Brian’s Special Birthday Present

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Nicole sat and wondered what she could get Brian for his birthday. He had been so good lately allowing her to explore her sexuality and she wanted to repay him for it. She racked her brain but couldn’t come up with the right idea.

It was quite by accident that she stumbled on the answer. Her daughter Rebecca attended dancing classes every Friday. That evening Brian had joined them, as it was her exam. Nicole glanced at Brian and saw he was looking with that look of lust at the dance teacher, Nicky.

Nicky was about 30. Her blonde hair was long and crimpled. Her slim body was honed to perfection through her dancing. Her nipples were clearly visible through her t-shirt and the tight dance trousers emphasised her fanny and her pussy lips.

Nicole noticed that Brian was as hard as a rock. She had noticed Brian and Nicky flirting but didn’t think about it till now. After all Brian flirted with a lot of females!!

Suddenly an idea formed in her mind. Maybe she had just found the perfect birthday present for Brian!!

All week long Nicole couldn’t get the idea that was forming in her head to leave. Of course it all depended on Nicky agreeing but it was worth taking a risk wasn’t it?

Nicole knew that Brian had a thing for younger females. She had never minded because she knew that he still wanted and fucked her. In fact it was a real turn on for her.

That Friday they both went down to the dance studio with Rebecca. Nicole was watching Brian and she could see that his eyes never really left Nicky’s slim body. She looked at his lap and saw that his hands were trying to shield his erect cock. Right then she decided to go for it and put her plan into action.

After the dancing was over, Nicole told Brian to take Rebecca home because she wanted to talk to Nicky about Rebecca’s dancing. Brian shrugged and went off home. Nicole gulped as she approached Nicky. Suppose she got angry. What would happen then? She didn’t want to spoil Rebecca’s dancing as she loved it so much but the thought of Brian having fun was too good an opportunity to miss.

Nicole waited until all the other families had gone. Nicky spotted Nicole standing there and walked over to her.

“Is everything alright Nicole?”

Nicole nodded and taking a deep breath spoke to Nicky.

“Nicky I wonder if you can help me? It is Brian’s birthday next week and I want to give him a surprise. I am going to be honest with you. Brian fancies you. He never takes his eyes off you when you are dancing.”

Nicole waited for the explosion but it never came. Instead Nicky simply smiled. She had guessed that Brian was attracted to her. Usually the dads came to class and dropped off their children and left but Brian always stayed. She had been aware of his gaze for some time and knew he was getting sexually turned on by her dancing.

“To be honest I knew. It was really difficult not to notice him struggling to hide his hardon.”

Nicole blushed but was just glad that Nicky wasn’t angry.

“Let’s go to the bar and talk things over. I think I know what we can do for Brian’s birthday that will really get him horny.”

In the bar the girls sat chatting. Nicole relaxed as Nicky explained her thoughts. She would give Brian a lap dance that would get him hard as a rock. However Nicky hadn’t finished

“Look. Why don’t we make it a duo? I am sure we could both get Brian hard. Bodrum Escort Besides it isn’t just Brian that gets me horny.”

Nicole gasped in surprise. She had never thought that Nicky would fancy her but was pleased.

“I can’t dance though.” said Nicole. Nicky giggled and stroked Nicole’s leg.

“By the time I have finished with you, you will be dancing like a pro!!”

All that week the two of them worked on sexy moves to please Brian. They discussed what Brian would like them to wear and came up with something that was sure to make him hard.

The day of Brian’s birthday dawned and Nicole could feel her excitement rising. As they had a good morning birthday fuck, Nicole couldn’t help thinking that later that evening Brian was to get the birthday treat of his life.

“Darling I want you home at 7pm. You can have a drink first. When you come in I want you to go to the living room and sit on the chair. You are not to move from that spot until I tell you. Is that OK?”

Brian nodded and wondered what the hell was going on. He kissed Nicole and left for work. As soon as he was safely out of the way, Nicole called Nicky. She told her to arrive about five o’clock so that they would have time to prepare.

