Bex and the Brothers

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Alina Buryachenko

This is a work of fiction, all characters depicted are over eighteen years of age.

Bex looked up at the two naked men, their hard-ons drooling with pre-cum. She was kneeling before them, naked as they were but for the collar and leash around her neck and the clamps currently squeezing her nipples. Her Daddy was nowhere in sight!

Bex and her Daddy have a special relationship. She moved back home after her divorce, one drunken confession later and she became his willing sex slave. Her Daddy has been leading her real sex education; Bex discovered that she loves to be spanked, she loves eating pussy and anal sex too!

Daddy had even put on a show for his special group of friends. He had bound and flogged his beautiful daughter live over the internet and Bex discovered she likes being watched too. They had met with several of Daddy’s friends and after much thought Bex has asked Daddy if they could play with the Carson family.

Nikki Carson was a woman her Daddy’s age, she had two sons, Hal and Cal, fraternal twins. Hal was solidly built and a touch darker, Cal lighter and more slender.

Both had impressive cocks, well over six inches and thick, and they were staring her in the face right now! Bex was posing demurely but inside she was ecstatic, two cock all for her! So many times when she and Daddy played he would make her wait and wait for his tool, so frustrating! Bex hoped they two would fuck her silly until she couldn’t take any more!

Hal spoke first. “Slave, get up on the bed, back against the headboard.” His brother just grinned. They watched as Bex got into position.

“Yes, Masters, now what may I do for you?” Bex asked quietly.

Cal spoke up this time. “Slave, show us your pussy. We want you to masturbate for us. Show us how you make yourself cum.”

Hal added, “And describe how it feels for us. We spoke to your Daddy earlier,” and here he exchanged an evil smile with his brother, “and we know you want our cocks bad. Well you can have them both at once, but you have to please us first.”

Bex was both thrilled and disappointed, she would have what she wanted but she had to work for it. She looked up at her temporary Masters ans Girne Escort gave a seductive smile.

“Well Masters, I start with a good stretch, then I like to tease my titties.” Bex stretched languidly and cupped her perfect tits. “They feel hot and tingly when I get excited, kinda heavy” She ran her hands under them, lifting and presenting them to the men. The clamps she wore on her nips had a light chain between them and it swayed hypnotically.

“I rub my thighs together, press my cunny and my clit, like this.” She wriggled and flexed for them. “It makes me so wet. Here, let me show you.”

Bex gently spread her cunt lips for the brothers. She could see their cocks twitch and jerk at the sight. She was glistening, pink and pulsing. Her cunny looked hungry to the men and they knew just what to feed it.

“Then I’ll lie back and close my eyes as I stroke my pussy” she continued. Bex did so, letting a little moan escape her lips. “Masters, sometimes I wear my butt plug, would my Masters like me to wear it now?” she asked. “It makes everything feel so much naughtier.” She licked her lips and moaned again.

Cal and Hal were blown away by how sexy this slave of Daddy’s was. She was keeping their cocks stiff as boards with her slutty talk and gorgeous body. Cal started stroking his cock as he watched. Hal went to the nightstand and got Bex her toy. He handed it to her saying, “Put it in for us, slave, do it now.”

Bex was more than happy to obey. She lubed it by dipping it in her dripping snatch, then lifted a hip and slowly pushed it in her ass, eyes closed, head thrown back.

“Oh Masters, that’s so much better. It makes me feel wicked, having that in my ass.” She licked her lips and fingered her pussy faster.

Hal was having a problem. He loved Bex’s dirty talk, it really got him hot. But that mouth would feel so good around his dick! He strode up to the side of the bed and shoved his member in Bex’s face, saying “Suck me, slave.”

Finally, a cock for me to play with! Bex thought to herself. She gobbled Hal’s shaft down lickety split, fingering her cunny and clit all the while. Her tongue spiraled around his Magosa Escort cock-head as Cal approached, dick waving in anticipation.

