Bound to Come Back Again

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I’m not really sure how to begin this story.

I suppose it would be more meaningful if I told you a little bit about where I was coming from.

I didn’t really want to have a threesome with my best friend, or have a lesbian experience, even though I knew it was my husband’s ultimate fantasy. It just wasn’t my thing. We tried having a threesome once, but the girl we were with turned out to be very passive and didn’t really engage us, so it mostly just amounted to my husband having sex with me in front of her and then him having sex with her in front of me. I tried to play along and be into it, but really, she was nothing special and there was no spark between us, I didn’t feel any kind of bond with her, and in the end it was kind of anti-climactic and disappointing. My husband and I never really spoke of it, or her, or of having a threesome, again.

Sure, I could fantasize about being with another woman, in fact I often did. But it’s not something I wanted in real life. Just seemed way too complicated. I could think about a woman’s body, touching her, her touching me, feeling close, and warm, and free. Feeling sexy and feminine, making each other hot by playing with each other’s nipples, making our pussies wet while we french kiss… Ya, it gets me horny to think about, but all the other stuff that would have to precede it, and the emotions, and the aftermath that would follow, and my husband… it all just gives me anxiety, and I feel like it’s not something I want or need at all. Still, when I masturbate, I often (or. honestly, almost always) end up thinking about a woman’s tender touch, and the taboo thrill of lesbian love, perhaps under my husband’s lustful gaze, right before I hit my orgasm.

And truthfully, I would almost always think of Ann.

Ann was my best friend I guess, not counting my husband. She was different, a bit of a lone wolf. She went to a Christian all-girls university in the northwest and since graduating has never really had a consistent job. She was very pretty, athletic, a terrific spirit, adventurous, and always traveling to different places around the world so we didn’t see each other all that often, but whenever she was in town we’d make a point of hanging out. She’d had a threesome once too, in fact, several with the same couple, but was left feeling deflated by the experience. She fell in love with the woman but was very disheartened when she realized that the wife was only into it for the husband’s benefit. Ann didn’t like that dynamic at all, and abruptly backed off and out of the relationship. After that, she started self-identifying as a lesbian, stopped wearing skirts, and even got that cute Bieber-haircut to match. She still went out on dates with men, and to my knowledge, never once dated another woman, so maybe she’s confused about what she wants or who she is, but she also seemed quite happy being single.

My husband is my husband. He’s a wonderful man, very caring, very supportive and attentive, and for many years, an excellent lover. But I was starting to feel an absence of desire coming from him, and became aware of the slowly diminishing passion he had for bedroom activities. After our threesome, his sexuality became more and more submissive as we experimented with various femdom kinks, but I think the novelty, over time, had worn off and lately he just seemed withdrawn and tired. Long ago, he used to pound into me so hard, he used to grab my hair and hold me tight, he used to push me down, hold my arms behind my back, and thrust aggressively into my pussy from behind, making me squirt all over his cock and down my thighs. He’s used to tie-me up and have his way with me. God, I missed those days, feeling that passion that he used to have for me. Feeling helpless under the power of his lust, surrendering to his desire.

We still made love, often, but oh how I missed the feeling of being taken by him.

It was this thought and this feeling that I expressed to Ann one day while we were out shopping. “I just miss his aggressive side,” I was saying. “He’s still always horny and we still have great fun when I take the lead, but I miss the passion he used to have when he’d take charge and tie me up and stuff.”

This seemed to pique Ann’s interest. She didn’t really say much, other than I should try mixing things up a bit more, but I could tell something struck a nerve. She then offered her own lamentations of the things she missed.

“I don’t really miss romance or being in a couple, I feel I’ve had my fill for a bit. I like being single, and I like dating and playing the field, but one thing I do miss is having someone to fool around with and do kinky things with. When you’re dating it’s hard to try new things or experiment, ’cause everything’s new, y’know, and you’re just getting to know the other person. And you don’t want to seem weird, right? So ya, I miss certain things, playing around, being naughty.”

Now I was intrigued. “You miss that couple?”

“Oh no, not them, or anything to do with them. Long before that. I miss the things I used to Marmaris Escort do in my first year at university.”

