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Author’s note; this is my first delving into writing a story about MIND CONTROL.

It is admittedly a long story with a detailed history of the characters so please be patient and bear with me. It is also subtle mind control as opposed to overt and total control. Romance, one of my favorite categories is inserted as the plot of this mind control story. Romance inspired me to write it. The scenes of erotic love begin about half way into the story.

February 2015

I ENDURED A LIFE CHANGING NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE…. although not what most people tell about after they return and they find themselves alive and whole with a new outlook on life.

I didn’t descend into the nine circles of hell or wander aimlessly among the shades of purgatory.

I didn’t cross over into the ethereal light of love and peace; beyond the physical death to be turned away by angels or loved ones to return to the physical plane of existence.

I was 30 years old when “my time” came upon me……I’m now 42 and wife Bonne is 33 as we tell our story to you now with Mary’s consent for her part.

Weeks prior to my mentioned experience, I suffered intermittent and brief; six seconds or less, near debilitating migraine headaches. These were followed by the marvelous release of endorphins resulting in euphoria. However, following the euphoria, I was physically and mentally drained as if I ran a 100 mile marathon.

I’m a Neurosurgeon as is Graydon; we were in practice together until he retired this spring. Until my near-death experience; I never realized about my unique and secret ancestral evolution. It’s passed on through my mother’s bloodline and is known to only those immediately involved. If it weren’t for my Uncle Graydon I may have died!

We are very much alike in looks; we’ve been described as near identical twins born decades apart. We are similar of temperament and shared interests. He paid for my medical school.

He is a good man. He is a kind and charitable man. He’s well liked and respected in his close circle of friends; all serious academics, physicians, professors or scientists with whom we discuss things that most people will find boring or incomprehensible.

He regularly chides me that I’m too serious and stodgy for my age and encourages me to seek out younger women; rather than the mature professional women I tend to prefer; although not to the exclusion of those women my age or younger; dalliances for a night or two.

Graydon insists I call him by his first name. Although now in his seventies; Graydon hardly seems to age and is busier now then when he was practicing medicine.

Too say we delight and enjoy all aspects of women, including their minds is an understatement as well as our privilage.

He owns a secluded log cabin in the Adirondack Mountains well off the beaten path. I never told him about my headaches although he already knew; he having suffered them when it was his time.

When my time was upon me; and I was oblivious of the ramifications to the fact, he convinced me…..perhaps a better word….compelled me… to take a month’s Sabbatical as I often did with him as a child.

I was sitting alone on the familiar front porch in an Adirondack chair with a strong cup of black coffee watching the sunrise between the mountains. Graydon was still asleep, or so I thought when my migraine produced excruciating pain with a new facet to the mentioned malady.

I had a waking dream….or perhaps a hallucination…..or so I assumed. I could see him as clear as day lying on his bed. He then spoke to my mind ‘We are telepaths, Michael. Remain calm and concentrate to send me your thoughts; I’m blocking your pain’.

Alarmed and ascending the pinnacle of panic, I was thinking ‘I must have a brain tumor’ I stood up suddenly spilling my coffee as I dropped my cup.

I experienced an agonizing and totally debilitating prolonged migraine headache like none before. The breathtaking intense pain brought me to my knees. Soon I was in a fetal position writhing in agony and wishing I were dead.

‘You need to trust me Michael; it is your time. Push past the pain or it will kill you. There is a price to pay; you must be strong. Let me help to block the pain for it’s going to get more intense.”

I felt my pain lessen and I managed to lie straight on the porch floor ‘Excellent!” He thought to me ‘breathe deeply and concentrate.’

‘What’s happening to me?’ I thought to him through my agony.

‘Your brain is changing; it is evolving and opening enhanced neural pathways to tap into its full potential of what I estimate to be mankind’s next evolutionary step one hundred thousand years or more into the future.

Your evolution is going to be excruciating despite my help…I won’t sugar coat the truth. You’re going to be unconscious for most of the day; suspended between sleep and death in a coma like state. Only you will determine if you live or die.

I will be in your mind all of that time to guide you; to assure you that you are not hallucinating or dreaming. It is a curse to those who give in and a blessing and privilage to those of us who survive. If you give in the process will stop and you will die. My love is with you, Michael………..’

I awoke in bed around ten that evening feeling as weak as a new born kitten and twice as hungry. God in heaven; my mind….all my senses… were sharper than a scalpel and more focused than an industrial laser.

Graydon was sitting next to me with his eyes closed breathing deeply and appeared sound asleep. He seemed to light up the room…….I realized it was his life Aura I saw with senses other than my eyes.

‘No, I’m not asleep; he thought to me ‘I’ve been meditating while waiting for you to awake. I’ve imprinted all of our ancestral knowledge and history passed down through generations of our family into your mind for you to access.

You are correct, Michael. What you’re seeing is my Aura or life-force; my soul; yours is as bright’ he thought to me.

‘All life has an Aura with mankind’s being the brightest’ he thought standing up.

“I’m going to bring you something to eat and then we will talk until I begin teaching you the way tomorrow” he said out loud “The worst is over and your responsibility soon begins. We have a sacred responsibility to help mankind and heal those we can. Afterwards you will put yourself into a deep restful sleep to complete the process…………………..”

I awoke late the next morning invigorated and famished; famished for food and for answers. I tried out my new abilities, sending out my thoughts ‘Then you mean to say we actually can control people’s minds; turn them into biological robots?’

‘Yes and don’t shout for it’s not polite. Yes some of us are capable of that; however that kind of complete control over time will result in brain damage to the mundane subject; loss of memory and loss of self. In extreme cases they fall into a catatonic state of existence where the release of death becomes a blessing.

Such complete control is difficult at best. Only the most gifted of us have mastered it completely. For most it is physically and mentally exhausting; particularly when trying to control more than one person.

Beside all that; can one fall in love with a mindless drone? I will show you a better way; the right way…..the ethical way.

‘What about those with a dark Aura?’

‘We probe their minds to assess their crimes or misdeeds. Many are beyond redemption. I have no pity for child molesters or murderers……if we arrange for them to have unseen accidents resulting in their deaths, I’ll shed no tears for them.

When we go down that path we have an obligation to the innocent victims. When we take a life, although evil; we must heal their victim’s pain and anguish to keep our Auras in balance.

We are only human after all. You have already noticed your increased appetite and you’ll need twice as much proteins, carbohydrates and fats from before to nourish your enhanced metabolism.

We also have sexual needs to satisfy. It is our custom to have multiple women if we choose.

It is our custom to acquire our mates through telepathy if need be and we may have three in our lifetime; all at once or one at a time. It’s not uncommon for us to have multiple platonic relations of common interest; love and affection without consummating the sexual act.

Regardless, we must bring them about to our way of thinking with kindness, love and respect to keep the balance lest we darken our Auras.

Meet me in the kitchen for we have much to discuss……………..’

During my first week I learned how to silence or minimize the thoughts of those mundane around me. I learned telepathically not to shout. I mastered how to shield my thoughts from evolved telepaths and how to recognize them. We police ourselves and operate behind the curtain so to speak.

We have a static directive of non-inference in society and government in general. Killing of or attacking evolved telepaths is forbidden with grave consequences to ensue unless sanctioned by six or more of us. Although uncommon, physical violence between telepaths is overlooked only when consensual.

Our estimate is that we evolved telepaths comprise approximately .0002% of the world’s population. We surmise 50% of the world’s population is empathic; sensing emotions to varying degrees and unaware of it; people in long term loving relationships for example; or people who recognize their soul mates; they communicate without words.

We know it to be common for identical twins to share basic empathic emotions-impressions, although this is not true telepathy because it affects only them. They generally use facial expressions, gestures and glances to supplement.

Something else to factor in the equations; partially evolved telepaths or simply referred by us as partials.

Partials are sometimes quite powerful. Their ability is generally triggered by strong emotions such as hate, fear, love etc. In most cases, like ours, their ability is passed down through the mother’s bloodline. Most documented cases in our Archive of Records of partials are women.

Partials are often self-taught; most commonly by their mother or other close blood relations with the ability. They are in control of their telepathy for short durations as a result of incomplete or weak neural pathways. The most gifted may access their ability on demand; however, as I stated before; it’s available for short durations; seldom more than a few hours depending on the woman.

Partials are difficult, almost impossible to detect because they read as mundane unless active. They are no threat to an evolved telepath. Powerful and talented ones are capable of manipulating the mundane the same as us; for good or malevolence.

Throughout mankind’s history partials were often wizards, oracles, shamans, priestesses, witches…..etc. Of course as previously stated, the malevolent ones are a danger to the mundane.

As a rule, we do not make ourselves known to them unless they are harmful. We consider them a divergent evolutionary offshoot of mankind and some of us spend a lifetime seeking them out and secretly studying them. We know for a fact that true partials cannot see or detect Auras.

In any event; it’s easy enough to neutralize their intermittent telepathic abilities and render them permanently mundane.

My uncle confided that there is another telepathic/empathic species of human/mankind still secretly walking among us; our older human brethren of the Ice Ages; the Neanderthals. We include them with us in the .0002% percent.

We know little of them or their number, although we know their gift of telepathy and especially their lifespan far exceeds ours. Only the best among us can sense them; we assume they wish to be left alone. We do not seek them out to study.

I learned much of the practical theories and methods of control that month including that it requires little effort when a person is sleeping; as it is when you are in close proximity looking directly into their eyes. Women are affected by touching; more so than men; prolonged touching in particular.

We frequented public places like restaurants, malls, sporting events; any large gatherings of people for me to study and identify people’s Auras during the first phase of my training.

I learned to insert ideas or suggestions into a person’s mind without shouting. My goal was to put them in a good mood or to make them feel better about themselves which in turn made me feel better about myself.

Graydon describes this as “the balance” and I discovered good deeds and unselfish acts strengthen us and make our Aura’s shine brighter. I also discovered I can affect people’s motor skills or bodily functions; including their senses; touch, sight, taste and sound to a degree without taking full control.

Soon I was ready for more complex tasks, I started with simple things; telling a man to take off his hat, or to scratch his ear. Always a favorite of mine is to have a woman take her long hair down from a bun, chignon, ponytail or braid; or conversely, style it in one.

Next was inserting stronger suggestions such as “don’t bite your nails” or “stop smoking”. This is most effective when the said person genuinely wants too. Have you noticed that some people have no trouble completely quitting smoking while others struggle or fail?

I discovered control is not an exact science and it varies from individual to individual. It may require repeat reinforcement over time for it to be ingrained in order to have reasonable modification of a person; for him or her to be unaware and content with the change so as not to alter their basic personality.

In two year’s time we discovered that I could break through Graydon’s iron willed defenses and that of another powerful telepath working in conjunction with him, but they not mine. My Uncle could not have been prouder.

‘You’ve done well, Michael ‘he thought to me ‘there is no more to teach you. Do not forget the second mandate to never take a life except to protect the innocent, prevent a heinous crime or depravity; or to eliminate those beyond redemption.

Granted, while you may be capable of fending off two or three of us’ He let the words hang menacingly in the air and I clearly understood the implications for defying our prime directive and our six mandates.

The first mandate is to be discreet and invisible. Don’t draw attention to us and don’t abuse our gift to acquire obscene wealth or abusive power…….to do so may result in your sanctioned death….or worse.

Our Aura’s; our souls; our life force is what define us.

Some Auras are more beautiful than others. Good people’s Aura’s and those of innocent children shine with all the light spectrum of a rainbow as well as unearthly colors to beautiful to describe with mere words.

Women’s Aura’s are generally more colorful or brighter than those of men’s as it should be. Women bring forth life into the world. The Aura’s of a mother with her child in the womb are separate but one and are spectacular and awesome to behold.

Concurrently, Auras are affected by strong emotions such as grief or sadness. They are darkened by strong negative emotions such as hate, avarice, prejudice and greed. They are stained and blackened with evil acts such as rape and murder. Age plays a part as do physical maladies or disease and I’m merely touching the surface.

As a telepath, it is often necessary to remain dormant; especially when I’m performing surgery or tasks that require exacting concentration.

I was dormant, or so I thought at the time Bonnie came into my life.

I had just finished a long distance Marathon for the Summer Charity Event to raise money for the new Cancer Wing at my Medical Center. Graydon was the chairman and waiting for me with his clipboard in hand to check me off and give me a towel and a bottle of cold water.

I was caught off guard while sipping my water by the flash of my future love’s Aura in the park approximately 300 yards beyond the crowd at the finish line.

Graydon saw the look on my face ‘What just happened?’ He thought to me ‘you were dormant and then active. Did you experience an anomaly? They must be investigated per mandate six.’

‘There’s a young woman in the park’ I thought to him while focusing on her Aura; totally fascinated by its breathtaking divine complexity.

‘I’m inexplicably drawn to her. She appears mundane so how did she get past my defenses? It’s almost as if she is calling to me.’

‘Well what are you waiting for? The young lady may be a possible life partner or wife. Go introduce yourself to find out what you can about her. I’m sure you’ll know how to proceed from there, Doctor…………………’

Bonne’s thick and straight; soft silky hair is the color of dark chocolate. It flows down her neck, shoulders and back to the bottom of her shapely butt when she wears it down for me. Long hair is a delight to my eyes and an erotic sensation for my fingers. Being blunt cut without layers; it may be styled in dozens of ways; up down or braided.

Bonne’s hair was shorter when I walked up to introduce myself; it was styled in a classic blunt cut chin length bob parted right of center.

At six-one and one-hundred-forty, Bonne’s figure is delightfully buxom and voluptuous. I’m six-four at one-ninety and our tallness complements us as a couple.

She was sitting alone on a park bench with her black leather violin case on the bench to her right. I remember the moment as if it were mere seconds ago because my heart is forever hers.

Bonne was wearing a cream colored wide brimmed straw hat. The hat band was woven of intertwined aqua-green and red ribbons with a few tendrils of ribbon hanging down the back.

She was wearing a long pale sea green muslin dress with ¾ sleeves. There was white lace at the collar and sleeves. Her white cross-training shoes with red and green laces were carelessly tossed on the ground in front of her.

She was very intent and occupied with a book of Elizabeth Barrett Browning poems on her lap; Bonne’s soft sapphire blue, intelligent eyes were caressing the pages. I desired her soft sapphire blue eyes to caress me.

Her only jewelry was a small gold cross on a fine gold chain. I also noticed she was wearing little or no makeup.

I gently probed Bonne’s thoughts for feelings and impressions; nothing specific; commanding her telepathically not to notice me as I studied her. I had to smile for she had drawn an imaginary circle of privacy around herself.

Bonne was part of the crowd spread throughout the park enjoying the people around her; safe and secure while observing them as if through a 360 degree glass dome.

She looked up…. not aware of me…….I saw full, generous lips and a small slightly tuned up nose….I wanted to kiss those soft and full warm generous lips.

Bonne smiled when she saw a Border collie catch a Frisbee by the fountain before going back to her book……Bonnie has dimples in her cheeks.

