Bunker Break Pt. 02: Desperation

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Warning: This second part is different from my previous submissions to Literotica insofar as it contains elements of desperation, reluctance/non-consent, and humiliation in keeping with its inspiration by Gillian’s stories on Shara and Ger’s panty-wetting site.

Disclaimer: All characters are purely fictitious; similarities to real human beings are not intended. Any similarity is to be regarded as accidental and done without the knowledge of the author.


It took only a few minutes for Marianne to return. She was dressed in casually cut jeans – a size too small and hence fitting rather tightly around her hips and slightly cutting into her flesh at the waist – and a loose fitting spaghetti-strap tank top revealing laces and upper parts of her not color-matching white bra. The plunging neckline exposed a décolleté giving a good impression of her large breasts. Laura wondered how she was going to support her apparently heavy backpack for hours, its straps directly rubbing on her skin. The light blue jeans were apparently old, since the zipper didn’t close all the way, making the strained jeans bulge out a bit below the beltline.

“Here I am!” Marianne said, “I brought a few bottles of water and some food for a picnic.”

“Okay, then let’s go!” The women replied and together they set off down the road to cross the creek and reach the nearby forest path.

The time went by and all three enjoyed the vibrant nature surrounding them. The French girl tried to explain some peculiarities of flora and fauna they encountered – but mostly the effort was in vain due to lack of vocabulary. Still, the three women got along quite well with each other and everyone was having a good time.

About an hour later they had crossed the forest and were approaching a meadow. Woodpiles were placed on the right side of the path. Matter-of-factly, Marianne said that she needed to take a pee, indicating the woodpiles with her hand. They were offering a good place to crouch behind in relative privacy.

“You can hold on a little longer, I’m sure.” Laura said, with Gillian adding, “We only just set off and it’s not even noon yet. Let’s wait until we have our lunch break, okay?”

The meadow was in fact a large clearing in the forest and only a couple hundred meters in diameter. In its middle, they encountered a crossway. Discussing their further direction, they got out their water. Marianne had not forgotten about her predicament – her desire to pee was intensely felt now – but she drank as the other women because she knew the danger of dehydration from exercising in the summer heat and didn’t want to be impolite, either. Continuing their hike, Laura and Gillian were eagerly making conversation with their French guide, making her forget her need to relieve herself. Unobtrusively, they kept draining their water supplies, urging Marianne to keep up with them. And she did – and if it was only do reduce the weight of her backpack, which was laden with four liters of water.

Noon came and went by, neither of them feeling hungry owing to their high water consumption. Gillian felt her bladder filling rapidly and wondered how Marianne was doing. It turned her on to know the girl was reaching desperation yet did not dare asking again for leave to take a pee. Laura had done well offering 200 euro, she thought. It made sure Marianne wanted to deliver the very best service and tried to avoid upsetting them. She was letting her imagination run free, and fantasies of pee-dancing and soaked pants carried her mind away until Marianne’s question interrupted her daydreaming: “It’s almost one o’clock now – shouldn’t we take a break and have lunch?”

“Yeah, we shouldn’t forget this treat,” Laura answered. “I was fully absorbed by this beautiful nature around us.”

“But let’s look for some nice place to sit down.” Gillian suggested, wanting to see Marianne holding on longer. “It’s quite moist here in the forest and there is no open space around with some dry moss to sit on.”

“Do you know a nice place for a picnic?” Laura inquired and, thinking about the accomplishment of her secret plan, she added. “I would like a place with a panoramic view rather than being caught in the forest.”

“We’ll get out of the forest soon, if we take this track. It leads straight to the main road,” Marianne replied, pressing her thighs together. She was in real need to release her bladder pressure now. And standing on the crossroads waiting for a decision didn’t make things better, even though she kept shifting her weight and crossing her legs this way or the other. Of course, due to the language differences, the discussion took longer than normal. They were constantly searching for the right word or explanation enable communication. Marianne had taken down her backpack to relax her sore shoulders, but also to have an excuse to bend down. Doubling over, she was now fiddling with her backpack and pretending to look for something. Laura glanced at Gillian and knew immediately what was on her mind. She felt her body shiver with anticipation – this was going to be a great day. Warmth concentrating in her lower body, she felt her vulva moistening, Muğla Escort but at the same time she realized how badly she had to go, too. Three hours and a lot of water since her last toilet on the lawn behind the chapel – it was time find a place to let her urine flow!