But she went to an all-girls school… I didn’t want to pry any further but I’m sure she could see the look on my face, the wheels spinning in my head, and so she smiled and rolled her eyes at me, and said, “I guess I can tell you, but it’s a little freaky…”

Oh, please tell me something wild, I though to myself, but instead I said, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to…”

“No, it’s okay. My first year at university, you remember, I shared a flat with these three other girls, Kate and June and Kendra. We lived off-campus and were kinda isolated, and to amuse ourselves we would play these tickle-tie-up games. One of us would voluntarily be tied up by the others and then we would basically tickle her to death. So ya, I guess, I miss that – tying a girl up and seeing her squeal in helpless desperation.”

I’m sure the look on my face was pure shock and bemusement.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe what I just told you,” she said putting her face to her palm.

I touched her hand and pulled it away so I could see her eyes. “No, I think it’s really cool actually, it sounds like a lot of fun. And I think it’s really cool that you told me, in fact, it’s giving me an idea.”

Ann squeezed my hand. “I think I know what you’re thinking…”

Suddenly emboldened, I just blurted it out, without really thinking it through. “What if you tied me up, like as a present for my husband? You could tie me up and then let him in…”

“And then when he sees you,” she said, picking up the thought, “all tied up and naked and ready for him…”

“It will blow his mind…” I said.

“And I’ll slip out and leave the two of you alone so he can have his way with you…”

“And he can fuck me like he did in the good old days. With passion and energy.”

We both laughed. What were we saying? What a ridiculous conversation.

“Sure, I’ll do it,” Ann said, gleefully. “Let’s do it tonight!”

Okay, wait a minute. This is serious. “Ya? Okay, if you want, if you don’t mind, that is.”

“But first we need to go buy some rope!”

Okay, this is serious. Wow.

And so that’s exactly what we did. We found a craft store and had them cut two 12-foot lengths of narrow hemp rope. Knowing what we were buying the rope for made the entire experience inside the store somehow exciting and erotic. My pussy was starting to tingle with anticipation of what lay ahead. We wasted very little time shopping after that and soon jumped in a cab for home.

When we got there, my husband wasn’t yet home from work so we had a chance to kick back for a bit and I decided to quickly jump in the shower. As I was getting out, I heard my husband come home, and greeted him in the hall, my hair soaking wet and wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

I welcomed him home with a kiss on the cheek, and said, “Ann’s here. Ew, you stink. You need to hop in the shower.” He didn’t really, but I wanted him fresh and clean when he came to the bedroom.

“I have a surprise for you, so after you get dressed, don’t come upstairs. Wait down here until we come and get you, okay?” He looked at me quizzically for a moment, like a lost little puppy, and then nodded and disappeared behind the bathroom door. I suddenly felt my heart starting to beat a bit faster…

Ann and I exchanged a knowing smirk, and wordlessly headed upstairs to the bedroom, bringing our shopping bag with the ropes along with us.

As we entered the room, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I simply walked to the center of the bedroom, turned to Ann, and let my bathrobe fall to the ground around me, so that I was standing completely naked before her. I shivered with nervous energy. She took the ropes from the shopping bag and pulled off the tags.

“So how do you want to be?” she asked, calmly. “Get yourself in a comfortable position.”

“On my knees,” I said, and crouched down to the soft, carpeted floor.

“Hands behind your back,” she replied, looking around for something. She reached for a bottle of perfume on my night table and sprayed some on my shoulders. “Let’s make you feel nice and relaxed.”

Next, she found a bottle of baby oil and poured some on her palms. From behind, she rubbed my shoulders for a bit, then squatting down, ran her hands down the length of my arms, massaging my wrists with her oily fingers.

“This is to keep the ropes from rubbing your skin too much,” she said. Next, she rubbed her slippery hands over my calves and ankles. It felt so good, and I felt so at ease. By the time she had the rope in her hands again, I was ready and willing to surrender myself. But to whom? To Ann? My husband? It never occurred to me that it might be to both of them.

She pulled the rope tight between her hands, as if to test its strength, then touched me lightly on the back of the shoulder, and said, “You ready?”

“Ya,” I whispered.