I continued probing, planting a subliminal suggestion for her to read the poetry out loud; Bonne’s soft, sweet, musical voice caressed my ears and she wasn’t aware nor would she remember reading out loud.

By probing I learned she is comfortable in the company of women although shy around men……she’s waiting, hoping for the right man to sweep her off her feet in a romantic novel sort of way.

She was to play in a string quartet later this afternoon at her church a couple of blocks away. Bonne Aileen Allaway then twenty-two, plays the violin and viola exceptionally well.

She never had a real boyfriend let alone kissed a boy or man on the lips although she had many crushes and romantic fantasies while growing up.

She was raised by two rather eccentric aunts who never married and interestingly enough are twins. She lives with them in a spacious 3 story Victorian adjacent to a turn-around of the Erie Barge Canal. Her room and private bathroom is on the third floor.

Besides music, Bonne is very interested in astronomy. Being on the third floor gives her access to the widow’s walk on the roof where she keeps her telescope, chair and a reading lamp.

I had enough information for the moment and now was the time for her to notice me.

I walked away a reasonable distance and then jogged slowly towards her erasing all prior suggestions from her mind as I ran past to deliberately stumble over her shoes. Thank goodness it was grass for I became a bit carried away attempting to make it appear like an accident. I went down hard pretending to hit my head.

Bonne jumped up alarmed “May I help you? Are you hurt?” she asked, genuinely concerned that I might be injured. I pretended to be momentarily stunned as she got down beside me in the grass…..perfect.

“Do you want me to call for help? Do you want to call for an ambulance? She asked reaching for her purse to get her cell phone.

“I’m fine, I’m fine” I assured her, slowly rolling over to sit up “Oh, my head” I said rubbing it with my hand “Oh geez, I must have tripped on something….but yes I’m fine, thank you.” I attempted to stand, feigned dizziness and sat back down.

“Wow, my head is spinning; that was a mistake; give me a second. I think I might have a mild concussion. If you can just help me up on the bench, a brief rest may be what the doctor ordered” and I extended my hand to her “Thank you for your kindness, Miss.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to see a doctor?” Bonne asked taking my arm “It’s entirely my fault! You tripped on my shoes. I’ll go with you to the emergency room; it’s the least I can do” She added as she helped me to my feet.

As she eased me onto the bench I said “I don’t need to see a doctor; I am a doctor; a neurosurgeon to be precise.

I was doing my cool down after the marathon and should pay more attention to where I’m going.” I tapped on the orange tag with number 106 on my chest as evidence of participation.

“Are you really a doctor?” Bonne asked moving the violin case to the ground and sitting next to me.

“We’ll, I remember being a doctor before I bumped my head? I replied smiling at her “I can give you my office telephone number for you to check with my receptionist or nurse. I don’t generally carry a business card when I’m running.”

“Oh, no; of course I believe you. Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do?”

“Well….perhaps there is something…..just a little thing….a simple request.”

“Good, what do you want me to do?”

“Hand me your shoes” and with a surprised expression on her beautiful face, Bonne did……I wanted to kiss her warm luscious lips, however that must wait for it to be her desire as well.

As I removed the green and red laces I explained “I’m going to weave a bracelet out of them; a lucky charm to wear when I run.”

“But….” she started to say when I interrupted “At the risk of appearing addled” I smiled reaching into my pocket “I always carry spare laces when jogging because you never know when a lace might break when you need it most” and I handed Bonne the new pair of white laces stuffed in the right shoe.

“How will my shoes laces make you lucky?” she asked puzzled, pursing lips, trying to understand…..I really wanted to kiss her warm full lips “You had an accident because of me.”

“It’s a most fortunate minor accident. I’m lucky because I’ve never fell head-over-heels for a beautiful young woman before. If I hadn’t bumped my head we’d never have met.” I gave her the left shoe, wrapped her laces around my hand before putting them in my pocket.

“Michael A. Drake at your service; my beautiful damsel who has cured my distress with her sapphire blue eyes… and you are?” I held out my hand to shake while looking directly into her beautiful blue eyes.

Bonne hesitated as I knew she would. Her thoughts told me she was interested and her shyness was a hindrance, so I sent her a mild telepathic suggestion to slightly override her shyness and listened to her think;

‘Don’t be shy for goodness sakes; he is genuinely interested in you. Grow up for heaven’s sake. Tell him your name; who knows what it might lead to. Invite him to church for the concert …do something…. show some initiative and backbone.’

“I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. Drake…..Doctor; my name is Bonne Aileen Allaway” and we shook hands “May I ask what the A stands for, Michael?”

“You may and I’ll be delighted to answer; the A is for Aaron. I notice your violin case; do you play professionally? As much as I enjoy listening to the musical arts; Classical music is my favorite, I sadly have little talent there.”

Both statements about music are absolutely true and I favor strings and the arrangements composed for them…..I was in fact looking forward to Bonne performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons; a particular favorite of mine.

“My Uncle Graydon, my mother’s brother saw to my education including the appreciation of music. My father was a city fireman who lost his life fighting an industrial fire. I was nine years old at the time. Graydon filled those shoes after my father was gone.”

“Is your Mom still alive?” she asked.

“My Mom passed away a few years back. She’s with my Dad now.”

Sitting this close to her made me wonder if our meeting was divinely ordained or mere coincidence given the anomaly; I’ve never been this attracted to any woman like this before.

“Thank goodness for the blessings we have. Playing is a passion and blessing with me rather than a profession” Bonne replied “music brings such great pleasure to people; I’d like to think I touch their souls when I play. I’m presently employed at Allaway’s Herbs and Spices Europium Tea Room on Main St. Are you certain you’re feeling better?”

“I’m feeling as fit as a fiddle, thank you and pardon the pun. Do you work for family or is the business yours?”

“The business belongs to my two Aunts; Mary Aileen Allaway and Mellissa Aileen Allaway. The business will be mine one day as will our house. I call them Mary and Mellissa now. They get annoyed when I call them aunt this and aunt that.

My middle name “Aileen” is a tradition in our family for women with blue eyes for a long as we can remember. These dear ladies have cared for me from the time I was three when my parent’s sailboat disappeared somewhere near Bermuda.

My aunts are all the family I have in the States, although I may have some distant relatives living in Scotland whom I’ve never met. My grandmother emigrated here in 1955, married, and started a new life, while my great-grandmother and great-grandfather remained in Scotland.”

She was doing well but still hesitant to ask me to attend the concert so I sent her another gentle compelling suggestion ‘Ask him.’

I decided at that point to use little telepathic suggestion with her. It will be more of a challenge to court her mundane way and that is what I fully intended. Mundane is a term used by evolved telepaths and it is in no way derogatory. It refers to those without any telepathic ability.

“I’m playing in a string quartet at the Presbyterian Church today at five if you’d like to attend. The admission is reasonable and the concert is open to the public. Do you know where it is?”

“Yes, the massive red sandstone church with the slate roof across from the Swan Library. Both are Historical Landmarks. I imagine the acoustics are exceptional for a concert. Do you attend services there?”

“Yes, refreshments will be served afterward in the church dining hall. Would you like to attend as my guest? It is the least I can do.”

“I’d be delighted to attend. How can I turn down such a charming invitation from a beautiful talented young woman…..will you be playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? It is one of my ten all time favorite pieces of music?”

“Why yes, we are.” Bonne replied enthusiastically all smiles now with her cute dimples on display.

I sighed mentally, desperately wanting to kiss her. I could have her now; I could give in to temptation, take her away to a private place and ravish her as I please as I have done with other women. She will be cooperative and compliant; she will enjoy it; the multiple orgasms I can give will be like a sun flare in the glow of her bright Aura; afterward Bonne won’t remember a thing.

“I’ll meet you this afternoon at church, beautiful blue eyes” and I kissed her hand before leaving to start courting a woman who changed my life………….

MICHAEL SAID I HAVE BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES and he kissed my hand before he left….kissed my hand. I hoped I was doing the right thing…..he’s so tall and handsome; so lean and strong.

Granted he’s 10 or more years older than me, however most young men my age lack sophistication and nice manners…they’re immature and self absorbed. We have little in common. What a hunk though with his blond hair and intense green eyes.

To err on the side of caution: I decided my best course of action was to check the yellow pages to see if he’s listed. Better yet, I’ll call Lola in billing at the Medical Center to see if she knows anything about Dr. Michael Aaron Drake.

It will be so wonderful to finally have a man in my life; a man who loves me for me and I him. Hopeful and wishful thinking aside; I adore the way Michael talks; “My beautiful damsel who has cured my distress with her soft and caring sapphire blue eyes” and “I’d be delighted to attend.

He said “How can I turn down such a charming invitation from a beautiful and talented young woman?” Do you suppose he may have tripped on purpose to meet me; that’s a possibility, but even so…..what man would have even think of such a thing, let alone do it; weave a good luck bracelet from a damsel’s shoes laces; and then actually wear the bracelet as promised; that sort of man is a true Romantic at heart.

I could hardly wait to tell my Aunts about him. I told them the good news as soon as I received my confirmation from Lola. I told them how I met him in the park and I invited him to the concert. I gave them a detailed description of what Michael looks likes. Mellissa thought it very Romantic, while Mary leaned more toward coincidence.

My Aunts arrived at the church early to check him out; and besides they were on the refreshment committee and needed to prepare in advance. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself; anticipating that he wouldn’t attend….anticipating that he would.

“I’ve always told you Bonne, just be yourself and the good Doctor can’t help but like you” said Mary with Mellissa adding “Finally discovering your courage, and asking a gentleman for a date, your first date more than makes up for being a late bloomer. I’ve got a good feeling about this man, Bonne” Mellissa assured me…………………………….

ALTHOUGH TWINS IN THEIR EARLY TO MID-FIFTIES, you would guess them much younger. Bonne’s Aunts assuredly don’t dress the same. They’re almost diametric. Mellissa’s dark copper red hair is cut in a soft short pixie style. Mellissa’s makeup might best be described as bold or suggestive given her blood-red lipstick.

Mellissa was wearing an ankle length red gypsy skirt with patterns of peacock feathers fanning from the bottom up but not quite to the waist. Her white peasant blouse of semi-sheer viscose was with embroidered red and green scroll. It had a scoop neck with tassel ties and bracelet length sleeves. She had red sandals on her feet. Mellissa Aileen Allaway prefers bright colors and prints; reds, orange yellow, purple etc.

At five-nine, Mellissa has the same lithe figure than her twin sister. As I mentioned, she, they appear younger than their actual ages.

I was to learn Mellissa has a gentleman friend from their church; Oscar Daniels, who is also the organist and full time maintenance man.

My initial impression of Mellissa is a hippie or a gypsy with short hair given the bangle bracelets and multiple strands of love beads she was wearing; I also noticed the small gold cross on a fine gold chain.

My admission ticket and program were saved for me at the door with my professional name, Michael A. Drake, MD neatly written on them by Mellissa with a fountain pen of all things.

Mellissa is the more outgoing of the two sisters; talkative, engaging, and gregarious: a bundle of good natured energy. Both sisters are active in their church. They serve on various committees, including and especially the bereavement committee.

Mellissa was waiting for me to arrive by the front door. She introduced herself in a rambunctious friendly manner; taking my arm in hers as if she’d known me for years.

Mellissa gave a woman standing off to one side in the vestibule a knowing look, followed by a big smile before she enthusiastically introduced me to the said lady; Mrs. Lilly Day. I probed the surface of Lilly’s mind; she is very fond of Bonne.

We stopped frequently on the way to our seats in the church, my arm in hers. Mellissa to introduce me as Doctor Drake, Mary’s guest, to this person or that.

When I was introduced to a Mr. Francis Blake; I didn’t like the man. I viewed his Aura briefly and it was deficiently out of balance although hardly evil; greedy and grasping would describe it best.

I lightly probed his mind. The man is an unethical liar and a cheat….he does love his wife and daughter though; they are his whole world. He rationalizes everything that he does is to benefit them; interesting….well, I have an abundant number of Sundays to work on him.

I was slated to sit between Mary and Mellissa. Mary stood up to greet me in her quiet, refined and dignified manner shaking my hand and offering a neutral smile. It is apparent that Mary is the matriarch of the family.

The twin sisters have striking dark violet-blue eyes, as opposed to Bonne’s sapphire blue ones.

Mary was wearing a ¾ inch sleeve dark blue dress with a lace collar and gathered waist. This classic style of dress came to her knees. She had on taupe stocking or pantyhose and was wearing black pumps on her feet.

She prefers long dresses, long skirts. Mary prefers blouses in soft and subdued solid colors; particularly the earthy browns and gray shades mixed with soft pastel shades of other colors not mentioned.

Unlike her sister’s plethora of beads and bangles, plus the tangling earrings; Mary chose for herself a long strand of white South Sea pearls doubled over with matching single pearl post earrings.

Mary’s dark chocolate brown hair is the same color as Bonne’s. I couldn’t tell if she colored it or not by looking at it. It’s easy enough to find out. I wouldn’t think to ask her directly for that is not what a gentleman would do; including a gentleman telepath by probing her thoughts.

There is no useful purpose in prying into Mary’s private vanity, assuming there is one; besides I approved of the color of her hair. I muted the thoughts of those around to enjoy the music when it became apparent that the concert would soon begin.

Nevertheless, Mary’s very long; possibly waist length or longer hair was styled for Church that late Friday afternoon in elegant crown braids, while her makeup was subtle; more natural, as is Bonne’s.

Of the two sisters, I’m more attracted to Mary. As I shook her hand, I wanted to see her hair down in loose luscious waves; I was tempted to insert a firm suggestion and have her take it down later on.

If you’ll excuse the expression, I surmised underneath Mary’s calm, refined and dignified countenance is one hot babe and a marvelous lay in the sack. This is one lady who definitely wants to be on top to ride on a hard cock.

I’ve experienced my share of older women. There are two in particular in their mid-forties who I was enjoying at the time I met Bonne.

They, shall we say, are attuned to all my sexual needs and preferences on how a woman will look and perform in the bedroom…. They visit me separately, once a week, every week to clean my house. Dorothy and Marie are marvelous cooks.

The one is unaware of the other; it is less complicated this way. In turn I have eliminated all of their sexual inhibitions while they are with me and have made some slight changes to their minds to allow them to always have intense and prolonged multiple orgasms; particularly when they perform oral on me and swallow my seed. In short my semen is an aphrodisiac to them, 100 times more potent than any available, real or imagined.

I also have some loose ends to tie up with these two lovely ladies who I am most intimate…..I will break things off with Edirne Escort them sexually, although they will continue to clean my house. In time they will forget me and I will allow them to retain their intense multiple orgasms with the right man who I will find for them.

There are plenty of good deserving men out there with bright Auras that are a match for theirs; lonely men and shy around women; all they will need from me is a little push, perhaps a shove in the right direction. I have one man in mind already for Marie. Bob Smith a pharmacist at the hospital.

I chatted quietly with the violet blue eyed ladies in the crowded church until the concert started. Lily, the woman that Mellissa first introduced me to was sitting behind us and was no doubt listening to our conversations….let her.

