Biology Lessons

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I’ve been a teacher long enough now to realise that feeling sexually attracted to your students can only cause trouble, but every once in a while a girl comes along who will make you forget all that. Anna is one of those girls.

She’s a girl with a rare beauty – blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’10 and a pair of 36C tits you’d die for. On top of all this she is a girl who loves to wear skintight low cut tops that leave her slim midriff exposed. There wasn’t a Biology lesson where I didn’t get an eyeful of the wonderful valley between those perfectly formed breasts. She certainly is a pleasure to teach!

I’ve always had the feeling the attraction was mutual, but last week she sent me a signal that got me thinking more seriously. I wandered into one of her chemistry lessons to discuss some work with her, finding her in her lab coat bent over an experiment.

“That’s a fetching outfit,” I said, teasing her.

She looked directly into my eyes and relied “Damned sexy isn’t it?”

Her voice was heavy and as she looked into my eyes I felt a stirring in my trousers. This girl was hot!

“You said it!” I relied, not quite sure how to respond, but knowing I’d like to get that coat off and fuck this beauty senseless. “If you’d like to go over today’s Biology work, see me at the end of the day.”

With that I had to leave, the hard-on in my pants was threatening to become visible. I wanted Anna to see it but not the rest of the class!

I left, wishing there was somewhere in school where I could have a good hard wank and relieve some of the frustration Anna had produced, but soon forgot all about the incident.

As my last class dismissed I sank down into my chair, relieved the day was over. Then I heard the knock on my door. As I looked around, there she was.

“I think we need to discuss some work,” she said, picking up my keys from my desk.

My mouth felt dry as I saw her lock the door to my classroom. “What would you like me to go through with you?” I finally said.

She came closer, Kastamonu Escort her tits wobbling in her top as she walked. My cock was now raging to it’s full 8″ length, desperate to get inside this horny 18 year-old.

” How about sexual intercourse” she said. With this, she leant forward and brushed my lips with hers. As she moved away her tongue flicked cross my lips. I could have creamed in my pants right there!

“its not on the syllabus” I replied, “but if you’re that interested…..”

I didn’t get to finish. She pressed herself into me, her tits squashed against my muscular chest. As our lips met, my tongue thrust into her wet mouth to entwine with hers. My erection pressed into her firm stomach.

“Fuck me, I know you’ve always wanted to” she gasped, groping at my crotch. I moaned as I felt her unbutton my trousers. They came down with no difficulty and my rock hard cock protruded from my boxer shorts.

Anna looked down, her face a picture of pure hunger. “Now this is the sort of homework I want” she heaved. I felt her hand entwine my shaft, and as we kissed, the wonderful sensation of her wanking me off got me gasping.

I reached down and pulled her top over her head, appreciating the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Those perfect titties fell free, calling to me. “Your tits are beautiful” I said, cupping them into my hands and running my fingers over her erect nipples. “Suck them you horny bastard”, she said, panting as my touch sent spasms of pleasure through her.

Never one to disappoint my students, I bent my hot mouth to her tits, sucking in each nipple in turn. The sight of the tiny mounds in an ocean of soft white flesh got my cock throbbing even more. I felt a wetness on Anna’s hand as she rubbed pre-cum along my shaft while tossing me off. Anna’s head rolled back as she immersed herself in the pleasure of my lips, holding my head with one hand and continuing the wanking with the other. Pretty soon, with her expert handiwork and the wonderful tits Kastamonu Escort Bayan in my mouth, I felt a familiar build-up.

“You’d better slow down” I said “or you’re gonna get a handful of cum”. She looked at me and replied “I can’t have that now, can I?”. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers and lowered her bee-sting lips onto my eager cock. “Oh my God” I gasped, as her tongue flicked my bell end. She pulled my foreskin back to expose my purple head and promptly eased her mouth around it. Now I’ve had some good blowjobs in the past, one of my former girlfriends had a mouth like a vacuum cleaner, but Anna was the Cock-suck Queen.

She ran her mouth up and down my hot shaft, pushing the head to the back of her throat. All the while her tongue pleasured my member, always moving, darting everywhere. I held her long blonde hair, timing my thrusts with hers, my urgency increasing as I felt my sap rising. “Drink my cum babe!” I gasped as my balls began to release their precious load. Anna grabbed my ass with both hands and pushed my cock to the back of her mouth. I grunted as my hot jism spurted down her throat, my legs threatening to give way to the biggest orgasm I’d ever experienced. This girl must have had a taste for semen, because she gulped it down like water. Not a drop leaked from her mouth.

She got up and kissed me. “Mmmmmmmm, thanks” she said “I love the taste of cum. Do you?” I could taste my own ejaculation as we kissed, and I had to admit it “Yes, I do”. Tasting my own hot semen had my cock erect again in an instant. Anna looked down and giggled with glee- “Round two then!”

She hitched her short skirt up and pulled her white lacy panties down. I could see the wet patch in the crotch where she was so aroused. “You’d better fuck me now- I can be so impatient for my cock!”. The musty smell of her wet pussy was all the persuasion I needed.

I lifted her up so she was sat on my desk and opened her slim legs. I could see the blonde hairs of her wet hole and couldn’t Escort Kastamonu help thinking “Collar and cuffs match”. My hard cock was seething with energy, desperate to immerse itself in this warm, soft environment. As I eased forward, Anna licked her lips, “You don’t have to be gentle, you’re not my first.” I slowly pushed my cock into her sopping hole “I guessed that you hot little bitch!” I thrust forward hard, burying my shaft in her cunt. She grasped my shoulders hard and pushed back. “That’s it. Teach me a lesson in fucking I’ll never forget” she gasped.

I pulled back so that my cock was almost out of her. Only the purple head lay inside her beautifully warm pussy. It was agony not to put it back, but watching her desperate look made it worth it. “C’mon you bastard, fuck me” she yelled, pulling me toward her. My cock slid in to its full length. Anna moaned appreciatively. And so it went on, I’d tease and she’d pull me back, all the time my pelvis grinding her swollen clit. Her pussy made the most delicious squelching sound as my iron hard rod pounded into it’s wetness. This was pure heaven. As I fucked her, Anna began to run her hands up and down my back, digging her nails in. I knew I couldn’t last this onslaught much longer but still desperately tried not to shoot my load. I wanted to fuck her for hours!

Suddenly she looked up “No more now, make me cum, I want to cum with you spurting in my cunt”. As per instructions, I quickened the pace, each thrust raising a grunt from my young nubile lover. As our thrusts reached a frenzy I cupped her tits into my hands, she gasped and began to speak again “Oh my God, give it to me. C’mon, deep, deep. I can feel it, make your little girl cum, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” Her pussy spasmed around my hot cock and eventually she had her release “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you hot bastard” she whispered as I reached my climax with her nails raking my back. My cum shot deep into her hole as I held her tightly. Anna sure could bring out a good orgasm. I saw stars as my balls released their sticky semen and it shot out of my throbbing cock and into my student’s beautiful pussy.

As we both came down from our highs, gasping for breath and faces flushed we looked at each other.

“I think I may need some more lessons”, she said. But that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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