna, a little concerned that now the whole TKE house would know that she had a toy collection.

“Well, actually I told him that I bought it…I ordered one the next day!” Marci Giggled.

“How did he take being replaced by a machine?” asked Susan, somewhat smugly.

“Oh, he’s not been replaced,” countered Marci, “I prefer to think of it as improving the capital/labor ratio” she replied with a brainy air. The all laughed and Susan shrugged.

“Anyway,” continued Marci, rather eager to share the story. “Sunday night, after you all left, Amanda and I kind of worked out a deal so that we could each try out the toys.” Amanda hid her now beet red face in her hands.

“I was lying there, using the vibrator for the first time, and fantasizing about Tom. I slid the vibrator up and down my slit, all around. It is great to just focus on your own feelings. As I got closer and closer to reaching an orgasm, I started thinking again about the time in the parking lot, and pretty soon, in my fantasy, the man was Tom, and he was opening the car door and coming in. Just thinking about how Tom might react to seeing me DIY got me all tingly. I tried to use the vibrator inside, but it just felt so much better to use it on my nubbin only. Pretty soon, I came really hard. But I felt like something was missing – I really wanted to feel Tom inside me.” Her last words were so solomn, and they all knew she loved Tom, they were all nodding in agreement as she looked around.

“Tuesday night, I took the vibrator with me when I went to Tom’s room to study. His roommate has a late lab on Tuesdays and doesn’t get back until after 10 so we usually take a study break about 8:30 or so – if you know what I mean. I was both excited and nervous. You know that feeling you get, deep in the pit of your stomach. I was worried that he would be hurt, but on the other hand, I hoped that he would get so turned on by it. I was sitting on his couch, in his room, and he was working at his desk. I took the vibrator out of my book bag and set it on the couch, kinda out of his sight. He couldn’t really see me anyway. Then I just started to slowly undo the buttons of my blouse. I got them all undone and then undid the top button of my slacks. About that time, Tom looked and noticed that I was getting undressed. I could tell by his reaction he was really turned on. I had never really initiated things like this before, and often played a little hard to get during the week. He started to get up and just looked at him and shook my head no ‘would just watch me for a minute?’ I said. I was so nervous, my voice was shaking and I’m sure I was all flushed. But I was also really excited. When he nodded yes and just sat back down I could feel my vagina tingle all on it’s own. I stood up and slowly Yenibosna escort – in a pretty lame way – stripped out of clothes.”

“Believe, where men are concerned there is no lame way for a woman to take off her clothes – he probably thought it was the best strip tease he’d ever seen!” interjected Jenna.

“I couldn’t believe it, but there I was: standing stark naked in front of Tom putting on a show. I laid back down on the couch, with my head propped up and I could look right into his eyes. He wasn’t looking into mine though he was staring at my body, practically ravaging me with eyes. It was so much what I wanted. I let my hands roam all over my body, gently caressing my breasts and teasing my around my crotch.” Marci giggled and sighed at the mere thought.

“Tom started to get up again, but I shook my head no and said ‘not yet. Just sit.’ He slipped his pants off though and I could see the big tent in his boxers. But he sat back down and just watched. It was then that I reached over and got the vibrator.”

“Hadn’t he seen it yet?” asked Susan.

“No, I had covered it with papers and my blouse” Explained Marci, a little shortly for having been interrupted. “When I picked it up he got this very puzzled and surprised look on his face. Later he told me that he could not believe I would ever have one of those, because he didn’t think I was ‘that into sex.’ Well, I’ll tell you, he doesn’t think that anymore!” The all laughed.

“I played the vibrator first around my outer lips and then slowly circled it around. I was also gently tugging at my nipples and caressing my breasts. Pretty soon I just slid the vibrator onto my nubber. I was slowing sliding it up and down, and I was just staring into Tom’s face watching his every reaction. He could see my lips opening up and I’m sure he could see the moisture coating the vibrator. I could see his excitement growing, just like the guy at the rest stop. It turned me on so much that I was turning him on. I started to slide the vibrator into and out of hole. It’s not the best sensation to me, but it made Tom flush all red, and then I saw his hand. He had his thing grasped in his hand and he was slowly pumping it up and down. It was so hot to think I had this effect on him.” Marci was getting turned on lot, just telling the story. Her lips were flushed and red and her breathing had noticeably increased.

“I was so turned on that I just wanted to come right there and then. I slid the vibrator back out and up to my nubbin and just let go. I didn’t even worry about someone else in the house hearing me – the thought that other men might hear me actually turned me on even more. I threw my head back and closed my eyes and just came and came. When I started to come down a little I opened my eyes and looked at Tom. He still had his hand on his thing and it was so hard and purple. He had this incredible look on his face, total wanton lust for what he had just seen, and it was almost like he was in pain he was so turned on. The I said something I never imagined I would. I looked right into Tom’s eyes and quietly said – oh I can’t believe I said this – I said… ‘Fuck me right now.'” Marci was so turned on recalling her story that she actually shook with a small orgasm as she finished her last sentence.

Amanda’s sharp intake of breath when Marci used the F word showed that she was turned on too, she was hanging on every word.

“Tom practically leaped on top of me. He thrust himself so deep inside me so quickly. I was dripping wet and so he slid in effortlessly. I couldn’t believe how great he felt inside me. Being so aroused I came again a second time, just as quickly as he did. It was all over in about 15 seconds, but I was lying there the most satisfied I had ever been. Tom told me how hot the whole thing had been. He admitted he was a little jealous of the vibrator, but I told him that he felt much better inside me. We used it together two more times this week, and I can’t wait until my own actually arrives. So Jenna, can I keep borrowing this one until it does? It shouldn’t be more than a day or two more.” Marci was almost pleading.

