Brandy’s College Education Ch. 03

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Brandy jumped and cheered as the last seconds of the game clicked off the clock. The Trinity Tigers football team had won again. She joined the rest of the cheerleading squad as they launched into their victory cheer, while the teams and coaches shook hands at midfield and then made their way to the locker rooms in the field house.

The cheer offered mock condolences to the losing team and boasted about the fierceness of the Tigers. As she delivered the cheer, Brandy’s small skirt rose and fell, offering anyone watching, a peek at the cheeky bloomers underneath.

One person in particular was watching, she was always watching.

Officer Maggie Ryan sat in the stands fixated on Brandy. Maggie was a campus police officer and had been enjoying the eye-candy her job provided for some time.

She was a fit woman in her mid-30s, with strawberry blonde hair, which she normally wore pulled back into a ponytail. She had fair skin, an athletic build and piercing blue eyes. Her icy glare came in handy on the job and was part of her no nonsense demeanor. In fact the only kink in her armor was pretty young women. Every year a fresh, new crop would arrive on campus. “Harvest time,” she would joke to her fellow officers, anytime a tasty young thing would find themselves in custody at their station on the outskirts of campus. Maggie would often use the opportunity for an extended pat down on an unsuspecting and terrified coed.

Maggie grinned, recalling the first time she noticed Brandy. It was at a yoga class at the local fitness center. Maggie spent most of the class fixated on the younger woman’s ass in a pair of skintight yoga pants. She couldn’t believe the tiny waist led to such a perfectly shaped and ample backside. She must be wearing a thong under those pants, Maggie mused, as she was unable to detect even a hint of a panty line.

The class instructor had requested the downward-facing dog position and Brandy exclaimed, “I know this one!” And proceeded to get down on her hands and knees, doggy-style. “Guys are always trying to get me into this position,” she explained as the class erupted in laughter and her friend whispered to her that it was not quite the same thing.

Maggie’s second encounter was equally memorable. As she was driving across campus she saw the cheerleaders holding a car wash. She immediately turned her cruiser towards the fundraiser and was thrilled to see that the girl from her yoga class was participating. “Ah! So she’s a cheerleader!” Maggie excitedly pulled over and got in line.

As Maggie sat in her cruiser, in a short line of cars, waiting for her turn, she clutched the wheel tightly. Her leather gloves crackling as she enjoyed the spectacle before her. The cheerleaders all wore, very little clothing and what they did wear was getting quite wet.

Eventually it was Maggie’s turn. As the cheerleaders descended on her car with sponges, buckets and a hose, one approached the car window and greeted the officer. It was the stunning blonde who was with Brandy at the yoga class. These two seem inseparable, the officer thought.

Lauren was Brandy’s lifelong friend and roommate at Trinity. As Maggie studied the girls stunning good looks she observed that Brandy had a more compact, curvy figure, while Lauren had a more lithe, graceful look, despite only being about only an inch taller than her best friend. Years of gymnastics for Brandy and dance classes for Lauren had helped endow the most beautiful, barely legal girls on campus, with incredible figures. Pretty, petite and perky, Maggie thought.

“Hi officer! $25 for the wash and it all benefits our cheerleading team’s expenses.”

“That sounds fair…would you call that brunette over here for a moment?”

Lauren followed the officer’s gaze and called out, “B, can you come over here?”

Brandy practically bounced over to the car window, wearing a clingy Trinity Tigers t-shirt. “What’s up?”

“Public indecency is a crime, young lady.” The officer said with a grin as she stared, fixated at the breasts on display before her. Brandy’s brownish nipples were visible though the wet, white t-shirt.

“Oops! I guess you can see right through my shirt…hee, hee.”

“What is your name young lady?”

“I’m Brandy. Brandy Lillete.”

“And how old are you, Brandy?”

“I’m 19.”

“19…and away from home for the first time?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“You’re very cute Brandy Lillete. I’m officer Ryan. If you ever need anything, you can ask for me at the station.” Maggie handed $25 to Brandy, with a slip of paper that had her number on it.

“Um, ok. Thanks. Well, we better get working on the next car.”

Brandy was becoming self-conscious at the officers intense stare and questioning. She decided it was best to cover herself up and move away from the car.

As Maggie pulled away in her cruiser, she glanced into the rearview mirror. She saw Brandy showing the slip of paper to Lauren and the two girls burst into a fit of laughter.