“New orders, slave, get on all fours,” said Cal. “And don’t let go of my bro’s cock either, keep sucking.” The twins shared a conspiratorial glance as Bex shuffled into position.

Bex was in heaven! She knew what this meant, a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy! Oh, she and Daddy had played with toys like this but now she had two REAL cocks! And all for herself too! Her cunny gushed juice in preparation for Cal’s tool and she moaned around her mouthful of Hal.

Cal wasn’t just going to fuck his new slave, oh no. He had grabbed a paddle from the nightstand as well! He waited until Bex’s eyes were closed and then


on one ass cheek! Bex’s eyes flew open and Hal’s cock popped out of her mouth as she gasped in pleasure! Cal swung his hips forward and his dick slipped easily into Bex’s sopping cunny.


“Oh no, slave! Hal’s cock isn’t in your mouth now! Naughty slave!” Cal was fucking Bex’s cunt with long deep strokes as he


turned her pink ass red with the paddle.

Bex had taken Hal back into her mouth as fast as she could, not caring about his pleasure, she just wanted both dicks in her, now! And when Cal had started paddling her and fucking her both it drove her mad with desire, she started moaning around her mouthful, and now it was Hal that was throbbing and aching with the need to cum.


Bex loved having all this cock in her, it was so delicious. Then Cal began rhythmically pushing on the flared end of her butt plug, it was sliding against his dick as he fucked her! She was going to cum any moment now, permission or not!


Hal came first. Having a new slave for a night was always a turn on, and from the way this one was acting she really did love cock! She was giving him first class oral, tongue twisting and slipping erotically over his cock-head. He grabbed the end of her leash and panted, “Cumming! Cumming!” as his balls tightened up into firing position.


Bex felt her mouth fill Lefkoşa Escort with Hal’s warm, sticky cum. She swallowed over and over as pulse after pulse jetted down her throat. Hal threw back his head and moaned deeply as he shot his hot load.


Cal could feel Bex’s tight pussy start to quiver around his tool and knew she was close. He was close to cumming as well, this new slave was everything he had hoped! Sexy as hell and with a huge appetite for cock. His twin started cumming in Bex’s mouth, he wouldn’t last much longer himself.


“Slave, you may cum when you feel me cum inside you and not before, clear?” Cal gasped. Just a few more strokes and he’d be there, he wanted this petite vixen’s cunny going wild around his dick when he did.


“Yes, Master, thank you Master!” Bex moaned around Hal’s shrinking rod. She hoped she could hold out! Having two cocks at once, AND having Cal play with her butt plug while fucking her, it was all so erotic, she was in sexual sensory overload. As she felt the first hot jets of Cal’s sperm hit her cunt she screamed, “Yes Master, yes! Cumming for you now Master! Oh, Master it’s sooo good, fuck me, spank me, play with my ass, yes, yes! Cumming Master! Oh YES!”

Bex grabbed Hal’s cock and began sucking it passionately again as waves of orgasms began flooding over her. She wanted everything filled, and yes, he was getting hard again for her as she sucked greedily.

Her pussy was clamping tight around Cal’s pistoning unit as spunk overflowed her fluttering hole. His cock was throbbing in time with her pulsations, the sensations amplified each other into waves of bliss spreading across their joined bodies. Her ass was hot from spanking, Cal’s balls were hitting her clit with every stroke, her nipples aching under the clamps…

Multiple orgasms washed over Bex’s petite frame as her desire for more and more cock was finally satiated. Her whole body shook as the two cocks pounded in and out of her relentlessly. Finally, sweat soaked and exhausted the three of them collapsed into a messy pile on the bed.

The door to Bex’s room opened a crack and Daddy peeked in, the twin’s mom Nikki looking as well. They took in the pile of satiated bodies and Daddy closed the door just as silently as he had opened it. The older two looked each other in the eye as they whispered in unison, “Amateurs.”

Then they went back upstairs for more fun of their own.

To Be Continued…

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