Jenna laughed “Go for it… I just don’t want the whole TKE house knowing I have any… In fact, beyond you guys – and I suppose the couple in the library – I don’t want anyone knowing.” They all laughed and agreed it would be their secret.

“Well,” began Susan with an arrogant tone, “you guys need to better take the advice of the Carnal Councilor: discretion is important. Jenna flashes the whole sixth floor of the library…”

Jenna cuts her off “Hey, it was only that one couple, and they don’t even know who I am!!”

Susan snorted “but they can narrow it down pretty quickly since they probably saw your KKG letters on your sweats and bag!!! Marci you are only little better. By now the whole TKE house has heard about it – those guys all talk!”

Marci, actually quite angry “Tom’s not like that. We share a special intimacy. He’s a real gentleman and wouldn’t betray my trust. Besides, I think you’re just jealous that Escort Halkalı we had a great time this week.”

Jenna chimed in “yeah, lighten up, nobody is going know or care.” She paused “You need to get out more” and then started to laugh. Pretty soon both Marci and Susan had softened and Susan started to talk.

“Well, actually I did ‘get out’ this week.” She paused at the surprised look on both Jenna and Marci’s faces.

Marci spoke first “Do you mean what I think you mean?”

“Well, I have to admit, the stories you all told last week were pretty exciting. Except for my ‘one time at band camp’ I had never really tried anything in public before. You know I don’t even allow much PDA with a boyfriend. I’m just usually not like that. I had been using the small egg shaped one, oh and sometimes borrowing one of the other ones too.” she winked as Jenna and they all laughed “I decided I wanted to try Jenna’s trick of taking it to class. So before I went to my Soc class on Thursday, I slipped the little egg up into myself. It stays up there pretty well, especially with panties and jeans on. I put on a light jacket with pockets on the inside to keep the controller and wire hidden when I walked across campus.”

Amanda broke in earnestly “Did you have it on the whole time you were walking across campus?”

Susan stammered just a bit, “well, not at first. Just the feeling of having something up there was pretty arousing, but by the time I got halfway across, I decided to turn it on. It felt pretty great walking across campus ‘buzzing’ myself. But I did notice that without the ability to move it around, it wasn’t that stimulating. However, every time a guy looked at me I wondered if he could tell. Just before I got to Memorial Hall, I started to have an orgasm. It wasn’t what you would call really powerful but I had to stop and lean against a light pole until it passed. People passing me by gave me some funny looks and one girl even asked me if I was OK.”

“Oh God,” broke in Amanda laughing, “what did you say?”

“I mumbled something about cramps and went into class. I sat down in my usual seat in the second row. I left the jacket on though. He began his lecture – god I hate Sociology, it’s just such absolute crap…”

Amanda was nodding her agreement, but Marci and Jenna each made a comment about how interesting it was. “I guess you ‘Hard Sciences’ types want everything to be so mathematical, well I like the ideas in Sociology, even if psychology is more my thing.” Responded Jenna.

“Well, anyway, I was starting to daydream more and so I turned on the vibrator again. I have to admit… I’m not sure I should, because you guys will tease me…but doing something like that in a public place is just kinda exciting in and of itself.” There were nods of agreement all around the room.

“The problem was that the little egg one is only good when you can move it around. If you just leave it in, it’s like the area gets numb and it doesn’t work so well. I was aroused, but I didn’t have an orgasm. I was getting so horny though, sitting there with vibrator up me in a sociology class. I really needed to get some relief, but I had two more classes coming up. I had about an hour between the end of Soc and my Organic class, but that wasn’t going to be enough time to get back here, um and take care of things, and then get to class.”

“If you had worn a skirt instead of jeans, you could have done something easily…I suppose you could go to the bathroom?” suggested Marci.

“I hadn’t thought about the bathroom…” Susan paused “that might have been better” she laughed. “Here’s what I did. I went up into the balcony. You know hardly anyone ever goes there unless the class is crammed. The light and sound system are so bad.” They all nodded agreement. “I went way up to the very back corner, and arraigned my books and jacket to shield me. And then… oh this made my heart beat so hard to do this, I was so horny I was crazy…I pulled my jeans down.”

Amanda practically gasped “right there!?! In Memorial Hall?!? Where anyone could see you!?!”

“Well, there wasn’t really anyone to see me. I thought I was pretty safe, since it was between classes, and usually no one goes up there. But just wait… So I just pulled them down, and then sat down. I kept them around my ankles. I sat back down and pulled my jacket across my lap. Then I slipped my fingers in my panties and pulled the egg out of me. I was just getting settled when 6 guys came up the stairs and started taking seats. The didn’t take seats too close to me, and I don’t think they saw me at first, their eyes probably hadn’t adjusted to the light. I think they were all on some sports team though. I just froze. What was I going to do? I pulled out a notebook, and tried to make sure they couldn’t see anything. Part of me was really upset, but part of me was so turned on. I could feel my nubbin getting tingly. After a second, one of them noticed me and waved, they had taken seats near the front. My heart was beating so loudly, I was sure they would know something was up. After the first one waved, a couple of the others looked back and waved too. I was pretty stuck. I wasn’t sure how would get out there. But, I was also now pretty turned on. Here were these six, pretty hunky guys all sitting only a little ways away from me, and I only had on my panties.” Susan looked around and then continued.

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