“They’re laughing at me!” Ümraniye Escort Maggie fumed.

The encounter left Maggie frustrated and wanting to get her hands on Brandy even more.

Maggie shook her head, recalling the event. Turning her attention back to the football field, she took a few discreet photos of the object of her desire, from the bleachers and made her way home.

Back at her apartment that evening Maggie sipped some wine and indulged in a Brandy fantasy. Leaning back on her bed and slid her hand down her body towards her pussy. She imagined the young cheerleader as she had seen her at the game, with one slight wardrobe modification. As Brandy moved, her skirt rose and revealed that she was naked underneath. Each cheer exposed her delicious derriere and pretty pussy.

Maggie rubbed her clit more intensely now as her dream girl bent over before her and confessed, “Officer Ryan, someone stole my panties! Will you help me?”

As her fantasy got more intense, so did the officer’s arousal.

Reaching into her nightstand Maggie retrieved a vibrator. As she moved it between her legs, she imagined slipping her police nightstick in-between Brandy’s. “Oh, officer Ryan, it’s too big! I’m just a little cheerleader.” She imagined Brandy pleading.

“You’re just a little tease,” Maggie said aloud.

She eased the vibrator inside of her as the nightstick, in her mind, entered Brandy. “Oh no! Please, no!”

“Uh, uh, uh. Yes! Take it, take it you little slut. Uh, uh uh!”

Maggie was building to an intense orgasm. She pushed the vibrator deeper and began to tremble. Imagining it was the nightstick, she forced into Brandy. “You slut, you little slut!”

Maggie threw her head back and came. “Uhhh!”

Maggie was frozen, her eyes closed and mouth wide. Paralyzed with pleasure as the sensation from the vibrator spread through her entire body. As it subsided, her body relaxed and she eased the toy out. She trembled slightly, her breath coming in quick gasps. She stared at the ceiling; “I have got to my hands on that girl.”

A few days later, that girl was making her way across campus. Brandy and Lauren were headed to a big to a fraternity house party. And if dressing to kill, was crime, Officer Maggie Ryan could have hauled them away for life. They both wore sexy sequined, form fitting halter-tops. Which exposed their arms, ample cleavage and their need for attention. They paired theses with tight jeans and high heel shoes.

As they walked the girls discussed matters of great importance.

“I can’t believe you invited Ted.” Lauren began.

“He’s sweet.”

“So is my grandfather, but you haven’t dated him.”

“He’s next on my list.”

“Ewww! That’s gross!” Both girls burst into a fit of giggles.

“B, you could have like, any guy on the football team.”

“Been there done that.”

“All of them?” Lauren’s suggestion caused more laughter.

“You know what I mean.” Brandy explained. “In high school, I dated the so-called, big men on campus. It’s time for new experiences. Aren’t we supposed to experiment in college?”

“I think they mean, with like, other girls, not mascots.”

“Oh! Maybe I should date you then.”

The girls continued to giggle and flatter themselves as they walked across campus, eventually arriving at the frat house. The party was already in full swing, there were college kids jammed into every room, consuming way more alcohol than they could handle.

Ted arrived late at the party. It wasn’t really his scene, but he was thrilled to have been asked by Brandy to meet her there. He struggled through the crowd and eventually spotted Brandy and Lauren. They were surrounded by obnoxious frat guys, who were trying desperately to get the two campus cuties to kiss each other.

“Come on! Come on! We just won our fourth game in a row, one of the football players reasoned. We deserve it. Kiss her! A chant soon broke out…Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Brandy and Lauren each held a red plastic cup and had already consumed a fair share of alcohol by then. It was a potent punch that had knocked more than a few of the partygoers out. They were enjoying the attention and eventually gave in to the crowd’s demands, turning to face each other, the girls giggled and pressed their lip-glossed lips together. The small kiss ignited huge roar of approval and the roof nearly came off the house.

The girls were all smiles as their lips parted. Pleased at the reaction their simple act caused.

“One more time! One more time!” Was the chant now, but Brandy and Lauren felt that they needed to get away from what was becoming an unruly crowd. As they tried to leave the scene, a loutish football player blocked their escape with his considerable girth.

“C’mon. You can do more than that. I bet you two hook up in the shower after every game, so just show us.”

“Don’t be a pig Matt, the show is over.” Lauren chided him.

