Birthday Present

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This is for the 750 Word Project 2023.


Cheryl has a surprise for her friend Kevin.

He turns 40 in a few days and he’s in need of some meaningless sex between friends. Cheryl has wanted to jump his bone for years, but they were always entangled with someone else.

Now, they were both unencumbered and she was going to have her way with him. She was going to rock his world.

“Kevin don’t make any plans for Friday night. I’m taking you out for dinner for your 40th,” she said into the phone.

“Where do you have in mind?”

“There is this little Italian place that I know. Real intimate. You’ll love it. Pick me up at 7:00.”

“It’s a date, see you then.”


Cheryl stood outside her building, waiting for Kevin to arrive. He pulled up at 7:00, on the dot.

He hopped out to open the car door. She gave him a big hug, and whispered in his ear, “Happy birthday, Stud.”

“Thank you, Kitten.” He held her at arms-length. “You look really good in that dress. I could eat you Adana Escort up.”

“Grrrr,” she growled and sank into the seat. The skirt of her A line dress rode up her thighs as she settled in. Kevin got a good view of her shapely thighs as the material shifted.

At the restaurant, he was treated to another view of her long legs as she daintily climbed out the car.

The concierge led them to their table. They had a deep booth in the corner far from prying eyes.

Cheryl scooted in and pulled him next to her.

While they perused their menus, Cheryl put her hand on his thigh. It slid along his slacks, leisurely stroking up and down.

They ordered their meals and the waiter left them alone.

“This is great Kitten, thanks for bringing me here.”

“Well Stud, I thought you’d like a nice birthday present. The food here is okay, but it’s very intimate.” While she spoke, her hand reached its goal. His cock was hard and she gripped it.

She slid under the table onto her knees. The long tablecloth Adana Escort Bayan hid her from view. She unzipped him and pulled his tool from his pants. He looked around, but no one was looking their way, and the low light hid many sins.

“Mmm, I’ve been wanting to taste this for a long time!”

She slid her mouth onto him, taking him fully into her mouth in one gulp. Her head worked up and down on him. He leaned back and closed his eyes. She was an expert cuck sucker.

He was trying to hold his moans as she licked and sucked on him. The waiter stopped by the table, and he held her head still. The waiter nodded at him, and said, “I’ll leave you to your meal. Enjoy.” He walked away after nodding conspiratorially to Kevin.

“Shit, Cheryl. I think he knows.”

“Yep, I tipped him extra for this table.” She giggled at his look.

She went back to work on his cock, taking him in, bobbing up and down. She wasn’t trying to hide anything. The tablecloth hid her, but if someone looked, they might Escort Adana see her shoes peeking out from under it.

Kevin wrapped his hands in Cheryl’s hair. Her mouth was performing wonders on him. He didn’t normally care for blowjobs; he preferred to give than to receive, but Cheryl was changing his mind on the matter.

“Kitten, you are so good at this. I’m not going to last much longer.”

She tapped his thigh in acknowledgement and kept working him.

When he was about to blow, he said, “I’m coming!”

She sank down on him, putting his cock head right at her throat. She held there. His come spurted out and went straight into her throat, filling her belly. She eased off his rod, licking him clean, before stuffing him back into his pants.

She crawled back to the seat, and snuggled up to him. “That was a teaser. An appetizer for me, if you will. I’ve got a lot more planned for you tonight. The rest of your birthday present is back at my place. But I have something else for you to open first.”

She took his hand and slid it under her dress, up her thigh. She pressed his hand to her pussy. He found nothing blocking access to her, no panties to get past. His fingers slipped into her wet folds. She was soaked and dripping.

“Let’s go open your gifts.”

“Check please!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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