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Brandi smiles and waves at me as I walk out of school. It’s been at least six months since I’ve seen her. It was at the end of last year, our junior year that she dropped out and got her GED so she could, as she put it “stop all the high school bullshit and go to college.” It was a community college, but the difference is negligible. I smile and wave back. When you’re eighteen, six months can feel like forever.

“Hi!” the words are out of her mouth and she’s next to me, hugging me, telling me she’s missed me since she dropped out. She hasn’t changed at all, really. She lost the glasses in favor of contacts, drawing out her eyes more. Wow. Her eyes are beautiful.

“Hey.” I keep my cool. She isn’t allowed to know about the thing I had for her through three years of high school together and how often I thought about asking her out. It was her big pouty lips and full figure that drove me so wild. Her ass remains to die for and her breasts still draw my eyes, regardless of what resistance I attempt. It’s May, so the black tube top Brandi’s wearing isn’t unusual. She puts her hands on her hips and looks me up and down.

“You look different.”

“Different good or bad?”

“Good…very good.” She smiles and hugs me again.

“Hey, I’m not doing anything this afternoon, do you want to-” she cuts me off and finishes the thought.

“Sure, we really need to catch up. It’s been so long!”


Starbucks Bostancı Escort is unusually empty and we both get coffees and head to some big comfortable looking chairs in the back. Turns out, they are. I sink into the chair and try to start the conversation, but Brandi beats me to it.

“So how are things?”

“Things are good.”

“Dating anyone?” I haven’t dated anyone since high school started. Sure, I’ve fooled around with various girls, but no relationships.

“No, not really.”

“Get laid yet?” I’m notorious for my unwilling virginity.

“Sadly, no.” She clicks her tongue at me.

“James, you really need to do something about that.”

“I know, I know. Well, what about you? Are you dating anyone now?”

“No, I actually just broke up with a guy. Total jerk. Made me pay for everything.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“I’m not. He was an asshole.” She smiles at me. I smile back.

Starbucks starts to fill up and I’ve finished my coffee. I notice Brandi has touched hers in the last twenty minutes of conversation, so I make a suggestion.

“Hey, my apartment isn’t far from here and my parents won’t be home till tennish. Want to go there to talk? I mean, it’s getting seriously crowded and gross here.”



I put my keys in the lock and open the outer, then the Ümraniye Escort inner door, letting Brandi in first. Shit, she’s got a nice ass. I gesture to the couch.

“Make yourself at home.” She sits down.

“Want a drink? We’ve got soda, water, lemonade…”

“Got any wine?” Of course. My step dad drinks half a bottle a night.

“Sure.” I pour two glasses and sit down in the chair across from the sofa. I hand her the wine and set my own on the coffee table. She takes a few sips.

“Do you have any idea how many couches I’ve messed around on, James?” I shake my head. I don’t think she’s hitting on me; we’ve been friends too long. For her, this is just typical conversation.

“Way too many, that’s for sure.”

Fifteen minutes of idle chitchat about life and the like goes by and she finishes her wine. I hand her my untouched glass. She doesn’t seem to notice that I never took a sip. In five more minutes, she’s finished that one, too. She gets up and walks over to me, sitting on my lap. I wonder if she notices the erection I just grew. She leans in and kisses me deeply.

“I think I want to add your couch to my list.” I gulp. She kisses me again and holds it this time. I slip my hand up one thigh and towards her chest. The other helps it take off her shirt. She’s not wearing a bra. I kiss down her neck and reach her breasts, gently suckling each one and savoring the pop when my lips break Kartal Escort free. She puts a finger on my lips when I’m about to ask what’s next and she slithers to the floor, taking my pants and boxers with her. She smiles up at me from behind my stiff dick and licks her lips. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of her mouth surrounding my erection and I moan as her tongue flits across the head and her lips massage the shaft. She’s good. Experienced.

I’m on the brink when she stops and pulls her jeans down. She’s not wearing panties, either. She stands up and tells me to do so and I do, dumbstruck. She sits down where I was and tells me to do down on her. I get on my knees and start.

I separate the lips and lick the inner folds, slowly working my way in a circular motion towards the clit. Without warning, her shallow breaths turn to moans. I’ve found her g-spot and she knows it. I zero in and work her clit and spot, switching it up between my fingers and tongue. My face and hand become coated in her juices. She pulls me up and kisses me again. Brandi pulls me up and then pushes me into the chair, my erection coming out of my lap. She sits down on it and I feel her pussy clench around it, her body warm and tight against mine. She starts working it and my first time is amazing. My hands on her hips and I’m kissing the back of her neck, tasting her sweat. I feel myself about to come and she stands up, drops to her knees and puts me back in her mouth.

With her tongue doing overtime and my hand holding her raven hair out of her face, I let loose into her mouth. She milks me dry and swallows the whole load. She lets my cock out with a pop and licks her lips, smiling.

“That was nice.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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