As the women finally walked on, heading out of the forest, Marianne found herself twiddling with yet another bottle of water – her fourth. She must have taken it out of her backpack before putting it back on. She was getting nervous now and asked if she could have a break to pee. But Gillian insisted that they would be having lunch within minutes and it were better to wait till then.

“We are holding on, too.” Laura said, feeling uncomfortable herself, having reached the point where the desire to pee gets urgent. “And we have been drinking as much as you.”

That was not exactly true, as Laura and Gillian had drunk three liters each in anticipation of their break, yet Marianne was well into her fourth bottle by now. Unconsciously, she was taking a sip every now and then to distract herself and fight her growing discomfort as her bladder stretched and pushed against the unrelenting fabric of her tight jeans.

“But I didn’t take a pee break for five hours now.” The girl exclaimed.

“Why didn’t you go before you went with us?” Gillian asked, happy to hear she hadn’t done this. “But I admit, I really have to go soon, too.”

“Because I wanted to be back before you leave, and I didn’t feel the need. Then, it was only two hours since I last went. But I’m really getting desperate now. Can’t we pee here? All three of us could relieve ourselves?”

“C’mon girls, don’t be silly!” Laura interjected. “Let’s move on and find a place – I can already hear the main road upfront; and behind that road are meadows and fields, right? That’s what Marianne said, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s true.” Marianne replied.

“Well, then: On we go!” Gillian said and led the way. “Fifteen minutes more or less don’t make a difference.”

All three of them were feeling quite desperate at present. But Laura and Gillian did their best not to show Marianne – they didn’t want her to know. And Marianne was too shy to openly display the state she was in, especially after Gillian’s comment. So her companions didn’t realize how quickly she was approaching an accident.

The open plain surprised them with its heat, the summer sun burning with full intensity from its zenith. “It’s hot here – we should not have left the wood.” Gillian addressed Laura.

“I’m sure there is nice place around here, a tree or a shed or the like.” Laura turned to Marianne. “And I really prefer the open view to the humid and trapped feel of the forest.”

At this remark, Gillian suddenly knew why it was good to be here in the plains: No one would be able to hide to take a pee. Not only could she probably savor their guide’s desperation for as long as possible, but also would Marianne be forced to relieve herself in plain sight. Considering the effect watching the girl pee would have on Laura, she was looking forward to a wonderful evening: She had to engineer a situation where they would all pee together, so Laura could get a good look!

“I don’t like being this close to the road.” she said aloud.

Reluctantly, Marianne set off to lead the way across the fields on the opposite side of the road. She walked briskly in the hope to shorten the delay to her first toilet break in over five hours, four liters of water filtering quickly through her system, relentlessly filling her bladder to and beyond its limits, continuously adding to her pain.

“What’s that?” Laura asked after a few hundred meters.

“That’s an old bunker from the famous 1930’s Maginot Fortifications. We have some on our fields, too,” explained Marianne.

“Can you visit them?” Gillian was curious.

“There are museums, yes. But I have never been there,” was the reply. “All I know about these things is from looking after our animals – our goats like hiding in it when it’s too hot.”

“So they are not sealed?” Gillian was interested. “Maybe we could have lunch in a real bunker?” She added.

“Sometimes they are blocked by the farmers.” the French girl objected.

“Let’s have a look, okay?” Gillian was all excited.

“I don’t know…” their guide replied, “It doesn’t belong to us?”

“But at least it’s cool and shady inside.” Laura said and suggested, “Let’s try!”

They went the last two hundred meters and arrived at a concrete platform in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing but fields around, a few trees strewn here and there at a fair distance, only one standing next to the concrete building. Walking around the fortification, the women saw that at the opposite side the bunker was not entirely immersed in the ground. While the field was slightly downward sloping, the concrete platform was level. Therefore, a concrete wall with a slit pointing in the direction of a potential German attack was visible. Through this slit, you could observe the entire valley whilst being at a safe distance and hidden from view.

“It’s open!” exclaimed Laura, who Muğla Escort Bayan had been examining the tree and discovered a curved stair that wound half around the tree and down into the bunker, whilst Gillian and Marianne made the tour around the bunker.

“Cool, I wanna see it, too!” Gillian answered and ushered Marianne into the cave.

