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Brother / “Sister” ” TML”, November. 1970

A Monk’s monk or two virgins in the monastery;

“Good loving & Good Scourging

“Sissy” does her magic.

WOW, “it” finally happened!!! I had had my first sex, and it was with a fellow brother monk in the monastery. It was great.

I was a 20-year-old virgin and had fantasized about lots of women. I distinctly remember “wanting” Sally and Roberta in grade school and Cathy and Bonnie in high school boarding school. I did have mini-longings for a of classmate in boarding school, but I thought that the raging testosterone was taking over. Never did anything about those feelings and practiced my vow of celibacy to the letter. I had great fantasies about women, and jacked off to erotic fantasies of women. I was hooked on fantasy and self-pleasure.

I had become a monk and was sent to a small town in Indiana for my novitiate. Noviate is a time to ponder vocations and the religious order I was joining. The place sucked. We were isolated, mistreated and just plain miserable.

I continued my nightly jack off sessions dreaming of Sally, Roberta Cathy, and Bonnie. I also noticed that a fellow “Brother” who was my classmate was starting to flirt with openly with me. My “fun-friend” was a bit obvious, and flirtatious, yet I did not have any feelings for Brother “TML”, but loved the attention that I was getting. It was like “dating” in the outside world. He would shower me with attention and always would take the seat next to me.

“Sister” was very feminine, slender, and cute. I noticed that “Sissy” her new nickname, had very nice nipples, and femmy tits, which were obvious under her robe. She wasn’t fat, but her titties were a nice mouth full. She was taller than I was, but she was so obsequious and fun to be around. She later told me that she “had fallen” for me during our first weeks’ retreat session. “Sissy” told me that when she first saw me that she would jack off two or three times a day. “Sissy” would seek me out for conversation and during our limited “rec” time. I also noticed that Sister would often “accidentally rub against me at any given opportunity. “Sissy” later related that she would “beat herself silly” after those minimal contacts. She dreamed and jacked off to erotic fantasies about me. I enjoyed the devotion and the submissive behavior by Brother “TML”. I really hadn’t thought about much more than “Sister TML” performing duties which I did not want to do. He would always show up and help with my monastic chores and sit down beside me during REC times and TV times on Sunday evenings. I enjoyed the flirting and “Sissy’s” help. I started feeling a “crush” towards “Sissy”. I still jacked off to thoughts of women, but would often have flashes of “TML” blowing me or of me shooting off on him I had problems dealing with my “growing” thoughts. I knew then, that I would have to pursue these feelings further. “Sissy” also told me that she knew that I would be the “one” who she would service and the “one” who would “have her!” She knew that I would be the one she would “do” her” for her first time. My soon to be “bitch” was already delightfully planning our monastic times together.

It finally happened! During a monthly Name’s Day celebration where the Novices could drink cheap wine, I got a total buzz. “Sister” followed me to my room where I invited him to come in. Our rooms did not have chairs, so we sat on my single monastic bed. I don’t to this day remember who started, I’m sure that I lead but soon I was on top of “Sister TML, dry humping him/her until I came. We were also kissing and fondling one another. Sister was moaning as I dry-humped her cute, girlish monastic little bod. “Sister” was totally blissed out, and I sure the hell was too. I had never cum like I Sakarya Escort did on my little fairy queen’s brown monastic robe. I finally had a human contact to go with my fantasies. We did the dry hump sessions many times during the following weeks. My virginity was still intact, but my little pussy bitch’s would soon be taken, or at least that was my wish. I was young, dumb, and out-of-control-horny. I probably could have dry-humped my little fairy princess eight or nine times a day. We had to be careful. Other “brother /”sisters” also wanted my cock. I discovered that much later after leaving the monastery. My little pussy told me later that although she never shared the actual truth of our “fun”, that she did indeed shared “her “fairy princess'” fantasies/plans with the other “femmy” monks. “Sissy” told me that she was certain that all the “gals” were beating off to her stories. “Sissy” told me that the other femmies treated her like the Homecoming Queen who fucked the quarterback. The “girls” were jealous of my bitch, and she was a proud little queen. “Sissy” was my little cheerleader virgin bitch and I was her quarterback who would soon hump and bump her “monastically pure white ass.

Then, it changed once again for the better with “Sissy” taking my cock and slathering it with Vaseline and beating me off till I would come and come and then come some more. Sister was happy to give and not receive. I was ecstatic to have my gallons of cum land in someone’s hand other than my own.