Dead on time, Nicky arrived. Nicole eyed her beautiful body up and down and couldn’t help thinking that she too found her sexy. Nicky was wearing a tight pair of jeans that hugged her body and showed her arse off to perfection. She kissed Nicole on the lips and came inside.

Nicole lead Nicky upstairs and went into the bedroom. On the bed lay the outfits that they had decided would turn Brian on.

Nicky had decided to dress as a schoolgirl. On the bed lay a white blouse, a short pleated skirt and black stockings. A black lacy thong and half cup push-up bra completed the outfit. As she took her clothes off Nicole couldn’t help but admire her naked body. She could feel her pussy juices flowing as she studied Nicky’s taut breasts and well-formed body.

Nicky was well aware that Nicole was watching her as she dressed. She deliberately took her time dressing, enjoying the power she had over Nicole. She had been surprised at first by Nicole’s request but had quickly realised that she could satisfy her own fantasies about Brian and Nicole.

Nicole gulped and started to undress herself. Nicole had chosen a nurses outfit for her costume. The tight blue outfit had buttons up the front and was tight across the bust. Black stockings and suspenders were essential to the outfit and she had decided to wear the same undies as Nicky.

They both looked in the mirror at their images. “God you look horny Nicky. Brian will be really turned on by you.”

Nicky smiled and put her arm around Nicole’s waist.

“He isn’t the only one who is turned on. You look so horny yourself.”

She rested her hand on Nicole’s arse and fondle her cheeks. Nicole moaned softly as she felt herself being turned on by the touch. Before they could do anything they heard the front door open.

“It is showtime,” said Nicole, laughing.

Brian came in and sat in the chair as ordered. He was intrigued by what Nicole had in mind for him. He noticed that the lights were dimmed and that the music system was set to standby. The music system had been his present and was worked by an infra-red remote.

He shook off his shoes and Bodrum Escort Bayan sat back and relaxed. Beside him was a glass of scotch. For the first time he noticed a piece of paper on the table. He picked it up and read the block capitals.





Brian reached over and picked the remote up. He pressed the on button and music filled the room. He relaxed and watched as the door opened. What he saw nearly made him come straight away. It certainly made his cock jump and go hard instantly. There in the doorway stood his wife in a nurse’s outfit and the dance teacher in a schoolgirls uniform.

Nicky and Nicole danced into the room. Their well-worked routine was designed to make Brian hard. They danced provocatively caressing each other and dancing within Brian’s grasp before slipping away. The music stopped and Nicole smiled at Brian. She told him to undress and sit back again. She motioned to Nicky to sit in the chair opposite Brian.

Brian looked at the two women and knew he was going to have good fun. Nicole told Brian to push the button again.

Nicole started to strip first. She slowly undid the buttons on the nurse’s tunic. She undid and removed her bra before she turned to show Nicky her breasts before turning back to Brian and dancing close.

She sat on his lap and ground her pussy into his leg. Brian licked her breasts as he pulled her thong from her. She stood up again and danced close to Nicky allowing her to touch her between the legs as she danced for Brian.

In all honesty she wasn’t just dancing for Brian but Nicky as well. As the music stopped, Nicole was naked but for her stockings. She went over and kissed Nicky allowing her to feel her body.

“It’s your turn now darling. Make him horny.”

The music started and Nicky took up where Nicole had left off. Her dance experience came to the fore as she teased and turned Brian on. She stripped off the schoolgirl uniform and her underwear noticing how hard Brian was. She could feel that her pussy was soaking wet.

As she danced she noticed that Nicole was fingering her pussy. Brian was sitting transfixed by the erotic dance in front of him.

Nicky sat astride Brian. She pushed her breasts into his face and let him suck her nipples. She was so turned on as she ground her wet pussy into him feeling the stiffness of his cock. It was even better than she had imagined and she knew she wanted it.

