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Big Tits

The name is Ashley Michelle Blackstone. I’m a young black woman living in Brockton, Massachusetts. I attend Commonwealth Tech, a private school located in Bean Town and currently major in Business Administration. Someday, I’m going to be a big-shot businessman. Yeah, that’s my dream. Until then, I’m earning a living in the world’s oldest profession. Yes, I am a Lady of the Night. An urban prostitute. Any questions? Cool. This here is my story. College student by day and high-price hooker by night. It’s going to be a bestseller for sure.

Man, if most of my classmates knew what I was doing, they’d be knocking themselves over. That’s proof that you never really know anyone. I’m one of the best students in my program at one of the top schools in the country. The Commonwealth Institute of Technology only accepts the best that collegiate America has to offer. The school has two campuses, Boston and Woburn. I’m at the Boston campus. It’s a short trip to Boston from Brockton, know what I mean? Unlike most students at colleges and universities across America, I didn’t feel the need to move across the country after graduating high school. Nope. I wanted to stay close to home.

When I graduated from Brockton High School in 2006, I had a lot of options. I could attend Boston College, UMass-Amherst or Boston University. I was one of the best players on the Women’s Basketball team at my old school. However, I didn’t want to play Basketball in college. I wanted to try something else. The Commonwealth Institute of Technology was holding walk-on tryouts for its first-ever Men’s and Women’s Varsity Rugby teams. I used to play football, back in the day. So, I thought I’d give Rugby a try. I’m glad I did. I won myself a student-athlete scholarship on the spot. Yeah! At last, I made it! Commonwealth Tech was one of a few Division One schools around the country with Varsity Rugby teams for both men and women. I had a golden opportunity to shine while doing something new.

At first glance, the Commonwealth Institute of Technology looked downright imposing. The school had twelve thousand students. Most of them came from small Massachusetts towns neighboring the city of Boston. I wasn’t the only student from Brockton High School there. Nah, I ran into a whole bunch of people. The campus was wonderfully diverse. Thirty two percent of the students were African-American, forty percent were Caucasian and the remainder were of Latino descent. I liked those demographics. Gender wise, the campus was fifty three percent male and forty seven percent female. I could live with that. I wouldn’t want to go to a female-dominated campus. Females are catty and I don’t Kurtköy Escort want drama.

One thing which really amazed me about the Commonwealth Institute of Technology was the sheer size of its sports teams. I’ve never heard of anything like it before. The Commonwealth Tech Department of Athletics sponsors Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Football, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Rifle, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Squash, Archery, Bowling, Gymnastics, Rifle, Water Polo, Rowing, Sailing and Fencing. For female student-athletes, they offered Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Football, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Rifle, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Squash, Archery, Equestrian, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Bowling, Gymnastics, Rifle, Water Polo, Rowing, Sailing and Fencing. All of these sports teams, called the Tech Men and the Tech Women, compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division One.

I moved into the Commonwealth Tech women’s dormitories and began my college career in September 2006. To be honest, I’ve waited my whole life to get into college. My brothers Samson and Jacob Blackstone are student-athletes at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My sister Annabelle Blackstone is a student at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. As the youngest in the family, you could say that I had a lot to prove. I fell in love with the campus. It was so lively. The Athletic Complex was so big. From the Football Stadium to the Baseball Diamond, the Basketball Courts and the Swimming Pools. The place was awesome.

I did alright my freshman year. All I did was go to class and play Rugby. I made lots of cool new friends, too. I dated a guy named Jason. He was tall, lean and muscular. My own chocolate stud muffin. He was a linebacker on the Football team. When we met, he was going out with my former roommate, a shrewish Irishwoman named Maureen. He dumped her after I turned on the charm. We began dating. Maureen moved out. Everything was cool. Then Jason graduated from Commonwealth Tech and entered the NFL Draft. He began playing for a professional football team in the Deep South. We remained in touch for a while but never saw each other again. I’m told he only dates white supermodels now. Oh, well.

Life was okay, I guess. Yet I wanted more. Don’t get me wrong. I got to attend a world-class university for free. I made the best of my situation. However, I had rich guys and rich girls in my classes. They drove Mercedes and Hummers and wore fancy clothes. I was a poor black female athlete from the City of Champions. Kurtköy Escort Bayan I became jealous of them and coveted what they had. How could I make any money? The NCAA forbade student-athletes who received athletic scholarships from working. If I got a job during the school year, the entire athletic program could be fined and I’d lose my scholarship. What’s a gal to do? A young woman on campus told me about her special job. She was a Stripper. I tried stripping. It was alright. It wasn’t long before I went from Stripper to Escort. Servicing the sexual needs of rich men and rich women for money.