I held my hands together behind my Marmaris Escort Bayan back and Ann began to slowly wind the rope around my wrists, going once, twice, three times around, before I broke the silence again.

“Tell me again about what you used to do with your roommates?” I asked hopefully.

“What do you want to know?” she replied, now winding the rope in a figure eight pattern, over, and under, and through.

“Oh, y’know, just like, what you guys would do, and stuff?” My heart was racing. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my brow even though it wasn’t very warm in the room. In fact, my chest had goosebumps and my nipples were poking out, hard and stiff.

“Well,” she began, maintaining her focus on binding my arms. “We used to have tickle fights all the time. That’s how it started. Then one day, during a particularly heated battle, Kate or Kendra, one of them, reached for a belt and managed to pin June down and tie her arms behind her back. June was resisting, but only sort of. You could tell she was really having fun too. So the three of us just kind of pounced on her and tickled her helplessly until she was screaming and crying.”

“So the next time there was a tickle fight, the same thing happened, except this time it was Kendra who got tied up while the three of us attacked her. After that, well, then Kate and I both wanted a turn being the ‘hostage’. That was what we called it – ‘the hostage game’.”

Ann pulled on either end of the rope to lessen the slack, and I felt it get tight around my wrists and I became acutely aware of how constricted I was going to be when she was finished. I felt my face getting hot but my nipples were still pointing off my chest like I was standing naked in a blizzard.

“Well, inevitably,” Ann said, continuing with her story while her hands continued to work, “things started to get a bit carried away. Shirts would be pulled up, or ripped open trying to get at more skin, hands would go under skirts, and basically the three of us would molest the other girl until she was screaming for mercy.”

“Eventually, the game evolved so that whoever was the ‘hostage’ would start the game naked except for her bra and panties. Usually the bra would come loose anyway, in the course of teasing and tormenting, and the tickling turned more into a form of fondling and groping. None of us had boyfriends, nor were any of us ‘out’ as lesbians, and our flat was so small that we couldn’t really masturbate privately, so I guess this was our way of titillating ourselves and getting our kicks.”

“I mean, we kind of knew that what we were doing was naughty. Basically, the three of us would tease, tickle, fondle, and torture the other girl, trying to make her cream her panties. Without saying it out loud, I think we all knew that the objective of the game was to see our ‘hostage’ make a messy wet spot in the crotch of her underwear.”

I felt her looping the ropes around one another into a knot and then pulling hard and tight one last time, then moving to grab the remaining rope and pulling my ankles together so that my feet were touching. My arms were now completely bound and secure behind my back, much tighter than my husband had ever done before. When he would tie me up, it was always in a rush, ten seconds or less, and being tied up was really more a state of mind. If I needed to wiggle my hands free, I easily could. But Ann was being very slow and methodical, really taking her time and concentrating on the task, and I could tell there was no way that I was ever going to be able free myself without some assistance.

As she began to wrap the second length of rope slowly around my ankles, Ann continued to reminisce about her adventures at university, in her soft, gentle voice. “It was great because it was really just very innocent fun and not overtly sexual… Well, that is, mostly it wasn’t sexual… Except for the one time, when actually, it was, kind of…”

I could feel my pussy getting really wet and wondered if Ann could tell. I wondered if she could sense it, or maybe even see the moistness on my naked pussy lips, just inches above where she was binding my ankles. It occurred to me that she could probably smell my scent.

“So one time, when I was the ‘hostage’, after tying me up, instead of tickling me, Kate and Kendra suddenly pounced on June, like they’d had it planned, and stripped off her clothing and tied her up as well. We were both bound at the ankles and our wrists were tied behind our backs, and the other two pulled our bras down around our arms and waists, and then they made us lie down on our sides facing each other and pressed our bodies together. Then they turned out the lights and closed the door and left us there on the floor…”

Sweet Jesus, I was getting hot. Ann continued winding the hemp rope under and over my ankles, occasionally tugging it tight.

“June and I didn’t really say anything to each other, we just kind of struggled and squirmed against one another on the floor, in the darkness. Escort Marmaris Our chests were touching and our breasts were pressed together and occasionally I’d feel our nipples touch. Our legs were intertwined and my thigh was pressed right up against her pussy, with my pussy just above her knee.”