Nicky decided that she could take no more. She knelt in front of Brian as the music stopped. His hard cock looked so inviting and she licked her lips. She glanced at Nicole for approval but soon realised that Nicole was lost in her own sexual world as she fingered herself.

Nicky opened her mouth and took Brian’s erection deep inside her mouth. Sucking noisily she pumped her head up and down on his stiffness. Brian allowed Nicky to suck him as he watched Nicole playing with herself.

This was some birthday. Here he was with his biggest fantasy naked and sucking his cock while his wife watched and played with herself. He knew that he wanted his cock inside Nicky.

Before he came, he Escort Bodrum pulled out of Nicky. Still seated, he lifted Nicky up onto his erection so she was facing Nicole. He reached around and grasped her nipples, rolling them in his fingers.

Nicky shifted her weight and started to ride the erection that was sunk into her sopping pussy. She watched in excitement as Nicole writhed in ecstasy as her fingers dipped in and out of her pussy. She felt Brian’s hardness pounding into her and she knew that they were all going to come.

Nicole felt her orgasm hit her as she watched then horny sight of Brian fucking Nicky. She could hear the slurping as Brian’s hard dick slipped in and out of Nicky’s sopping pussy. She came as Nicky and Brian screamed with the force of their own orgasms.

As the three of them came down from their own highs, Brian broke the silence.

“Thanks girls. That was some birthday present. Hope it isn’t over yet.”

Brian looked at Nicky who shook her head. “If Nicole is game then we can make a night of it. After all I haven’t seen you fuck Nicole yet and I want some of her too.”

Nicole smiled and walked over to the couple. She took Nicky’s face in her hands and kissed her deeply. Her hand caressed her boobs while the other fondled Brian.

“Let’s go to the bedroom girls.”

Brian followed Nicky and Nicole up the stairs. He marvelled at the sight of two beautiful naked arses swaying in front of him.

In the bedroom the three of them fell into a heap on the bed. Nicky was kissing Nicole while Brian buried his face into Nicole’s wet pussy. Brian felt Nicky’s hand grip his cock and start to wank it. The feel of her hand on his cock had Brian starting to grow again.

Nicky suddenly pulled away from Brian. Nicole and Brian looked at her in alarm wondering whether Nicky had suddenly had second thoughts. Nicky looked them both and burst out laughing.

“Don’t look so worried you two. I just want to watch you two fuck. I want to see Brian’s cock going into your pussy Nicole. Why don’t you let him fuck you doggy style so I can watch your tits swing and see your face.”

The three rearranged themselves with Brian kneeling behind Nicole and Nicky at the end of the bed facing Nicky. Brian gave his cock a quick pull just to make himself harder and then slipped his erect cock into Nicole’s wet pussy. Nicole gasped as Brian slid inside. She had never felt Brian’s cock so hard. She pushed back onto Brian’s cock as he slid in and out of her.

Nicky was so turned on. It was so erotic watching Brian fuck Nicole. She loved the way in which Nicole’s tits and sheer look of ecstasy on her face. She had never watched another couple fucking and it was more erotic than she had ever imagined it to be. She started to play with her tits as she watched as noticed Brian’s gaze fixed firmly on her as he fucked his wife.

Brian could feel that his juices were going to spurt once again and he noticed that Nicole was close to cumming too. His spunk flooded from his cock and filled Nicole’s pussy. Pulling out he suddenly felt fatigue.

The girls cuddled up together and kissed. Brian drifted off to sleep watching his wife and his daughters dance teacher enjoying themselves.

The next morning Brian woke up to the sound of sex. He looked over and wanked.

After they had finished Brian said that he had the best birthday ever. Nicky dressed and left. Brian got up and made Nicole a cup of tea. They spent a few more hours in bed together before they got up and went to get their daughters.

It was some night and Brian was already planning what he could do for Nicole’s birthday.

But that’s another story…

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