Again, the scenario became a tad kinkier. Brother “TML” asked me to spank her adorable girlish ass while she jacked me off. How the hell could I refuse my little bitch? For the first time she called me her MASTER, and I loved the title. He handed me a mini-whip (scourge cord) which I used on her with great pleasure and great pain for my “little pussy girl, love-muffin. I, “Sissy’s” MASTER whipped her and made her cum as she was lying on her stomach. We both had massive emissions. We were both being satisfied. I still wanted more of my little bitch. I remember her muffled yells pleading for me, her MASTER to increase the number and harshness of my scourging.

About this time, we also started frenching and I would kiss and swap spit for hours. I was the one giving all the orders and telling “Sissy” exactly what I expected. I would also munch on and bite on his -girl titties for hours. I loved her titties and enjoyed sucking on her “nubs” until I had her “nipped out”. My little girl’s cute nips became an obsession “Sissy” had the cutest pink nipples and II loved them. “Sissy would often get nipple erections while were standing in line or watching TV. I would also give her hickies all over her body, “Sister” would give me love bites all over my body, I relished giving “Sissy” hickies on her neck where they could be seen by the others brothers in our community. I purposefully left my love marks on my bitch I loved the dominance and having my boy-slave “do me” whenever I desired. Sister would just purr and stroke my cock. “Sissy” would fondle me and grin and tell me that I was her MASTER. She told me that I was her first and only MASTER and that she would obey and take her whippings without saying a word. I noticed that “Sissy” wanted more or her MASTER. Who the hell was I to argue?

I desired “Sister’s” hand jobs a lot. We would often have twice-daily “good loving/ good scourging” sessions as often as our monastic schedules allowed. He too, was in heaven servicing me and getting his ass whipped and spanked. I was very happy to oblige my boy-toy and often would raise red welts on his pure white monastic ass. I must admit that she had a nice tight butt. I loved the power. I would often walk around the monastery sporting a raging rock-solid Adapazarı Escort hard on thinking about my next kinky encounter with “Sissy” and how much further I could make her go. I wanted to beat her ass, and have her give me her amazing hand jobs.

I often would be at evening prayer just waiting to run to my room to be adored and serviced. Damn, damn I wanted her and I wanted to make Brother/Sister my very own slave. I wanted more, and more and Sister wanted to do even more sessions. Although, we feared being discovered, she would often rub my crotch under the dining room table when we were able to sit together. I would often goose my bitch while the other brothers were not paying attention. Sister was a cock addict and that cock was mine.

She told me once that she could cum when I entered the room, especially when I came into chapel. She begged for more and who was I to refuse my little cum bitch? “Sissy” also wanted her MASTER to ‘brand’ her femmy bod with hickies over her yummy bod. I did.

Again, our “games” changed. Brother / Sister “TML” started kissing and licking my balls and my cock and wanting me to whip her ass harder and harder. I was totally into it. He paid very special attention to my cock head and licked it like I were a human lollipop. “Sissy” called it her slurpy treat. He would always stop and let me come on her hands or on his tits. I finally convinced Brother “TML” to let me cum gallons in his willing monastic, cherry, mouth. My “slurpy machine would vacuum every ounce from my cock. All I had to do was beat her cherry white ass and take incredible pleasure. I loved it. Sister’s mouth was taking hot streams of my cum and she moaned with “holy passion, excitement and obedience every time that I came in her mouth. Bother / Sister never swallowed, but swirled my cum like a fancy French sauce in her mouth. She was happy, actually quite happy to have her ass beaten and to cum as she lay on her stomach.

My personal, cutie, cum sucking cunt was always ready to please, and to submit. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I really wanted her to swallow, but she was not ready at that point. I know that a few more sessions….maybe, I would choke my little whore-girl –boy with more than she could ever swallow.

I also convinced Brother “TML” to let me ass fuck him. I would only Vaseline and fuck his cheeks, no penetration, but again I came and pleasured myself for hours. “Sissy” was my cum toy. He wanted more and more and he would take his daily whippings as he lay on his stomach until he too came and came again.