Out of nowhere Ted burst into the scene. “You Ümraniye Escort Bayan heard the ladies.”

The football players scoffed and Matt got in his face. “Oh yeah, says who, the Trinity Tiger? I am here to get some pussy, not talk to one.”

The name calling soon led to pushing and shoving. Then to an all out brawl, which spread from room to room through the frat house and eventually spilled out onto the front lawn. Brandy and Lauren provided the spark on the fuse and the party exploded. There were various scuffles happening and lots of screaming and posturing, all fueled by too much alcohol and too much testosterone.

Brandy and Lauren tried to follow the fracas outside, but by the time they got to the front door, the campus police were already arriving.

“Oh no! B, we gotta to get out of here.”

“What about Ted?” Brandy countered.

“Forget about him. Do you want to lose your spot on the squad?”

“Of course not!” Brandy looked confused, but followed Lauren’s gaze to her hand, which still held the red plastic cup, half-full of the party punch. She scanned the crowd desperately, but in all the chaos and confusion couldn’t locate him. Lauren grabbed her friend by the arm and dragged her back into the house.

With Brandy in tow, Lauren raced to the other end of the fraternity. The back door had already been opened and the scene beyond it looked calm. The girls believed they would soon to be safely back in their dorm room.

They flew through the opening and into the waiting hands of Officer Maggie Ryan.

She seemed to come out of nowhere and grabbed each girl by the arm to prevent her escape. “Where do you two think you’re going?”

“Eek!” The girls shrieked, startled by the sudden appearance of the officer.

“Uh, back home. Back to our dorm.”

“I don’t think so.” She countered.

As surprised as the girls were, so was Maggie. Though hers was a pleasant surprise. The object of her lust had just fallen helplessly into her hands and she once again she brought her friend with her.

“Identification ladies.” Maggie knew exactly, whom she had caught and that they were underage, but she wanted to remain professional, for now. A cursory glance at their IDs revealed that the girls were still both only 19 years old. “Have you been drinking?”

Brandy said no, a little too eagerly and punctuated the response with a hiccup. Both Lauren and the officer looked at her in disbelief. Just then a group of the partygoers stumbled upon the scene.

A drunken girl yelled in their direction. “That’s them! They’re the ones that started it.” The coed had had just about enough of being ignored by boys, whenever Brandy and Lauren were around. This was her chance to stick it to them.

“Really? How did they start all the trouble?” Maggie was eager to hear.

“They were totally making out, like a couple of sluts!” The girl slurred her words, but the contempt she had for Brandy and Lauren was clear.

Maggie looked back to her two detainees. “Oh really?”

“We didn’t mean any harm.” Lauren offered meekly.

“You both better come with me.”

The girl’s eyes were wide with fear as they were led to the cruiser. Maggie placed them in the backseat and left the scene, never reading them their rights, or telling them that they were even under arrest. She could always claim that she detained them for their own safety, but the truth was that she wanted them for herself.

In the backseat, Brandy and Lauren sat close to each other holding hands in fear. They were mischievous, but generally good girls and neither had ever been arrested. Though their good looks often got them into trouble, like tonight, the girls had learned how to get themselves out of trouble using those same natural assets.

On the way to the station Maggie got some details on what went on at the party on her radio, including the incident involving Brandy and Lauren. Maggie looked into her rear view mirror at them. “Sounds like a couple of girls I know.”

Retrieving a duffle bag from the trunk of her cruiser, Officer Ryan led the scared schoolgirls into the station and down a long corridor, away from the commotion of the booking area. Brandy scanned the station as they walked through for Ted, but saw no sign of him.

Maggie escorted them into an empty office, locking the door behind them. She knew the room offered some privacy, with no surveillance cameras. It was used for meetings between, lawyers and their clients, or for parents to speak to their troublesome children.

“So it was the two of you who caused all that tonight. You are both in big trouble.”

“We’re sorry.” Yeah, we didn’t mean it.” They offered in their defense.

“Underage drinking is bad enough, but have you heard of inciting a riot?”

“Exciting a riot?” Brandy questioned.

“Inciting!” Maggie snapped, getting flustered. “The two of you caused a lot of trouble tonight. I am going to have to book you, notify the school and Escort Ümraniye contact your parents.”

“Please no! We’re so sorry.”

“Oh my god, my Dad is gonna kill me.”

Panic was setting in now, becoming palpable. Maggie knew the situation and their surroundings would intimidate the naïve young women.