We exchanged questions and answers until the quartet was seated. I nodded and smiled, raising my right hand at shoulder level to give Bonnie a brief wave and received a shy smile…the Aunt’s were watching me and then the quartet began to play.

I was lost in the music….I was mesmerized by her performance. Bonne’s music did touch my Aura and she was playing only for me. Her concentration as she plays is amazing. She performs with a precise surgical technique all her own.

I closed my eyes to see Bonnie infuse all the colors of her bright and brilliant Aura into her music. Although dormant I clearly saw this in my mind’s eye another anomaly. In other words; in a church full of good people with bright Aura’ and while dormant, I saw no Aura but Bonne’s…………..

I WAS SO EXCITED I ALMOST couldn’t contain myself. Michael presented me with a bouquet of two dozen long stem blood red roses sprinkled with white baby breath in front of everyone. The florist who delivered them arrived minutes before the concert ended.

Mellissa found a large vase in the church kitchen and my roses reserved our spot. The roses graced our table while I introduced Michael to some people Mellissa told me she missed. I was so busy with the introductions that I didn’t have time for as much as a glass of water and neither did he.

I wasn’t pleased to see a certain someone walking towards us; let alone introducing her to Michael. This woman will make certain her thousand dollar donation appears in next week’s church bulletin. I’ll concede it is very generous of her to purchase one hundred tickets at tens dollar a piece; despite the fact she had no intention of attending my concert.

This person attends church every Sunday without fail. She walks in at the very last minute to make sure everybody sees her walk by them for a seat saved for her in the front pew by our Minister’s wife.

This person, Serena Blake was practically drooling over Michael when she walked up introduced herself to him; acknowledging me with a slight nod as she stepped in between us.

“So, you’re the handsome Doctor I’ve heard so much about” she said putting her embossed business card in his sports coat breast pocket and patting it with her hand “ I’m Serena Blake.

I’ve written my personal cell number on the back of the card should you need anything, handsome; anything any time of the day or night. Are you planning on joining our congregation?” she asked as they shook hands. Serena then put her hand on Michael’s shoulder to steer him away from me.

Talk about being forward and pushy….the fact that Serena is a beautiful woman with long natural strawberry blonde hair and always impeccably dressed and coiffed.

Serena can walk out of the eye of a tornado without a hair out of place, although having her own Insurance Agency thanks to her father doesn’t give her license to be rude. I felt my blood start to boil at her audacity.

But then, Serena has always been this way; all through school including Kindergarten; we are the same age and started out together there sharing a cubby hole. Serena is the girl with the perfect grade point average and wore all the right clothes.

Serena joined all the right school clubs and was always on the right school committees; her parents saw to that; as they say, money talks.

When we were thirteen, Serena and her groupies; Susan Smith, Lola Day and Becky Hopkins thought it would be hysterically funny to put my violin in the toilet of the third floor boys’ room. Serena did the dirty deed while the others were lookouts.

I spent my first summer working in the family business to earn enough money to purchase my own instrument from the music store next door; it was my most prized possession.

That day was the first concert of the school year for the student body and parents. The band would be playing first, followed by the orchestra.

Needless to say my violin was found in pieces after the concert by Mr. Hyde the head janitor. It was waterlogged and smashed.

I had my suspicions and they were confirmed because in those days Lola Day had a big mouth…..the word got out through the grapevine and I told my Aunt Mary.

I sat in the kitchen with Mary as she telephoned the mothers of all involved explaining what was heard. They all were polite to her; assuring my Aunt they would question their daughters and get back to her; the mothers did; Serena and her groupies denied doing it. Lilly Day came right to the house with Lola to have Lola deny it in person. Aunt Mary wasn’t satisfied and we scheduled a meeting with the Principal.

Mr. Francis Eugene Blake, Serena’s father was there of course; he was the School District’s Attorney. He insisted that the Superintendant of Schools be there with all the members of the Board of Education and my Aunt pretended to reluctantly agree.

Mr. Blake also insisted on speaking first and Aunt Mary let him. He questioned us girls one by one as if we were in a court room. We sat up straight and looked him in the eye… was all rehearsed for the other girls….that was obvious to me at thirteen as they denied doing it.

“Well, ladies and gentleman” Mr. Blake said “I speak for the wrongly accused children when I state there is nothing more to say.

There is no hard evidence merely hearsay. It comes down to one confused child’s word against four good children from impeccable families; families with a proper mother and father to act as role models.

For all we know Bonne was acting out and did it herself to be the center of attention. There is no shame in getting counseling for your niece, Ms. Allaway and I can recommend several fine family counselors.

I’m sorry to have wasted your time, ladies and gentlemen; however Mary wouldn’t take our word for it and insisted on this meeting.”

“May I speak now? My Aunt Mary asked quietly.

“Yes, Mary, go ahead if you wish to embarrass yourself further. I’ll give my summation after you finish.”

“Francis, before the day is over, I’m certain the Board will insist you resign as the School District’s Attorney. You’ve crossed over from the appearance of impropriety to outright impropriety.

Your summation indeed; you’re so full of crap I’m amazed you haven’t exploded by now.”

With a look of confused embarrassed disgust, followed by panic on his flushed face, Mr. Blake abruptly fled the room; not making it to his intended destination as he loudly wet and soiled his suit pants on the way out the door.

“Well ladies and gentleman; Francis did explode. He appears to be indisposed at the moment. What a final summation! How embarrassing for him. I suggest you make an appointment for Francis Eugene to see a proctologist, Jennifer (Mrs. Blake) there is no shame in that.”

Mary questioned me first and then the girls. They fingered Serena as the one smashing my violin and putting it in the toilet. They admitted to being her lookouts and admitted to being coached by Serena to lie to their parents.

Susan, Lola and Becky apologized to me in front of everyone; excluding Mr. Blake of course. Afterwards the girls were appropriately punished and Lola in particular.

Mrs. Day came to our house right after the meeting and couldn’t apologize enough to me, Mary and especially to Mellissa who was in fact Lily’s closest friend.

After that day, Lola was no longer a groupie; her mother and father saw to that. We actually became good friends the following school year and remain so to this day. My good friend Lola Day is now Lola Lambert who I called at the medical Center.

Mr. Blake resigned post haste as the School District Attorney.

It’s my opinion that men are nothing but toys for Serena’s pleasure; an ends to a means. Serena always gets what she wants…..not this time.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Serena and Michael will do. I’m taking a break from medicine today even though a few of the older parishioners I’ve been introduced to have asked my advice about their ailments, aches or pains.

I haven’t attended church on a regular basis since college and now that I’ve heard Bonne play, I’ve made up my mind that this is the congregation for me.”

I put my hand on his other shoulder pushing Serena’s hand away to receive a look of surprised indignation. Michael took this all in stride as he put his arm around my waist and asked her “Did you enjoy the concert Serena?”

Before Serena could answer I interjected “Serena just arrived; no doubt pressing business at her agency prevented her from attending the concert. Serena is a generous contributor when the call goes out, Michael.

Did you know that Serena bought a block of 100 concert tickets to help purchase furniture and learning toys for our Sunday school nursery?”

“I had no idea and I must say that is generous and more. Since you recently arrived we won’t keep you, Serena” Michael said pleasantly “I’m sure there must be dozens of people here you want to talk too. Please, don’t let us keep you. Bonne and I were just going outside to get a breath of air……………….”

I PROBED SERENA’S MIND AS WE SPOKE and this young woman has enjoyed a variety of men although I can’t say that she’s a bad person at heart. Actually Serena has the potential to be a really good woman…..deep down inside of her she wants to be; she’s searching for the right man, although she is going about it all the wrong way.

Yes, Serena is bit selfish and self centered. She definitely has been spoiled all her life. She’s very aggressive in her business dealings….a real go-getter in her quest to amass wealth and material possessions.

Interestingly enough, given her father, Serena is also scrupulously honest; a true advocate for her clients and she takes great pride in the fact.

She recently bought her father out of the business and pushed him aside in this aspect of her life…..very interesting. Bonne doesn’t care for Serena much at all…………………………….

“IT WAS GETTING A LITTLE TOO WARM IN THERE” Michael said as we stood outside behind the church “and I surmise you don’t particularly care for Serena Blake.”

“Is that your diagnosis?”

“It is.”

“Serena is a royal pain….. Michael, did you mean what you said about joining our congregation?” I asked hopefully.

“I meant every word, Bonne. Let me show you something” and he took the bracelet he wove from my red and green shoes laces from his pocket and slipped in on his wrist.

“Until I met you in the park I viewed luck as superstition or a random equation. I’m an amateur mathematician. In this endeavor I deal with facts, logic, statistics and science. Until I met you I gave little thought to romance or a long term relationship and now I’d like to explore both with you.

Logic, mathematics and science aside; this is Michael speaking from my heart; your music touched my soul, Bonnie. I closed my eyes while you played and in my mind’s eye I saw you infuse your music with all the bright colors of your soul.”

He kissed my hand….and felt tingles of pleasure were his lips touched it…wishing….wishing I had the courage to kiss him because somehow Michael knew I was playing just for him…..calling out to him with my music.

“I feel a strong connection with you, Bonne as you do with me” and what he said is absolutely true…..I wanted him to kiss me!

I find your shyness endearing…..see, you’re blushing” and I was blushing, my face was warm and pink. I was tongue tied that Michael knew I was so shy, nonetheless I was first embarrassed and then relieved that he found it endearing…….I wanted to kiss him!

“I’ll tell you a secret. I wanted to kiss your warm generous lips from the moment I first met you and still do.”

I felt my face go from warm to hot and I was really blushing…….how did he know I wanted to kiss him? “However beautiful blue eyes I’m willing to wait until you’re ready.”

I didn’t answer and Michael continued “With your permission, I want to see more of you. We can go as slow as you like. Attending services on Sunday is a good start. Will you do me the honor of another date?”

“I wondered where you disappeared to” said Mellissa surprising us as she carried my flowers and violin case to her Mini-Van “Serena seemed a bit distracted about something.

My guess is you Michael. Serena is asking all kinds of questions about you. Oscar is picking me up in an hour; we’re going dancing. Are you two planning another date?”

‘You’ll probably spend the night with Oscar’ I was thinking ‘and I haven’t even kissed Michael yet’ and I mentally sighed.

“Yes, Mellissa” I answered finding my voice while thinking ‘the heck with Serena!’ “We’re going for a walk and then get a bite to eat.”

“That’s wonderful, Bonne! Where are you going?”

“Delmonico’s for steaks” said Michael playing along as he took my arm in his “We’re going to walk.”

After we crossed the street and were passing the library it was now or never “Stop walking” I said quietly, and thinking ‘You can do this, Bonne, baby steps.’

”Close your eyes and keep them closed, please” I said.

“They’re closed, Bonne. I’m at your command.”

I put my arms around Michael’s neck hesitantly….took them off and put them back again and kissed his lips lightly, once, twice….three times, and I was tingling all over “You may open them now.”

“This is nice Bonne. May I kiss you?” And he put his strong hands around my waist and I looked deep into his green eyes feeling safe, calm and at ease with him. I wanted Michael more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life and nothing was going to stand in my way……especially my shyness.

Michael kissed me once…long and deep. I felt like Princess Snow White being awakened from a kiss from my handsome Prince. Lo and behold; my spell of kissing shyness was broken in a flash of blinding light. It was banished forever like the wicked queen.

“You’re not blushing now” he said smiling “it must be my kisses.”

“Yes definitely your kisses and with the evil queen banished forever I can live happily ever after.”

“Aren’t you being a little hard on Serena? She not banished completely. We’ll see her in church on Sunday.”

“I guess I’m just being silly, Sir. Don’t you get silly on occasion?”

“I don’t have anyone to be silly with, Bonne.”

“Oh, really; what about being fun and spontaneous or spur of the moment and just running amok?”

“Well such behavior is hardly dignified or proper for a Board Certified Physician. My idea of running amok is ordering white wine instead of red with our steaks but I’ll do it for you.”

“Oh, the shame of such unforgivable impropriety; what will the wine steward think of us? Let’s find out right now” I boldly took his arm as Serena drove by slowly and then sped up as I waved to her.

“So….Serena drives a Jaguar” Michael commented “apparently the insurance business pays well.”

“It’s probably lease and tomorrow is Saturday. We can have a picnic by the canal and then go boating if you like.”


“Yes. My father restored an original Adirondack rowing skiff. It is hanging in the boathouse. We can have a picnic lunch on the water if you like. Do you fish? Oscar taught me how to fly fish.”

“Yes and it sounds like a plan. We’ll talk about tomorrow over dinner……….”

I DIDN’T GIVE BONNIE ANY TELEPATHIC PROMPTS OR SUGGESTIONS, yet in my mind’s eye I saw her Aura brighten when she kissed me….one…twice….three times. They were shy butterfly kisses that made me tingle…..a totally new sensation for me.

I absolutely feel it to my very core; Bonne is my Aura’s mate. I kissed her generous and luscious lips long and deep and our Aura’s flared and mingled like twin Suns going Nova together……………………………..

I DON’T REMEMBER HAVING such attentive service in any restaurant as we had that evening at Delmonico’s. Our waitress was right there and anticipated our wants almost as soon as we thought them. We sat in my favorite booth in the corner by the salt water fish tanks. Actually it was occupied but somehow Michael convinced the people to move to another table.

Everything about the meal was perfect. We shared two dozen raw oysters on the half shelf for our appetizer. We ordered three of the steak and lobster tail special. I had one glass of white wine and Michael two glasses of Sutter Home Pinot Noir. Michael ate two complete meals by himself explaining he has a fast metabolism.

We shared a single order of Delmonico’s signature dessert; homemade vanilla ice cream with shaved dark chocolate, walnuts and pecans; drizzled with Cherry Hennessey Liquor and topped with whipped cream…..we finished our repast with a small glass of Anisette.

All throughout the meal our conversation flowed like the waves in the ocean. This wasn’t as hard as I once imagined it would be. Among other things I learned Michael’s favorite color is blue and he likes black licorice. He also does Math equations in his head as a form of meditation and relaxation.

Mary taught me to meditate to clear my mind; meditation is a wonderful stress reliever as well as helping me with my music. My favorite anything is dark chocolate. My favorite color coincidently is green, like Michael’s intense green eyes.

We walked to the park to sit on our bench. From the time I was eleven it was my bench. I think of it as our bench now. We didn’t talk at all and he didn’t kiss me. We sat for about half an hour listening to the crickets and watched for the occasional firefly. Michael held me close….nothing more; it was calmly Romantic and exactly what I wanted him to do.

When it got chilly, Michael put his tweed sports coat over my shoulders and we walked to his older model full-size station wagon that was parked in the now mostly deserted church parking lot.

Michael drove me home and walked me to my front door. I invited him in for coffee however he declined, explaining he had a patient in intensive care to check on before bedtime. I was counting the minutes for him to kiss me again at just the right moment and he did.

He kissed me again, long and deep and I returned his kisses, putting my arms around his neck to keep him from getting away. I wanted this kiss to last until morning.