“Look! Someone has been in here before.” Laura exclaimed, showing some unexpected findings: A large woolen picnic blanket, a wooden tea box, a folding chair and an old mattress lying on the floor in the confined room. Apart from these “furnishings” that that likely belonged to a vagabond, the room was plain concrete walls with a floor strewn with concrete chunks that had broken from the building. But it was astonishingly dry.

“Oohh – I intended to pee in here, and now it turns out someone is living here!” Marianne was disappointed, almost wetting her panties as her hope for relief waned.

“Are we going to have lunch upstairs or here?” Gillian asked, “It looks quite comfortable here!”

“Yeah, good idea. Outdoors it’s too hot, and we can’t really sit under the tree due to the stairs. The shadow is just on the entrance and not on the level ground of the roof.” Laura agreed. “By the way, down here no one will notice us. No risk the farmer sends us off his grounds.”

“I will go upstairs and have a pee now.” Marianne mentioned.

“Hey, stay with us – we could have our pee down here after lunch.” Gillian was disappointed and tried to stop the girl, “It doesn’t look like anyone is using this place tonight.”

“But we couldn’t pee in someone else’s place.” Marianne opposed.

“Why not?” Laura inquired, “I like Gillian’s idea: We have lunch first and then we will have a pee break down here. I don’t like the idea of peeing in the plain field – visible to everybody,” and she started preparing lunch without delay.

“But imagine him coming back and discovering our pee on the floor!” Marianne was shocked. “And I really need to pee now! I’d rather go upstairs now – I don’t mind anyone watching.”

“Could you please hold this for me?” Laura deviated, making Marianne help her preparing the wooden box as a table.

At the same time Gillian observed: “Cool to have these things – would have been a pretty eerie feeling in this cold and dark room without any furniture.”

“Can I pee now?” Marianne asked again, moving towards the door, “I’ll be right back!”

“Oh, come on – we all need to pee. Let’s do it together afterwards.” Gillian replied, blocking her way to the door. “It won’t harm these old things to get wet.”

She really enjoyed seeing their guide in such a desperate need to pee – but surely Marianne would last through a short lunch break! It made her hot to imagine the girl almost peeing her pants, not daring to object to them. Would she dare opening her jeans’ button to reduce the pressure on her belly? It must be unbearable once she sat down!

Marianne looked really upset when she realized that Gillian was standing in her way. At this moment, Laura noticed the situation. Gillian’s sentence about the eerie feeling came to her mind, and she felt herself reminded of a medieval dungeon: Gillian was the evil noblewoman torturing an innocent village girl. It was such a picturesque situation!

Meanwhile, Marianne was heading for the stairs, not hindered by Gillian.

“Hey girls, wait!” Laura shouted, “I need to take a picture of this! You should have seen it – such a perfect snapshot! Imagine, a dark concrete room, a noble woman forcing a peasant girl to obey… Isn’t this an ideal theme for this place?”

“Wait, Marianne – we’ll do this first!” Gillian consented, secretly savoring to keep her again from peeing, from relieving herself.

Marianne winced, yet turned back: “But don’t take too long, please. I am absolutely desperate now!” She didn’t dare to object – she really wanted the money and considered it better not to upset the ladies.

When Gillian turned back, she saw that Laura had prepared all the equipment: the digital camcorder as well as her small camera. Also, she had installed a small battery studio light, because it was quite dark despite the open door and the lookout slit. Laura’s look made Gillian shiver with anticipation – this day was soo hot! Meanwhile, Laura drew in the look in Marianne’s face. Pure desperation and a trace of fear were visible. Gillian didn’t know – beyond enjoying pee-desperation, the ordeal of this girl really turned her on!

She gave her instructions: “Gillian, you stand here, barring the way to the stairs. Marianne goes here and then tries to get at the door. Marianne, you have to pretend you really can’t hold it any longer!”

“But it’s true! I can’t hold it any more! I need to pee! Now! I’m gonna pee my pants!” Marianne shouted, panic showing on her face. Gillian noticed how Laura was flush with excitement, her erect nipples visible through her blouse and camera pointed their way. Quickly, she blocked Marianne’s way. They were struggling with each other, Laura taking pictures like crazy and filming from the wooden box.

“This is perfect, Marianne! Escort Muğla You’re a perfect actress! Gillian, move a bit to the left, I want to see your faces.”