“After only a few minutes, June was really getting into character, and I guess so was I, pretending to be helpless prisoners in heat, gyrating and humping against each other, moaning and whimpering. I could feel the dampness in her panties on my thigh, and I’m sure she could feel me soaking myself on her leg as well. After about twenty minutes, we were full-on bucking and humping into each other, moaning and groaning in the darkness, completely lost in the scenario. Then the door flew open, and the light suddenly flashed on, and Kate and Kendra were standing above us, laughing at us.”

“Whoah.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Ann’s story was making me so wet. What the hell was going on with me? I pulled against the ropes on my wrists and I felt more constricted than ever. My arms felt paralyzed.

“So, then they untied us, and I said I had to go to the bathroom, but really I just wanted to get out of there for a moment. I felt humiliated and angry and a whole lot of other things as well, all kinda rushing through me at once. I went to the bathroom and ran a shower, to try to snap myself out of the fog of confusion and arousal, but I only just jumped in and jumped out thirty seconds later. When I returned to the main room, I could hear weird moaning noises, and I crept up, and pushed the door open a crack and peaked in, and I couldn’t believe what I saw…”

“Oh my God, what?” My heart was beating so fast.

“Kate was on the couch, her legs spread and her skirt above her waist, her panties around her ankles on the floor. And June was kneeling between her legs, still only in her panties, her face right in Kate’s pussy. Kate’s head was tilted back with her eyes closed, one hand on top of June’s head. Kendra was sitting opposite them in the easy chair, watching, her skirt also hitched up above her waist and her panties on the floor, around her ankles. Her right hand was busy between her legs, rubbing her clit really fast.”

Over, under, and through, went the rope around my ankles. My pussy felt like it was melting, I was so hot. “What did you do?” I could barely bring myself to ask in a hoarse whisper.

“Oh, I backed out of there fast. I got the weird feeling that Kendra was waiting for me and I kinda panicked and went back to the bathroom and had another shower. This time I stayed in there for a really long time, for like an hour, long after the hot water had run out, and I just stayed in there, trying to wash away the jumbled cluster of contradictory feelings and emotions that were invading me. When I finally emerged, all three girls were normally dressed again and carried on quite casually as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened. We still played the ‘hostage game’ a few more times after that, but I didn’t ever again volunteer to be the ‘hostage’.”

And with that, Ann pulled her final knot in the bindings around my lower legs. I was now pretty much completely secure from head to toe. And totally vulnerable. Unable to run. Unable to defend myself. And yet exhilarated by the common feelings of mercy and trust, shared usually with my husband, but now with Ann.

“I guess my thing is tying girls up. And then setting them free.”

I could feel her smiling as she patted my legs, and then ran her fingers gently up my arms, sending a shiver up my spine and goosebumps all over my body. She kissed me on the shoulder, which I really liked, then patted my head as she stood up, and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Fuck ya. Totally.”

“Then I’ll go summon your husband…”


Ann left the room. I stayed there, on my knees, naked, hands and wrists tied behind my back and even my ankles bound together. My heart raced at an insane velocity. Moments passed and I began to feel a creeping anxiety.

Why was this taking so long? What was she telling him? What were they doing? The thought rushed into my head that this was all some sort of elaborate plan to trap and humiliate me. What if Ann and my husband were going to leave me in here all night while they fucked the night away in the other room? Almost as soon as that fear entered my mind, I realized the notion was ridiculous and impossible. I almost laughed out loud to myself, and my insecurities instantly vanished, and then for some strange reason, I felt a small sting of disappointment, almost as if the eroticism of their potential betrayal outweighed the horrible grief I would’ve felt. Anyway, I knew that it was beyond unlikely, that they were both loyal to the bone and I had nothing to fear in that regard, and yet, here I was, three to four long, agonizing minutes later, wondering, where was he?

Then the door opened, and there he was.

The look on his face could have told its own story. His eyes sparkled with delight, his pupils dilated with desire, his cheeks went flush with infatuation, and his jaw nearly hit the floor in astonishment. A smile kept trying to form at the sides of his mouth, but his bottom lip seemed to have a mind of it’s own. He was expecting something, but not this.

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