I wanted to dominate and make him beg to blow me and let me cheek fuck him. He was mine. I was his cum MASTER. “Sister” “TML” was my obedient, cutie-twat slave, cum receptacle and my “toy”. I certainly enjoyed his blow jobs and his total submission to me and to my cock. I loved the whippings and spankings which made him totally compliant, begging for more and more. “TML” was mine, and she gave me great fulfilling pleasure and a place to park my cock during our monastic free times. Damn, I was happy to “give” and certainly to receive. I wanted to have her swallow my load and I wanted to fuck her ass, not her cheeks. I think that my goals would have been realized had I not left the monastery for the cutest little blonde girl in the world who I met in college.

“Sissy” actually began talking about her MASTER taking her cherry and of swallowing my load. Unfortunately, as before she was sharing her fantasies to the “fems’ and not to her MASTER, as my docile cum hungry bitch should have been doing. As, I left the monastery for the outside world I will never know. It was only a matter of time and ass whipping and Brother/”Sissy” would have felt obliged and honored to suck and Serdivan Escort swallow, to fuck and plead. She told me later that she would jack off several times a day thinking about swallowing my load and taking her cherry. Had “Sissy” even discussed her hot thoughts, I would have been one happy ass monk.

The last “good loving” I received was shortly after I left. Sister called me and asked me to meet her at a different monastery. I had just broken up with my fiancée and had not had anyone touch me in months. When I arrived at the monastery, Sister answered the door dressed in her brown monastic robe and her white cord. I wanted to fuck her on the spot, but we were in the doorway of her monastery. My little cock sucker had an erotic plan in mind. “Sissy” as always, had on her favorite fragrance, (English Leather kinda appropriate) and had showered and shaved for the occasion. I could see that “Sissy” was already “nipped out” and anxious to go. So was my cock. My hard on must have given me sway. I had a massive hard on and “Sissy” gave my cock a gentle swipe and purred. She told me that she wasn’t wearing underwear and that she was ready to “service” her MASTER. “Sissy” gave me a not too subtle wink, licked her lips. I knew what was “cumming”

We went to her room where she gave me one last BJ. “Sissy” had a new trick. She had brought a cup of ice with us. She would suck on the ice and then suck on my rod. Damn, that was her best BJ ever. Neither my fiancée, nor any of the other women who I fucked ever quite measured up to that last blowjob. “Sissy” was great and I was happy. “Sissy” sucked, and sucked with a mouthful of ice. I knew I could not last long, but I held off as much as I could. I did not have the opportunity to paddle or whip my bitch, but she understood. The other monks might hear the moaning and the sounds of my cock and her moaning and purring. I regret to this day not reciprocating, but that is life! Looking back, I should had bloodied her ass, and made her scream for another slurpy load. That last “good-loving-good scourging session should have bee our first good swallowing, good fucking session.

OH, Brother/Sister TML, I still fantasize about your service to your MASTER. I still lust when I jack off thinking that it’s your mouth or your ass that I am cumming in. I loved your attention. I loved when you called me: “MASTER!” I loved having my cock in your mouth and embedded in your ass cheeks. I loved your lollipop sucks and beating your ass raw. 30 years later, and I still miss waking up with you giving me a good morning blow job.

I have had other women, but no one has adored and worshiped my cock like you. Sister, you gave the best head I have ever experienced. Sister, you worshiped and devoured my cock with the greatest devotion. Sister, you desired my cum and your “good scourging with such tender, eager yearning. I want to cum in your mouth and have you swallow. I want to fuck your cherry, white ass raw. I want you on your hands and knees begging to “do your MASTER” and to swallow and swallow and be my boy-toy, fuck muffin, cum receptacle as I again whip and beat my your girly boy- toy -ass with paddles, whips and chains. I want to ravage your ass and your mouth with my cock. I want you to beg to be fucked and also beg to swallow my cock and my cum. Sister, you don’t know what I wouldn’t do to make you choke on my cum, and to hear you scream as I fuck you raw.

My cute, obedient, cock-hungry little “slurpy” machine, I imagine you with my cock in your mouth, kneeling beneath my computer desk as I am typing, licking, sucking, and begging to be whipped. I too fantasize and can almost hear you choking on my third or fourth load of spunk. I would then take you into “our” room of pleasure and whip you with the leather strap, bullwhip and paddle that you sent me recently. I know that you want your ass and back beaten and your tits chewed and to beg me to let you cum on yourself. Maybe, this time I will permit it. Maybe, I will make you wait till I am totally fulfilled.

What do you think???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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