Gillian moved closer to Marianne. Their bodies were touching. She felt a shiver in her spine – this game was such a turn-on! If only she wouldn’t have to pee as badly! She wanted to pee, was ready to wet her pants – but it was not part of this game. If anyone was allowed to pee her pants, it was Marianne. Fuck, why not her? Would she be able to last until after the meal? Likely, Marianne would need to go right after the shooting, shot through her mind. Immediately, a wave of pleasure moistened her vulva. She felt her inner lips get wet. They would go together – she wanted to watch. Wow, this was so great! Not to mention having the desperate girl in her arms, being on the verge of pissing her jeans, sending her pee gushing out of her bladder!

Gillian acted as in trance, fantasizing about Marianne wetting herself in front of her. Instinctively, she continued to play her role – she wanted to be close to the young girl. She was almost fighting with Marianne.

Marianne couldn’t understand. Why didn’t they end this photo shooting? She had to go!! How to explain in English that it wasn’t just for the show?

Laura was fully immersed in her filming. Sitting in the low folding chair, she got a look from below. She imagined the moisture of Gillian’s crotch – why did she choose black leggings today? With the long shirt and the dim light you couldn’t even see her cameltoe… Marianne’s tummy was so full! The waistband of her jeans cut into her innocent, untouched flesh. Its zipper was halfway down, exposing a little spot of white cotton panties where the jeans’ fly was pushed open from the pent up fluid. She zoomed in. Now the girls were almost fighting! Marianne constantly screaming that she needed to pee: “Let me go, pleeaase let me go, I pee my pants, I have to pee now!” Suddenly, she doubled over, bending down until her head was almost level with her crotch. How urgent was it really? Laura continued her thought: What if Marianne had an accident in front of her camera! Another wave of heat streamed through her body. Knowing that Marianne was on the verge of breaking excited her. She wanted to know when; she was looking forward to the moment it would happen. She could never inflict this kind of torture on Gillian, her lover. Yet it turned her on so much to see someone at the verge of breaking. The girl was struggling hard, Laura wanted to see her give up. Alas, it was only a game, played for a series of holiday pictures. Probably, she was playing it harder than it was? Now, look at this scene: Marianne straightened up she got stuck under Gillian’s arm: How close they were, almost skin on skin! Laura’s sphincter ached – her bladder didn’t want to hold back any longer. She needed to pee so desperately, too! If only – but no…

Gillian and Marianne were in a real struggle now. One moment, Marianne had bent down. A trick? Gillian moved closer and held her arm ready to wrap around Marianne. Marianne begged to let her go – she was a good actress, really. Admittedly, she had all the help she needed provided by her aching bladder. Marianne moved again. Did she want to duck under her arms? Gillian was ready! Quickly, she put her arm across Marianne’s back; it got entangled in her garments. She felt warm skin, the soft touch of Marianne’s body. It felt really good!

“Perfect. Now: show your faces!” Laura interrupted Gillian’s thoughts.

Gillian got hold of Marianne and turned her towards the camera. Marianne had lost her power, her will, she was just pleading in looks and words to be allowed to go and pee NOW. Why didn’t these women understand, that she wasn’t playing anymore?

“Marianne, you look perfect – the living plea for mercy.” Laura directed: “Gillian, I wanna see a bit more viciousness.

It was such a wonderful situation!

What was that? The laces of Marianne’s top seemed to be sliding down her arm, making her look even more vulnerable. Her entangled hair, her facial expression, her top seemingly coming of, showing more skin than usual…

“Very good! Can you move the laces on this side a bit further down to the elbows? How daring!”

Whilst Laura ordered this, Gillian was not shy to make it happen. She still held her arm around Marianne, both women standing almost side by side, looking into the camera. Marianne’s laces had slipped of her shoulder, but she didn’t take notice. She was too preoccupied with her aching need to pee! She almost wanted to let go right there – but she didn’t have clothes to change – and the humiliation! With her free arm, Gillian moved in front of Marianne and carefully pulled her top’s laces further down – they dropped almost to the elbow. Immediately, her wide top slipped down, fully uncovering her bra’s right cup. Laura got up to get a closer view with her camera, zooming in at Marianne’s breasts, her décolleté, her bra; then again showing the whole bust and her agonized face. Unfortunately for Marianne, when she had bent down to quench a spasm in her sphincter, only just averting an accident, Gillian’s arm had got entangled with her clothes and almost had ripped open her bra. Now, as she struggled to get free, the last fiber gave way. Her bra was only staying in place and covering her right breast now, because its upper lace still held on close to her shoulder.

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