Michael gently took my hands down seconds before Mary opened the door. She had a knowing look on her face as we bid him goodnight. She ushered me firmly inside with her hand in the small of my back before closing the door and locking it……………………………

I COULDN’T GET BONNE OUT OF MY MIND as I drove to the hospital. I’ve never experienced such overwhelming infatuation before. The weather forecast on the radio called for rain and overcast tomorrow with a 20% chance of sunshine.
I decided to fall back to plan B and call Mr. Chang. I wanted everything to be perfect for Bonne.

Ah, the advantages of being a telepath. Mr. Chang will drop whatever he is doing to prepare and deliver the perfect feast for us. The permanent commands I placed firmly in his mind makes it his pleasure to accommodate me without question.

Mr. Chang genuinely believes I bring him good luck and I do. He and his brother are fabulous cooks and their menu is outstanding. He is unaware that I’ve inserted compelling suggestions and commands into many of his customer’s minds for them to dine there on a regular basis. I pick people randomly out of crowds. I do this with all businesses and establishments that I frequent.

This practice is used by most telepaths. We receive free merchandise or services and the customers we send them more than makes up for it; call it an undeclared commission.

At every opportunity I seek out a few drug dealers or criminals in general to compel them to put their ill gotten gain in the always strapped for cash City Mission Church poor box. This fine organization includes a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen and a food bank. Donations are vital for their continued success.
That’s one way to take a bite out of crime and it keeps my Aura in balance.

‘Bonne, Bonne, Bonne’……I thought, noticing a far away smile on my face every time I glanced into the rearview at traffic behind me. I was so happy I couldn’t help myself. I half-heartedly reminded myself that love is an emotional state involving neurobiological and biochemical correlates in the brain.

As I concentrated on Pythagorean’s Theorem to clear my mind, I was again distracted by the sight of my far away smile inspired by the lingering memory of Bonne’s sweet warm kisses on my lips. Defeated I surrendered to bask in the thought of her.

I then scoffed at the explanation of neurobiological and biochemical correlates as I recalled Bonne’s dimples when she smiles. There is no escaping the glowing epiphany that I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth………………….

MY AUNTS WERE GONE FOR THE DAY; we were having a 50% to 75% Sale on orange and green ticket items and they insisted I keep my date. I didn’t expect them back until after six in the evening so essentially we’ll have the whole place to ourselves.

Michael arrived around eleven in the morning. The sky was overcast gray and it was raining steadily. The forecast called for more rain and drizzle; so much for our picnic on the water.

Michael was dressed casually in blue jeans, a red tee shirt, Bean Boots and a green flannel shirt that was unbuttoned and not tucked in. He had a rain parka and was well prepared for a day on the water.

I was dressed just as casually in blue jean, a Kelly green hooded sweatshirt with the same style rubber bottom leather top Bean Boots as Michael. I wanted to change into a nice dress for him, however he said I looked beautiful so don’t bother when he took my hands and kissed them.

I showed him my boat though. While in the boathouse Michael suggested we attend a movie, return here, and order Asian takeout. We could picnic in the Gazebo by the breakwater weather permitting and then take the boat out after we ate.

While we were waiting in line to purchase the tickets, I noticed a black luxury sedan with dark tinted windows parked across the street. Disreputable people were going up to the window, shaking hands and then leaving immediately. It was obvious what was going on.

Michael said “I’m going to wait right here. Will you please get in line and get me after you purchase our tickets. I’ll talk to the manager before the movie.”

He stood outside and watched the drugs buys. He was very intent and serious showing no fear whatsoever; when I returned to get him the black sedan was nowhere in sight.

“Shall we, Bonne” he said taking my arm to escort us to our seats.

Michael held my hand all throughout the movie. Neither of us was paying much attention to it. When the movie ended, Michael talked to the Manager. As we were leaving the theatre I noticed a game machine in the lobby.

I’m sure it wasn’t there when we walked in. I’m talking about the kind with the stuffed animals or stuffed dolls. You put your tokens in and maneuver a joy stick that operates a cable and claw.

I kissed Michael’s cheek and asked him if would like to play; to which he replied “Your wish is my command, beautiful, provided I receive a hug or a kiss for each captured stuffed menagerie.”

“Like this?” I boldly replied as I put my arms around his neck and kissed his lips.

“Yes, exactly like that beautiful Bonne” he replied as he put his arms around my waist. “You didn’t blush and I’ll be right back.”

Michael returned with a large bag full of hundreds of tokens and placed it on top the game machine. “Ladies first!” he as he dropped a token into the slot.

We played for a couple of hours and we became quite good at it. Soon the machine was half empty; the top piled high with our captured stuffed menagerie.

We gave away all of the prizes but two; a stuffed Betty Boop doll for me and a stuffed Tasmanian-Devil for Michael. We had quite a crowd gathered around us when we gave away handfuls of tokens and stuffed animals… forward and sharing our luck and good fortune. Looking back, playing that game with him and giving away our prizes was one of the best times in my life.

I think back to my teenage crushes and romantic fantasies. I never had a boyfriend until him. I never kissed a man on the lips and only imagined what it would be like…..with Michael it’s as natural to me as breathing given my shyness around men.

Somehow, I pushed away most of my shyness and hesitation around Michael that afternoon because I can’t get enough of his hugs and kisses.

I’ve known him for less than two days and I want us to be lovers.
I want……it will be so wonderful….there’s no doubt in my mind…..there will be no more baby steps for Bonne Aileen Allaway.

Being with Michael is like being with a childhood sweetheart of shared spirit and now that we’ve finally met, we are learning about each other for the first time……………………………….

“BONNE, BONNE, BONNE…… I thought every time she kissed me or hugged me “You’ve stolen my heart!” When we got to the car I laughed when she pushed our stuffed toys together as if they were kissing and then we laughed when she held up Betty Boop for me to kiss and I did.

When I held up the Tasmanian-Devil for her to kiss, Bonne did a fantastic Betty Boop imitation “Don’t be silly, poop-poop-e-do, I’m only going to kiss you!” and she hugged me and kissed me lightly on the lips, laughing when I gave my best raspy guttural growl of the Tasmanian-Devil.

Before we drove away, Bonne put the stuffed toys together side by side in the back seat and buckled them in place as if they were small children. Curious about this sweet tender gesture, I lightly probed her thoughts and feelings about them.

I was thinking ‘my beautiful blue eyes; I will cherish and protect you with my last dying breath’……………

IT WAS RAINING HEAVILY when we returned to my house. I put the kettle on for tea while Michael called in our order. There was a change in plans. We moved the furniture in the parlor out of the way to clear a space in front of the fireplace. We then spread a blanket on the floor to have a cozy indoor picnic. We even built a fire.

Mr. Chang the proprietor of the Lotus Garden Restaurant delivered our meal in person and wow what a decadent cornucopia of delights he prepared for us.

We began our exotic repast with a delicate and soothing clear fish soup to wet the palette. We sampled succulent cold sushi of shrimp and an equally succulent sashimi of sea bream, tuna and squid.

There was snow crab rolled with turnip and grilled squid cake with egg yolk lovingly prepared to be a compellation of complex mingled tastes and textures to titillate the tongue.

We grazed on deep fried oysters with rice flour and devoured a crisp tempura of lobster.

We marveled at a perfectly grilled and moist blackened cod with Yuan sauce companioned with a hot and crunchy tempura of salty sweet lobster.

We dined on exquisitely prepared grilled fillet of beef slathered in heavenly seasonal mushrooms. We feasted on decadent grilled quail with Kuwayaki sauce served alongside of steamed rice with grilled salmon and salmon roe.

Our dessert was cold and refreshing white Miso ice cream and creamy pumpkin pudding…… despite Michael’s huge appetite there was enough left over for another meal.

We didn’t get an opportunity that day to take my boat out; we did that the following Tuesday afternoon. After our picnic in the parlor we moved the furniture back and took a long walk along the canal.

It was raining on-and-off with the sun peeking out occasionally between the clouds to shine on the individual raindrops in the grass creating the illusion a sparkling scattering of diamonds.

To see what Michael would say, although I already intuitively knew as I put a raindrop drop on my finger and held it to the sunlight “Use your imagination and tell me what you see; crystalline carbon perhaps?”

Michael kissed my finger tasting the raindrop. He scientifically explained the properties of surface tension and the Centrifugal Adhesion Balance plus other scientific theories that I don’t understand but subjects he finds very interesting and relevant nonetheless.

My heart soared when Michael hugged me, whispering “You bring a new and different perspective to my life. I shall henceforth think of sun kissed raindrops as sparkling water diamonds………”

Michael and I were inseparable that day after our walk along the canal; we are what Mellissa refers to as an “item.” I had a long talk with Mellissa about him; she gave me her version of the birds and the bees except it was quite graphic and involved in sexual content; including how to flirt, makeup and hair styling tips etc… girl things in general.

While I was growing up, Mellissa was the fun and spontaneous aunt. She took me Trick-Treating in full costume while Mary stayed home to pass out candy. Mellissa and I set up tents in the living room. Mellissa often looked the other way and allowed me to break little rules, while Mary didn’t; Mary is strict but fair. All my little secrets and crushes I shared with Mellissa.

Mary is the aunt who I go to for serious matters or advice; especially now that I am a woman. We’re very much alike; how we dress for example; including and especially our accuracy with first impressions about people; this is our big secret, known only to us. I’m sworn to secrecy. Mary says I must be patient and disciplined and when my time comes she will tell me more about our shared gift in great detail.

We had a serious pajama talk the following Sunday morning. The tradition of pajama talks started when I was three after my parents died. I would join one or both Aunt’s in bed and we talked and played and cuddled……pajama talk.

I went to Mary’s bedroom in my yellow flannel pajamas and knocked on the door. She was already waiting wearing her red satin ones. We talked and brushed each other’s hair; I then braided my aunt’s waist length hair and told her about my decision to grow my hair out again saying “Michael prefers women with long hair.”

“Did Michael tell you that, Bonne?”

“No, we never discussed it.”

“Then, how do you know?”

“I just do……it’s my impression that he does.”

“Is there anything else you would like to share, honey?”

“Yes” and I talked about the spiritual bond I feel with Michael and the fact I am so at ease with him to the point I can almost sense his feelings. I talked and she listened…… I told her I was falling in love with him.

We lay there for awhile and cuddled; Mary rubbed my face like she did when I was a little girl……I needed that.

I assumed Mary might call it puppy love or my first crush…..I was wrong. She advised me to take things slow and use common sense. She told me to trust my instincts, feeling, and impressions about Michael to meditate on them to sharpen them………………

TWO MONTHS PASSED since Bonne introduced me to the existence of water diamonds. I hadn’t made love to her yet, although I have eaten many Sunday dinners with Bonne and her Aunts. Mary and Mellissa are gracious and attentive hostesses and set a generous table in keeping with my large appetite.
As far as Mellissa’s’ concerned I may as well be engaged to Bonne; she has welcomed me with open arms while Mary is just beginning to warm up to me.

Mary is another matter entirely. Her quiet reserve suggests the deep mystery of her hidden sexuality that I find very attractive; almost the point of distraction.
I surmise Mary is playing with and testing me. Nothing passes her notice.

For example; when Mary hands me a glass of red wine or a cup of coffee; her violet blue eyes and smile suggest an invitation of forbidden erotic carnal delights. I’m polite and neutral to avoid any misunderstandings between us.

I’m deeply in love with Bonne. On the day of our four month anniversary we drove up to the cabin for a three day sabbatical. I sensed Bonne is ready to make love to me and I want everything to be perfect when I receive the precious gift of her virginity…………………………….

OUR FIRST FOUR MONTHS together were enough to make my head spin, including the little thoughtful things we do for each other. The sticky notes with private messages or poetry we hide for each other to find, as well as the little gifts; licorice for him and dark chocolate for me.

Michael did something so incredibly sweet on Valentine’s Day while I was at work. We were very busy because of the holiday; actually business picked up markedly a few weeks after I met, Michael….not that we’re complaining though.

He sent me two dozen roses with a note apologizing that he couldn’t take me to dinner that evening as promised because he was covering for another Doctor who had a family emergency.

The roses were sweet, but not incredibly sweet. What was incredibly sweet is it was raining buckets when Michael walked into the store in his scrubs and wearing his stethoscope; he never wears a stethoscope outside of work?

I was waiting on Lily Day at the time when he walked up to us and said “Pardon me, Lily but I really need to talk to Bonne; just for a minute.”

He took his stethoscope off; put the headset in my ears and then the chestpiece over his heart.

“Can you hear that?” he asked and I nodded absolutely knowing what he would say next “My heart beats only for you, Bonne” and he put his arms around my waist and kissed my lips long and deep; right in front of Lily and our customers.

Michael turned and walked quickly out of the store without his stethoscope. Lily and I went to the window and watched him get into an ambulance which turned on the lights and siren as it drove away in the direction of the hospital. He arranged all this for me because he couldn’t keep his promise to take me out to dinner.

And now on our four month anniversary, we were staying in a real log cabin! Now granted, the inside is modern with a nice little kitchen. It has a bathroom with a large hot tub and a shower. The pantry well stocked and two people can stay here for months without going into town.

We spent Saturday afternoon hiking the property where I got the grand tour. Michael showed me where to pick wild berries or nuts when in season. He showed me hidden caves were he used to play in as a boy and favorite trees to climb. We sat together in one of them to see and incredible vista of the valley below.

I surprised Michael with my knowledge of medicinal and edible plants and their uses; identifying the ones on the property, including the poisonous plants if used improperly. Mary began teaching me these things when I started Junior High School.

I am more than adapt at preparing, elixirs, tonics, teas, extracts, tinctures, essential oils, salves and balms.

We fished for trout, catching four to be pan fried for our dinner. Michael is delighted to have someone to fly fish with besides his uncle. I must thank Mellissa and Oscar for knowing my way around a fly rod which we consider the ultimate and purist endeavor of fishing for sport or food.

It was quiet and peaceful that evening after our heavenly trout dinner. We were the only people on the mountain for miles around. We danced in the grass under stars to the radio and I wanted Michael to make love to me.

“Do you remember when you said we can go as slow as I like, Michael?” I asked.


“I want you to make love to me.”

“Are you sure you’re ready, Bonne. As capable Edirne Escort Bayan as you are in so many things you are a mere baby in these matters” He said kindly while stroking my hair. “Are not our hugs and kisses enough for now?”

“Now you are teasing me Michael and I am hardly a baby! Do I look like a baby to you?”

“No, of course not Bonne; I’m not teasing you. I am merely pointing out your lack of experience.

“You can teach me” I offered “We have this cozy little cabin to ourselves for the next three days.

“Then I shall teach because I love you my beautiful Bonne Blue Eyes; you make me complete and I shall love and protect you to my last dying breath.

I started crying….happily of course. Michael finally told me he loved me.

I’ve known this for months though. Michael held me gently in his arms and tenderly stroked my hair until I stopped. He then kissed away my remaining tears one by one.

I smiled and said, “I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes and wait here.”