Currently, I’m spending some time in the city of Milton. My agency got a call from some rich housewife and apparently she wanted to be serviced by a tall, good-looking black woman who was big-bottomed and sexy. That’s me in a nutshell. So I arrived in Milton, ready to satisfy. The housewife in question lived in a mansion not too far from the center of town. I went there, got out of the cab, and knocked on the door. I was greeted by a tall, large, dark-haired white woman. She introduced herself as Tina Moreno. Hot damn, she was big. Oh, well. I’m not complaining. I’m all about the money.

She ushered me in, and gave me a tour of the house. I must say that I liked what I saw. I’m talking about the house, not the owner. Tina Moreno lived in a truly nice home. Of course, I couldn’t care less about her own looks. Sorry, but I don’t like ugly women. Too bad they’re the ones who use my agency the most. Yes, lesbians and bisexual women sometimes hire female escorts too. I know that might surprise some of you. I don’t know why. Sex is sex and money is money. Both men and women crave sex and money. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. We’re all slaves to our desires. I’m a slave to my desire to have money without working dead-end minimum wage kind of jobs.

As I got a tour of the Moreno household, I found myself envious. Man, the place even smelled expensive! There are times when I really hate rich people. I felt a heavy hand touch me and turned around. It was Tina Moreno. I looked at the big white woman and smiled. She told me that she wanted me now. Then, she grabbed me and started to kiss me. As she groped me and felt me up, I felt so used. Women are always saying that men are sexually objectifying them. Well, no man can ever sexually objectify a woman the way another woman can. A simple fact. I’ve met lesbians on the job who are infinitely more vicious and predatory than the most ruthless of men. It seemed that I’ve hooked up with yet another one.

Tina and I made our way to her bedroom. Once Escort Kadıköy there, she lay on the bed. All six feet two inches and two hundred and seventy pounds of her. I felt slightly intimidated. I’m five-foot-ten and weigh one hundred and fifty but I was pretty sure I could take her if I had to. I stood there, hands on my hips. Tina unzipped her pants and slid her hand in her panties. I tried not to roll my eyes. She began to masturbate right then and there. I undressed, and showed her what I was working with. My well-trained, toned and perfected athletic body. From my lean and muscular arms and legs to my flat belly, perky and firm breasts, and my narrow waist and wide but firm ass. I knew what both men and women saw when they looked at me. A sexy black woman who looked like she meant business. Damn straight.

I joined Tina Moreno on the bed. The plump white lesbian lay there as I undressed her. I spread her fleshy thighs, per her instructions, and breathed in the smell of her pussy. Oh, my. Someone could have tried douching before they called me. Not that I’m pointing fingers! Yes, plenty of women don’t smell good down there. Let me put your fears at ease. I’m that rare type of woman who frequently washes her vagina and uses vaginal deodorant because I never know when I might get a visitor. Apparently, Tina Moreno didn’t have such sensibilities. Oh, well. A job is a job.

I busied myself licking and fingering Tina Moreno’s not so sweet-smelling pussy. As I usually did when I slept with a person whose body or demeanor disgusted me, I sent my mind elsewhere and let my body do what I trained it to do. As my mind went to its happy place, I licked and probed her pussy. Tina squealed as I worked my magic on her twat, and begged me for more. Hell, she even caught my head in a super strong grip with those huge hands of hers. I fucked her with my fingers, eventually sliding my entire fist into her pussy. Tina Moreno screamed like a woman possessed. I fucked her hard, filling her pussy with my fist. I wanted to make her pay for being a rich fat bitch who thought her wallet entitled her to my precious and sexy body. That’s what she gets for being a horny slob. I fucked her like this until she creamed around my fist and begged for mercy.

I slowly pulled my fist from her, and then looked at her. She looked at me with dazed, glazed kind of eyes. Yes, the chubby lesbian’s beady little eyes were fixated on me. I swear, if it weren’t for sexually ambivalent, plump white housewives with big bank accounts, lesbian prostitutes everywhere would be out of work. Myself included. Tina Moreno paid me eleven hundred dollars. Thirty five percent went to the agency. The rest was fine. I’m heading back to the dormitory. The first thing I will do is take a shower and then, I’m going out on the town. I want to see that new movie about the fugitive with teleportation powers. Then, I’m also going to Copley Mall. I want to buy myself something nice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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