“Can’t we work something out?” Brandy suggested desperately. “We can do community service.”

Maggie remained firm, but allowed the girls to see their was a way out for them. “Your parents should have disciplined you a long time ago. I suppose…I could discipline you instead.”

“Discipline?” Brandy and Lauren exchange confused looks.

“Ummm, can’t you like, give us a warning, or something?” Lauren countered.

Maggie smiled a merciless smile. “Here is my warning to you…do as you’re told, or else!”


The girls looked stunned.

“Is that really necessary?” Lauren stammered.

“I need to search you. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way”. Maggie threatened, removing her nightstick from her belt. Maggie Ryan had a reputation for always getting her girl, tonight the only difference was, she was getting two.

“Ok, ok.” The girls timidly began removing their outfits. They soon stood in only their bra and panties before the intimidating woman. Both using their hands to try and conceal their bodies from her piercing gaze.

Brandy wore a padded black bra with pink straps, covered in pink and white polka dots. Her small panties had a matching pattern, with a lacey white waistband. Lauren wore a bright blue satin set of a padded push-up bra and matching thong panty. Maggie was in awe of the sight before her. Standing in their underwear, the girls looked liked a pair of lingerie models. Maggie cleared her throat, trying to remain composed and trying not to pounce.

“I still need to conduct a thorough investigation. You girls seem to like to put on a show, you can put one on for me. Kiss.”

The girls looked at each other, scared and confused at the order.

“You heard me,” Maggie said sternly, tightening her grip on her nightstick. “Kiss each other.” Maggie placed the stick gently behind Lauren and eased her towards Brandy. Clumsily the girls came together, their nearly naked bodies, pressing against each other. They swallowed hard and nervously brought their faces together, allowing their trembling lips to meet.

After a moment, they broke the kiss, in the hopes they had satisfied the officer.

“That’s pathetic!” Maggie sapped. “You are going to have to do better than that. Maybe I should just lock you two up until you decide you are going to cooperate. Maybe your parents will want to know what a couple of girls gone wild, they’ve raised.” Maggie grabbed hold of their arms, which terrified the girls.

“Wait! Wait please!” Brandy pleaded.

“We’ll do it. We’ll kiss.” Lauren acquiesced.

“You two better drop this innocent, schoolgirl act. I know you are a pair of little sex kittens. Strutting around campus, thinking that you are better than everyone else. I want to see what caused all this commotion tonight or else.”

Brandy and Lauren were reluctant, but came together and were joined in a kiss. It was a kiss unlike any of previous playful antics. Normally, when they did this, they were in control. They liked to tease and be the objects of lust. Tonight, they had no say in the matter, they were in the custody of a campus cop. One who planned to make them her personal playthings.

“That’s it, don’t stop. Let me see some more tongue.”

The girls parted their lips, slowly their pink tongues emerged, meeting in a warm, wet exchange. “Very nice, very nice,” Maggie decided.

Lustfully Maggie raised her nightstick poking and prodding their perky breasts. “Mmm, so firm. I need to search you both. I want you on opposite sides of the desk. Put your hands on it, bend over, legs spread apart.”

The girls had a sense there was something wrong, both with the officer’s demands and her demeanor. But they were afraid and hoped this awkward encounter would soon be over if they simply complied.

Maggie circled the desk and admired the view as the girls timidly assumed the position. Bent over in their underwear displaying their delicious derrieres. Maggie thought these had to be the two tastiest teen tushes she had ever seen.

Running her hands over Brandy first, she felt the young woman tense at being touched. The officer wasn’t so much searching for something as she was surveying the curves of her body. Brandy’s skin was so smooth, it was hard to stop. Maggie’s greedy hands moved along the bare skin, occasionally stopping, to gently squeeze the flesh of the firm freshman. Maggie then placed her hand between Brandy’s legs, cupping her pussy, causing Brandy to gasp. It felt warm and soft to Maggie and she wondered about its taste and tightness.

“I’m not hiding anything.” Brandy blurted out as she attempted to stand up. But Maggie placed a strong hand on her back and forced her down on the desk.

“No. You put it all out there for the world to see, don’t you?”

Maggie lustfully tugged and toyed with Brandy’s meager panties. “You need a good spanking, I think.” Maggie pulled the sexy underwear up and into her ass, playfully slapping at the exposed flesh.

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