I went into the bathroom with my suitcase and took off my blue jeans and sweatshirt. I slipped on a sea green silk camisole over my matching green lace silk bra and panties. I put a single drop of perfume Mary created especially for this occasion on my finger applying it to the base of my throat and the bottom of my wrists. Lastly, I brushed my hair until it shone.

I returned to the bedroom to find him sitting on the bed waiting with his eyes closed. Working quickly, I dimmed the lights and strategically placed candles from my suitcase around the bedroom, lighting them.

“You can open them now, Michael.”

“Well, if this is what you’ll always where to bed, I doubt I’ll get any sleep at all. Seeing you sexy like this is enough to sustain me for the night if only to hold you close. My carnal thoughts about you will make the mythical satyr blush and the nymphs swoon and faint at my lusty gaze.

Nevertheless I’m content just to sleep beside you…are you certain you’re ready Bonne my love. Are you sure?”

Michael got off the bed and walked over to me and put his arms around my waist. He didn’t fail to notice my perfume and said “Your scent is intoxicating my love……yes most intoxicating and alluring. You’ve never worn this perfume before and I approve, it’s definitely you.”

“I have never been so sure about anything in my life. I love you Michael. Despite my lack in experience, my eyes tell me you love me and my virginity shall be my gift to you.”

“As you wish my love, please turn around. I want you to undress me and then I will undress you. I am going to put on some soft music… patient…..but Bonne, that perfume is incredible on you.”

I stood there not cheating by peeking, anticipating what will happen next. Just the thought of him touching my naked body…..I could feel the moistness between my legs through my sea green silk panties.

“Keep your eyes closed my love. I want you to undress me with your imagination and sense of touch.”

I reached up and put my hands on his shoulders, leaning forward to kiss his lips long and deep. I ran my hands up his neck and touched his face trying to memorize his features with my fingers tips.

I pushed my hands through his blond hair feeling the silky contrast on top to the shorter hair on the sides. It was almost bristly in places when I ran my fingers across the grain. I adore this traditional masculine short haircut on him.

My hands went to the collar of his red flannel shirt and I started unbuttoning the second button from the top. I finished and took it off of him, dropping it to the floor and did the same with his white tee shirt

Still kissing his lips, I unbuckled his thick leather belt while imagining how big his rock hard cock must be.

My hands lingered to stroke and squeeze his cock through the material and I was thinking ‘He’s mine now and I will mark his cock with my lips and tongue so that he will know he is mine; what a wonderfully naughty thought.

I took a step back stumbling and opened my eyes but Michael caught me and pulled me close, kissing my lips long and deep; his tongue caressing mine.

“You’re doing fine, baby. Please continue.”

I closed my eyes and ran my hands down his bare hard chest and felt the hard ropey muscles on his arms, back and chest. I started kissing him, working my way down his hard chest and flat stomach caressing him and kissing him all over.

I unbuttoned the single embossed copper button of his blue jeans and then unzipped them, pulling them down around his ankles for him to step out of.
This left only his briefs that were bulging in front where his rock hard cock pressed against them trying to escape.

I squeezed his firm ass through the fabric and ran hands down his muscular legs before pulling down his briefs. Michael’s cock was much longer and thicker than I imagined. It was standing at attention for me to lick and to use as I pleased.

My eyes were still closed when I took his cock gently in my hands measuring the girth and length burning the dimensions of my man’s manhood in my memory while kissing his balls and licking the tip of his cock.

“It’s my turn, baby” Michael said taking my hands and helping me to my feet.

Michael closed his eyes and pushed my hair away from my face. He gathered it up into a small ponytail and then let it drop down. He traced the length of my hair down with his fingers to memorize where it ended on at the nape of my neck.

He took my face in his hands and kissed my lips long and deep; our tongues entwined. He sighed with contentment before reaching behind to push his hands underneath my hair at the back of my nape to let his finger follow the shape of my head and face; kissing my mouth again sighing with contentment.

Michael kissed my forehead, my cheeks, my ears and neck; he kissed behind my ears; everywhere. I was tingling all over thinking about of all that I had been missing. He was kissing me as if I were the most precious thing in the cosmos to him.

Michael worked his kisses down my neck and shoulders but lingered at the base of my throat, taking in the scent of my perfume I put there for him. He pulled my camisole over my head and dropped it to the floor and then my bra unhooking and taking it off to be added on top of my camisole.

I was looking at him absolutely dripping between my legs. My panties were no longer damp but wet with the sweet juices of my arousal. His hands and fingers were everywhere touching probing lingering on my shoulders.

They were on the small of my back; my thighs, my ass; rubbing and teasing and caressing me with his hands through the silk of my panties and his mouth kissing me in places I’ve never been kissed before.

Michael gradually worked his way down until he was on his knees; kissing and caressing me until he finally removed my panties. He stood up to study me with his green eyes and I was thinking ‘Oh, Michael; I love you so.’

Michael smiled and took my wrists and kissed them. He picked me up underneath my knees and cradled me as would a groom carrying his new bride over a threshold and put me gently on the bed.

“Now it will be my imagination to complement yours; please lie on your back and close your eyes again.”

“You have beautiful breasts my love and they were meant to be licked and touched and so I shall.”

He started licking and sucking my breasts while I was caressing his head and face with my hands; moaning and gasping with pleasure.

I pushed my pussy into his hand as he was stroking me until he parted the lips of my womanhood to get to my sweet, swollen clitoris making me gasp and pant and moan louder.

“Please Michael, I want to come, I want you to kiss me…oh god that feels so good and I want to suck on your big cock.”

“Keep your eyes closed… are they closed…good?” and he shifted to kiss my lips. Michael continued stroking my swollen clitoris and all the while I was thinking about sucking on his big cock.

Michael just brought me to the peak of orgasm and stopped with something else in mind for me. He went down on my dripping pussy with his mouth and tongue; licking and sucking and teasing.

I lay there thrusting my dripping wet pussy into his face for him to lick harder. My hands were above my head and in my hair and I was rolling my head from side to side as my first orgasm consumed me like a star going over nova……I had no idea it was like this.

Michael gently rolled me over onto my stomach. He then had me get up on my hands and knees; his dam was about to burst and now that I was satisfied….

Michael rammed his rock hard cock into my still dripping pussy while holding onto my hips and pounding me relentlessly with his balls slapping against me.

I’ve never done anything like this before; intercourse and oral was all new to me.

I was getting aroused a second time, another orgasm was starting to be born and I was thinking through my moaning and panting ‘Oh my god it feels so good…fuck me harder, Michael’ fuck me harder.’

Michael’s lustful thrusts increased in speed and in power. I was bucking and panting and moaning as my second orgasm burned through me; it was as good as the first; I could feel his hot thick and rich semen being pumped into my dripping and swollen ravaged pussy as he came. He had taken my virginity and I felt no pain…..only his love and my pleasure.

I looked at him lying there and for a millisecond he seemed to be glowing like all the colors of the rainbow and then it was gone… must be a trick of the light.

I was determined not to waste a single drop. I would lick his cock clean with my mouth when he rolled off over on his back; a bit of advice from Mellissa; we talked at length how to please your man.

Michael’s after-orgasm helplessness allowed me my opening to see if I could get him hard again with mouth and tongue.

I started by kissing his stomach and working my way down to his cock and started licking and sucking on the tip.

He reached up and gathered up my hair into a ponytail and to keep it out of my mouth and he was instantly hard again, I was thinking…”Michael tastes delicious and he’s mine. If I do say so myself I’m not doing badly for my first time; his big cock belongs in my mouth as his tongue belongs in my pussy.”

I mentally hugged myself with these new thoughts as continued licking and sucking. Mary of all people explained me how to perform a dynamite blowjob. She even gave me a soft cover book to read on the subject.

It’s Mary’s contention that a woman who performs a dynamite blowjob will always keep her man from straying, particularly if she loves him and they spend intimate time together.

It’s also her contention that a hard man with a strong forceful tongue who returns the favor of oral is a treasure beyond measure…..all this from my prim and proper Aunt Mary.

Mary said what better way to stroke a man’s ego than to swallow; ‘That is my motto too now’ I thought as I continued to suck and get him horny and hard again ‘I’m in charge now. Michael’s tongue plays my pussy like the bow on the strings; the songs of Nirvana and Shangri-La. I’m going suck cock and get a load of his rich, creamy semen squirted into my mouth to swallow’.

Michael let go of my ponytail just before his orgasm washed over him filling my mouth with gobs of his thick, creamy semen. I tasted and savored every bit before swallowing, wishing for more and thinking “His seed tastes so complex and is a little hard to describe…hmm… a little salty and a little sweat but creamy and rich and not at all what I expected; definitely hints of testosterone but mostly it tastes like my Michael.”

Michael put his arms above his head stretching and smiling while I scooted up and knelt over him, straddling his hips on my knees. I let my hair fall forward partially over my face to do peek-a-boo eyes and purred “poop-poop-e-do, I love you!”

“I take back everything about the baby part, Bettie Boop” he teased “You’re one sexy number” and Michael made the raspy guttural Tasmanian-Devil noise that always makes me smile.

“I’m your primary number, Taz” I teased back “so don’t you forget it.”

“Never, my love, never” he said reaching for me to cuddle; our first time cuddling in bed after making love.

Michael was enthralled when I first told him of the intimacy of pajama talks, therefore I bought us matching pajamas. I’ve spent dozens of evenings with him at his house cuddled on the couch or in bed watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.

We spent several nights together just sleeping in his bed until I was ready to make love to him, and I left there for work the following morning. I thought about showering with him; however it never got beyond that.

Mellissa was surprised that nothing happened given I was taking precautions. Mary wasn’t surprised at all and pleased with Michael’s patience and respect for me saying “Most men lack the restraint, patience or self-control. I have no doubt the good Doctor loves you Bonnie; do as you are doing; you’ll know when you’re ready.”

I snuggled up next to him, pulling the down comforter over us. Michael held me stroking my hair; I was remembering the brief millisecond when I saw the rainbow of light emanating from my love and wondering about it; I fell asleep, warm and content in his strong arms……………………………….

I AWOKE AROUND THREE IN THE MORNING to find Bonne wide awake snuggled up close to me. “Is everything alright, my love?” I asked touching her face, the scent of her perfume lingering and alluring still.

“Everything is perfect, sweetheart” she replied “I love you.”

“I love you too baby, and I think I know what you want” and that is true because my sense of smell is most acute.

“Roll over on you back and enjoy.”

Starting with her lips, I kissed them long and deep, I continued kissing my way down to the base of her throat; I kissed Bonne’s beautiful breasts; Bonne’s perfectly round and full breasts with rosy pink areolas with slightly darker pink nipples. I was not content to merely kiss her nipples. I licked them making her moan and coo, while feeling them harden in my mouth, as I sucked on them.

I made my way down to her flat stomach. I could smell her sweet musky arousal, along with subtle hints of the remaining essence of virginal blood.

Finally, I arrived to my final destination……her womanhood; parting her swollen and plump pink pussy lips to get to her flower… her swollen and sensitive little clitoris.

I licked and sucked while probing her with my tongue until I had her squirming and moaning with pleasure.

Bonne tastes like nectar & ambrosia, the legendary sustenance of the gods and what better way than return the favor oral to pleasure your woman than to taste her.

As Bonne’s orgasm washed over her, she was bucking and squirming much to my delight. She managed to pull the fitted bottom sheet partially from the bed and all the pillows and quilt ended up on the floor and she was blushing.

“My goodness baby” I said picking up a few pillows as Bonne slid out of bed to fix the sheet “I love you, my sexy and primary number.”

“I love you more, sweetheart. Do you want shower together?”

“Yes, we will shower in the morning?”

“Right now” she demanded hitting me again playfully with a pillow and smiling with her dimples on full display.

“Bonne; do you realize it’s four in the morning!”

“Yes, and we’ll be getting up in an hour. You’ve set the alarm for five to watch the sunrise, remember? That gives us an hour.”

“An hour in the shower; we’ll look like prunes.”

“No we won’t and it will be fun.”

Bonne got into the shower with me holding a small mesh bag full of homemade herbal soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

“It’s your idea baby so you do me first” I said “I leave myself in your capable hands.”

The first thing Bonne did was to shampoo and condition my hair. She then washed my face with an exfoliating cleaner, saying, “This is gentle enough to use every day and will do wonders for your skin, sweetheart.”

Bonne finished by washing me with peppermint soap using her hands while paying special attention to my manhood, which was proudly standing at attention I may add, while kissing my lips long and deep while she was doing it.

I don’t believe there was a part of me she didn’t wash, including the soles of my feet.

I shampooed Bonne’s hair, rinsing it well to remove all of the shampoo. I then massaged the conditioner in starting with the tips and working my way up to her scalp. Then she handed me a large claw- type hair clip and instructed me to twist her conditioner-saturated hair on top of her head before fastening it in place with the clip.

I soaped Bonne down with a lavender soap, massaging her full round breasts, and then everywhere else while kissing her lips and hugging her every chance I could get.

After Bonne rinsed the conditioner from her hair and wrapped it in a towel, we got out and we dried each other off. We got dressed and she had me sit on a kitchen chair.

As I sat there as she combed my hair several different ways until she commented “You haven’t said anything about my hair.”

“Are you referring to the fact that you’re growing it out?” I asked

“Yes” and she tugged on mine playfully “I’m growing it for you. I’ve only wore it in this bob for about a year.”

“Thank you, Bonne. How did you know I’d prefer it longer?”

“Call it a woman’s intuition, sweetheart and I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. It will be light soon. I’ll make the coffee and join you for a cup on the porch…………….”

It was around seven in the evening on a chilly Friday in October. The vibrant fall colors of golden yellows, oranges and red were on full display. Saturday was to be warm and balmy.

Bonne and I had been together for 18 months and I am pleased to say Bonne’s hair is almost to the middle of her back. There are parts of the brain that may be stimulated to expedite hair growth.

I brush it and braid it for her when she asks and often when she doesn’t. She often teases me with it by wearing it pinned up for the day and then letting me take it down before or until we’re making love. Bonne’s long hair is a delight to my eyes and fingers and she will style it any way I ask.

Admittedly, after she told me she was growing out on her own accord, I did place some gentle commands in her mind so that long hair will always be her preference……other than that our love continues to grow and flourish.

Recently home from the hospital I was checking my mail when my doorbell rang.

I wasn’t expecting company and planned on going to bed early. Bonne and I were going to have breakfast with the Aunts before going to Letchworth State Park, also known as the Grand Canyon of the East; all 14,350 acres of it along the Genesee River. We will have a picnic by lower falls; one of three water falls; the tallest is over 100 feet high.

During breakfast I was going to give Bonne her engagement ring surprising all three. I had the diamond from my mother’s ring mounted in a platinum setting.

We planned on hiking along the bank of the river in the gorge. We will wade in the shallows to look for fossils amidst the splendor of autumn’s colors. We are planning for a three backpacking trip in the Adirondacks and then spending another three days relaxing in the family cabin.

Mary was waiting at the door with a bottle of Pinot Noir wine in her hand and she looked lovely. She was wearing a long sleeve violet-blue knee length dress that matched her eyes under an almost ankle length dark blue wool cape with a monks hood. I also noticed she had black knee high calfskin leather boots peeking from underneath the cape.

Mary’s hair was up in a figure-eight bun that evening and she was wearing her pearls.

I invited her in exchanging pleasantries and helped her out of her red silk lined cape, admiring the quality of the material as I hung it on the mirror bench coat rack in the foyer

I was thinking ‘Mary has classic and sophisticated style that suits she and Bonne so well and I approve.’

“One of the reasons I’m here is to discuss your future with my niece” Mary said handing me the bottle “I want to hear from you face to face what your intentions are with Bonne. I want to know what’s on your mind.

Bonne is in love with you, Michael, I don’t want to see her hurt. You are an alpha male and have an irresistible appealing way with women.

You may have Mellissa fooled about your fidelity……” and she let the words hang.

“May I pour you a glass? I asked looking at the label, “Sutter Home” one of my favorite wines and hers “I will be happy to discuss it with you; to assure you I’m ready to settle down. Bonne is the only woman in my life now.

The kitchen is to the left. Thank you for the wine; this is very thoughtful of you. Sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir is just the thing to celebrate your first visit to my home.”

I offered Mary my arm and she took it replying sweetly “Please lead the way.”

Once in the kitchen I uncorked the bottle and poured two glasses, handing her one before clinking our glasses together and offering a toast “To my love, Bonne” and I took a sip noticing she hadn’t.

“You’re not drinking” I offered.

“There’s time enough for that. I have no doubt that you love Bonne deeply with every ounce of your being. Your actions speak louder than words.

I find you more than acceptable in all venues but one. I’m very good at persuading people to change for the better…call it magic if you like.”

“Dear, lady, I’m very fond of you and Mellissa. It’s good to know I’m acceptable in most if not all. Nobody is perfect.”

“Let me put a few cards on the table” she said, taking a sip of wine “Suppose I tell you I’ve hired a private investigator to check you out thoroughly?”

“Would this private investigator happen to be a former-police State Police Captain? If so you’ve wasted your money!”

“How do you know that?” Mary asked.

“I guessed and you confirmed it” I hadn’t used any telepathy on Mary or Mellissa; besides it is easy enough to arrive at the conclusion of the PI’s identity, John Fuller.

John Fuller’s’ wife was my uncle’s patient while I was in medical school. He blames Graydon for her degenerative paralysis and vowed revenge after his lawsuit failed. I also know John was once a parishioner at your church until his wife died.

Now on a side note; I didn’t share this with Mary; when John Fuller transferred the care of his wife to another doctor; in a very short time the poor woman could barely move and the pain killers made her lethargic and depressed. Lois’s biggest regret in life was not having children.

Graydon planted the seeds of a life and children in the fertile garden of Lois’s mind and Lois did the rest. Lois finally had her children, something her husband couldn’t give her. Granted, it wasn’t real, except to Lois. Her paralysis was gone and she was a vibrant and active young woman of 25…with children.

In her mind, Lois and her husband raised a family together; a boy and girl with all the joys and heartbreaks of a family. She watched them grow into adults and have children of their own…. she lived the life she always wanted while paralyzed in a coma in her hospital bed. Lois Fuller died a peaceful death at a ripe old age as a great-grandmother in the bosom of her extended family with seven decades compressed into a few short months.

Graydon has a copy of Lois’s Death Certificate…..I’ve seen it….she was only forty years old when she died. I strive to be as good a man as my uncle.

“Are you seeing other women now, Michael?” Mary asked taking a sip of wine.

“No, Mary, and this is a particularly good vintage year.”

“I know for a fact you’re seeing two women close to my age as we speak,” she replied calmly, “it doesn’t matter, and facts are facts! John Fuller is irrelevant, Michael; his motives are just as irrelevant. I had a second PI on retainer to confirm the first; just to be sure.”

“Then you’ve wasted you money a second time. There is nothing sexual going on with them now. They clean my house and cook for me. In case you haven’t noticed I have a voracious appetite.”

“As I said, I know everything about you, Michael; your anonymous donations to charity; you’ve given away hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet you live modestly. Do you deny it….I’ve seen your tax returns. Do you deny this?”

“Please stop inferring I’m a liar. I’m trying to be patient with you. Did you come here to argue and make me angry? It is not unknown for investigators to share information and fees when a client has preconceived notions and there is money to be made from him or her.”

“I’m a successful business woman. I’m more than capable of discerning facts from fiction; truths from half truths.”

“I know you’re a capable business woman, Mary. I wish I had your complete approval and trust. That being said I fully intend to continue courting Bonne regardless of what you think. We’ll eventually be engaged and then marry.”

I went active, blocking her perception that I was. I was prepared for some mental sparring although uncertain on the particulars or style she might employ.

Powerful partials often use symbolism on a person. Mary mentioned magic and most likely believes her telepathy is magic. She may use classic folklore magic by invoking incantations and such. I might have a few tricks up my sleeve there as well….just to make this interesting.

I know you are telling the truth and they omitted and held information from me. I have my ways of knowing. They have been punished and I have my money back. I just wanted to hear the truth from you. I’ve decided that I will give into temptation, Michael.

You’re not officially engaged to Bonne yet. I’ll never have this opportunity again….you’ll not remember; not even the pleasure I will give you; the pleasure I bestow on all my secret lovers; Their pleasure to maintain my magical equilibrium.

I’m not as straight laced or proper as you and everyone thinks. I have sexual needs the same as any woman. I love to fuck and suck cock.

Nobody knows this. I’ve compelled them all to forget; a potion here, a word of power there. My chosen business is not merely coincidence. It has other practical applications. Does this revelation frighten or intrigue you, Michael? “

Mary took my face in her hands and lightly kissed my lips “I’m only human you know. Do you find me attractive? Do you want me? I give myself freely to you and this will be your only opportunity.”

“I have no idea what you mean by equilibrium. Do you find me attractive, Mary?”

“I find you very attractive. Didn’t I compliment you as an Alpha male with an irresistible appealing way with women; that is why I’ve kept my guard up until now. I’m very attracted to you.”

“Thank you, Mary. Let me lay down a few cards of my own. I find you sexy and alluring. When we first met one of my first thoughts was I wanted to see your hair down. I’ve always believed underneath your calm, refined and dignified exterior you are one hot babe and a marvelous lay in the sack. You are one lady who definitely wants to be on top to ride on a hard cock.

I’ve never come on to you, Mary; I have treated you only with politeness and respect.

I’m also a man of Science. I engage in logic and facts; mathematical absolutes. Veiled threats of magical incantations, hexes, spells and conjurations or potions don’t impress me one bit….words of power; hocus-pocus, abracadabra all ridiculous nonsense!

Take your hair down to satisfy my curiosity and I’ll forget you insinuated I’m a liar. It ends there and you will go home. I promise you I won’t tell Bonne you tried to seduce me for it will serve no useful purpose.”

“Thank you for the compliments, Michael but you’ll never have the opportunity to tell Bonne because I’m a white witch. I’ll simply compel you forget our conversation. There are powers in this world that you know not; disbeliever!

In a few months Bonne will come into her own birthright because she loves you and you’re the final magical ingredient. I will teach her all I know as passed down to me and she will join the Allaway sisterhood of white witches.”

“Do you mean a white witch as in Glinda of Oz the Good Witch of the South” I asked, chuckling, pouring myself another glass of wine and taking a sip.

“You don’t look at all like Billie Burke, and I suppose you must know the tin woodsman and the scarecrow” Mary ignored this attempt at making light; she was dead serious.

“We need an infusion of new blood in our family. Mellissa and I are looking forward to being great aunts.” she informed me taking a sip of wine.

“I suppose I should get this over with, Michael” she said, putting her glass down and kissing my cheek “I really do like you; more than like you, and you’ll be the better man and husband for it. I’ll not rush things though; you and Bonne may decide the pace of courting as you put it, engagement to be followed by marriage.”

Mary’s almost overwhelming thoughts surrounded me like a lover’s caress……She was employing illusions in conjunction with subtle telepathic thoughts and suggestions; to break down my will and gain access to my inner thoughts?

Her illusions of the mind are magnificent. I’m impressed! They are as good if not better than mine. No mundane will be able to resist her sexuality for long.

Mary appeared as a semi-divine handmaiden to the goddess Aphrodite.

Her hair was unbound, falling in loose thick luscious waves to the bottom of her ass cheeks. In this illusion, Mary’s hair is the color of her eyes a deep violet blue, and nice imaginative touch I must add.

She was literally glowing with feminine sexuality and she was whispering to me to surrender my will to her so that I may enjoy sexual delights not of this world as she kissed me, her warm luscious lips on mine…..I could taste wine on her lips.

In reality she did kiss me at that moment. Mary was standing next to me, dressed as before, casually sipping her wine and running her fingers through my hair and caressing my face. I mentioned before that touch is important.

I scanned her thoughts on a level where she was unaware. She was convinced that I was falling under her spell; for that is how she perceived it; as a spell akin to magic. I never thought of telepathy in those terms; however I suppose it might be defined a type of magic.

I delved further to find that Mary fully intended to make love with me this one time. Enjoying my body and mind was her reward for assuring Bonne’s happiness and mine with the blessing of girl children to pass on their magical gift.

There was no malice in her thoughts; the only thing she intended to correct was her perceived notion of my possible infidelity. She sought to heal me and make me a better husband through the “equilibrium” her equivalent of “the balance”.

I was pleased to discover that Mary is frugal about using her telepathy. She decided from the beginning not to interfere and to let Bonnie fall in love the natural way. I also learned Mundane Mellissa is totally unaware of her twin sister’s telepathic ability.

Mary compelled both PI’s to return her money and surrender their professional licenses. Their punishments; none of them overly harsh and actually quite inventive were to volunteer a few hours in a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter, followed by a few hours of volunteer work in waste management disposal at the animal shelter for the next five years.

This family of white witches has their own code of ethics passed down from mother to daughter and soon aunt to niece.

Graydon will be pleased that Bonnie will be a powerful and benevolent partial as is Mary; this gives us great latitude to let them keep their secret and offer them our protection and privacy should they be discovered. Graydon is aware how deeply I’m in love with Bonnie.

I clumsily resisted her as would any mundane. I lashed out with pretend telepathic kicks and punches as if these might work; I tried reciting the magic words I mocked her about….I prayed.

I did mathematical equations in my head to drown out her thoughts.

As I briefly mentioned, I excel in all Mathematics; Numbers are absolute and true; powerful magic in their own right. I engage in complicated math equations in my head as a form of meditation for it helps clear my mind before surgery.

Math is to me what the violin, viola and her music are to Bonnie. Complicated equations such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the Standard Model, Pythagorean’s Theorem, Callan-Symanzik’s, The Euler’s Line, The minimal surface equation, Noether’s theorem all are my buckler and my shield to block and parry so I may thrust my telepathic spear through the defenses of my telepathic opponents.

I broke telepathic contact with her using simple Calculus and backed away…..pretending to be confused and disoriented.

Mary put her wine glass down and placed both hands on my face at my forehead and temples. She closed her eyes and tapped into more of her potential, exerting more effort….no longer taking me lightly.

I stopped fighting and put my arms around her waist and kissed her lips long and deep, and she thought to me ‘Not yet, lover, soon’ assuming I was completely under her spell.

I was curious to see if Mary had an alternate style of control aside from her enhanced sexuality; it’s easy enough to probe her mind to discover if she had, but not as much fun.

Her hands still in place; Mary was telepathically accessing what she thought were all my memories, including those buried in my subconscious and was delving deep. In truth she was accessing a duplicate decoy of my creation?

I had to keep her telepathically active and engaged. I didn’t make it easy for her and I again momentarily broke free. The vision she sent me began to mist around the edges so I shouted out loud “I’m having hallucinations; you have drugged the wine you evil bitch!”

Surprised at this set-back, she drew even more from her deep well of telepathic ability to counter and bring me back under her spell while continuing to caress my mind with her enhanced sexuality. Mary was now maintaining trilateral telepathy; the vision, probing the memories of the decoy and the mentioned sensuous mind caress……impressive.

This allowed me to put commands and suggestions into her subconscious on another level to retrieve later, while finding out what sexual pleasures were in store for me.

My impression of Mary when we met in church is correct. Mary is one hot babe and a marvelous lay in the sack. This is one lady who definitely wants to be on top to ride on a hard cock; her inner carnal thoughts don’t lie, nor can she hide them from me.

“I must say, you are a difficult nut to crack, Doctor” and she sighed, the vision of the temptress fading. My arms were around her waist from behind. I was kissing and nuzzling her neck and ears now, my hard cock pressed against her through my hospital scrubs. I’m merely human after all.

“You have no idea how difficult it is to maintain in three. You’re incredibly strong willed. You broke free from my spells twice and that has never happened once. Oh that feels good, Doctor…..mmm. Playing the part of a semi-divine seductress always arouses me and makes me horny. You may take my hair down now. I grant your request.”

“You’re so incredibly, hot, Mary” and I started removing the hair pins from her luscious large bun “and you’re so beautiful. I do so enjoy a strong woman who knows her own mind; especially one who can suck a mean cock.

“And to think we only met this morning in the hospital cafeteria” I repeated this false memory she planted in the decoy “and we enjoy the same wine and food; but especially Classical Music, via Vivaldi!” I exclaimed while admiring the thick, silky softness and weight of her thick dark chocolate brown pony tail “Is there any Pinot Noir left for a toast to beautiful women everywhere; the most beautiful is Mary Aileen Allaway.”

As I undressed her, Mary was unaware I was reading her mind when she thought; ‘How regrettable that my nephews; your sons, if you have sons, will not inherit our bloodline magic for they no doubt will posses your strong will.

Nevertheless, I will love them and protect them the same as I will my nieces; as I will protect you. My nephews will grow up to be strong and decent men. Heaven help anyone who tries to harm my family for they will have to deal with me.

As much as I want you; I realize now Escort Edirne that I can’t allow myself to have you; for Bonne’s sake as well as my own; even a white witch must put her family first and to share requires Bonne’s consent, as is our ways.’

“Aren’t you spending the night baby?” I asked sitting on the bed and patting it.

‘You need to sleep now, Michael’ Mary’s subtle command implanted in the decoy was compelling me to obey ‘when you awake in the morning you will not remember….you will not remember.’

“Of course I am, Doctor” she answered “Get yourself nice and comfortable so I can suck on your hard cock.”

“Anything you say, baby” I replied yawning and lying back down, pretending to fight to stay awake while I created a vision for her that showed me sound asleep. I was actually lying in bed with my eyes closed relaxing for a possible round two.

She touched my face tenderly and I read her thoughts; she was still active……this is amazing; active for almost three hours so far.

Mary kissed my cheek and whispered “Goodnight, nephew” and she took her time getting dressed, going to the bathroom to use the mirror to pin her hair up in the figure eight bun.

I knew from her thoughts Mary told Mellissa and Bonne she would be late at the store balancing the books for the month and not to hold dinner for she would order takeout.

When I heard Mary walk out the front the door, I got out of bed and put on my faded green terry cloth robe. This worn, ragged old robe is like a familiar friend. There is a hole in the right elbow and I can’t bring myself to get rid of it even though I have a new robe just like it in the closet.

Mary’s clothing was folded neatly on a chair and her calfskin boots were underneath it. Mary’s pearls, her most prized possession, was on top of my dresser. They were her mother’s pearls and she wears them as a talisman.

I mentioned earlier that I placed commands and suggestions into her mind. Mary thought she was dressed when she left the house to go to her Minivan. She thought her hair was up in a figure eight bun.

In actuality, she was completely naked underneath her cape and barefoot. Mary had braided her hair in long twin pigtails. I contemplated sending her outside completely naked, without her cape; an amusing thought although in no way practical.

There is a stop sign at the end of my street. This visual prompt will override the compelling misdirection’s I placed in her mind about her being dressed and Mary will realize she is not.

If nothing else Mary will return for the pearls. She might be frightened or she might be angry, or both, but she will and did return as the result of an overriding command implanted in her mind.

When the doorbell rang the second time that evening, I answered it and invited her as before except not offering to help Mary off with her cloak……she was still active, as was I. Our communication became strictly telepathic.

‘I know you have magical ability and I’m not frightened; you were toying with me, warlock’ Mary thought calmly ‘I’m more powerful than I showed you and I won’t underestimate you again or be caught off guard. With my pearls I can easily defeat you; however I will do without them. You’ve no doubt destroyed them by now.’

‘They’re in my pocket’ I thought, taking them out to enjoy the surprised look on her face ‘Your visions are magnificent by the way, as is your trilateral control’ and I slowly extended my hand to give them to her ‘I’m touched that you offer me your protection and I offer you mine.’

‘Whose bloodline does your ability flow?’ She thought to while putting her pearls on and letting the cloak drop to the floor. She wasn’t the least bit hesitant or embarrassed of being naked in front of me.

“My mother’s; it is usually the first born of each generation. My mother was mundane. Graydon is the sole telepath of his generation and I in mine.’

‘By mundane, do you mean without magical ability?’ Mary thought while taking her hair out of the long braided pigtails.


‘Will you accept a temporary truce, warlock? If you have truly have read my mind you know I will honor it. I denounce my magic should I break it; as should you.’

‘I will accept a temporary truce. It will give you time to concentrate your remaining power and use it all at once to overwhelm me. By the way, I’m not a warlock.’

‘And so do you, Michael not a warlock; need to consolidate. Your time is running out as is mine until our next cycle in a few days.’

‘My ability is always available to me, Mary.’

‘Nice try, but you’re bluffing in an attempt to frighten me.’

‘No, I’m not, bluffing.’

‘That’s impossible unless you are a Merlin. You’re not or I’d be dead by now or stripped of my powers. My mother warned me of Merlins; those with unlimited magic; conceited and cold.

They’re unwilling to acknowledge us as equals or willing to share. They hold crimes we never committed against us; the sins of the mother and before. They live in the shadows and seldom reveille themselves to us.

Merlin’s are wealthy, powerful, and flaunt it. They seek us out and hunt us for sport. I’ve heard the stories of what has been done to us by them. You’re the same as me except for being a male. Our abilities will not last much more than an hour this evening.

A true Merlin wouldn’t have returned my pearls except to give me false hope before I was stripped of my powers or worse. Why are you hiding your talisman? Surely that ragged robe can’t be it?’

‘I don’t use a talisman, Mary. Do you want to get dressed before we start?’

‘Clothing is a distraction. I prefer being naked and wearing my pearls; I have so little opportunity except when meditating or praying alone in my room’ she thought, finishing with the last braid and finger combing her tresses.

‘Let me guess; your ragged and faded robe must be your talisman, Warlock.

If you don’t mind me saying so; wouldn’t a silver ring with a metaphysical gemstone or a heavy silver bracelet to channel your magic through be more practical?’

‘My robe is just a guy thing and a favorite item of clothing, nothing more. It’s like a comfortable old friend. I wore it to answer the door. Bonne has her Dad’s wool blanket lined canvas coat as her favorite item of clothing.’

‘We have much to talk about before the evening is over, white witch’ I thought privately to myself.

‘Fine don’t tell me’ Mary laughed in my mind ‘when I defeat you, I’ll ask the question again to see what you’re hiding under that ridiculous robe. I feel so much better that you’re not a Merlin!’

‘Are you refreshed, Mary? Shall we suspend our truce and duel?’

‘Yes; I must know who is the strongest. We shall count to three together……’

I raised my shield of numbers, using calculus at the count of three to what best be described as being hit with a blast of telepathic energy with a vision of raw fire; an intense inferno wall of fire surrounding me in a circle and I actually felt the heat. It was wonderful.

Surprising me and actually catching me off guard, Mary made it past my defenses for a few seconds with painful telepathic blow that staggered me; however she would not be able to maintain for long. Perhaps another 10 minutes at the most.

The fire was a distraction; a feint. The blow was a warning. She was now literally attempting to put me into a deep and restful sleep.

I didn’t attack, I took the defense. I modified my shield of math and surrounded myself with the vision of a wall of water complete with small freshwater fishes; Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Warmouth, Redbreast with a few yellow perch thrown in for good measure. Their scales were a glowing completion of mathematical equations. They were swimming placidly about or hovering in place to watch us.

The vision also showed the water turning into steam as her telepathic fire collided with it while having little affect as the circular wall of water encroaching and lapping at her feet; Mary felt the wetness and ignored it. She put everything she had into the final effort to put me to sleep; wrapping her hands in her pearls and closing her eyes.

Mary’s efforts fell short of its goal. She had only minutes remaining and she assumed I did too.

As her ability waned, Mary tore her pearl necklace from her neck snapping the silk cord and scattering pearls everywhere. Now physically and mentally exhausted from the effort, she dropped to her knees in despair; a comprehending look of fear appearing on her face; she was trembling.

In seconds tears started to flow as she covered her face with her hands sobbing uncontrollably……she was terrified of me, and afraid to reach out with me further with her mind.

“You are a Merlin” she whispered, gathering her composure after several minutes to have the courage look up at me “You’ve been toying with us and you have Bonne believing you love her; you had me believing it.

I’ve been such a fool……I beg you, don’t kill my family. They are innocent of any wrong doing; I’ll take the blame for my grandmother if you’ll just leave them alone.

I beg you, let them live out their lives unharmed. Strip Bonne of her power; she’ll not miss what she doesn’t know. Kill me if you must and my family’s bloodline of witches end with me…….is that enough for you? I offer myself to you to do whatever you like with me; whatever pleases you.” She asked no longer trembling and resigned to her perceived fate.

Mary crawled to me and prostrated herself at my feet; her long hair covering them…….”please.”

“Yes, I’m a Merlin and I have no intention of killing you. Why are you terrified of me Mary? Why are you begging? “Look at me.”

“Yes, as you command, Merlin” although instead of standing she was kneeling “Thank you for my life. I hoped this day would never come and dreaded that it would. Please don’t be cruel; make me forget what I am; make me anyone you wish.”

I pushed her long hair away from her face, past her shoulders and down her back “Give me your hands” I said quietly and hesitating she did.

I took them and helped her to her feet “You have nothing to fear from me despite what you’ve been told” and I continued to hold her hands.

“Yes, Master Merlin” she replied.

“Do you know the exact count of the pearls on your necklace?”

“Yes, Master Merlin” she repeated.

“You and I will pick them up and account for each one. There are zip-lock plastic bags in the drawer to the right of the stove.”

I helped her and we found all of them; I put the bag in my robe pocket, saying “I’ll have these restrung for you, Mary. Go upstairs and dress; we have much to discuss” and I was thinking ‘my date with Bonnie tomorrow will have to be canceled, and then we’ll all have a long talk; I’ll include Graydon.’

While Mary was upstairs dressing and much to my displeasure, my door bell began ringing insistently. I opened it to see the flashing lights of a patrol car in my driveway partially illuminating the Sheriff Deputy standing on my porch.

I also observed a man in a dark tweed suit standing by a red Corvette parked across the street and my senses went into overdrive; something was not right here; who was this telepath?

“I have a warrant for the arrest of Mary Aileen Allaway, Doctor Drake. I know she’s here, may I come in?”

“Not until I see the Arrest Warrant Deputy Dobbs” I replied, looking at his nametag, stepping outside and closing the door behind me. “Will you tell me what this is all about?”

“Step aside, Doctor, or I’ll arrest you for interfering with the execution of a warrant” and he pulled his 45 caliber Glock and pointed it at my chest; thankfully his trigger finger was along the slide.

This unidentified telepath was touching the line by threatening me with violence through another person; he then crossed it when I opened the door and Deputy Dobbs pushed me inside, closing the door behind us. Was it possible he didn’t know I’m a telepath?

Once inside, the Deputy holstered his Glock and violently slammed me up against the wall in the foyer. I turned as Mary walked down the stairs. She was dressed as before with her hair pinned up. She was completely under his control now and had a blank look on her face, awaiting further commands.

“You’re making things hard on yourself, Doctor” the Deputy said trying to reason with me “the woman is wanted by Interpol…..I mean the FBI’ and then the Deputy started speaking with a thick Scottish accent “you twiddle in affairs beyond your knowledge, fanny.”

I went active and raised a shield as the telepath’s commands causally reached out to me; talk about an over confident bastard.

‘You’re under my protection’ I thought to Mary breaking his telepathic connection to her ‘I won’t let him take you. You’re a good person white witch, and I’ll be privileged to call you Aunt Mary’. This made me smile as I raised a second shield to protect her.

‘I don’t know if this will work, but I have a theory. I studied your shield energy as we dueled. This one is almost identical to yours…..can you see it’

‘Yes’ she thought back ‘I don’t understand. How is this possible? I saw him from the upstairs window standing in the street; I lost all control of myself and he walked me down here like a puppet until you stopped him. Is he a Merlin also?

‘Excellent, this proves half of my theory is correct. He is and I believe he means you harm; I won’t allow that. You should be able to tap into my shield and maintain it…..reach for it with your mind and focus your thoughts into it.”

‘I’m doing it’ she thought incredulous ‘what magic is this? I’m easily blocking his attempt to regain control! ‘Why are you doing this for me, Merlin; why not just turn me over to him?’

‘Magic, science, telepathy it doesn’t matter. Draw from what you refer to as your well of magic using my shield as the catalyst, or if you like a talisman.”

‘My name is Michael, remember. You offered me your protection first. Don’t try to attack. The shield is not configured that way. It is purely defensive; I don’t have the time for a more complex one and I’m a little busy for telepathic chit-chat at the moment. I need to concentrate on him.’

I started probing Deputy Dobb’s mind to find the heavily reinforced controlling telepathic tether connecting him to the unknown telepath; he must be powerful to maintain such control over the Deputy and Mary.

Just as I was about to sever the tether; the Deputy turned away and reached for the door knob. Without speaking he opened the front door and leaving it opened walked outside to his patrol car. Deputy Dobbs got in, turned off the flashing lights, backed out of my driveway and drove away.

I noticed a black Mercedes had arrived with another unknown telepath dressed in a similar tweed suit standing beside it.

‘A truce, brother; I didn’t know’ the new arrival thought to me ‘We respectfully ask permission to enter your home and speak with you’.

‘You will extend the truce to Mary Aileen Allaway as well’.

‘It’s unheard of bampot! The first one, thought angrily ‘To extend a truce to a partial; let alone a partial of her evil tainted bloodline!’

‘These are my conditions’. You attacked me with physical violence, brother; look to our fifth mandate. Because the armed mundane was a mundane under your control doesn’t make it less so. You want a truce and you insult me.’

‘And I continue to insult you bawheed. You’re outnumbered, dobber’ the younger telepath thought sneering ‘you don’t stand a chance in a duel against the two of us so why bother to embarrass yourself. Forget the truce and give the partial to me.’ I took this as bluff and bluster.

‘Enough with the insults, Ewan, the Doctor is correct’ thought the other ‘You are guilty and should have waited for me. I will reason with the good Doctor to reach a compromise and dispense with the duel. We accept your terms, Doctor Drake.’

‘Fine, as long as Ewan keeps a civil tongue in his mouth.’

‘Ewan will, I assure you. As a matter of fact he will have nothing to contribute unless he is asked a question or there is a duel. You and I will negotiate for the fate of the partial; isn’t that right, Ewan?’ he thought sternly to his partner.

‘Yes, Grandfather’ Ewan deferred to both of us and this told me much.

‘You may enter as soon as I change into something more appropriate for our meeting…….’

Mary followed me upstairs to the bathroom; afraid of them, uncertain of me but afraid to be out of my sight.

I couldn’t fault her; three Merlins in one day. She waited apprehensively while I showered and handed me a towel as I stepped out of the shower onto the mat. When I finished all I could reach, I handed it back to her and thought to her ‘We are shielded and we will converse with our minds. Will you dry my back please?’ and Mary did. I probed the surface of her mind and while frightened of me, she was terrified of them.

I took my time and selected the antique safety razor with the ivory handle from the rack on the wall; I have a small collection of razors, new and old; including several straight razors that I shave with. I rubbed my homemade pre-shave oil Bonne made for me on my face; a mixture of castor bean oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and tree tea oil with a few drops of peppermint oil for its soothing scent.

I was deliberately making them wait and they had little choice.

As I was whipping up a rich creamy lather in my shaving bowl she thought ‘Merlin………’It’s Michael, Mary’ I corrected her ‘you will stand next to me in the foyer when introductions are made. You will shake their hands if they offer and they will……Doctors orders.’

‘But they’re Merlins! What if they break the truce and simply attack?”

‘They won’t break the truce. We will negotiate and we will speak the truth. Eventually they will challenge me to a duel because I won’t compromise’ and I lathered up and commenced shaving.

‘I know you’re terrified of them and frightened of me. I know you’re a strong woman facing the unknown. You must trust me in this, Mary. Before the negotiations start you will offer them refreshments. They will accept and at the very least will have a glass of ice water. There are lemons and limes in the refrigerator.

Tall glasses and a pitcher are in the top right cupboard adjacent to the sink. The coffee cups are in the same cupboard. The silverware and knives are below that cupboard.’

I splashed cold water on my face, patted my face dry with a fresh towel she handed me and then splashed on some Witch Hazel followed by shaving balm; another gift from Bonne.

‘The coffee grinder is on the counter next to the coffee pot. The jar with “coffee beans” printed on it is self-explanatory. The coffee filters are in the wicker basket next to the coffee jar.

You will make a pot of coffee for me without asking. Trust me; the coffee gesture is important and part of the strategy; besides, it is something you do when I visit your home because you’re a gracious hostess.’

I rinsed my razor and badger hair brush in hot water and hung them on the rack to dry.

‘You know how much I enjoy a good cup of strong black coffee the way you make it” I complimented “Plus the wonderful generous Sunday dinners where I may eat my fill.’

I then I gave her the short version of my debilitating headaches and the aftermath of me becoming an evolved telepath ‘This is why my appetite is the way it is.’

I walked out of the bathroom to my bedroom to get dressed, selecting light gray wool trousers, a white long sleeve shirt and black socks. I went back to my closet for a hounds-tooth sport coat. I should mention that I dislike wearing ties.

‘Will you please select a tie for me from the closet?

‘A tie, you want me to pick you out a tie?’

‘Yes, please; do it for luck; I’ve been very lucky in regard to the Allaway women and you’re no exception.’

‘You’re serious; aren’t you?’ and I could see the start of a smile.

‘I have five ties and I hate wearing them in case you haven’t noticed. It takes me forever to tie a proper knot.’

Mary selected a solid red tie ‘I know what you’re doing now, Michael, you’re deliberately making them wait. You’re making the best of a bad situation and are trying to comfort me while you’re doing it; thank you.

I’m still frightened of you; however, I’m going to trust you; you can’t be that good an actor and pushing away fear, my gift tells me you’re a good man. Do you want me to tie it for you?’

‘Yes, and you’re welcome. You’re correct on all counts and please do….you can forget about the hangman’s knot though.’

‘I wasn’t thinking that’ she thought putting my collar up and buttoning the top button while smiling at my joke ‘stand still, please. To think I have to dress you at your age. I’m going to make the best of this too. Tell me what I need to do.’

‘You will sit next to me and across from them during the negotiations. You will answer the negotiator’s questions truthfully. He will be polite’ and I sat on the bed to pull on my socks ‘will you please get my black loafers from the closet?’ and I sat on the bed.

“How can you be so calm Michael? There are two of them and you’re out numbered in a duel’ she thought worried as she handed me a loafer.

‘I’m the good Merlin Michael and I have you on my side now. Yes, there are two of them; no big deal’ and I put the loafer on.

‘Are you really that powerful to be able to defeat two Merlins?’ she thought handing the other.

“I don’t have much choice in the matter. I intend to take Bonnie as my bride when the time is right. I planned on giving her an engagement ring tomorrow morning during breakfast; you being here tonight complicated things.

You and Mellissa raised Bonne to be the lovely woman she is’ I put on the last loafer and stood up ‘I can’t very well allow Bonne or you be rendered mundane. I explored enough of your mind to know you’re a good woman; although I didn’t delve deep as I consider you family.’

“What if they intend to kill us?”

‘Sit next to me on the bed’ and I put my arm around her shoulders.

‘They won’t; our mandates forbid it without the sanction of six. If they intended to kill us there would be no truce and they’d have gone rogue to be hunted down and executed.

If it’s any comfort to you Graydon can’t break through my defenses with the help of another powerful telepath, even though I spearhead theirs without breaking a mental sweat. I owe it all to the logic of mathematics.

Do not fear them. I have another theory. I worked on the catalyst shield while showering; another reason to make them wait. If my theory is correct, you are the Ace in the hole and if we play this card; you will be the third anomaly. It is the custom of Merlins to have one or more sexual companion should you be the third anomaly; we’ll leave that up to Bonne’ We stood up and faced each other.

‘Once you tap into the shield; you will be able to attack when I arm it. Your telepathy will not falter while I maintain that shield and maintaining it will require little effort by me; you will be for all intent and purposes a Merlin…now, give me hug and a kiss on the cheek for more good luck……

I let them in and we all shook hands as protocol dictates in situations such as this; not that I’ve had other situations such as this; this was my first; serious duels with consequences are rare among us. Friendly ones are very common and used as a form of mental sparring; while serious duels may include actual pain.

I invited them to my kitchen for refreshments. They politely declined strong libations or coffee, tea, etc… Mary brought them a pitcher of ice water, two glasses and a dish with lemon and lime wedges. We sat quietly dormant and studied each other as the coffee was brewing.

Ewan McKenna, the younger telepath appeared to be a cocky bastard at my height but heavier built. He outweighs me by a good thirty pounds; none of it fat.

He was clean shaven and his red hair was clipped close to his head; his eyes are an angry blue. I would estimate him to be in his early twenties. Both men were wearing dark tweed suits with a vest, white shirts with their Regimental ties and they wore them well. Both were wearing black brogans. I myself am partial to Harris Tweed or hounds-tooth sport coats.

The grandfather, Gavin McKenna, was in his sixties with the same build and height of his grandson. Gavin’s red hair was shot with grey and on the long side. It was combed straight back. I would describe his blue eyes as calm; almost grandfatherly.

Gavin was the first to reach out with his mind to all present as manners and custom dictates after Mary brought me my coffee and sat next to me with hers.

‘We’re in the importing-exporting business and we specialize in fine Tartans; both the tartan wool cloth and finished wool clothing’ and he reached into his suit coat pocket and handed me us business card.

‘What is your interest in Mary Aileen Allaway, Mr. McKenna?’ I thought handing him my card.

“First my father, and then I when I became of age, have been searching for the kin of the dark seductresses’ family for years; curse her dark Aura.

Our former housekeeper, Abigail Stewart, bless her innocent bright Aura, was dying and we are the only family she had. Abigail started working for my Grandparents in her early thirties when her husband died in a coal mining accident.

As is our way; my father Angus McKenna was there for Abby, during her last days on this earth; for you see, Abby was like a second mother to my father and my Aunt Enya. They were the children she could never have.

My father probed Abby’s mind and discovered the crime when the dear woman was dying. My father loved Abby and held her guiltless. As is our way to maintain the balance; my father eased Abby’s pain; in her mind, Abby lived an idyllic life with her husband in their small cottage with children of her own.

He did this for the woman who gave him hot tea and custard when he returned from school every day; she spoiled him and his sister and made them feel special. Abby nursed and comforted them when they were ill. Although she was a good woman, my Grandmother was a business woman not a nurturer; Abby was the nurturer.

You must understand Ms. Allaway; this matter is personal with me. The dark seductress; who I will not dignify by speaking her name, poisoned my father’s sister through our mundane housekeeper. With the sanction of six, your Grandmother was brought to justice-executed by my father shortly after Abby died.’

‘What was the motive, Mr. McKenna?’ I thought.

‘My Aunt Enya was mundane and the black hearted murderess; curse her dark Aura; wanted my innocent Aunt’s fiancé, Duncan Allaway.

The dark seductress had two daughters by him; one mundane and the other a powerful partial. Your mother was the partial and left Scotland five years before the crime was discovered and the trail went cold. The mundane daughter, Katherine died of natural causes this spring.

I swore at my father’s death bed that I would continue the search.’

‘Do you have anything to add, Mary?’ I thought to all present ‘Mr. McKenna has been forthcoming and we are here for the truth.’

‘My mother moved to the States in 1955, married, although she kept her maiden name. My mother had three daughters; twin daughters first; me and Mellissa. Mellissa is without magic. Our baby sister, Sarah was born two years later; she also was without magic.

My sister Sarah married and had a child; my niece, Bonne Aileen Allaway. Coincidently, Sarah’s husband’s last name is Allaway.

My sister Sarah and her husband Alban died in a boating accident somewhere in the waters of Bermuda when Bonne was three years old. Mellissa and I have cared for her since.’

‘Did you or your sister ever marry or have children of your own?’ Erwin thought.

‘No, we live together in my parent’s home. We are in business together.’

‘Is your mother alive, Ms. Allaway?’

‘Mom passed away in June of 2000 and my father in February of 1999; how did you find me; you said the trail went cold?’

‘It was a lucky coincidence, and I didn’t, my Grandson did’ Ewan nodded in acknowledgement; he was listening intently to our shared thoughts.

‘My granddaughter Marjorie, Ewan’s younger sister is visiting one street over with a young lady we hosted a few years back as a foreign exchange student. Ewan was on his way to pick her up. We were leaving for home tomorrow.’

‘I assume your granddaughter is mundane, Gavin?’ I thought

‘Yes she is, Michael. Ewan was at the opposite corner from Ms. Allaway at the stop sign waiting to turn right and noticed her wearing one of our fine cloaks. He attempted to read her thoughts, however the connection broke abruptly.

In retrospect; you must have inserted an overriding compelling command that prevented probing that broke his connection; Ms Allaway drove away to come here. Ewan should have called me immediately. Ewan and I discussed this while we were waiting outside.

Do you not find it ironic that one of our cloaks led you to us, Ms. Allaway’ and Gavin finished his glass of ice water and poured himself another; Ewan hadn’t touched his water.

‘Excuse me please’ Mary thought getting up to refresh my coffee and when she sat down she simply thought “Yes’.

‘When did you be aware Ms. Allaway is a partial, Michael?’

‘I became aware of it just this evening.’

“Then why do you offer Ms. Allaway your protection?’ Gavin thought

‘I’ve been courting Mary’s niece these past 18 months; Bonne is her blood and that protection extends to Bonne and Mellissa as well.’

‘Is Bonne a partial, Mary?’ Gavin thought. He called Mary by her first name and that was a good sign.

‘Yes, Gavin; Bonnie will be a white witch in a matter of months; I’ve seen the signs and I will teach her our ways if she survives “the awakening. I forgot to add earlier and will now; although she hid them well, my mother eventually discovered my grandmother’s dark ways; denounced her and fled Scotland.’

‘Michael, I offer this compromise. The truth has been told here. If you agree to render both Mary and Bonne mundane; our telepathy will never touch them. We will leave you and them in peace.’

‘That’s not acceptable, Gavin. I’ve studied Bonne’s Aura’ and I placed my hand on Mary’s. I described the anomaly in the park and the anomaly when Bonne played her violin; I finished with ‘Bonne and my Aura flared like twin suns going Nova when I first kissed her. Bonne Aileen Allaway is the love of my life and my Aura mate. I haven’t looked a Mary’s Aura, Gavin but I can assure you Mary is a good woman.’

‘May we look at Ms. Allaway’s Aura, Michael? I beg your pardon; may we look at your Aura, Mary?’ Gavin thought.

‘You may, Gavin, provided that Mary sees yours.’

‘That’s impossible. Partials cannot see Aura’s.’

‘I believe, Mary is more than a partial and will see your Aura with my help.’

I told them about Mary and Mellissa’s good works through their church, including their ministering to the sick, but especially with the bereavement committee.

‘Everything is on the table Gavin so I’ll tell you this. I believe Mary has the potential to be an evolved telepath with further research on my part, I intend to make it so and Bonne as well.’

“Very well I agree to test your theory, Michael’ Gavin thought.

‘Fine, I’m going to let you tap into my cerebral telepathic energy for you to tap into your well of magic, Mary. Gavin and Ewan are unshielded for you to see theirs and mine.

I will illuminate the path in gold for you to follow. What you will see are our Auras and they yours. This is not an illusion. Do you agree?’

‘Yes, I………………oh my God…..they… I seeing your souls…..the colors are unearthly breathtaking……is mine like this?’

‘Yes, thought Gavin quietly ‘Your Aura is more than in balance; it shines pure and bright as I surmise your niece must. Do you use your abilities to comfort and heal, Mary?’

‘Yes; that is what white witches do and that is what Bonne will do. Mellissa does her part, although without the gift; we are a team. Throughout the generations, as passed down to us, the white witches in my family had little or no contact with those you refer to as partials and never with Merlins like you. I assumed Michael was a white warlock. I thought him one of us until I lost a duel to him. It was then I realized he’s a Merlin.’

‘By Merlins you refer to us; evolved telepaths; correct?’


‘How long can you maintain your magic, Mary?’ Gavin thought

‘For as long as one day if I don’t draw all from my well.’

‘How did Mary fare against you, Michael?’

‘Very well indeed; Mary momentarily broke past my shield, catching me by surprise; she is able to maintain tri-lateral control.’

‘Yes, 24 hours is very impressive as is trilateral control. Although rare; there are two documented records in our Archives when partials have evolved. Your theory as a Neurosurgeon may have merit.

Nevertheless I swore an Oath at my father’s death bed I would find the remnants of the black seductress’s family, Michael. He assumed I would kill them. I didn’t say the words.

I’ve never sought their death, although my father did when the cancer metastasized through his body to his brain. I did not take an Oath to kill the innocent.’

‘You have found them, Gavin. The evil is buried in Scotland.’

‘I offered you a reasonable compromise given my Oath and I’m honor bound by it as much as our mandates. I realize we live in modern times with a wealth of information at our fingertips; I am still honor bound and cannot walk away. After talking with you both and viewing your Auras I wish that I could.

I’ve haven’t required Ewan to fulfill my Oath; he searches with me of his own free will.’

‘I fully understand but respectfully decline, Gavin; the sins of the blood do not apply to them.’

‘Then the outcome is on your head. Do you accept a duel to decide their fate, Michael? Do you dare take on both of us?’

‘I do, Gavin. Will you put aside your oath when I win?’

‘Are you that confident that you will win?’ he thought genuinely surprised ‘When you admit a partial broke through your defenses but momentarily?’

‘Yes; my love for Bonne inspires and strengthens me further; I have no doubt in my mind’ and I squeezed Mary’s hand ‘I will be adding strong honorable women to my families bloodline.’

‘I will put aside my oath, Michael, should we lose. The McKenna Clan will extend our protection to you regardless of the outcome should you need it from this time forward.’ Gavin looked at Ewan who nodded in agreement.

‘I and my family offer you ours regardless of the outcome’ I reciprocated.

‘What will happen if Michael loses the duel?” Mary thought, and no doubt her head was spinning from much she was taught about Merlins turned out not to be true.

‘When he loses, I’ll render you and your niece mundane. I believe you told the truth; the truth has been spoken in its entirety here by all. There will never be telepathic children only mundane; your bloodline of partials ends.’

‘There is still the matter of physical violence when Ewan attacked me, Gavin.’

“What are your terms, Michael?”

“They are unconditional; future children’s telepathic abilities must be taken off the table regardless of the outcome.”


‘Wait! Why are you so quick to agree to Michael’s unconditional terms, Gavin?’ Mary thought and almost telepathically shouting.

‘I will be sanctioned by six brother or sister telepaths and rendered mundane if the Doctor presses the mandate against me Ms. Allaway’ Ewan thought to us for the first time.

‘Please forgive me, Ms Allaway, I apologize for my temper and ill manners and anything I may have said to offend you’ and he offered her his hand; Mary shook it and nodded.


‘Yes Ewan.’

‘I apologize for my temper and ill manners. I apologize for the insults. Obviously you have seen through me and called my bluff. The truth has been told here by all and I’m in your debt. That being said, I will not give quarter and we will defeat you. I must support my Grandfather in this and will abide by our agreement’ he offered me his hand to shake and we did.’

“Nor will I give quarter, Ewan shithead Roosterfish……Michael Fannybawz’ Ewan thought in return, both of us keeping the grins from our faces as we clasped hands and squeezed hard, trying to oust each other with mundane male bravado resulting in a sore hand for the loser. It is a pleasure to deal with honorable men.
‘Very well’ thought Gavin ‘we will sit here and meditate to collect our thoughts for awhile in truce….10 minutes should do. Mary will you please count to six after we finish meditating for the duel to begin…………..?’

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